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Conquering the Nations of Men

Continuing the series entitled, "Know Your Enemy" by Mark Fairley of The Fuel Project, this selection of videos addresses the how Satan has used political upheaval and financial enslavement to change laws and mold nations.  In watching these videos, one truth becomes astoundingly clear, "The whole world lies in wickedness." (I John 5:19)

The "enemy" is not a person or even a group of people for we wrestle not against flesh & blood.  The "enemy" is Satan who exerts himself as a spiritual force against that which is of God.

Please also know that when I highlight a particular video as recommended, it is not to say that the others videos are not worthy of your attention.  It is simply to point out videos that I believe you should make time to watch if you cannot watch them all...however, my primary suggestion would be to watch them all.

There are a number of videos in this series, so feel free to use the arrows on the left and right of the video screen - or the listing of videos at the bottom of the screen - to navigate to the particular topic you wish to review, as listed below:

Part 50 - The French Revolution
The Illuminati's first attempt to overthrow the existing monarchy and establish their ideals for a science dictatorship, a Republic. The revolution itself identified all of the hallmarks of a mason-inspired contrivance. After this revolution, the legislative assembly officially rejected God as the object of man's worship. Then, the National Convention paraded around an idol of a woman called the "Goddess of Reason" through the streets and enthroned her at the Notre Dame Cathedral. The revolutionary government also began a massive killing spree called the "Reign of Terror" in an attempt to eliminate those "useless eaters" who were almost all comprised of those from the lower and working classes. Christianity also came under attack as churches were closed, clergy deported, and public/private worship and religious education outlawed.

The French Revolution laid the foundations for later ideologies such as socialism, communism, and fascism. This first attempt at establishing a scientif dictatorship eventually descended into bloodbath as many of the revolution's conspirators were slaughtered by the mobs they had created. Yet the symbol of this movement - the Goddess of Reason - remained and was the inspiration for France's gift to the United States of America as a sign that the conspirator's plans were to continue there. And "Lady Liberty" still stands in America today as a testimony to the these continuing masonic goals.

Part 51 - The American Revolution
Freemasonry was as prominent an instigator in the American Revolution as they had been in the French Revolution, including such masons as: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Paul Revere. It is largely taught that America's "Founding Fathers" were Christians.  However atheists will also claim that the Founding Fathers were atheists and produce examples of their writings to support this claim. In truth, the beliefs of the Founding Fathers reflected the confusion and uncertainty about God which was common during that transitional period of time. While influenced by Christianity, generic terms for God such as "Divine Providence" spoke more of a leaning towards Deism than in belief in Jesus Christ as God.

*Part 52 - The Hidden Hand (This one I particularly recommend)
The "Hidden Hand" is a common masonic gesture at the 13th degree called the "Sign of the master of the second veil". It can be seen exihibited by numerous world leaders historically. It is a sign to the initiated that this person is part of the secret brotherhood and working to achieve its goals.

This hidden agenda is also why the very nature of politics is so deceiving. There are not two opposing sides, but individuals working together to give a false illusion of choice while really bringing about the underlying agenda. Political polarities often represent the same ideals, just dressed in different colors.

*Part 53 - The Capital (This one I particularly recommend)
As the symbol of American government, the Capital building gives much insight into the foundations of this country, including being crowned by the Goddess of Reason.

Part 54 - American Symbols
A closer look at popular American symbols and the double meaning associated with them that reflect the occult.

*Part 55 - Lilith (This one I particularly recommend)
It is common in the occult to use the symbolization of the owl to represent one who has sight in darkness. It also is a tribute to the goddess Lilith who is thought to be a powerful female demon. The most common myth about her is from the Jewish Kabalah which says that Lilith was Adam's first wife in the Garden of Eden before Eve. Lilith is then said to become a Succubus demon, exacting revenge on man and using them to generate more demon spawn.

Lilith is also referenced in Scripture in Isaiah 34:14 where it is often translated as "night creature", "screech owl", or "vampire". Satanists also revere her as the rising queen of our age. She is goddess of the natural conclusion of feminism, which is lesbianism. Even now Lilith is publicly honored through a series of annual music festivals named for her, featuring such performers as: Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Sheryl Crow, Sugarland, Suzanne Vega, Janelle Monae, Loretta Lynn, and many others.

*Part 56 - Bohemian Grove (This one I particularly recommend)
The Bohemian Club was established in 1872 in San Francisco as an exclusive club for the elite. They began camping at the present site known as Bohemian Grove where every mid-summer, the most powerful around the world attend. On the first Saturday of this event, the attendees perform an ancient druid ritual called the "Cremation of Care" which represents a searing of the conscience (I Timothy 4:2) whereby they fully commit to use their worldly power & influence in fulfillment the objectives of their "goodly Tyre", who we know is Satan (Ezekiel 28:1-19). Fittingly, this ritual all takes place before a giant owl. A video of this actual ceremony is also shown, where world leaders can be seen triumphing over the light of Christianity and vowing their allegiance to Satan.

* Part 57 - The Rothschild Era "Usury" (This one I particularly recommend)
The power which enables takeover of the laws of the land has always been the arm of finance. Have you ever wondered why - in the most recent financial crisis - various major banking institutions were able to pay back the Federal bailout early and then not one of them post a financial loss in the next quarter? This astounding feat, along with other evidence, has caused many to conclude that this crisis was a pre-planned, manufactured event (The Coming Economic Armegeddon, by David Jeremiah). Nothing makes more apparent the puppetry nature of the world financial systems than watching the stock market.

One of the premier families behind world finance are the Rothschilds. Mayer Rothschild had become incredibly rich by loaning money to royalty secured by the taxes of the people. His success in this effort convinced him that if he could control a nation's money, he could control the nation; regardless of who the leader was. So inspired, the Rothschilds established the first central bank of the United States and his sons followed suit into the money laundering business by establishing banks in England, in France, in Italy, and Austria. Although this practice - called usury - is outlawed in the Scriptures, our whole economy today is based upon this practice. Under this system, man is kept in a perpetual state of debt because there is never enough money to pay back what is owed; it keeps man perpetually enslaved. You really must watch this video!

*Part 58 - The Rothschild Era "19th Century Timeline" (This one I particularly recommend) - The War of 1812 was instigated by the Rothschilds as a means of forcing America to renew its bank charter for the United States; their plan worked. This was then a strategy employed in other nations, inciting war as a means of forcing countries to amass huge debts so that the nations in turn would need to borrow more money from the banks. The contrived synthesis which came out of the Napoleonic Wars eas the Congress of Vienna, which was a forerunner to the League of Nations and the United Nations, which followed.

When Andrew Jackson came to power, he effectively nullified the Rothschild's control by not renewing the charter for their central bank. The Rothschild influence via central banking continued to be compromised in America until the institution of the Federal Reserve.

*Part 59 - The Fed, The Jews, and Three World Wars (This one I particularly recommend)
The Rothschilds were central figures in the Zionist movement to return Jews to their homeland in Israel. To facilitate this end, the Chairman of the Zionist Congress (Theodor Herzl) recommended that the suffering & oppression of Jews worldwide be worsened so that the scattered Jews would begin to long to return to Israel. In 1913, the Rothschilds were able to set-up another central bank of America called the Federal Reserve.

Before World War I, Freemason Albert Pike predicted by a vision three world wars which would be used to bring about a new world order. The third war was to be between Jews and Muslims and would bring the world to a place of mental, physical, spiritual, and economic exhaustion...whereby salvation would arise in the form of the Anti-christ. The Anti-christ will usher in a widely accepted spirituality based on the occult in what is commonly called the Age of Aquarius. For more on the Age of Aquarius, please click here.

*Part 60 - Are the Jews to Blame? (This one I particularly recommend)
In 1948, the state of Israel was born and soon had its own flag featuring what is called the "Star of David" although it is not truly such. This star is literally a hexagram and hexes are often used to put curses on others. For example, Hitler forced the Jews to wear hexagrams to depict them as a cursed people. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The Jews have been a huge blessing to the world and salvation has come through them. Satan has merely used the same tactic he employed to discredit Christianity as a means to try and discredit the Jews; namely the "fifth column". Just as Satan deceived the world by offering a false presentation of Christianity through the Roman Catholic Church, so he has used Jewish members of the occult members to turn people's hearts against the Jewish people.

Don't be played by Satan's deception into hatred of the Jewish people.


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