Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Babylonian Mystery Religion in Sistine Chapel

In the last message we posted from Pastor Mike Hoggard, he was addressing the Mother of All Secrets, which I still happen to believe is one of the most important lessons for Christians to hear.  So if you have not watched it before, please do so.

However, in his recent Watchman broadcast, Pastor Hoggard delves into the mystery religions of Babylon (i.e., Roman Catholicism, Kemet, etc.) and how it is rooted in goddess & phallic worship.  In this examination, he uses the "Christian" symbolism we see in the Sistine Chapel to illustrate this deception.

As always, Pastor Hoggard's research is not for the faint of heart.  In this prophetic research newscast, he discusses:
  • Roman Catholicism as a mystery religion and not Christianity.   As a former Catholic, I can only agree wholeheartedly with the truth he reveals about this organization.  Please pray for the deliverance of those people who have been deceived by this wicked institution.  In case it is not clear, let me reiterate: Roman Catholicism is not a Christian religion, and Pastor Hoggard sheds light on one way in which this is their own Sistine Chapel.
  • The practice of Shakti and how through "touch" one can transfer spirits or illumination.  Shakti is the divine feminine creative power in Hinduism (also called the Great Divine Mother).  Shakti is responsible for all creation and is worshiped as the Supreme Being.  Shakti is also a critical mantra in the practice of Yoga as it is believed to tune you into the frequency of the Divine Mother for primal protective, generative energy. Chanting the Shatki is supposed to eliminate all fears and fulfils all desires. The various Shatki mantras mean "Primal Power," "All Power", and "that which creates through God."
  • Elements of old world mysticism promoted in Steven Spielberg films, particularly E.T. (The Extra Terrestrial) which mirrors Michelangelo's painting of "The Creation of Adam" on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  Earlier this year, I happened to watch the movie E.T. on television which I had seen initially as a child.  As I did, God began pointing out to me the various anti-christ symbolism in the movie.  Don't think that the perversion in the media is something recent.  Even years ago, so-called "children's films" were being used to mold people's mind to accept an anti-christ agenda.  Nonetheless, Pastor Hoggard shows how this new age mysticism (which is really not new at all, but plain, old Babylonian witchcraft) of transferring spirits via Shakti is promoted in this film and in the Roman Catholic Church's Sistine Chapel. Notice as well that goddess worship is often associated with the worship of the moon, which is also the backdrop for the E.T. promo.
  • Have you ever heard people speak of the "Shekinah Glory" of God?  Find out what, or rather WHO, Shekinah is and how it is connected with Shakti.  The word Shekinah itself is not found in the Hebrew Scriptures, but is a derivative of a feminine Hebrew word meaning "to dwell" (shakan).  However Shekinah is found in the Jewish book of mysticism called the Kabbalah as the image of the divine feminine.  Shekinah is also depicted in "The Creation of Adam" in the Sistine Chapel.  What is the Shekinah "anointing"?
  • What is really being accomplished in the awakening of the Third Eye through Kundalini and how is this being promoted through "Christian" churches via soaking prayer, contemplative prayer, certain music, yoga, etc.?  Learn how this mystic practice is being introduced into Christianity with such phrases as a coming Great Awakening (Rick Warren), a Great Shifting (Carlton Pearson), etc.
  • How there is a 500 year-old mystery hidden in the painting of "The Creation of Adam" (Concealed Neuroanatomy in Michelangelo's Separation of Light From Darkness in the Sistine Chapel) which depicts the illumination of the Third Eye. Even Scripture shows that what is painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is not a depiction of God giving life to Adam.  What it does show is the revelation of the "new humanity" or "new breed" of man made possible by merging with the nephilim through the awakening of the Third Eye.
I have tried to break down some of the topics being addressed in this video, but you really need to take just one hour to watch it in order to see how all these things work together.  I have also added below a couple of images Pastor Hoggard discusses so that you can take a closer view of what he is presenting.

In the Sistine Chapel piece entitled "The Creation of Adam", Michelangelo depicts the life giving goddess of Shekinah giving illumination to Adam.
In the Sistine Chapel work called "The Separation of Light from Darkness" Michelangelo paints the the human spinal cord and brain stem representing the illumination that happens when the Kundalini serpent has made its way up the spine and connected with the base of the brain to awaken the Third Eye.


  1. This is very deep stuff. I also looked back at the sermon in which this pastor speaks about DNA/Masonic Secrets. It is a lot of information to take in. It all makes perfect sense but what are we to do with it?
    This also made me think of a sermon I heard in which Derek Prince says that Jesus became the first of a new race: the God-Man race.

    Is this pagan movement actually an attempt of Satan to create a counterfeit version this God-Man race?

  2. Hi JMays,

    I have to agree. This is very deep stuff. Or is it not really that deep, but we have just been so completely blind to the obvious? And I don't say that lightly.

    The other sermon I believe you are referring to is the The Mother of All Secrets, which is a very important message for Christians to hear.

    You ask a great question. WHAT are we to do with this information? Well, for one, I hope it prompts some Christians to stop taking the faith so lightly. Some think being a Christian is simply about going to church weekly and having a place to do pot luck dinners, weddings, and funerals.

    There is no doubt that Satan has been working to pervert mankind since the beginning...and he succeeded. God created man as "good" and in His image, yet now we must be conformed to the image of God via faith in Christ. So, he has already made a counterfeit of what God created (namely by perverting what God created).

    On another level, Satan will also have a false god-man called the Anti-Christ who is filled with Satan. That is a counterfeit of Jesus the Son of God who is filled with God's Spirit.

    One more counterfeit, God desires to fill His people with His Spirit to conform them to His image as they present themselves as living sacrifices. Satan desires to fill his people with unclean spirits, but he often accomplishes this through witchcraft and deception.

    We need wisdom and spiritual discernment to know what is True, for many in "Christianity" are promoting these new age concepts so that people will be filled with these demon spirits. Too many times, you slap a label of "Christian" on something and people just drink it down, but that is a means by which many are being deceived.

    As the world (including many churches) begin to push towards ecumenicism, this is the goal: a mind that has been awakened (really put to sleep) to the truths (really lies) of the illuminated ones (really the powers of darkness).

    These are the days of the great falling away. We must pray for spiritual discernment, not only to know what is false, but to really be transformed into the image of truth, who is Jesus Christ.

  3. Andrew Strom has written a book about the spirit of Kundalini that has invaded the church and how to recognize it. He is naming names and making no apologies.

    The list is long of the ones who have fostered this growing invasion.

  4. We also have Andrew's series on AN INSIDER'S WARNING - LAKELAND - True or False Revival? on this page

  5. Pastor Mike, I appreciate your research and making these videos to get the word of truth out. Much of these facts I have discovered myself in a similar journey - keep up the good work.

  6. people. go read your bible. your pastors know nothing about it and have been misleading you for years. from jacob seeing the face of god at the place called pineal(pineal/crown chakra) to jesus saying that "the eye(pineal) is the light of the body and if thy eye is single thy whole body will be filled with light" the bible is literally teaching you how to raise your kundalini. the term christ literally refers to the anointing of the pineal gland with the holy chrism(spinal oil) the bible is possibly the most occult book ever written and you take your pastors word over the text its self. god didn't create you with a demon inside your spine with a special passage made just for that demon to climb up and possess you brain. no one with half a brain would believe that. i wouldn't create man that way and I'm certainly not smarter than god. come on people. its time you start using your brains.

    1. People need to do more than read the Bible, but they need the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in order to understand what the Bible says. Otherwise, you will wind up with only have a bunch f letter, which kills and forms the basis of erroneous doctrine as stated above.


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