Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Greatest Story Ever Mistold

You Fool! Jesus Christ Was Just a Myth.

Have you heard of The Zeitgeist Movie? It uses the work of 19th Century writers to illustrate that Jesus Christ never existed; He was just a myth.

Those who make these claims go further to say that the story of Jesus Christ - His birth, life, death, and resurrection - were all borrowed from other world religions. Jesus is, according to them, the Jewish manifestation of ancient sun-god worship.

Some may dismiss these claims as obviously ridiculous, but the film has been the recipient of numerous awards and has been one of the most watched videos on the Internet. More importantly, people are taking the "facts" in this film as "Gospel" and a growing number of people - under the guise of being shown the "truth" - have now been indoctrinated in the Zeitgeist religion without even knowing it.

When hearing reviews of the movie, it is not uncommon to hear such terms as: Shocking! Eye-opening! Disturbing! Revelatory! The Greatest Story Ever Told! Surely, this is enough to pique anyone's interest.

According to the website, the goal of the Zeitgeist Movement is "to communicate how all humans are the same at the fundamental level and how it is time we start to work together on a global scale to end the seemingly perpetual conflict and suffering in our current world society."

Well, there is certainly nothing new there. Just as the Ecumenical movement aims to erase all the differences in religions, this is just the same.

But why? Why is it so important that people be made to believe that all religions are the same? Why do we see the continued implication that erasing religious distinctions is necessary for world peace? Even President Obama chants this absurd premise, "Given the increasing diversity of America's population, the dangers of sectarianism have never been greater."

In Revelations, the Scriptures say that the "whole world" wondered after the Beast. There is tremendous witchcraft currently at work in the world to make people believe what they want you to believe...and many are falling for it.

But as for the Zeitgeist Movie, are any of these claims true? The following videos give an overview of some of the main assertions alleged in the movie.

We certainly don't want people to go from blind belief in one thing to blind belief in another. Anyone who doesn't want to be caught up in a conspiracy to program the way people think will attempt to validate the claims made. Every seeker of truth will research this for themselves.

Neither does God expect us to have blind faith, for blind faith cannot stand. He has given us the mind to question, to know, and to find understanding.

"These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." Acts 17:11


  1. Michael S. Crowley Jr.September 9, 2009 at 5:26 PM

    I'm just posting in thanks to the corrections in the religious portions of Zeitgeist. at least in the terms of the diaties. I agree divine will created us and all that is. But why do we warship Jesus above the father? Why is it sinful to believe we can reach gods ability? Ive NEVER met a father who DID NOT wish that their children surpass them.

    What about the rest of whats being said in zeitgeist too? How mankind should be uniting for a world of plenty. Cast off the shackles of the monetary system as it exists.

    How many people's ideas are lost to us because they were born poor and never being able to afford a piece of paper that says they are smart enough to think. Why do people cling to the past and hope for the future instead of thinking in the now.

    When will man kinds Power of Love outshine its love of Power!

    I believe the makers of zeitgeist are sincere in their wish to unit the world threw technology. I believe money destroys the family unit and create counter productive competition in the name of economic growth.

    If we took all the engineers that went into making the nuke alone, asked them to design an automated greenhouse the size of the empire states building.

    World hungers solved.

    Whats that how are we going to power it?

    Today's geothermal technology has the potential to supply us with 5000 years of power...every year.

    Who's going to build these?

    Literally millions of man hours are already volunteered every year to habitat projects.

    The Amish have been living forever with as little money as possible, and using only renewable resources.

    I believe if the creator were to look on us today he would feel shame and outrage.

    I'm not going to pretend to know what god wants. As I said "I believe" not "I know"!

    The christian faith was also well documented to have made many mistakes in history by siting the bible as 100% fact.

    They subjected Gallilao (Spelled wrong I'm pretty sure and apologize now) to the inquisition and placed him under house arrest the rest of his life for attempting to claim the earth isn't the center of existence.

    All because of a passage in the bible that said something to the fact that the earth was created first to be Immovable from the view of heaven. Which could only of course mean it doesn't move.

    Even now the Vatican is finally recognizing we may not be the only intelligent life in existence.

    The fact remains the only system mankind has ever created that proven anything true is the scientific method. Which by the way does not discount god. It's merely frustrated that it cant explain what god is. After all Science proves that something in existence is always created by something else in existence.

    If we don't spend money economics begins to fail (central bank owners are not making money). So we use ideas like "Planned obsolescence". Goods we don't need that are useless and outdated in 10 years or less.

    We don't notice this though because advertising convinces us we need to replace it in 2 years. The old stuff just filling landfills with non renewable materials because they are cheaper to use than renewable or recyclable materials.

    The fact is while the creator of zeitgeist may have his religions wrong, The movement for a harmonious world based on they scientific method is a good one.

    Government is just a step above anarchy. People think the world is solved because at least now the problems in it are quieter.

    I know I will never see the Venus Project take place in my life time. That will not stop me from doing all I can to provide it the next generation in the world. For we are all children of a divine creator. Were not meant to unite by faith but by love. If we were inheritly evil, we would be born Carnivores!

  2. Hello Michael,

    You are correct in that the supporters of Zeitgeist are trying to unite mankind. The question however is united under who and for what purpose?

    As long as you seek to define truth by man's wisdom and logic, then you will not see the deception behind the facade.

    Those who have turned in faith to Jesus Christ have access to the mind of Christ. As such, it becomes not only possible to know but to fulfill God's will for your life.

    I encourage you to seek for truth in He who is Truth, Jesus Christ.

  3. Michael S. Crowley Jr.September 9, 2009 at 9:10 PM

    "Those who have turned in faith to Jesus Christ have access to the mind of Christ. As such, it becomes not only possible to know but to fulfill God's will for your life."

    Surely you are not implying you have a telepathic connection to god.

    More over there are 34,000+ faiths in Christ fallowing 120+ different scriptures.

    Once more they have been translated so many times over that the final copy is likely to have about as much historical accuracy as the original Spiderman comic to the modern movie.

    I can totally agree that Jesus was likely a real person. He likely was a pious and virtuous man. Quite likely a philosopher well beyond his time. I could see him being a scholar of religion and medicine.

    Curing sickness in ways that must seem miraculous and devise to those of his time.

    Ive seen lots of videos both for and against a lot of gods. Some well done and some that made me outright nearly die laughing at the worst falsehoods, which is why I knew at least the story of Horus was wrong. I'm still questioning a few of the others but I'll find my own sources.

    As for the question of who's in charge its hard to get a minority or majority government if the world if your choosing ground.

    They advocate community time shares. Your voice is based on how many hours you volunteer to society. Therefor if you want to give up your rights to the choices the world faces. Stay at home and do nothing. Your pay is your say!

    Your work is your word so to speak. The truth is Money was created for a system that supports easier trade in a system of scarcity.

    With the technology WE ALREADY HAVE we can build a society of abundance. People dont like their jobs because they are minial and strictly mechanical in nature.

    Therefor man is not meant to live like this. For we are the most creative and intellectually curious species The creator has made. Not a machine. Which is what money reduces us to.

    We can never be creatively free in a monetary system that forces us to hide ideas til we get patents or someone might steal this idea and profit from it now longer allowing them to feed their family.

    Food is a necessity, Not a privileged. Are race has become so polluted with greed that we now sell bottled water. Water is a necessity that should be protected not a commodity that should be profited from.

    If I came up with say an additive you could add to water to turn it to 100% green fuel for any engine that would never cause wear on a cars engine. What would happen?

    I'll tell you what would happen either the oil company and car company would kill me and bury the knowledge or some oil rich country would.

    Because that would produce abundance and their fuel would be worthless and cars would not sell. Advertising in those arias would drop. Jobs would be lost.

    Maybe if we didn't have to pay for an education and were given the freedom to find what you like to do as a kid instead of being forced to chose first and fight the rest of are lives to get it.

    People would be able to find things to do. Go join communal projects. Heck bring the kids and teach them practical skills.

    Maybe if we could do all that we could get a glimpse of what Eden must have been like.

    Zietguest isnt about denouncing religion. That may have been the origonal creaters intent misguided as it may be but that started years ago and since alot of core aspects have been worked out and they provide the literature.

    Entire nations have signed on including me and my roommate who also is roman catholic and very... perturbed about the religious aspect of the movie but supports the idea. I by no means am walking into this blind. I'm pouring over the pages with lots of friends and debating anything that even one person thinks is wrong or odd in nature.

    We plan to post are thoughts and suggestions after forming our own chapter.

    They want to automate almost every aspect of out industrial sector to free people for research, entertainment, development and services. Things mankind would enjoy because they can express themselves creatively.

  4. Sorry Michael, but again you are in error here. If you really want to know about the accuracy of Scripture, see the following: Has the Bible Been Changed

    It is not about what man the world is being united under, but what spirit.

    We must each choose our path in life. I leave you with my original suggestion: seek the truth in Christ or be deceived by the lies of the world.There is no truth in any other.

  5. Michael S. Crowley Jr.September 14, 2009 at 12:35 PM

    I like that translational theory. Its a well educated one and a good argument. But lets Dissect that a little.

    Person one has the story, Person 2 asks for the story and translates it. Person 3 asks person one instead of person 2 and translates the first and so on.

    Here is where that still breaks down. The original scriptures tells of the story of Babel. All languages were once the same. Often translations from the first are translated to a language that was a derivative of the first or further down the lineage.

    So person 2's translation of 1's is often easy enough, maybe even person 3's and 4's, But by 5's language has evolved so much that descriptive words that were generalized in the original are to broad and generalized for accuracy, so they look at some of the other translations to try to make a fair and objective view.

    This of course is the under laying reason for such diversity of an original. Couple that with are known reasoning in books, that if we don't understand something read a little further and draw a conclusion... its not hard to see that the potential for a flawed translation is possible.

    I also understand that aspects in the bible like celebrating the sabbath on Sunday is just altered tradition posed by politics and not scripture.

    Now I spent the last 15 years of my life in study of the past, the 15 before that looking to the future. I plan to live the next 15 in the now. So I will not argue about faith. As I said I have nothing against faith.

    I wanted to address "Zeitgeist" The activist arm of "The Venus Project". More importantly your question of who would be in charge of it all. The answer is Nobody and Everybody.

    This is the orientation guide to Zeitgeist. It has everything from why we exist. What we are doing. Why we are doing it. How we can do it. What it would mean for everyone. As well as how we would govern ourselves.

    I don't discount religions existence in this world for a lot of people would be freed to ask the question that has always been compelling to all of mankind. How did we come to be?

    As for your links other posed question. I did not see the movie to understand many references. Everyone knows in entertainment alot is altered for the sake of the story being told. Ive heard about The Magdalin woman before in other entertainment movies to. To me that's a mute point.

    I would rather know if nonfictional conspiracies of existing additional books are real. Like the hole in the pyramid in Egypt 2cm squared that no possible human can fit in that was thought to be 9 feet but ended up bending up words and going another 60-70 feet and ending at a door. According to local religions Books translated by Enoch were protectively sealed there before the great flood. 6 or more years no and no ones opened it?

    Religion will always have a place.

  6. Hi Michael,

    I wouldn't call it a theory. Either that accurately portrays how the Bible was translated or it does not. People still speak Greek today, and that was the language of the original New Testament Scriptures. So, I would dispute that any context has been lost.

    Nobody & everybody is in control? Only if one denies any awareness of the spiritual world that surrounds us. It is the same lie give in the garden of Eden, "Ye shall be as gods."

    I understand the religious premise Zeitgeist promotes...for that is what it is. However, anything not grounded in Truth is a lie. In spite of what you may consider to be the best of intentions, it is largely based on falsehoods and misrepresentations.

    Anyone who wants to put stock in any of what they promote should keep that in mind.

    As for me, my standard for Truth will be Jesus Christ.

  7. Michael S. Crowley Jr.September 14, 2009 at 2:28 PM

    Its obvious that you do not wish to consider the ramifications that money is the under laying issue of over 95% of man kinds problems.

    There are only 4 nations in the world that are dept free. Entire nations are living on less than a dollar a day.

    Money has never solved a problem in the world except for the rich. If you open an account tomorrow and deposit 1 million dollars into it. You can comfortably live off the interest. No contribution to society whatsoever. In fact your a drain on society because society has to pay interest on loans so banks can pay you to sit on your butt.

    The sad point is that my link proves how Illegal the current Fractional banking system is.

    Technology is the only thing that has EVER imporved our lives in any social and cultural way. For without technology, we would not have a system of writing to store your precious books knowledge. Technology is whats going to inevitably prove or disprove your belief.

    Its nice to note the time you posted the reply. I was kind enough to watch the reference materials you provide so I could give my own objective opinion of it. My reference material is 93 minutes long though. Your reply came an hour later. So You give me Grounds to believe any opinion you object with is 100% Bias.

    I'm willing to observe others opinions even to the detriment of my own self image for I know the nature of life in convergent has little care on what my bias of its rules are.

    You have not given me any unobjectionable material arguments against Zeitgeist (omitting religious factors that are already being retorted) and have offered nothing but preaching to the very nonreligious issue of money.

    Remember the original intended question is "What is your opinion of the nonreligious issues Zeitgeist brings up?"

    Your answer was "You are correct in that the supporters of Zeitgeist are trying to unite mankind. The question however is united under who and for what purpose?" I have now provided A link to answer those questions Please take the time to review it before replying.

    Also try to think of your followers and what this world would mean to them "BEFORE" thinking what does this mean for your Christen establishment!

    I must apologize if I sound harsh for I really am thankful that you post my comments on this very important matter as a lot of other churches wont even acknowledge I post on their boards. Its one of the few reasons when your churches people come to my door, I always welcome them despite are different faiths.

    "May peoples power of love out shine their love of power!"

  8. Hi Michael,

    As long as someone is not using profanity, blaspheming Jesus, or being incendiary, I will post their comments - whether they agree with me or not.

    I believe I owe you an apology. You are correct in that you stated earlier, "What is your opinion of the nonreligious issues Zeitgeist brings up?" Somehow I forgot about that question.

    It would have likely been a simpler discussion for me to have answered that originally. My answer would be, "I don't care." :-)

    I don't say that to be rude, I am simply giving a truthful answer. The physical is always a reflection of the spiritual. So, I prefer not to get lost in the weeds. As long as my eyes are on Jesus Christ, He will tell me all I need to know.

    God gives us the opportunity to know the Truth and to know Him now. We don't have to wait for anything or anyone to reveal that to us. Everyone who seeks after righteousness shall be filled.

  9. I just want to say to Latter Days Ministries you are inspirational! So many times I fear I will come across people who have a lot of knowledge in worldly things. They are very much informed of the things of the world and I am not as well versed. I have an unmovable faith however and I am trying to learn how to get that across when communicating with people that I have described above and sometimes I get really frustrated because they are speaking from a carnal mind and I of the spirit so the 1 always seems to outdo the other. That 1 being the carnal insightful person. Then they see my frustration and all is lost. I feel that that I have failed to bring another to Christ for I have lost the interest of that person. Reading what you and Michael discussed gives me courage and I truly thank you. Michael you are a very insightful and obviously a very bright man but the reason why you will not submit to Christ is because of it. It is because you have dedicated a lot of time reading, researching and discussing and not enough time in prayer. This is why you will not be able to understand what it truly means to have a personal relationship with Jesus. You must put aside all of your carnal wisdom for a moment and open up to spiritual wisdom and then only then will the Truth, the Ultimate Only Truth be revealed. God Bless you All.

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    I understand what you mean. There is so much going on in the world and all kinds of ideas about why. The world is full of knowledge, the problem is that most of it has no basis in truth.

    I think this is why God continues to remind us to keep our mind on things above. It is only the wisdom that comes from above which gives true sight to the blind and freedom to those who are captive.

    Don't worry about the person you were witnessing to. You never know how they may be chewing on the seeds you have helped sow into their hearts by sharing the light of Christ. Sometimes it takes people a while to turn to the truth once they have seen it. Let God work on them a little more, and keep them in prayer.

    You may make mistakes sometimes, we all do. But just know that you are not someone's only chance to know the Lord. God constantly woos us to Him, through others, experiences, etc. Sometimes when God is dealing with us, we just need to be left that He can deal with us. :-)

    Don't be discouraged. Keep going in the Lord. He is able to mend anything that needs fixing.

  11. Michael S. Crowley Jr.October 24, 2009 at 9:48 PM

    Hello again.

    I just wanted to state a few things about myself and the zeitgeist movement.

    I myself am a very spiritual man with an open and curious mind about the world around me.I don't discourage peoples use of religion to share an opinion of the various questions of the world.

    I honestly don't doubt Jesus was a very real man with a great philosophy of peace and unity of all mankind. Was he a child of god? Of course he was for we are all children of god. King of kings? A king is suppose to be a benevolent ruler of his people. One who provides a good message and regards his people first. Jesus I admit fits the standard.

    The Zeitgeist movement is an open scientific & philosophical organization for development of a post scarcity, social economic reform.

    Jobs are being replaced by automation faster than we can provide new jobs. The only reason anyone has a job is because we haven't found a way to automate it yet.

    As long as we live under money we cannot possibly be free. Money forces evil. If some doctor you never met says hes got to take your kidney out, do you consider if its true or is he gonna be short on a house payment? The cost of using a phone has more then doubled in 15 years yet the cost of maintenance of these lines had decreased over 4000%. Money is slavery! The moment you punch your time card you agreed to a temporary dictatorship.

    This is whats Zeitgeist is about.

  12. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for stopping by again.

    There is no way to appreciate what Jesus Christ did without accepting who He was. He is the Son of God and God eternally, who paid the price of man's sin so that man could be reconciled back to God. Anything less is "another Jesus".

    While certainly being philosophical, the Zeitgeist movement is far from scientific. It's propaganda is filled with lies and they are openly out to deny the reality of Jesus Christ.

    Zeitgeist is about imparting a humanistic religion to the masses so that man begins to think he is his own salvation. As long as man thinks that he can redeem himself (and the world) then he will never see a need for Jesus Christ. This is their goal, and it will lead many people to Hell.

    I understand your viewpoint Michael, but you have been deceived. I am open to allowing people to post divergent views (as long as they are respectful), but this horse has been beat to death here. If you want to follow the Zeitgeist religious agenda, then do so. But I ask you to refrain from continuing to post their propaganda here. I cannot continue to approve it.

    Lastly, there is a follow-up piece done examining a Zeitgeist interview that makes it very clear the pseudo-science, innuendo, and conjecture they use to substantiate their baseless claims.

    For those who are unclear about their devious intentions, the analysis of this interview should open eyes...for those who want to see.

    "The 'Real' Zeitgeist Challenge" DEBUNKED - Peter Joseph interviews Acharya S

    Here is also an in-depth fact checking review of many of Zeitgeist's claims:


    Each of these videos is part of a series and you can watch the subsequent videos by clicking on them after you have launched the first ones above.


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