Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tommy Jordan For President?

Tommy Jordan responding to his daughter's rant on
Facebook about chores.
Yesterday, someone asked me who I was voting for in the presidential election.  Truthfully, there is no one I would vote least that is what I thought before today.

In the news lately, there has been much talk about North Carolina father Tommy Jordan who made a video response to his daughter's disrespectful posting on Facebook.  Now I will warn that the language in this video is appalling.  Yet, I also know that this is how many teens are speaking today...and believing they can do so outside of their parents' earshot through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter...

Now there is a major outcry from some saying how the Dad has, "Completely ruined his 15-year old daughter's life now.Really?  Since when does social networking become the essence of one's "whole life"?  If they are speaking of how things linger and follow you on the Internet, then most assuredly the profanity-ridden rant she posted against her parents did very little for establishing her as a person of character.  If she feels free to openly post such disregard for her family and herself, then I sure see no problem with him responding in kind to express his displeasure and disappointment.

Maybe his actions will even serve to help save his daughter's life.  Many young people these days live in a bubble of delusion thinking that life centers around themselves and they have no comprehension of responsibility, accountability, or hard work.  Why?  Because in a society that is all about self-gratification and self-fulfillment, many kids are given everything they want; personally having to earn nothing.  As a result, they expect that the world owes them something and are filled with a lifestyle of indulgence that does more harm than good.  How can we ever expect such persons to understand and embrace the walk with Christ, which is based on self-denial and service to others?

In a Freudian-drunk world, the "rights" of children - a right to privacy, freedom of expression, and to "do as thou wilt" - are seen as paramount while the parent attempting to correct a child is seen as unjustly restrictive.  This attitude endorses the child's rebellion because the world is Anti-christ.  It promotes a spirit of anarchy which will see our children damned to Hell, and is reinforced by the education system, the media, and society at large. 

Some of the complaints in the media?

He reprimanded his daughter openly.  Well, she had no qualms expressing her contempt publicly, so she can take her correction publicly.  He didn't embarrass her, but she embarrassed herself by her own actions. 

He shot up the laptop.  So what?  It is an inanimate object and his own possession.  There are times I have thrown a toy into the trash when my children continue in disobedience to get across to them, "I do not care about this stuff.  This junk does not matter.  I care about you and your listening to what we say."

His reaction was "violent".  It should be noted that any "violence" demonstrated (a swift & intense force) was not directed to the daughter, but to the method of her rebellion.  How do we think the Father treats the idols in our lives?  He doesn't gently move them out of our way, being sure that they are kept intact; He demolishes them.  Am I comparing this man to God the Father?  No.  I am pointing out that "violence" in and of itself is not an unGodly trait.  When God is confronting the idols of this world, even He will often respond violently (Matthew 11:12; Revelation 18:21); not in a way that has disregard for life and is harmful towards men, but in an unwavering stand for that which is righteous.  To understand more on this subject, read the book "The Christian Soldier: Heaven Taken By Storm" by Thomas Watson.

He put her on punishment indefinitely.  Well & good!  What is the purpose of correction afterall if not to be rehabilitative?  Until she begins to be grateful for the sacrifices of her parents and learn the importance of being respectful to others, why should she continue to be indulged?

Now clearly I am not really advocating this man for president, nor am I holding him up as a model parent.  I don't even know him.  Yet it is refreshing to see a parent who cares enough about his children not to wink at their rebellious attitude and think it is "cute" or "just the way kids are".  One who is not afraid to take away society's JUNK (TVs, Ipods, phones, video games, computers, etc.) - and let the child know just how little they think of it - when they see that the child's mind is being eroded away.  One who desires to confront the skewed, self-seeking attitude of this world so that his child can get a reality check about that which is truly important in life.  If even one person running for president had this much guts, intolerance for insolence, and commitment to hard work, just maybe I would believe half the lies they spew.

Those who really love their children will not sit idly by as they become spoiled by the seed of rebellion, but will chasten them so that they can become responsible adults.  Yes, such persons will still need to turn in faith to Jesus Christ, but at the very least they understand the importance of disciplined living which is a key preparation for walking in salvation.  If we leave our children to the whims of this world, then we are signing off on their destruction. 


  1. I agree

  2. I disagree with him, wouldn't it be better to just take away the benefits\good things instead of punishment\bad things. That imo would actually be rehabilitating. This on the other hand is more likely to just push her further away down a path that actually IS BAD. And for what, his own sake? I mean for everyone that finds this pleasing, are "we" sure we as him finds it so for Her sake, or do we simply find pleasure in our hearts when we see the bad struck at someone who we dislike. I for one is unsure for his motives, does is actions serve his own anger,pride,will.....or does he do it out of love for his child....

    I for one see a lot of flaws imo, and would have dealt with the situation a LOT different. He seems a bit immature to me. Atleast that's my subjective opinion.

    And this kind of thing can and likely will have a far greater effect on her needless to say, than on him. Trying to make her pay for the bullets he used, and the software he installed on the pc he himself destroyed seems quite frankly retarded too me. She might be in need of learning a lot of things, and she might need some help with that, but I'm sure she don't need this.

  3. Hi Dan,

    The father may be immature as you say, but it is not because he punished his daughter. If we do not understand that part of the responsibility of a father is to chasten their children, then we will never truly understand God and how He deals with us.

    We are also accountable before God. We must give an account of our actions and our lives in this world and yes, there may even be a cost to pay because of it (or a greater reward to be received). These principles are key to understanding who God is as our Father and understanding how He deals with us.

    Notice again, I am not speaking of Tommy Jordan, but the Father.

    The child's reaction does not determine whether a parent's correction is just or not. Attempt to correct someone who is set on rebellion, and they will simply rebel more...because that is what is in their hearts. But correct someone whose heart is not hard, and they will heed that instruction, repent, and change.

    We cannot minister correction to those in our charge in our "feelings" or in fear that they may "feel bad".

    "My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction," Proverbs 3:11

    "He is in the way of life that keepeth instruction: but he that refuseth reproof erreth." Proverbs 10:17

    "Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish." Proverbs 12:1

    "A wise son heareth his father's instruction: but a scorner heareth not rebuke." Proverbs 13:1

    "Correction is grievous unto him that forsaketh the way: and he that hateth reproof shall die." Proverbs 15:10

    Please read the book I linked to in the article called "The Christian Solider: Heaven Taken By Storm." You can click the links in the articles to go to each section of the book.

    Again, I am not posting this to champion Tommy Jordan, but to illustrate how the concepts of discipline and correction have become anathema in today's world.

  4. As I think more about it. This reminds me of some things. I know how it feels to be annoyed with someone, whether a person or a group of persons perhaps, then upon seeing misfortune come upon them one might get tempted to clap there hands in joy, and think "finally". I can imagine there are a lot of people today that are in their hearts deeply angered by todays youth for example, and smirk at them and in fact even despises them perhaps. And I am aware that kids these days are just like the scriptures have foretold, and have seen better days...I know, but I feel it is necessary to check our hearts. Don't get me wrong, this might apply to some reading this blog and not others, I wouldn't know.

    But point being. One who is oneself fully submitted and humble, does not feel the need for others to submit to oneself, or exhort ones will upon\or over an other. And if we do, are we not also ourself rebellious in our own way, all though a lot more subtle. I think Pride might be the culprit for why some parents want to control their children for the wrong reasons, and react badly when when their control is resisted. (Mark I did not say control is bad in itself)

    OF COURSE none of this applies to him(or anyone) if he simply did it out of love for her sake. But many might feel like clapping their hands over this for the wrong reasons I'm afraid.

    What are your\s opinions on my comments on this ?

    P.s. I started writing this before your response, upon having some html tag posting problems I see your response now while typing this, but I'll just post what I have written so far without reading all of your response. (Couldn't get the "i" tag to work...tag was not closed)

    PPs: I agree in the chastening, but our heavenly father who knows us also know, and cares enough how to best do it for us, does he not ? Isn't that the whole point of the chastening in the first place. We know it is.

  5. Hi Dan,

    Perhaps it bears repeating that we are addressing the relationship between a parent and a child. Therefore, we cannot say, "One who is oneself fully submitted and humble, does not feel the need for others to submit to oneself, or exhort ones will upon\or over an other."

    Indeed, only one who is fully humbled and submitted to the Lord can take seriously the charge to enforce God's will in the home (Genesis 18:19).

    It is God who commands that children submit to their "all" things (Ephesians 6:1; Colossians 3:20). It is not rebellious or prideful for a parent to raise children according to that word; rather, it is rebellious and prideful to ignore what God commands. No, we can never make another person do anything (including a child), but we can certainly establish rules and provide a Godly leadership in the home which reinforces the importance of obedience (as well as consequences for when there is disobedience).

    I cannot judge the motivation behind Tommy Jordan chastening his daughter. I do not know it and neither has God revealed it to me. Even if done in love, it could have still been done in ignorance, immaturity, or anger. The purpose of this post was not to evaluate his motives but to examine the world's reaction.

    Even the chastening from the Lord will not feel good - and He tells us such - but it is still for our good.

    "Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby." Hebrews 12:11

  6. Amen it is really nice to see parents who still and are not afraid to discipline their children. Nice seeing him shoot up the laptop too. One day, hopefully his daughter will see the love in this and her heart will not be hardened but teenagers these days are growing more and more cold, hateful, and rebellious and in order to get through to them, you have to take drastic measures like this. No time for inconsistency because they will walk all over you and not take a thing you say seriously.

  7. Father had given his daughter the laptop and exercised no parental responsibility in monitoring her use of it. No doubt that would take time.

    He clearly was spoiling the child. It is doubtful that there was any investment in the child's salvation not to mention good discipline.

    He posted a public rant online. To sit the child down and teach her to examine her heart and understand what is wrong about her ways would have taken too much time and the dignity of privacy in the domain where God has given him authority i.e. THE HOME. He decided to go on YOUTUBE.

    In undertaking reprimand which was not only impersonal BUT VIOLENT and REBELLIOUS he called the spirit of rebellion into his home by his actions.

    May I direct you to the Wilkerson post on guarding your front door. It takes time and effort prayer and dedication to produce a child who won't end up demonised and heading for hell. Gun shots 15 years later will not work.

    As The Body of Christ we should be praying for restoration of what seems to be a broken family. Plus whether the girl was on facebook or not or rude or not does not answer the question of whether they know the Lord Jesus Christ and are not heading for hell. Lets move out of the worldly soulish debate and raise our standards for comparision to the loving admonition of The Lord.

  8. Great article... I love how the Body of Christ moves with promptings of the Holy Spirt!! This topic of Christian parenting is Hot right now... something posted this past week... /
    This topic is one that needs attention in my family and many others... in raising the next generation for Jesus not for the self destructive consequences of selfishness and disobedience! Be strong and of good courage fellow parents wanting to disciple their children in love and truth! ~ Tiffany

  9. I totally agree and commend this man for taking a stand against rebellion. I was one of those who stood up and applauded him...not because some kid got what they had coming to them, but because he took a stand for righteousness. He is operating out of what light he has so I cannot judge him and say he shouldn't have gone public, that is what he came up with, I probably would have done things differently. But I think we would both be coming at this from the same heart of saying, "enough is enough, I am not going to put up with this any longer".

    For those who know the Lord, we don't need a "word from God" to go after evil when it has come into our home. Put your foot on the neck of the enemy and toss him out. Yes there will be turmoil at first but if we submit to the Lord and walk in love there is hope for those kids who are in the grip of that rebellious spirit.

    I don't think the father has to worry if his kid will "go off the deep end" because it sounds like she already has. I hope through this the Lord visits that household and they all come to a knowledge of the truth. Until then, the take away for me is, do whatever we have to do and then fall to our knees and cry out for the Lord to save our children.

  10. hi everyone, i dont know what GOD dan is referring to but it sure isnt the GOD of the bible because that GOD said that no chastening of the LORD is enjoyable. what the child decides to do after chastisement has nothing to do with what the father did, all her actions will do is reveal the true nature of her heart as before stated. dan's posting is exactly what pastor price has been preaching about ... men who are soft and feminine in the inner man. his attitude toward discipline is exactly whats wrong with the world today. as someone who has gone through the chastening of the LORD i can tell you that it is grievious and the FATHER didnt let up until HE got ready no matter how much i cried, prayed, and fasted. HE would comfort me through it but it had to accomplish its assigned purpose. who are you to sit and analyze this dad for actually trying to parent this child?? whether he did it out of pride or anger or love all are well within his rights as the MAN who is her father that she so wickedly disrespected on soooo many levels yet the people sit in negetive judgement of him. GOD is a GOD of judgement, justice, order,respect and honor the way that father's disciplinary actions are being condemned makes one wonder if people know their GOD the way they should. as a parent i can tell you a big part of successfully correcting your child is doing it in a way they fully understand what you will and will not tolerate and how you feel and think about their wrong actions. the fallen nature will always be at odds with correction it will always find some sodomite emotional excuse for why the correction was too "harsh" or hurt their "feelings". where in the bible does it say take away good things and benefits only and that will drive foolishness from the heart?? i believe the term used is the rod of correction. that girl should be embarrased and all goods and benefits taken from her as well and if i were her mom i would have WHIPPED her behind until i got revelation that she saw the error of her ways. and dan is upholding that anti-GOD behaviour of that child in condemning that father....give me a break listening to people of that mind set is probably what led the parents to this place where the child so thoroughly disgraced them and herself.more worried about the cost of bullets and software than that evil satanic rebellion makes me ask... why the blog that is so about upholding the way of THE LORD in ALL areas? as a waoman and mom who is christian i beg you, dan, to re- listen to pastor price's messages along with those of other preachers of truth and examine yourself because from reading your post i can tell you without a doubt that you dont represent scripture on this matter and dont know GOD as you should. you do not have wisdom enough to be sharing your thoughts on the matter and probably dont have kids. you need to deal with your own hidden rebellion because only the rebellious cover for and excuse the rebellious. and you spoke of control as if parents should apologize for it well, sir, thats exactly what a parent is to do as GOD leads them. if you cant take parental control that is GOD ordained then know this... you will never stand for GOD'S control. i dont know what the deal is but you need to read your bible and come to JESUS because as it stands right now have the mind of the world. that dad was mild in comparison to what i, an actual parent, would have done. and there is no such thing as pushing her further away. with what she did you cant get any further away than that but if she submits to discipline then she will be brought closer just as with GOD.people who are still "effected" after being disciplined the right way are just still REBELLIOUS!!. its not enough to just come out of the world my brother,you HAVE to get the world out of you. who dislikes the girl??? no one knows her to dislike her but i certainly dislike her evil behaviour and you dan should too.

  11. PART 1 of 2

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    I've been an avid supporter and grateful recipient of the God honouring work that is disseminated via this post for some years now. I'm glad to say it has helped to convict me of my sins and prepared my heart to approach our Father in the right Spirit.

    I have not commented before today, although that is not to say I have not gained much from reading the comments/dialogue at the footer of these posts.

    This particular post however verges on a topic which is, as someone else put it above, "HOT right now". It touches the hearts of many peoples profoundly, worshippers of Christ or otherwise and evokes much controversy.

    Disciplining children.

    Like everything in life, there is a spiritual driver responsible for how we act or what we do. It's either led by The Holy Spirit in righteousness, or it's led by an ungodly spirit (Satan) in unrighteousness.

    For us men and women, it's clear in our own right we are unable to discern which spirit we act in unless we hold up our action to be examined under the "Light of the world" to make us see (& understand).

    As disciples of Jesus Christ (Christians after Antioch), we have the ultimate responsibility of representing the Body of Christ on earth, for all others to witness - fellow Christians or otherwise.

    In other words, we have been called to set a Godly example to others, whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

    The important question to ask relating to this post is really 2-fold.

    a) Whose example are we following when standing in agreement with the actions taken in this post?

    b) What example is this man sharing with his daughter, her young friends, other parents, teachers, CHRISTIANS and anyone else who happened to stumble across this video online?

    Let's revisit the facts.

    [i] The man has a girl child.

    [ii] HE has raised her to teenages.

    [iii] HE spoils the child with: (1) a disdain for household chores, (2) an excuse not to do any chores if asked (employing a cleaner to deny the child the opportunity of growing in self-discipline), (3) adult privleges to own and operate a top-spec home computer for private use with all the latest technological features...(4) not to mention the unsupervised (although obviously monitored!) access to the worldwide web, (5) permission to socialise with the type of children who are spoiled with similar adult privileges in their lives and whom would accept the type of profane language she distributed against her parents.

    [iv] The child simply grows up in the way in which she was (un)trained by her parents.

    [v] The child abuses the privileges which she was not parentally prepared to have.

    [vi] Her father takes personal umbrage with the evidence of his child's unruly heart and RETALIATES with public display of unbridled emotion.


  12. Part 2 of 2...

    And after all that showmanship - his daughter is still sitting at home, at the very least, with a heart which has not been corrected or restored (don't mistake my use of the word heart here for some emotional context - think biblically), therefore void of the understanding of WHY her actions were wrong and indeed WHOM they were actions of rebellion against.

    Trust me - that little display by her father is nothing compared to the ways in which Our Father can correct hearts (and therefore motives, actions and behaviours!).

    Our Father can change the hearts of worldly kings who listen to know one, within an instant - he can make ungodly rulers whose seats of temporal power are the culmination of thousands years of ungodly rebellion...and still make them bend the knee and revere Him, whilst skillfuly teaching His children with the same picture about the consequences of forsaking the true living God.

    What this Tommy Jordan has attempted in his OWN right, for his OWN reasons is nothing compared to the RIGHTEOUS lessons Almighty God can teach that girl about the consequences of rebellion against Him (I'm sure each of us could recount a pitiful tale or two about someone who was headstrong in rebellion, that is until The Lord decided it was time to correct the heart.)

    I pray God's grace spares this child a continued walk in rebellion against HIM and into sincere repentance. I pray The Lord ministers to her heart (through some channel), imparting an understanding, for the sake of her eternal salvation, of what befalls her if she continues to rage against Almighty God.

    I pray her parents similarly are ministered to, nurturing in them a hunger to seek alignment in all things under the authority of Jesus Christ and NOT of their own fleshly authority. I pray this father sees his actions under the "Light of the world" and takes up RIGHTEOUS ARMS in the real battle against the ungodly spirits which are attacking the very fabric of his family.

    My brothers and sisters, I love you and have much to be thankful for in being introduced to you as a body of men and women who worship Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    I hope and pray that we see the error in following such examples and wrongly defining what this man did as 'chastisement'. That's not denying what this girl did was a direct act against Godly authority (in the form of her earthly father). As an earthly father myself, it is my prayer that in all the examples I set to my children, I "bring it back to God" in all matters. Children must not learn better behaviours, but greater respect, obedience to and intimate love of Father God, in Jesus' name.

    I look forward to fellowshipping with Omega Ministries via StickAM later on today (brother Lewis's testimony and prayer the other week....WOW! Praise God!!) Mia, thanks again and God bless you richly for spreading God's word through this blog.

    May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.


  13. Dear LDM,

    As a sister in Christ reading this posts I am concerned that the post is soulish. Guard yourself against delusion and examine yourself in the presence of The Holy Spirit and ask Him to guide your steps and protect you and your nation from the coming anarchy.

    You yourself posted several articles on the coming judgement to America - now you say the following:

    Yesterday, someone asked me who I was voting for in the presidential election. Truthfully, there is no one I would vote least that is what I thought before today.

    Are you sue about who you are walking in agreement with are you discerning of the spiritual symbolism of what you have approved.

    You are calling forth a man with a cigarrette and gun to lead your country calling this to your homeland as an idol of rightousness. Is this not what you complain about in your political system? Men of dubious character removing rights and freedoms and bringing vilence to the land. I pray this video has not been a tactic of the enemey to bind you. Beware that a spirit of delusion is not setting in and let us all pray against this evil in Jesus' name.

    God bless you and your ministry.

  14. Part 1-

    Thank you all for taking time to comment on this post. I am certainly not above reproach or error, and truly appreciate your comments & concerns.

    Last night, I was in a conversation with a brother in the Lord about this topic. He stated how this man - Tommy Jordan - is one who would likely do great things for God if he got saved. It is this type of no nonsense, straight-shooting (pun here), hard-working guy who takes his responsibilities seriously that is needed in the Body of Christ. I personally agree.

    In terms of me advocating Tommy Jordan for president, it was just sarcasm (which is why I counter that towards the end of the article). What I meant by that is I saw more qualities to respect in this man than in any presidential candidate.

    Also, please know that I do not post things for the sake of being "hot" or "controversial." I post as I feel led. I did hesitate initially in posting the video (not the article itself) simply because profanity personally grieves the Holy Spirit in me. However, after prayer, I still felt led to post it because it accurately depicts the mind (and speak) of many young people today.

    I don't know how this man raised his daughter, do not know the current state of the girl, and do not know their belief system as a family. I am assuming that those who have shared insight in these areas are simply more familiar with this topic than I.

  15. Part 2 -

    I'll also say this. Each person has had a bite out of this apple. What I mean by that is there are variations of rebellion we have seen and must deal with in our own kids...because they are kids. Just because they are our children does not mean that they are saved. This is why God places children in the care of parents so that we can teach them the right way (Malachi 2:15). The family is intended by God to be a training ground for teaching children how to understand and relate to God.

    In this day, it is common for children to have computers, phones, etc., even in the church. I have to wonder, for those who took issue with this, do your children have such devices? If so, how are you supervising them?

    I have personally seen children who are forbidden from accessing sites such as FB, Twitter, etc. finding ways around their parent's instruction to still do so...yes, even in the church. I have seen "church" children cussing like sailors outside of the presence of their parents. I have seen "church" children whose phone was taken away use a friend's phone to still do as they please...My point is that children (like any other) will find a way to do what they want to do if their mind is set upon it.

    Whether part of a believing family or not, our children are still confronting the same influences pulling children who are not from such households. Even children who I know are from God-fearing homes have strayed into rebellion not unlike what we see reflected in this man's daughter. So, I am not so quick to say what her current status says about this man's intentions for, or attentions towards, raising his daughter.

    I hold fast...let me tell you that I HOLD FAST, to the promises of God in the area of our children. Yet I also know that we cannot force or manhandle our children into obedience. It can only come by heart change, through faith in Christ...which I pray occurs for all of our children if it has not already.

    I wrote the article because I believe society's reaction is indicative of many of the problems we see (even in the church) in understanding who God is and relating to Him. God is a God who chastens. He doesn't take our rebellion lightly. He will destroy anything in our lives that pulls us from Him. Chastening is not meant to "feel good". He expects our obedience and reverence. And guess what, if we do not respond to His correction which initially comes privately, He will make that correction public - all with the hope of drawing us to repentance.

    Further, the image of manhood is so perverted that any evidence of vitality, decisiveness, strength, and even anger is demonized. We expect men to be quiet, submissive, and effeminate. This is why boys are so readily pointed out to be ADD/ADHD and put on Ritalin.

    In short, let me say that I will take your words to heart and more importantly to prayer. While I in no way am elevating Tommy Jordan as a model parent or even a Christian parent, I do see what he did as chastening his daughter and I am not offended by it. If this perspective is in any way the result of influence by some unclean spirit or compromise with the world, then I pray that God opens my eyes to it so that I may repent.

    Again, thank you for caring enough to post your thoughts. May God continue to work with and strengthen us all for the times in which we live.

    God Bless!

  16. hello again, i posted last night after only seeing dan's post. this morning i see other post that make me know beyond doubt that so-called christian folk have no idea about THE THINGS OF GOD as they should. if you dont know the absolute basics of manhood and womanhood then i say GOD help you because how can you discern these evil days we are in... you cant!! all this foolishness and now accusing the blog writer of being influenced by evil spirits is the same spirit that accused JESUS of being used by beelzebub. how evil!!! all she was saying is more than easily understood by ANYONE with a sound mind. to so EASILY accuse a beloved sister or brother of something so evil is so ungodly and i dont care how much honey you add to your's still poison!! whether that man is christian or not he is GOD called to lead his home and discipline his children. what the child did was done publicly and the dad should have done just what he did and then some!! why are we not outraged at her behaviour ? why dont we discern the insult and attack against GOD that it is??... because we have darkened minds that are still of this world.we should feel as david did against that uncircumcised philistine. how dare a child repay her parents with disrespect ESPECIALLY a self indulged one( if thats the case)that is EVIL.we are worthless if we are not soley representing GOD'S interests on this earth. our soulish emotional satanic inspired actions and ideas mean less than zero and will bring us to destruction if we continue in them. we think we wanna fellowship with omega but omega is on some different stuff meaning this aint chuch as usual( and yes i spelled how i meant to ..chuch) they are headed for some ananias and sapphira stuff here soon, some manifested power and so is everyone coming through the cross and crossing the jordan and im so looking forward to it im so tired of this sheep/goat mixture. wasting time trying to give light to pretenders who wrest and jangle the word who convalute things that are very basic i am done with people sitting back feasting with us without fear when your words suggest you to be wells without water better examine yourselves and see whether you be of THE matronized men commenting as though because you are male your thoughts carry validity well..THEY DO NOT!! you dont speak as a man you sir or sirs are speaking as women and shame, shame, shame on you and you dont know your GOD as you should because if you did you would know who you are and what you were created for and you arent fit to lead anything much less anyone until that happens and until that happens ALL you'll be able to do is put forth a satanic agenda whether you know it or not whether you mean to or not. instead of calling for the blog writer to repent we need to repent now lets see how righteous we really are in contrast to the blog writer who without being wrong actually behaved humbly in the does that scripture the pure all things are pure but to the defiled and un believing is nothing pure, but even their mind and conscience is defiled..titus 1:15.this is why we HAVE to be renewed/transformed in the spirit of our minds. every thing in scripture is dead on serious far above our limited and darkened understandings, we dont know what we think we know and what we do know we dont know as we should know. we are commanded to love our fellow believers with fervent love and all i read barring a few sound minded believers was worldly, satanic, religious nonsense. so youve got a little true information on the coming anarchy and have taken a few notes in service that still hasnt delivered you from the silly women ladened with sin syndrome or qualify you to speak on the things of GOD or offer correction to someone who, based on your writings ,is clearly your elder. i pray GOD continues to do HIS work in all HIS children till we all are brought to to measure of the stature of the fullness our LORD. NOTHING matters but JESUS CHRIST and the FATHER'S KINGDOM.. AMEN AND AMEN.

  17. i wanna add to my post because something caught my eye. someone wrote about the loving admonition of the LORD and i get the distinct impression that they dont understand what love is from GOD'S perspective. it pleased the LORD to bruise HIM.yet we did esteem him stricken,smitten of GOD, and afflicted.though HE were a SON, yet learned HE obedience by the things which HE suffered.for it became him for whom are all things and by whom are all things in bringing many sons unto glory to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings., that we ourselves glory in you in the churches of GOD for your patience in faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that ye endure.which is a manifest token of the righteous judgement of GOD that ye may be counted worthy of the kingdom of GOD for which ye also suffer.that no man should be moved by these afflictions for yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto.for unto you it is given in the behalf of CHRIST not only to believe on HIM but also to suffer for HIS sake.that i may know HIM in the power of HIS ressurrection and fellowship of HIS sufferings being made conformable unto HIS death.for even hereunto were ye called because CHRIST also suffered for us leaving us an example that ye should follow HIS steps.foreasmuch then as CHRIST hath suffered for us in the flesh arm youselves likewise with the same mind:for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin.beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened unto you: but rejoice inasmuch as ye are partakers of CHRIST'S sufferings; that, when HIS glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of GOD commit the keeping of their souls to HIM in well doing as unto a faithful CREATOR.but the GOD of all grace WHO hath called us unto HIS eternal glory by CHRIST JESUS,after that ye have suffered a while,make you perfect,stablish,strengthen,settle you....these are some of the scriptures that the LORD used to teach me about what was going on in my life as he was bringing me out of the matrix before i knew what it truly was and before i met omega ministries. GOD'S love does for you and to you what is needful for your entrance into eternal life its called the furnace of affliction and GOD is a consuming fire and only purity can stand before him in CHRIST.we must seek GOD so that we shed this snakeskin and divest ourselves of all trace elements of babylon. this is most definitely do or die and play time is indeed over. GOD'S love is always good for you but most often does not feel good to you so please lets leave off from the world's/satan's definition of love and seek after GOD'S definition and hold to it.

  18. Hello everyone.

    I sure do not want this post to cause discord. I trust that we each desire to uphold the the truths of God. As long as feedback is in that vein, it is all welcome. Please also know that this post reflects my thoughts only. If there is any error, it is mine alone and should not be attributed to Pastor Price or Omega Ministries.

    Much love in Christ!

  19. I am a teacher in America's public school system. I am also a Christian. I do not agree with the father's cursing. Yet I do agree with his no-nonsense method to handling his rebellious daughter-and to that I say: "Right On Dad!" This method of discipline (tough love) is rarely seen today and our culture hates it.We prefer light "slaps on the wrists" and making excuses to justify their behavior-so negative behavior is not challenged but reinforced. The result: anarchy. Latter Day you mentioned "In a Freudian-drunk world, the "rights" of children - a right to privacy, freedom of expression, and to "do as thou wilt" - are seen as paramount while the parent attempting to correct a child is seen as unjustly restrictive. This attitude endorses the child's rebellion because the world is Anti-christ. It promotes a spirit of anarchy which will see our children damned to Hell, and is reinforced by the education system, the media, and society at large." That is exactly what is happening, and it is indeed reinforced in the school system. All accountablility is being passed off, and someone else is to blame:

    1. They don't bring a pencil to class? Justified excuse: they are "poor" (yet have on $100 pair of shoes). Give them paper and pencil everyday anyway.
    2.They misbehave? Excuse: you, as the teacher, are not "mean" enough.
    3. They hate school and learning? Excuse: You, the teacher, are not "inspiring" enough (as if work ethic should not first be taught at home as parents reinforce the value of education).
    4. Get an F for not doing anything? You-the teacher have failed them. Place them in an credit recovery course, give them easy grades to make the grade up, and promote them to the right grade anyway. So they never learn that laziness and willful disobedience have long term consequences.

    I could go on and on with how their "rights" are being promoted over old fashioned respect, accountability, and submission to authority. And not just in the education realm. Cheers to this dad!!!

  20. I would love to comment on this topic!!!I have seven children from 28 to 12. I have compassion for this fellow and his daughter because he doesn't have the right tools to deal with his daughter. She is probably a product of his teaching. But I agree with you on showing the leval of frustration that is out there. I did want to share something that my daughter called "my theory"I told her it was not my theory and it was backed up by scripture. I was looking around at children from other Christian famlies as well as my own. A very visible reacurring word kept coming up. Shame!! Everywhere I looked I saw, this child was bringing shame to that family, and this other child was bring shame to another family. I said to myself, the parents are good Christians and the parents really care and have tried so hard to "turn out" good Christian children. So I asked the Lord why are we pubilicly being shamed. Then one night I heard (ipod) in proverbs the scripture...When pride cometh then cometh shame: but with the lowly is wisdom. Our children are a mirror of what is in OUR hearts...I was able to see CLEARLY, the greatest pride the greatest shame!! I would like to say to all parents out there if you have things in your heart that are ungodly you will see them in your children. Or better yet your children will tell you WHAT is in your heart by their behavour, just watch them. Go to proverbs it will be easy to see... it is all there...are we as parents a talebearer, are we false, do we have pride, a hypocrite. Was the Lord showing me the curse of Pride is shame? I am so humbled and broken...I am thankful for forgivness ....thank you Heavenly Father for your rod!!

  21. I would like to share something that came to mind as I reflected on this last night.

    In Matthew 8:5-10, a centurion came to Jesus asking for healing on behalf of his servant. When Jesus stated that He would come and heal him, the exchange went as follows:

    "The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed. For I am a man under authority, having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it. When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel." Matthew 8:8-10

    This centurion was not a Hebrew; he was not of Israel. Yet Jesus commends him. WHY does Jesus commend him?

    It was not because the man recognized that Jesus had the power to heal and sought Him for it. In the Chapter just before, the Greek woman asked for healing for her daughter and Jesus responded that He was but sent to the lost sheep of Israel; it was not fit to give the children's (Israel's) bread to dogs (Matthew 7:25-29). Yet Jesus doesn't call this man a dog, he commends the man.

    The reason Jesus commended the man - who was not one of God's people - is because the centurion's secular life had given him an understanding about authority & how authority operates. He was able to gain knowledge of certain principles regarding God's Kingdom from his life apart from God that Jesus equated to faith...even a faith that surpassed His own people! (verse 10) Jesus then went on to say based on this that those outside of the kingdom would often fare better than those who are inside of the kingdom.

    This is the essence of what I see in Tommy Jordan. It has been said that he was a "cigarette smoking, gun-toting" man. But you know what? I see that even in such a state, he has more understanding about some Godly principles than even those in the church!

    Praying that God would give us all eyes to see, not what I have written, but in understanding that this matter of faith in Christ is so much bigger than whether someone confesses to be a Christian or lives as a Christian. As Sleepers Awakened posted above, I believe that this man has operated out of what light he currently has, and my hope is that he truly come to know the Lord.

  22. Just one more thing. I am sure that the Israelites, even the disciples of Jesus, took umbrage at Jesus' words towards the centurion. Why? Because they took pride in being God's people. In being set apart by Him, entrusted with His words, and called the apple of His eye. This man in their eyes would be nothing more than a heathen, and idolator. Yet, Jesus said that this centurion had more faith than He had seen in all of Israel.

    We should certainly never glory in that which is defiled or profane. But at the same time, let us seek to see as God sees. Even the lost can perceive and gain insight into things pertaining to God that those in the church are blind too.

    I am not saying Tommy Jordan is saved or that God condones his language or his approach. I am saying that I see something God could work with in this man; something that is absent in many a churchgoer.

    *Thank you Anonymous poster for the insight about pride with which I agree, and which brought these thoughts to mind.

  23. LDM,

    After reading the post and all of the comments (whew) all that I want to say is that I understand the context of your post, as well as the reasoning. I have four children from 13-20 and I have learned the dangers of over-indulging them; I understand TJ, and while I may not agree with his methods I empathize with his angst. Right now I am dealing with a semi-rebellious child, and I have "shot" his laptop, cellphone and iPod in my spirit many times! God bless you Sis, stay faithful and Spirit-led. Love ya!


  24. I just wish he had used a shotgun for more effect:) Anyway, I can emphasize very much with what this man has been through and I can tell you that even as a so called believer I was oblivious of how the enemy was attacking my kids. My oldest daughter came very close to suicide last year and one of the tools satan used was a laptop and a smartphone. I will blog more once the wounds are a little more healed. I was not yet awakened from my spiritual sleep so I acted drastically at first but it was a poor stop gap and did nothing to alieve the devestation of sin in our home. When I saw that I was to blame, being the gatekeeper to my home, this allowed the Lord to break me further and bring a literal revivial to our home and salvation to my oldest daughter. Today she is serving the Lord and is so set free that I feel convicted when I am around Where sin abounds, grace abounds so much more...glory be unto the Most High God!!!

    One last thing, LDM, after reading the "whole counsel" of your blog I can say unequivocally that you are as far from being "soulish" as chalk is from cheese. It is a good thing if men do not "speak well of you", for this is how they treated the true prophets of God. I know you do not put stock in what men say about you but it is also nice to hear a balance from time to time. So dear sister I am calling you out as a 100% down-right-dinky-di-spot-on SPIRITUAL woman of God! You are part of the few who in these last days will survive the onslaught of the gates of hell, because you have discovered the secret of godliness, which is Christianity of the heart, not the head! Those who have it in the head will look at your post here and instead of understanding the tragedy of how satan is stirring rebellion in the hearts of kids today, instead these people want to attack the father!!! Seriously, for all those who are attacking the father of this girl, I would suggest you fall to your knees and plead to the heavenly Father to show you why you are so spiritually blind, and if you will break in humility before Him, He will pour out His mercy on you and awake you from your spiritual slumber. For you have all the correct doctrine buy lack His fire in your life. Sorry, went down a rabbit trail there...but LDM, dear sister, keep going, the Lord is using your blog to reach many people, He is with you and I am confident that His opinion of you is that He is WELL PLEASED. Your brother in Christ, Marcus.

  25. Hi IAmPastorsWife,

    Yes, we are dealing with such in our own household as well. I pray that God gives you both wisdom in how to deal with it. It can surely be exasperating, but God always brings to my mind how patient He is with us, and that allows me to be more patient with my own children. :-)

    As for the post, the benefit of being transparent is that people can see Christ in you.

    And the benefit of being transparent is that they will also be able to see you in you. LOL

    I say "benefit" for both because God uses His Body to provide edification, exhortation, and rebuke when necessary, so I don't shy away from criticism. While we must always consider the source (and certainly 'anonymous' feedback makes that difficult), the bottom line is that God will always confirm in our spirits any correction that is from Him. So, as in all things, I will wait upon the Lord; and in the meantime, I will continue to do as I am led, leaning upon Him to work out whatever issues there may be.

    If you were able to understand the intent and reasoning behind the post, then I thank God for that.

    God Bless!

  26. Hi Sleepers Awakened,

    I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's trials, but thank God for sparing her life and opening your eyes to it.

    "Where sin abounds, grace abounds so much more...glory be unto the Most High God!!!" AMEN!!!!

    Yours is not a anomaly as I hear from many Christian parents whose children are not where we would like them to be in terms of being in fellowship with the world or simply not having a personal faith in God. As you state, I do firmly believe that parents (and in particular fathers as the head) have a huge responsibility in this area.

    Thank you bro. Marcus for the encouragement! It is surely my goal to hear the Father say, "Well done" and no matter how it is received by man, my focus is always on pleasing Him.

    Praying that God can heal up any wounds from the trials your family went through so that your testimony can be a light to those struggling and give glory to the grace of God.

    Much love in Christ!

  27. Dear Sister in Christ,
    I feel that the wounds have healed but wasn't sure if enough time has passed before we go public with details...if you know what I mean. Much of what we have endured as a family involves my daughters testimony. My pain was insignificant in comparison but our two storys are one. An overbearing, hypocritical father and a bound, demonized daughter. A recipe for destruction but for the GRACE of our loving Father! He reached down and caught us by the the last remaining thread at the last possible moment! Oh how we love the Lord for His grace and fact the grace of the Lord has so overtaken our home that we do not know ourselves as we were before. Such is the power of the Living Christ!!! I boast only in Him, I hope you understand. Anyway, she is home from India this weekend and I will speak with her about the timing but I know that her testimony will be used for His glory to touch many lives. Thank you for your encouragement in this matter...blessings to you and all those who call on the name of the Lord with you. Marcus...


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