Monday, February 16, 2009

Babble On

I Am a Free Thinker

We are a staunch proponent of people's rights to believe what they will. You could claim that Mickey Mouse is God, and while we will explain why this is false, we will hold fast to your right to believe it.

That said, we have been getting a number of comments from people who consider themselves to be "free thinkers". They go on to explain how we have been deceived by "the illumanti", "the white man", "the demons", "our own insecurities" "religion", etc. (take your pick) into believing that Jesus Christ is God. Apparently, we have the ability to discern truth in certain areas, but remain blinded by this whole Christianity thing.

Far be it for me to stand in the way of someone's God-given right to choose their own path in life. Neither is it my responsibility to "prove" who God is. God reveals Himself to whom He chooses based on their desire for Truth (Matthew 5:6). But I will take a moment to examine this concept of being a free thinker, because I have not found such persons to really be free at all.