Monday, December 20, 2010

Are Allah and Yahweh the Same?

Who Is Allah?

We often receive comments from Muslims who falsely believe - or at least put forth - that Christians and Muslims are all on the same side; namely God's side.  It is not uncommon these days to hear Muslims speaking of such commonality, proclaiming that they love Jesus, and that He is the same as the "Mahdi" that Muslims believe will be soon coming as the redeemer of Islam.

Anyone who knows just a little about Islam and Christianity would know from a surface review that these are not the same deities...and never have been.  So then, "Who is Allah?"

In conducting the research for the Worship of Baal-Peor article, I came across much information that tied Islam to ancient moon worship.  From the position of devotion assumed by Muslims in prayer (which was also assumed in the worship of Baal Peor), to the kissing of the Black Stone, to the symbology of the crescent moon as a representation of Islam, etc.

In the following videos, they speak of how Islam was simply a warming over and renaming of various ancient Babylonian rituals and is at its core anti-Christ.

In the videos below, Walid Shoebat appears on Jewish Voice Ministries with Jonathan Bernis discussing his own personal journey away from Islam, key differences between Yahweh and Allah, how the Qur'an supports that the Mahdi (redeemer) of Islam is the Anti-Christ of Scripture, and whether Islam is truly a "religion of peace".


  1. Thank You for that

  2. Recently my little sister was telling me about Beyonce and Jay-Z being devil worshipers, and after following a few links I landed on this site. You are blessed in the eyes of God. This world is full of lies and as Satan would have it, these lies are covered and masked sometimes by beautiful things and people. Blessed are those who stand firm in the Truth. After seeing these videos on Islam, I feel so blessed that God came and chose me to follow Him and His light shines even in the darkest of souls. I will admit that I thought Islam was peaceful, and that there we fanatics who thought that killing themselves in the name of Islam is a good thing. But the Bible speaks against the sins against our bodies and killing ourselves. These videos help to see everything that is lost in translation, and even clarify what Muslims will say to convert other people. That Allah is the same as God. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, because although I do not attend church, I still read my Bible and pray for discernment and understanding of these last days. I have been saying for a few years that the Anti-Christ has to come from the Middle East, but could not prove it. Now this man brings truth to all my suspicions. This just makes so much sense, it's crazy. I mean, even Americans have been converting to Islam in a supposed Christian nation, all because of "freedom". America is sadly spiritually weak, and I must say the church as well, because the devil has succeeded in dividing us into so many denominations and then by race. I mean, these Muslims are more accepting of other races and they are based on paganism and adoring evil. Ok, enough of me rattling on... I really just what to say thank you for all the information you provide.


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