Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Gospel of Delusion

A Great Falling Away

The Scriptures warn of a great apostasy that will occur in the end times. We are also warned that God Himself will send a strong delusion so that those who do not receive the truth will be damned.

It is time to take heed for ourselves and for the doctrines we espouse. This is no time to be lukewarm or to believe that as long as we claim to be "Christians" it won't matter what we believe and how we live.

These are the times when the Bride of Christ makes herself ready; when the wise virgins ensure they are prepared.

May your lamps be filled with oil and your hearts await the coming of the Bridegroom, listening intently for His call.


  1. Thank you for these good words! Good to see you all posting again :D

    take care and please please continue to spread the word!!! People like me are listening intentively.

    GOD bless you.

  2. For more information on endtime delusions visit the website www.jesuscult.org and order the book The Jesus Cult, it's an eye opener.

    Praise the Lord



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