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Spiritual Sodomy


This video series exposes sorcery and witchcraft in the churchworld. Although we are not the authors of this series, as additional videos are released, they will be posted here. Evelyn entitled her series "Priestcraft" and defines that as:
The way false shepherds operate and the different tactics they use to draw disciples after themselves & deceive them, seduce them, manipulate, brainwash, coerce, intimidate, threaten, guilt, dominate, extort, exploit, control, and bewitch their followers (meaning to put them in awe, wonder, astonishment, and cause them to be out of their minds) .
In previous articles, we have described what spiritual sodomy is and how most of the churchworld is infected with it.

The Gospel deals with the spirit of man via the mind of man. God transforms our understanding by imparting a knowledge of who He is. In Him, we come to a knowledge of the truth that transforms who we are via the new birth.

"And be renewed in the spirit of your mind." Ephesians 4:23

In spiritual sodomy, a person uses illegal entry to man's spirit by attempting to control the soul through his emotions or lusts. Such does not result in spiritual conversion, but soulish conformity. Instead of being born again through life in Jesus Christ, one merely becomes a clone of the personality of man.

"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves." Matthew 23:15

A common trait of those who have been spiritually sodomized is that they develop inordinate soul ties with those they follow. This often displays itself as people's identity being tied up in that individual. They even take it personally when these people are criticized and inwardly feel as if they are being personally attacked. These things are not normal for a born-again believer. While we should always stand for truth, but we are not to be yoked to the personalities of men.

"Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD." Jeremiah 17:5

When we look at how Jesus dealt with people, we do not see Him working people into an emotional frenzy in order to get them to receive a blessing from the Lord. Nor do we see Jesus "toning up and hooping & hollaring" in order to preach the Gospel. The entertainment that men seek so desperately is a counterfeit to the soberness we are exhorted to have in God; and it is deception.

Seeking an alternative to the disciplines of the Gospel of Christ experienced via true relationship with God, people will flock to teachers who tell them "smooth things".

"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables." II Timothy 4:3-4

I am sure this series will touch on things that makes some folks uncomfortable as it addresses alot of the "religious" activity which has come to be seen as a normative church experience. However, as you watch the videos, consider what is seen in the light of Scripture. Don't let your traditions or personal experiences define for you what is Godly, but test the spirits to see if in fact it is of the Lord. If so, it will be confirmed by His word.

Priestcraft Overview

Music-Induced Trance & Hypnosis
Did you know that Jay-Z is now apparently authoring praise music to the Most High? Neither did I. Watch the video to understand.


  1. Whoa!! Not only did they play the Jay-z track but did anyone catch the rainman connection? Jay-Z, Eminem and others call themselves that(a demonic spirit) and this pastor repeatedly talked about rain.
    I don't agree that every pastor who's picture was shown is some kind of false prophet. Everytime someone gets notariety ppl want to bring them down.

  2. why do you feel Patricia King is a candidate for this subject of sorcery? Are you saying that we should be fooled by everyone that tries to usher in the manifest presence of the Lord? I'm sorry I just don't understand where you are coming from. Who don't you think is a sorcerer? I am curious. I feel that this website has opened my eyes to many things, but did the Lord put these people SPECIFICALLY on your heart to call out?

  3. I have to agree with the previous two comments. I would like for whoever did this video series to show me how Joyce Meyers is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Ive watched her and read her books and never felt the need to run around and jump because she said so, and cant recall her ever doing that when she speaks. I do agree with what I saw in the videos though, and its scary how they were playing the Jay-Z song and how he was looking out at them. But like others have mentioned, I will need to see why Joyce is considered to be a wolf in sheeps clothing. Just because she is on tv doesn't make her a false prophet. I dont think you think that, but its weird that the people who are supposed to be false prophets are well known.

  4. Hello Anonymous Posters,

    Someone who is notorious is not known for Godly character.

    Notoriety: The quality or condition of being notorious; ill fame; disrepute, ill-repute, shame, infamy.

    You are mistaken if you believe that being famous in this world means anything to us. I couldn't care less about that.

    We did not produce the Priestcraft video series, so I cannot tell you what may have been in the mind of the one who created it. However, having seen many articles and videos from this woman, I can tell you that I have found her work to be very sound.

    Nonetheless, it is not about whether you agree, I agree, or any other. The only question that merits any discussion is, "What is Biblical?"

    Again, although I did not produce this particular video series, I am more than happy to engage in a discussion about the doctrine of anyone featured in the videos. I think the message board may prove to be a more productive format for that and have started a discussion

    I will post something there about Patricia King to help address some of your questions.

    lastly, this is only the beginning of this series. I am sure that Evelyn will expound more on why she has listed these individuals as sorcerers in subsequent videos in this series. However, she is a very approachable person and will answer any questions you have in the meantime as well. You can reach her at:

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    I find it curious when people make comments about ministers being "famous". Does being well-known mean that they are impervious to error? Does being famous mean we should not point out error when it is present?

    Why are so many in the church so caught-up in personalities of men? I ask that because it is a critical question for those who consider themselves Christians. God is not a respecter of persons. Should we be?

    I personally don't care if one is "famous" or not; if there is error, there is error. However, if it DID matter, that would be even more of a reason to evaluate their doctrine since their sphere of influence is so much greater. Paul thought it a small matter to have his ministry judged for soundness (I Corinthians 4:1-4), are these individuals greater than Paul?

    I don't say these things to be critical, but what in the world does someone's elevation in THIS world have to do with Gospel of Jesus Christ? The answer is nothing.

    I too used to listen to Joyce Meyers as a new Christian and had many of her tapes and books, so I understand your questions. Since I did not create the videos, I cannot say why certain people are highlighted. However, I have created a message board topic to examine any questions folks have (linked in above post). Feel free to post your thoughts or questions there for things in which you would like a response.


  6. Hello My Sister and brothers in Christ, I have a couple of points here. . Before we agree or disagree with anything on any website/TV show/ that we heard somewhere etc we should take the time to Pray(ask) for guidance, understanding, and protection. Yes protection because everything we hear is a seed either one filled with the love and knowledge of the true living God or lies from Lucifer. We have the writer of the bible with each of us; The holy spirit is here to teach and guide.OK everyone has on there full armor of Christ now and we all have prayed right?

  7. ++sorry all my comment was too long so I am breaking it up. I will start all of mine with++ to make it easier to follow.....
    +OK, I understand that this is the first of these series and I hope there will be more because this opens a dialogue between Christians. Some of the Reverend's Pastor's etc mentioned in the video I have never felt lead to and could not began to tell you or defend there position. There were several though that I not only listen to every chance I get but feel that they are a gift from God. I stand by Creflo Dollar first and fore most. I have listened to his teachings for years and it never fails to amaze me how many people that haven't listened to him ever or turn the channel in the middle of a broadcast hear something they don't like and immediately feel they are experts. I know the media and your friends aunt/cousin/etc has a story about him they say he is a "prosperity teacher". I ask you what is prosperity? Websters defines Prosperity as Main Entry: pros·per·i·ty
    Pronunciation: prä-ˈsper-ə-tē
    Function: noun
    Date: 13th century

    : the condition of being successful or thriving; especially : economic well-being

    Why does everyone believe God does not want his people to be happy, healthy, peaceful, and loving people? Why do so many people and media outlets tell us that to serve God you have to be poor and serve a poor church? Ask your self what do you want for your children do you want them to be prosperous and happy? Why would God want less for us? What kind of parent do you think our father is? Why should Christians not be encouraged to be prosperous or as defined successful and thriving? Could it be because a Happy, healthy, prosperous, and thriving person is harder to control? Can it be as simple as if the thriving successful person the one who isn't stressed out by bills might pay more attention to his/her children, there spouse, or the bake sale at the church, the person with out the worries might actually look out his window and remember the beautiful planet the Lord made for us all? Or would a person who has chronic pain be as likely to notice someone else pain and strive to help them or even be able to help them? Think about it is all I ask. During the times when your stressed out is your mind on your problems or on helping others?

  8. ++The pastors that I recognize from this video all strive to teach us that God is a loving Father that wants the very best of life for us. That God wants us to prosper in all aspects of our life in Health, our Mental and physical well being, and yes in our fiances. There is so much pain in the world if we each had the physical energy , the mental stamina and the money left over after paying your own "modest" bills how much more would you/we give? TO help the homeless and the poor? The meek and the weak? Pastor dollar, Joyce Myer, Joel Olestin, and I'm sure all of the pastors mentioned have websites go and look and after thoughtful prayer ask your self what are the messages there giving out. I would also like to leave you with the passages that Pastor dollar taught on this week.
    Joshua 1:8 Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. 9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
    Through out the bible God tells us he wants to be prosperous. Yet the world says Man and women of faith shouldn't be prosperous. Who's DO you think is right? with love and prayer for each and everyone of you, your sister-Babette Miller

  9. Hi Babette,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback.

    You make a number of heartfelt pleas for us to consider the love that God has for us and how much He would want the best for us, including for us to prosper. I would add that we don't have to compare how we feel about our children to understand what God wants for us. He tells us specifically in His word.

    Does God want us to prosper? Absolutely! However, that is not by worldly standards. In fact, He says that those who proclaims that material prosperity is a sign of godliness are perverse and we should turn away from such individuals (I Timothy 6:5).

    The standard for what is of God is not how we feel, how we like a person, or even whether what they speak sounds reasonable. The standard is the word of God. No matter how many nice words someone shares that feels good, if it does not line up with Scripture, it is a lie and a deception of Satan.

  10. Hello Latter team (for lack of a personal name), Thank you for your response and for giving us such a wonderful website to have these dialogues. After reading your response and praying over mine. I have to say I understand where your coming from although I don't agree. I do appreciate the response. I know that what people want for there children is quite relevant to this discussion because God is our Father. He is the very essence of love. HE is where we his creation was given every feeling of love and joy. He gave us the parenting instict dont you wonder why?
    You also mentioned "Does God want us to prosper? Absolutely! However, that is not by worldly standards. In fact, He says that those who proclaims that material prosperity is a sign of godliness are perverse and we should turn away from such individuals (I Timothy 6:5).' When have the pastors, reverends,(etc) I stand proudly with Pastor Dollar,Joyce Myer, and Joel Olstien ever said that prosperity is a sigh of Godliness? As mentioned before these Pastors teach that Yes God will prosper you for you to prosper others. That if you follow the Bible and make the Laws within it the very laws you live by, you will prosper.
    As to "The standard is the word of God' I provided you with one passage where God is outright telling us he will prosperous us. So when I see men and woman of God who do live by the bible and are prosperous I see God fulfilling his own words. What do you see? You say "the standered is the words of God" however after reading this post and checking the blog your feelings temper your response to Joyce Myer "Before getting to her doctrine, there is something I would like to mention as a personal observation. One thing that I have always felt uneasy about with Joyce is the way she speaks of her husband, Dave. It seems, even way back then, that she spoke of/to him as one might reference an errand boy. Even though many of these comments were in jest, it seemed disrespectful and derogatory." In the first part of your analysis you seek to sway the reader not based on just the bible and the bible alone; but how you view/feel about the way she treats her husband. This is an unsubstantiated accusation; If you have not interacted with them how do you know how she views her husband? The focus of this topic is their doctrine. In that doctrine I have found Joyce to be a trustworthy, faithful, honest to the point of embarrassment, loving,and true teacher. She has never proclaimed one thing that is not in the bible repeatedly. It is not a light thing to say that someone is a false teacher and to follow with a disclaimer that this isn't your video. Is not right. Have you emailed the various offices and given them a chance to weigh in? Have you or the Latter team actually watched all of these pastors broadcast? If not you take the chance of leading people astray yourself.At the very least don't you feel the only just thing is to provided before broadcasting that the pastors mentioned are false teachers links to their broadcast so everyone can make up their own mine?

  11. Hi Babette,

    It is absolutely your right to disagree with me. However, I have never said that the love a parent has for a child is not reflective of the love God has for His children. What I said is that this is not the standard by which we define what is Godly...and it is not. The only standard is His word.

    While there are parallels we can see and lessons to be learned by looking to our own parental roles, we cannot say, "Look at how we feel, God must feel the same. Look at what we want for our children, God must want the same for His." His ways and thoughts are higher than our own. So while we ARE reflections of Him, He is NOT a reflection of us. We cannot assume that what may seen instinctive for man in any situation is a determinant for how God feels. Such is a recipe for deception.

    As for when those preachers have taught that godliness is gain, the answer is many, many times. However, if one is not measuring what is said by the light of Scripture, then one will never see deception even when it is right in front of your face. Even satan has a grain of truth in his words, however he twists it perversely to meet his own selfish goals.

    As for my comments about Joyce, it is very much a Christian's responsibility to examine the fruit of a teacher prior to submitting to his/her teachings. God Himself sets that the standard for being called to leadership in the church is to have a home life that is in order.

    If you have ever listened to Joyce, then you will know showing proper respect to Dave as her husband was a huge challenge for her because of being a victim of child abuse. She has spoken and written on many occasions about how this is something God had to teach her over time. It is a testament to God's grace, love and mercy that He saw fit to address that with her, but it is also certainly Scriptural for a Christian to take notice of that in assessing her standing as a Godly teacher. Here is but one article where she addresses this issue.

    Your response is an exact example of what is addressed in this blog article. Your desire to defend these individuals is so strong that it blinds you to seeing even what is right in front of you. What do I mean by this? I mean that you have obviously read the post I made about Joyce, however you conveniently ignore the false doctrine that was outlined. Instead, you pick what you think will portray me as biased, and then declare how you feel she has "never proclaimed one thing that" that is not in the Bible. Either you are being blinded or you are lieing. I have linked on that very same article excerpts from Joyce's teachings where she expressly teaches extra-biblical doctrine. Show me where these teachings are in God's word? In fact, in one of the messages Joyce specifically says that what she was teaching was NOT in Scripture and could only come from "revelation" from God. So even Joyce admits some of her teaching is extra-biblical.

    You obviously have very strong attachments to some of the individuals featured in this video. I however have very strong attachments to the Lord. I will not downgrade His word to appease any man, not even myself.

    We each must choose our own paths. I would just caution all to be like the Bereans and search the Scriptures to see if the things being taught are true.

  12. It is very true that there are many false prophets in the USA and the world, however, every preacher/teacher/evangelist shown is not operating in the antichrist spirit. Jesus clearly stated that a kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation (Matthew 12:22-32). Many of these preachers preach Jesus Christ as the savior and many souls are won to the kingdom of God through their ministry. One of the evangelist shown comes to visit my church once a year; and never once have I heard him share anything outside of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am not saying that I agree with everything that they preach because some of them preach things that are not scriptural because they are ignorant, but I will not go so far and say that they are anti-christ; because they preach Jesus Christ as the only way to God and savior of the world. So, if these men/women are of satan, how can they preach Christ as savior? How can they lay hands on the sick in the name of Jesus and they recover? If this is possible Christ is made a lie. The person who made this video should be careful about what she says.

  13. Hello to everyone! I must say, after reading the post 1st, then watching the videos 2nd and then reading your comments 3rd, I can see how each one of you feels and your reasons for feeling like you do. But for one, SEEK GOD FIRST! Moving along now. You have to hold these situations up to the light (the light being the scriptures; the WORD OF GOD) to see if they hold water... try it. I must say, I'm on the same page with TheLatterDay Ministries, not because of anything they said. I go to GOD for his knowledge, not anyone else's knowledge. And I also don't lean on my own understanding or put my trust in the flesh. Now I'm no newbie But the devil works on Large and small scales and he has more than one trick up his sleeve to deceive ALL KIDS OF PEOPLE just not a specific group. For that reason, what works for one might not work for everyone else. So just because a preacher is not making some one run, leap, and hop doesn't mean Satan is not behind it. I don't watch any of those people like that so I can't give my 2 cents on any of them so I won't comment on who is doing what. But, if you truly know GOD and HIS WORD, you should be able to tell the difference, that is, unless you are already too far gone! I want everyone to be blessed and become closer to GOD. Not teachers or preachers or whoever they may be. There is no ERROR in GOD. So don't put anyone on a pedal-stool.

  14. Hi Passion,

    I think you raise some valid points.

    I agree that being in error is not necessarily a sign that one is using the word of God deceitfully. No one has perfect understanding and we all make mistakes. We are all leaning on God to open the eyes of our understanding as He draws us nearer to Him. There is a difference between being in error and being a false minister.

    A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. However, those using sorcery to deceive the church are NOT IN the Kingdom. They are not "God's anointed" or "God's prophets". Their presence is not an illustration of a divided Kingdom of God. It is an example of those outside of the Kingdom trying to draw out those who would enter in (Matthew 23:13).

    Preaching Jesus Christ as the only way does not necessarily mean that one is seeking to serve the Lord from a pure heart. Paul warned the believers about "another Jesus" preached which imparts "another" spirit supporting "another" gospel (II Corinthians 11:4). It is not just the name they hold up, but the gospel being preached which identifies what spirit is in operation. Scripture tells us that the name of Jesus will be used to support a false gospel.

    Scripture also tells us that there are lying signs and wonder (II Thessalonians 2:9). People mistakenly believe that any supernatural or spiritual experience is of the Lord. I am not saying you believe this, I am just making a point. This is why God tells us to test the spirits, not simply believe in gifts or supernatural attestations. Because satan comes with counterfeit, demonic power to deceive.

    You mention that the author of the video series should take care. I completely agree! Yet, this is a two-way street. People should takes as much care exposing what is false as they should declaring something to be sound.

    If one mischaracterizes and maligns a man or woman of God, then they will have to answer to God for such. He does not take such things likely.

    However, if one claims a man or woman to be of God and they are not, such a person is also held accountable by God.

    He tells us "woe" to those who call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). It works both ways.

    I have created a message board topic for any person who has concerns about the people featured in this video. I do not presume that we should just take Evelyn's (the videos' author) perspective on this. But, I suggest we practice what we preach: hold these things up to the light of Scripture. If at any time I feel as if Evelyn is falsely accusing a brother or sister in the Lord, I will immediately rectify that in this article. While I have found Evelyn to be a woman whose heart is after God, I am not beholden to her or any man. The word of God will be the final word on what is sound.

    God Bless!

  15. Someone previously mentioned that I and some others think these ministers are exempt because they are famous is wrong. Please don't assume if you don't know me. Instead, I believe if you are going to make comments about people and ministers back it up with evidence. We are supposed to test things out and not just take someones word as truth. Like I mentioned above I have watched Joyce Meyers and she has not done any of the things mentioned in these videos, and if they can show me otherwise I have no problem accepting it for what it is. But from what it appears it seems like they mentioned ministers who are famous and haven't even really watched them or didn't show how all of them are "wolves in sheeps clothing". If anything Joyce Meyers is constantly mentioning her imperfections, and that's what I like about her. And she doesn't make the messages about herself. I think about God and my relationship with Him when I watch her and read her books. So I say as Christians, we need to be able to back things up before we just speak it as being truth.

  16. Also Latter Days, I know this series is not by you but I'm addressing this to the people who made the series. I don't understand what being a new Christian who listens to Joyce Meyers would have anything to do with what I said. I look at Joyce Meyers, and I'm not a new Christian. I don't listen to her as God. And as far as judging people off their personality, nope, that's not something I just do. But like the word says you will know them by their fruits. And so far, I have not seen Joyce Meyers do any of those things. I would be quick to back up anyone who I feel should not be put into a category like this. Could she make errors, yeah, she could. But a "wolf in sheeps clothing"? I would like to know how. I would love to see them do exposes on all of these people mentioned. If you are going to mention these people, back it up. Show me the videos.

    And some ministers when they say things like "I must be saying something right because a lot of yall are quite" may be doing that because it's true. It's hard to speak in front of people especially when you feel as if it's not being recieved or taken well. Now those ministers may need to realize that they are not doing this to please them but God, but that only makes them human. Capable of feeling insecure in front of an audience. If they see these minsiters doing wrong, send them a note. Send them the series. How do you know they are aware of their errors. You are warning the listeners but what about the people preaching the message?

  17. Hi Anonymous,

    Assumption is not really a good thing, is it?

    You have asked to be provided with proof of false doctrine for Joyce Meyer and the link has already been provided above.

    I would venture to say that those who raised questions about these people being "famous" felt it was of some importance or else why would they have mentioned it at all? It was not a point raised by this ministry.

    If you agree that being famous has nothing to do with being a servant of the Most High God, then we agree. Hopefully, people will move on past that topic for it is truly irrelevant.

  18. Hi Again Anonymous,

    Noticing that someone is not living as the Word of God states we should is not "judging people on their personality". Jesus said that every tree is known by its fruit.

    Again, if you take a moment to look, you will see a link with information on false doctrines associated with that ministry.

    As stated before, there is a difference between making mistakes and purposely trying to deceive. The Scriptures speak of such false ministers. Have you ever looked to see what God tells us about how to identify them? I am not asking you in a smart-mouthed manner. I am being real. If God takes time to warn us about deceivers, HOW - according to His Word - does He tell us to identify them?

  19. I totally agree with your response. However, I was not referring to the sorcery that is allegedly used during the church service in the video. I say allegedly because I was not there and for me to make an accusation I prefer to see the service in its entirety. I also agree that those who use sorcery are not of Gods kingdom…that’s common sense, at least to me it is. I was referring to the pictures of the well known preachers that she posted throughout the video. You had mentioned that "It is not just the name they hold up, but the gospel being preached which identifies what spirit is in operation," which is very true. And if you look at Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen, just to name a few. These pastors preach nothing but the gospel and good fruit comes from it. And as you said, they may be in error at times but that does not constitute them to be false teachers. This is the impression she gives and I feel she should be more cautious. In all, it is the Christians responsibility to seek after God and allow the Holy Spirit to be the teacher. I cannot say what is in another man’s/women’s heart but I can look at the fruit that they produce. And I encourage all Christians to do the same. To those who earnestly desire to know the truth about Jesus and His word God is faithful to reveal it.

    There are a lot of Christians pointing out what is wrong and forgetting to share the good news of Jesus, the gospel of grace. I am looking to start a blog myself in effort to share what is most needful in this time of darkness.

    God Bless You Too!

  20. As far as Im concerned 95% of ministers featured on ''The Blaspheming Network'' AKA TBN usually are not God inspired. The network is corrupt & broadcast a lot of prosperity gospels & false teachings. I think its extrmely important to have discernment & I pray to God for this discernment & being able to test spirits. If it doesn't allign with what scriptures say, theres something wrong!! Turn of TBN people!!

  21. Hi Passion,

    I encourage you in your efforts of starting a blog! The more people about their preaching Christ the better.

    You say, "I also agree that those who use sorcery are not of Gods kingdom…that’s common sense, at least to me it is. I was referring to the pictures of the well known preachers that she posted throughout the video."

    The point Evelyn is making is that those "well known preachers" cited ARE in fact examples of deceivers.

    The issue really isn't which ministers Evelyn thinks are deceiving - or even which ones others think are NOT deceiving. The only question of substance is what does the God say about such things?

    Many do not seem to know how to identify and address those who try to deceive the church. Even more concerning, some don't even seem to recognize this as a need in the Body of Christ.

    Yet, God says that it is...and He provides instruction in His Word about how and why this should be done. This is what this video series will address.

    Knowing what God says in this matter is the most important thing to consider, yet it is the one thing that some seem the least concerned about.

    It has nothing to do with attending a service in person, knowing someone personally, someone being on TV, etc.

    God says that there WILL BE ministers of satan transformed to look like ministers of righteousness. He also tells us how to identify and deal with these individuals. If God has taken time out to provide direction in this regard, it is in our best interest to follow it.

    So, for anyone viewing this series, I would suggest you ask the following:

    * How does God tell us to distinguish between those who are simply in error and those who are trying to deceive?

    * Once we identify the deceivers, what does He tell us to do about that?

    You mention a few people whom you believe are preaching the true Gospel and producing good fruit. Others have also raised names of people they felt fit that description. However, when we actually took time to compare their teachings to what the Bible teaches, it is in fact "another gospel" (II Corinthians 11:4).

    And you want to know something even more interesting? The people who demanded proof that certain of these individuals were preaching a false gospel have remained strangely quiet since that proof has been provided.

    Now tell me, are people really interested in the truth or do they simply want to protect religious idols?

    As you state, "To those who earnestly desire to know the truth about Jesus and His word God is faithful to reveal it."

    God Bless

  22. I am going to try and do another article with more details on this topic. However, there is a book which discusses people misusing the name of Jesus to promote a false gospel. It gives details about why this is happening and how to ensure that one is not deceived by false prophets.

    It is a very worthy read, especially for the time in which we are now in: The Jesus Cult.

    Again, this is a topic that is so appropriate for our day. Jesus said that deception would be so great that - if possible - even the very elect would be deceived. For those who truly desire to serve the Lord with all of their hearts, this book will be a blessing.

  23. thank you for the info! I'm glad someone else see's it besides myself. I didn't go to church alot because it was missing something. I found fullfillment elsewhere for short periods of time. I'm in a good church home now! I also notice the opening song was by alicia keys (it doesn't matter or something like that). I don't listen to jay-z but hearing the comparisons ran my blood cold. I hope I never have to be in another false church again. Be blessed!

  24. I'm the 1st poster - just want to clairfy what I was saying. I know what the definition of notriety is. Thanks. If a pastor appears on television, the internet or sets up tents on a 30 city tour, and develops a following and becomes well known because of it doesn't make him or her a false prophet. I think television, the web, blogs such as this one, if they promote and teach the word they are reaching ppl who may not get the word anywhere else and/or may encouage ppl to seek out and learn the word. What if this becomes the top blog, is it then void?

  25. Hi Anonymous,

    I was not trying to insult you by defining notoriety. I just wanted to show that it did not make sense in the way you were using it, so I wanted to be sure I understood. If someone is notorious, they are already brought down by their own reputation.

    Again, the question is not whether the word is being promoted and teached. Not once in this video does she say that being famous or popular means one is a false prophet.

    The standard IS the Scripture. It is the same standard for all Christians and all ministers, whether they are well-unknown or in virtual obscurity.

    YOU are assuming these folks are targeted for being popular. That is false. The maker of these videos lays the foundation for targeting these persons as those teaching a false and perverted Gospel that is unBiblical. If this or any other ministry falls under that category, then those who truly believe are called by God to stand against this error.

    Now, Some individual questions have been asked about select people in this video series and we have responded with documented evidence where their teachings diverge from Scripture. Yet, no one has anything to say now.

    If there is anyone in this video you feel should not be labeled as a false prophet, then I suggest you examine what exactly they are teaching and whether it is true to God's word. If you would like to discuss someone specifically, please feel free to add a topic on the message board about it (link above) and others can respond.


  26. There's a video on Youtube when Joel Olsteen went on Larry King Live.

    Joel Olsteen DENIED that Jesus was the ONLY route to salvation.

    That should prove to EVERYONE that Joel Olsteen is a False Prophet.

    Go find the video on Youtube.

  27. im astonished i don't know what to say i cant imagine all the preachers i have seen on tbn i followed there teaching attentively with a bible
    how comes?

  28. Hi Tungsten,

    That is because God said that in the latter days there would be a great apostasy or falling away. As we remain connected to Christ first above any man, and as we study the word to be washed and renewed in our minds, we will be fine.

    The problem comes in when people begin to place man on a pedestal as the "man of God" and begin to drink down his words as if he were without error. Then, one is open to deception. But as long as we maintain our relationship with Christ first - and compare everything with the word of God - then He will keep us.

    God is able to keep us from falling (Jude 1:24).

    But first He tells us to keep ourselves in His love (Jude 1:21).

  29. Hi Again Letter Day Ministry

    God has promised us that if we meditate on his word Joshua 1:8 then we shall make our way prosperous. (I believe it is spiritually as well as physically) “Psalms 23:1.
    The lord is my shepherd I shall not want” in the Lords prayer( Luke 11:2 they will be done, as in heaven, so in earth) if in heaven there is a lot of Gold then so in earth be it Gods will that his people will have a lot (Phil 4:19 but my God shall supply all my needs according to his reaches in glory by Christ Jesus.)Now is it right to preach about prosperityGod’s people used to be blessed with wealth i.e. Abraham & his descendant (which I believe I am) more verses are Deut8:18, Psalms 24:1, Haggai 2:8, and Prov: 3:9-10, Math 6:3

    Then the bible instructs us that if a brother sins, correct him in private ,if he doesn’t agree correct him in presence of one or two witness, then finally to congregation if he does not repent then have nothing to do with him. Now my question is these so called false prophets i.e. Joycemeyer, Jack Van Impe or John Hagee etc.have they been corrected according to the word? us we know no none is perfect & one is due to sin coz of the very nature of flesh. let us not Judge them co12:16 even Paul say that we should not pass judgment even though his conscience is clear it does mean that he is righteous. Forgive me for not quoting the bible exactly. (Other verse Rom 3:10, 20)

    Then the word of God will be preached all over the word Math 24:14 I see this has been accomplished by TBN. It was the only Christian station in Kenya sometimes back now there is God TV & GBS it is a high time we mention the true prophets who are on these channels, if all of them are false which channels, if all of them are false which channels which channels will we switch to? Yes we don’t agree with everything they teach.


  30. Hi Amazing Graphics,

    I am sure you would agree that having our needs met and not being in want are not the same thing as being materially rich.

    If all God's people are promised material wealth, then why did Jesus have no place to lay His head? Why was He born in a manger? Why did Peter have not silver nor gold? Your comments just don't align with the Scriptures.

    We are not the first to post about the errors of the "prosperity/word of faith" doctrine nor its preachers. So yes, these preachers have been approached about these errors and have even responded to such criticisms.

    It should also be noted that the biblical instruction to which you refer in Matthew 18:15-17 is about when a brother sins against you, not about judging error. Here is some info on judging: Do Not Judge

    Also, just because someone is preaching around the world doesn't mean they are righteous (Matthew 23:15).

    Lastly, I am not saying that God cannot bless us financially. I am saying that the blessings God gives His people is not so that we can be rich but so that we can bless others.

    Take a look at this article. Maybe it will help to shed some light on this: I'm A King's Kid

  31. We must pray for all of them that is first...otherwise what is the point of all of this? The God I serve is above all and every eniquity on the universe.He is a God of the impossible. Although this false prophecy or any game that the lier is presenting looks big, it musn't be our idol. The fruit of the Spirit is simple and it does not include idolizing tv personalities, priests,pastors, singers peoplein general. How come we are so blinded that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are willing to lead us in the deseret. No tv, internet etc in the desert. Why can't we trust the will of God in our lives and stick to him than people? Why are we
    talking about people than him? A TRUE FOLWER
    ABUSING HIS NAME SO GOD HAS MERCY and USE THEM IN HIS KINGDOM. We must love them and present them to their father who created them in prayer and fast not turn them into a discussion point. One of the tool that the devil, the demonic world is using is causing God's children to have attention deficiency of God's glory and the LORDSHIP OF JESUS CHRIST.

  32. Hi Anonymous,

    I understand the passion in your post, but is there any Scripture you have to support your position? How does the word of God instruct us to deal with false prophets and deceivers?


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