Sunday, October 3, 2010

Elevate, Excuse, Entertain

Jannes & Jambres Are in the Pulpits

In a previous article, we examined how many in the churchworld have a propensity for elevating, excusing, and entertaining teachers who the Scriptures say soothe itching ears.  Although that article highlighted the symptoms we see manifested as a result of these errors (sexual scandals, financial fraud, decadence, etc.) what is the cause?
  • Why are those who are not called by God to minister to His people often the very ones whom people flock to in order to be ministered?  
  • What are the signs which identify that someone is a hireling vs. a true man of God?  
  • Is it Biblical for a man or woman to be your spiritual "covering"? 
  • Is the Bible being used to incant spells over people in order to rape and pillage them?  
  • How is God using sorcerers (often called by men pastor, bishop, reverend, apostle, etc.) to bewitch those who receive not the love of the truth?
  • What can you do to ensure that you are not subject to this divination and wizardry?
Examine what the Scriptures have to say about witchcraft used against God's people as Omega Church & Ministries Center teaches on "I Come in My Father's Name".
  • What is the definition of a lie?
  • What does it mean that those who seek to save their lives will lose their lives?
  • If the last days are going to be like the days of Noah and the days of Lot, then how were those days?
  • How do the Scriptures define witchcraft and how do we see that in the church?
  • What is the casting of lots, i.e. the lottery
  •  How is prophecy in the church being perverted to be incantations from the wrong spirit?
  • The roots of spell casting comes from Babylon, as the pulpits are filled with charmers who serve as nothing more than pimps receiving payments of "tithes" from the prostitutes.
  • How does compromise on the truths of God's word open the door to receive a counterfeit spirit?
  • People sitting under and financing false preachers are accomplices to these preachers' crimes.
  • Why are we seeing such a rise in homosexuality?  Is the church really homophobic?
  • The pimp/prostitute paradigm we see in many churches is also the pattern for how many young men and women are relating to each other today. 
  • How is the sodomite spirit being promoted amongst the church?
  • How does witchcraft turn your mind and heart from Jesus Christ to "another Jesus"?
  • How does the false church use the name of Jesus to bewitch people into worshiping Satan?
  • How those who come in the authority of their own name make themselves into idols before men through sorceries.
  • How you can expect the church at large to turn against you when you expose this wickedness.
  • Why the true Bride of Christ needs to be in prayer for God to move and raise up His true church.


  1. I haven't come across a statement of yours saying so, but i am interested to know because I called by God to spread word myself. In fact the very reason I feel called to spread his word is because of what I've found in the church. Everything that you say is the same thing that God has given me to share with others. He has been getting after me a lot lately because I've been disobedient for many years, I don't like the spotlight, I am a behind the scenes person, don't like microphonse, camera's stages, I even hated singing in choir because it made me more visible. But the lord kept pressing me and pressing me that if I loved him I would not hide, and if I loved those that i see being led astray that i would help to open others eyes. What he has given me is almost identical to what he's giving you. But there are people i know who don't even use the computer or know how to. So what would happen to then if I didn't start speaking. I've met people men and women who feel just like you and I feel, but they aren't sure or they think that the devil is telling them to walk away from their church. And if no one ever comes along and confirms for them what they know in their hearts, they just remain in those churches, thinking that they are trying to be obedient, and God forbid what happens to them when the let one of their church leaders know what's in their heart. At any rate, I want to know, if God gives me so much word, and visions and dreams and speaks to me and shows me all the same things that he is showing you, and is literally saying I will be punished if I don't speak soon. Why do so many men feel that I'm supposed to shut up. Shouldn't they compare the word that I'm getting with the scripture. I'm asking you because I have something that God has given me that I haven't seen spoken by any of the true men of God that I've seen like yourself, and I know it is my job to deliver that word, it is detrimental, it is directly from the book of revelations. I have to deliver it soon. Please tell me what you think my position is in God. There are no men for miles around me who really know God, and when I prayed and asked God, he said that is why I had to raise you up. He wanted a man, but there are none in my area who are willing to do his will. I am coming to you in sincerity because I've seen that you are preaching the full truth here. So I would respect your advice. Thank you and God bless you.

    The Servant

  2. Hi Leilani,

    I am not the man you see in the videos above. That is Pastor Gary C. Price of Omega Church & Ministries Center. I simply posted the message here. He drops by occasionally, so he may have his own insights to share about your comments.

    All of God's people are called to be witnesses of Him, to be proclaimers of His word. So in that sense, we should never keep quiet for we will have blood on our hands when we withhold the truth from others. We are not to be silent, but to speak the words He gives us.

    If God has given you the same word as Pastor Price, then I would simply consider that a confirmation of the truths He has already given you. You should certainly not hesitate to speak those truths. However, being given the same truths as another is no indicator that you are being called to walk in the same office.

    You must seek God for what your role is supposed to be in His Body and be faithful in that role. He will never contradict His word by calling you to serve in a way that He has not ordained. It is not about what man may or may not be doing, but what God has given for you to do. If you make that your focus, then you will be walking in His will...and He will take care of the rest.


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