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Set Apart Femininity
Girls! Do you long for something more than the shallow, self-focused, pleasure-seeking femininity so prevalent today? Do you want a focus beyond chasing male approval and pop-culture appeal? Do you need a fresh vision of God's amazing purpose for your life as a young woman? Are you ready to become one of the few in this generation who will make an eternal impact upon this world? Discover set-apart femininity.

Following the Biblical Example of Mary
Mary, the mother of Jesus, is a great example for all believers and God presents her as such in the Scriptures. Yet what is this example? Who was this woman and what can we learn from her?

Blemished Sacrifices
What has perverted the churchworld and why does what calls itself the church strive so hard to be accepted by the world?

What is Salvation?
What are the foundations of the faith and what does it mean to be saved?

Beyonce, Sasha Fierce, and Demon Possession
A lot of talk is going on about Beyonce's alter ego named Sasha Fierce. Who is Sasha Fierce? Is it just an innocent stage name or is it something more?

Eternal, Conditional Security
Does God alone bear responsibility for our perseverance in the faith? What do the Scriptures say? 

The Apostasy
The Bible speaks of a great falling away in the end times and we are seeing this happen all around us.

The Spirit of the Law
Are Christians under the law? What laws do God expect Christians to obey?

Is Sunday Worship the Mark of the Beast?
If you worship on Sunday, are you receiving the mark of the beast? How are Christians commanded to keep the Sabbath?

The Sins of Jeroboam
Why are so many in the Church no longer able to proclaim righteous judgments? Where does the false claim that "Christians should not judge" come from?

False Religions
There are social movements which seem to be innocuous, but really strike at the heart of who God is. These things attempt to pull you away from the knowledge of God.

I, NoBots
Why are so many in the media - artists, singers, performers, movies, tv shows, music, etc. - promoting a seeming robotics agenda and what does this have to do with aliens, stargates or even the Bible? 

Train Up A Child - A Review of Education in America
What has happened to education in America? How did we go from one of the best educators of children to the worse?

The Plagues of Sodom
As satan prepares mankind for the coming of the Ant-Christ, there is increasing emphasis on the normalization of sexual perversion, including homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophilia, etc. Understand how this agenda is being pushed in insidious ways and why it is so dangerous.

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