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I AM...Sasha Fierce

Who is Sasha Fierce?

Here is a riddle for you. How does a nice, Christian girl become a whore, a witch, and a manslayer? The answer is she doesn't; someone else does. Are you confused yet? Well, just keep reading.

Beyonce has recently announced that she wants to be called Sasha Fierce. Fittingly, the name of her new album is, "I Am...Sasha Fierce". "So what?", you may ask, "That is just her stage name, all the stars do that." IS it just a stage name? Let's see what Beyonce has to say about it. [emphasis added by me]

“When I see video of myself on stage or TV I’m like, ‘Who is that girl?’. That’s not me, I wouldn’t dare do that." Beyonce, September 2003

"I created my stage persona to protect myself, so that when I go home, I don't have to think about what it is I do. Sasha isn't me." Beyonce, Parade Magazine, December 2006

"I wouldn't like Sasha if I met her offstage." Beyonce, Parade Magazine, December 2006

"I have someone else that takes over when it's time for me to work and when I'm on stage, this alter ego that I've created that kind of protects me and who I really am." Beyonce Press Statement, October 2008

"Sasha Fierce is the fun, more sensual, more aggressive, more outspoken side and more glamorous side that comes out when I'm working and when I'm on the stage." Beyonce Press Statement, October 2008

"I’ve created an alter ego: things I do when performing I would never do normally. I reveal things about myself that I wouldn’t do in an interview. I have out-of-body experiences [on stage]. If I cut my leg, if I fall, I don’t even feel it. I’m so fearless, I’m not aware of my face or my body." Beyonce, Marie Claire interview, October 2008

beyonce possessed rolling stone article"Cover Story: A Woman Possessed
Beyonce is gripped by a spirit so powerful, it even has a name -- Sasha!"

Rolling Stone Magazine, 2004

Beyonce believes that when she is performing, another person takes her over and causes/allows her to do things that she would not ordinarily do. While in this "out of body" state, she is not aware of, and loses consciousness about, her own body!

Her performances are so debase and exhibit such debauchery, that she cannot even bring herself to acknowledge what she is doing (and what she has become). Instead, she has "created" this alter ego that allows her to escape her actions and attribute them to another person. So, it is NOT Beyonce grinding, hunching, pumping, and stripping half-naked on the is Sasha!

In the interview below, Beyonce talks about her relationship with Sasha. Really pay attention to Beyonce's words. "Sasha was in full effect"; Sasha helps her do things she cannot do when she is "by herself." And for those who still want to deny that Sasha is a demon spirit, listen as she describes being taken over by Sasha in preparing for the Crazy in Love performance at the BET Awards show. She says, "I remember, right before I performed I raised my hands up, and it was kind of the first time I felt something else come into me. And I knew that was going to be my coming out night."

Examine Beyonce's demeanor as she reenacts what happened. She raises her hands, lifts her head, and looks up to the sky in what can only be described as worship. It is then when she is taken over by Sasha as she feels Sasha come into her.

Even on her website, she allows you to see these different personalities. At the bottom of her site, you can slide the pointer over to the "I am" side where the entire site becomes lighter in appearance. Here, the pictures of Beyonce appear provocative and revealing, but her facial expressions are more demure. Slide the pointer to the "Sasha Fierce" side and the entire site becomes dark while the pictures take on a more sadomasochistic feel.

You know what they call this in the world? Multiple Personality Disorder which involves "a disturbance in identity whereby two or more separate personalities or identities, known as alters, control an individual's behavior."

You know what it is called in Biblical terms? Double-mindedness, or as stated in the Greek dipsychos which literally means two minds or two souls. "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." (James 1:8)

The double-minded continually falter between two choices - God and Satan - because an unclean spirit has taken root in their souls (I Kings 18:21). The presence of this demon spirit defiles the soul (James 4:8). In order for the heart to be purified, the unclean demon spirit must be cast out. "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me." (Psalms 51:10)

How does Beyonce go from disliking & disassociating herself from Sasha to embracing & becoming Sasha? It is the evidence that the demon "Sasha" is taking her over. The more Beyonce gives room to "Sasha" in her life, the more her own personality will be suppressed and overcome by that spirit.

This is illustrated in Beyonce's "I Am Sasha Fierce" tour. She demonstrates that when it comes to a battle between herself and "Sasha", Beyonce loses...Sasha wins.

Beyonce appears as virginal, innocent, and sweet dressed in white, which is the "image" often presented of her. Yet, we know this image has no substance as she reaches for a double-sided coin and is exposed in a way that is neither pure nor innocent. It is a depiction of whoredoms as purity, which is really what the whole Beyonce/Sasha dichotomy is about.

Beyonce proceeds to toss the coin into the air, with one side representing Beyonce and the other side representing Sasha Fierce.

Notice how the crowd cheers as Sasha wins the flip of the coin. Many Beyonce fans identify more with "Sasha" than Beyonce, and there is a reason for that. We will explain this later.

Is Beyonce's identity really just a result of chance? Is this just a promotional gimmick? Or is something else going on entirely?

"...for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage." II Peter 2:19

"It’s entertainment and I believe God is OK with that. I honestly believe He wants people to celebrate their bodies, as long as you don’t compromise your Christianity in the process." Beyonce, The Sun, October 2003

In 2003, Beyonce was still trying to hold on to a semblance of Christian life. She was able to deal with her role as a member of an R&B trio because in her own mind, it was just entertainment. It was all okay as long as she didn't compromise her Christian principles.

But what happens when the world begins to demand more? What if holding on to Christ begins to interfere with your career aspirations? How do you deal with the fact that the way you dress, the things you do, and the words you sing are immoral? You adopt another personality so that you can have it all, Christ and the world - or at least that is what Beyonce has tried to do (Matthew 6:24).

You may resent me for saying this, but I desire to see her set free. I cannot even write this post without great sorrow over what is happening to this young girl. Frankly I find those who relish in her demise to be sickening. It turns my stomach that people will sing and dance along with her music as they watch her being overcome by what she acknowledges is something beyond her control. Such people care nothing for her. They would rather see her life shrivel up and her spirit crushed as long as the music keeps playing. Think about that the next time you are singing along with her latest hit. While you may be enjoying the beats, it is coming to you at the expense of her own life.

G. Craig Lewis of EX Ministries has an eye-opening documentary series entitled, "The Truth About Hip Hop". Beyond exposing the Hip Hop genre, Minister Lewis does a tremendous job of explaining how Satan is using today's music to channel worship unto himself.

Similar to how the presence of the Lord is ushered in during a church's praise & worship service, the world's performers also instruct their fan(atic)s in the ways of worship. Performers encourage fans to raise their hands in surrender, call out their name, and incant the words over themselves as they sing along. This creates an atmosphere of worship whereby a transference of spirits can occur as they invite the spirits undergirding these entertainers to enter their own souls. Even secular news outlets reveal this truth in describing Beyonce's I Am Sasha Fierce concert, "The mostly female audience, a collective of worshipers made up of all ages, shapes and sizes, danced along."

In the case of Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, they go one step further and place a curse over all of their fans by holding their hands up in a pyramid framing their left eyes to channel the all-seeing eye of Horus. In Egypt, the pharaohs were considered to be a reincarnation of the false Sun-god Horus/Ra. The Eye of Horus is a reminder that Horus/Ra is keeping watch over and protecting mankind. As a representation of his daughter, the Eye of Horus is also referred to as the goddess Sekhmet (also spelled Sachmet). Although not an Egyptian name, the name "Sasha" itself literally means "Guardian of Mankind". It is the same spirit presented in Sachmet. Yet who are Jay-Z and Beyonce guardians of mankind for?

There is a video on Youtube illustrating Jay-Z and the rest of his lackeys making the song "Lucifer". Part of the lyrics in this song (to use the word lightly) include, "And when I perish, the meek shall inherit the earth. Until that time it's on and poppin', CHURCH". Immediately after this part in the song, Jay-Z says, "That's my word. I never read the Bible a day in my life. I don't even know how I knew that though."

Jay-Z, let me help you understand. There is a demon speaking through you! These are not your words, these are not your styles, these are not your beats. You are just a vessel through which Satan can get across his message. He is using you, and your supposed genius is nothing more than the demonic rantings of a fallen spirit being. Who is the "I" waging war against the church of God? Who is the "I" who must perish before the meek inherit the earth? It surely isn't Jay-Z. It is the false god, Ra; a representation of Satan himself.

According to Egyptian mythology, Ra became angered by the people's rejection of him. He then plucked a symbol of his daughter - his own eye (the all-seeing eye) - out of the royal serpent and sent her forth as a lion in the earth to destroy mankind. We are told on the Ancient Egyptian Religion and Mythology that in her blood lust, "She waged war on humanity slaughtering thousands until the fields were awash with human blood."

"Sekhmet (Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name is derived from the Egyptian word "Sekhem" (which means "power" or "might") and is often translated as the "Powerful One". She is depicted as a lion-headed woman, sometimes with the addition of a sun disc on her head....Sekhmet was represented by the searing HEAT of the mid-day sun (in this aspect she was sometimes called "Nesert", the flame) and was a terrifying goddess...She was also known as the "Lady of Pestilence" and the "RED LADY"...She was associated with the goddesses given the title "Eye of Ra"."

And what does Beyonce turn into during her "I Am Sasha Fierce" concert?  In one scene, she depicts a robotic cat-woman, who then removes her mask so that you can see what lies underneath: A feline's head on the body of a woman.

There is a reason why Jay-Z thinks that he is god. There is a reason why Jay-Z sings tributes to Lucifer. There is a reason why Beyonce's alter ego is named "Sasha". There is a reason why Sasha has married "Jayhovah, the God MC" (as he calls himself). There is a reason why Sasha is "fierce".

fierce: violently hostile or aggressive in temperament, given to fighting or killing, marked by unrestrained vehemence, wild or menacing in appearance, savage, cruel, barbaric.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

Do you think these things are just occurring by happenstance, that it is just coincidence? Scripture says to know NO man after the flesh (II Corinthians 5:16). These are spiritual forces at work. Sasha is on a rampage, and under the tutelage of the false god Horus' all-seeing eye, she is on a mission to destroy.

Before Satan could fully use Beyonce, he had to diminish her resistance to the Sasha demon. There was a progression in Beyonce as she grew closer to Jay-Z; a progression in her music, in her performances...and in her acceptance of Sasha. Gone was any innocence which may have been associated with her earlier image; now she was Crazy in Love.

"Sasha Fierce was born when I did 'Crazy in Love.' People, when they meet me, expect that all the time, but that person is strictly for the stage." Beyonce, People Magazine, November 18th, 2008

Beyonce says that Sasha Fierce was born when she did "Crazy in Love". In the videos linked at the bottom of this post, we examine the Crazy in Love video to see if it supports Beyonce's contention that this represented Sasha's birth.

This video is an excellent depiction of what Jay-Z's influence has done and how "Sasha" becomes stronger as Beyonce is (spiritually) killed off. Beyonce sells her soul to become more famous, but the price is that she is left burning in a hellish fire that Jay-Z started so that Sasha Fierce can live. The devil loves to make an mockery of man by putting what he is doing right in your face. Art is indeed imitating life. Yet, what started the fire?

"Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid. What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh. But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit. Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body." I Corinthians 6:15-18

Fornication is the one sin that is actually against your own body, because you are joining yourself spiritually (not just physically) with the person with whom you fornicate. No matter how casual the experience, you have created a soul tie that gives the spirits operating in that person access to your soul. The more you fornicate, the stronger those ties become.

"But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death." (James 1:14-15)

Beyonce's imagery, her songs, her performances...they are all created to engender lust. Her body is actually the divining rod used to enthrall and instill lust in her worshippers. It is pure witchcraft. There is a prominent woman in Scriptures who God says was both a witch and a whore; her name was Jezebel (II Kings 9:22). Like Sasha, she too was a slayer of men.

"When Jehu came to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it. And she painted her eyes and adorned her head and looked out of the window." (II Kings 9:30)

Jehu, a man of God, was coming to confront Jezebel for her idolatry against Israel. Notice that the first thing Jezebel did was to paint her eyes. This was a dedication ritual used to tap into the magical powers of the Eye of Horus. Dark grey paint was used to accentuate the eyes and extend them out to the corners of the face.

By doing this, Jezebel was asking her gods for the power to seduce and overpower Jehu. The Scripture goes on to say that it was some eunuchs (castrated men who were not subject to her demonic charms) who finally cast Jezebel down.

On Beyonce's site, when you slide the pointer at the bottom of the page to the "Sasha Fierce" section, the pictures on the top of the page change. EVERY SINGLE Sasha picture featured has Beyonce adorned with this eye dedication.

As seen in Scripture, she is using the Eye of Horus to be endowed with a spirit of seduction and to use that spirit to entrance others. This spirit will be imparted to those who follow after her. While that may sound glamorous, look at the price of insanity that Beyonce is paying to entertain that spirit.

Even more telling, look at the end that Jezebel suffered for the same - cast down, trampled underfoot by horses, and remains eaten by dogs. God says that He will not suffer a witch to live and the demise of Jezebel illustrates God's vehement anger against this spirit.

In preparation for one of his "The Truth About Hip Hop" videos, Minister Lewis interviewed a young girl who talked about her experience as a fan of Beyonce. She initially was a great admirer of Beyone's beauty, style, and music. The more she followed Beyonce, the more she wanted to be just like her. But then strange things began to happen.

Instead of lusting to be like Beyonce, she began lusting to be with Beyonce. The feelings of lust Beyonce inspired were now focused on Beyonce herself. This young girl now had to contend with feelings of lesbianism from the unclean spirits as they attempted to corrupt her very soul.

Beyonce has a song on her new album entitled, "'If I Were a Boy''. The song might as well be entitled, "Why You Should be a Lesbian". In this song, Beyonce sings about all the things that she would do differently if she were a boy in love with a girl. The song lays down the premise that no one can understand and love a girl like another girl.

A performance at Coachella in April 2010.

Beyonce wearing rings which bear a striking resemblance to the Baphomet (Satan).
Click pictures to enlarge.

We discussed in an earlier post how Satan is attempting to prepare mankind to receive the Anti-Christ by perverting the nature of mankind into that of a sodomite. Clearly Beyonce/Sasha is playing right into his hand as she is held up for all the world to admire.

Sasha is not an alter ego, nor a stage name. Sasha is a demon spirit. In Jay-Z and Beyonce we have the continuation of the same ancient, unclean spirits that have been trying to influence mankind for centuries. There is truly nothing new under the sun. As seen through the example of Jezebel and Ahab, they "rule" through perversion as they lead people into idolatry to worship false gods and away from the True and Living God.

REALLY think about what Beyonce has said. She finds what she is doing in her life so reprehensible and so contrary to what she knows about God, that the only way she can live with herself is to blame these acts on another person! How then in good conscience can you support and celebrate her descent into madness? Instead of the church being in prayerful intercession for her, many are too busy trying to get access to her latest album.

There is a bonus track to the "I Am...Sasha Fierce" album called Save the Hero. In this song, Beyonce claims to be in need of a Savior. Some of the lyrics include:

I lay alone awake at night
Sorrow fills my eyes
But Im not strong enough to cry
Despite my disguise

I bottle all my hurt inside,
I guess I'm living a lie.
Inside my mind each day I die
What can bring me back to life?

I've given too much of myself
And now its driving me crazy
I'm crying out for help?
Sometimes I wish someone would
Just come here and save me
Save me from myself

When she's left all alone
And shes crying out for help
Who's there to save the hero
Who's there to save the girl

There is no "glam" in being demon possessed; it is torture. It will make you feel as if you are going insane and as if you are dieing, because you are (spiritually). Thank God there is a Savior who can give life, who can destroy the disguises, who can save us from ourselves. His name is Jesus, and He is waiting and available to remove the burdens and the bondage for all who come to Him in faith.

The transformation of Beyonce into Sasha is nothing to wink at. It is a testimony to the reality of the spiritual war being fought for the souls of men.

On May 21, 2009, I posted the following comment in this very Comments section saying:
A number of Beyonce fans are stating how she will likely stop using the "Sasha Fierce" image soon. It is important for people to understand that this may very well be true, but perhaps for reasons you do not perceive.

Beyonce has given you that reason herself. She is no longer fighting and disconnecting herself from Sasha as she has been over the years. Now she says, "I Am Sasha Fierce".

It shows that her whole being is being consumed by this demon, Sasha. There is no need to speak of separate personalities, because they are now one. So when you write speaking of how she is going to stop referring to Sasha, understand that you are only confirming the state of possession.
In February 2010, Beyonce is featured in Allure Magazine addressing the issue of Sasha Fierce. She says, "The thing that's interesting is I don't need Sasha Fierce anymore, because I've grown," she said in an interview, "and I'm now ABLE TO MERGE THE TWO."

It is interesting that she now in essence confirms my earlier comment by saying how the two personalities (Beyonce & Sasha Fierce) have "merged" into one.

Beyonce reiterates this in at the end of a recent Extra interview, "I think Sasha Fierce is a part of me. That's why the name of the album was I AM Sasha Fierce...She lives within me."

People who say this is just a gimmick, that it is just an alter ego for entertainment purposes, if such were true, then she would say so. She would say that she is simply leaving behind "Sasha Fierce" because Sasha was only a gimmick used to give her confidence on stage. But she does not say that. Once again, Beyonce's own words explain exactly what is going on with her. She and Sasha Fierce have "merged". She IS...Sasha Fierce.

People need to wake-up and seek Jesus Christ. In the end, what is going on with Beyonce, Jay-Z, or whoever else is of no consequence to you in terms of your eternal destiny. Get to know Jesus Christ for REAL, for time is short. He is coming soon.

Those who falsely believe (like Beyonce) that God will somehow overlook or excuse their sin are deceived. There is only one answer for sin and that is to be under the righteousness of Jesus Christ.

So, what will your response be? Laugh it off and hope this is not true? Roll the dice and take your chances? Pretend you don't know know the truths which have been shared with you?

This is not about how much you like these artists or even whether you "feel" anything has happened to you. Demons get in you and often do not show their hand immediately so that you will not know they are there. In quiet, they attempt to set-up strongholds in your soul as you continue to feed them. Once strong enough, the demon will begin to exert its own will in you in an attempt to take over your soul. You find yourself with thoughts you never had before or entertaining things you swore you would never do. You may struggle initially, but if you do not turn to Christ, it will take you over. If you need to understand more about demons and deliverance from them, please listen to this message.

In these end times, those who commit themselves to Christ will be transformed more and more into the image of Christ. Those who commit themselves to Satan will be transformed more and more into his image. There is no middle ground. Choices are being made every day as people decide which fount it is from which they will drink (James 3:11-12).

"He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still. And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." Revelations 22:11-12

UPDATE: We have received many comments from readers about this post, and it is a blessing to be able to open people's eyes about what is going on here. Please know that this issue of demonic spirits being channeled through entertainers is not limited to Beyonce & Jay-Z. Be watchful, prayerful, and wise about the music you and your family listen to.

Some individuals also find this hard to deal with and claim that this is just crazy. Yet interestingly enough, not one of these persons has been able to dispute the evidence presented. They don't dispute Beyonce's own words about what is happening to her. They don't dispute the idolatrous spiritual history tying the false god and goddess Ra & Sachmet. They don't deny that both Jay-Z and Beyonce actively promote the Eye of Horus/Ra in their music, clothing, and performances.

All they can do is turn a blind eye and say it is not so. Why are they blinded? Because they are already in alliance with that same spirit. We welcome your questions, but be prepared to offer more than just your opinion in disputing the facts portrayed.

Jesus Christ came to set the captives free. If you desire to know the truth in any area, pray and ask that Jesus lead you by His Holy Spirit. All those who seek after righteousness shall be filled.

CLICK HERE to view The Beyonce Possession Video Series

CLICK HERE to see a Biblical breakdown of WHY this is happening and what the Nephilim is trying to do by merging with the seed of men.


  1. Your right you know I am Christian aswell ad I can see all this stuff thats happening. Unfortunately lots of people are still gonna listen to her music and others such as Jay-Z as the devil uses the beat to get people attacted to the music. All we can do is pray


  2. okay religious people may think that they are perfect..but honestly, nobody is perfect. This whole act of Beyonce and Jay-Z may be demonic in your books. I mean come on look at the bright side of things. The charity and the homes they built for less fortunate people. HUMANS sin but as long as we believe and repent then we should be good..

  3. Hi Gavin, thanks for posting.

    No one has said that Jay-Z or Beyonce should be perfect or that anyone else is (other than Jesus).

    Have you ever read Matthew 7:22-24? Reliance on what we think are good works will cause us to be rejected by God. We cannot bribe God by asking Him to accept the "good" we have done as a payment for our disobedience. There is only one payment for our sin, and that is faith in Jesus Christ.

    You are aboslutely right that as long as we believe in Jesus and repent of our sins, we are fine with God. However, repentence means a turning away from sin. If you continue in sin, then you have not repented.

  4. Thank you for posting this!!!! She has a seducing spirit...everytime I try to tell people of this and watch Craig Lewis no one wants to hear it and they think that I am crazy....I am praying for Beyonce that her Demon is cast out and she leaves Jay Z. Tell me why would she be in a video half naked and the title of the song is single ladies...obviously the video is directed towards women...and women begin to lust after her...this is real yall

  5. I was always thought it takes several of you to make one complete you. You at work, you with your firends, you with your family. This doesn't mean you are being fake it just means if I am at work I am going to answer the phone introducing my company name and then Identifying myself to the caller, at home or on my cell phone I might say wuz up.

  6. So do you call the "you" at work Tina? And the "you" with your family Deshandra? And the "you" with your friends Helen? Further, do you insist that others call you by those names depending on where you are?

    Let's be honest. Clearly knowing how to answer a phone professionally has nothing to do with another person taking you over and causing you to do things you don't want to do.

    The question to consider is why do you feel led to dismiss what Beyonce has said and the spiritual truths revealed by her words, songs, and actions?

  7. This has truly showed me how the world really is. I have been following things like this for the past several years and have now come to believe it 100 percent. Recently I have been stopping myself from listening to this kind of music. I really don't think the music has ever reached me, but if it has, I am not going to let it anymore. It is hard to believe but it is how it is. It is right in front of people everyday. I know me nor this blog nor anyone else can change everyone's mind but i know for sure that i can change mine. I know it would be hard for me to call myself a Christian because I know I haven't always followed those ways. But I try harder and harder each day to get better and I know for a fact I will be where I want to be. Thanks to this blog and everyone else who have helped me see. Those people are truly blessed. Thank you all.

  8. This is so true. Very, very true. There is truth in what you've posted.

  9. Looking at how Beyonce and the Knoweles have treated all of the prior members of Destiny's Child, this demonic spirit manifested itself a long time ago.

  10. This is some really deep stuff. I can't stand Beyonce and her whroemongering ways, and now I know why.

  11. I don't know Beyonce personally, and I am not familiar with what may have happened between her and Destiny's Child members. However, if she did people wrong before, that is the best that can be expected of her outside of Christ; she did what all sinners do (and we all have had a bite of that apple).

    No one deserves to go through the torture of being demon possessed. If she deserves this because of her past, then so do each of us for we were all in sin.

    God has said that the lake of fire is not made for man, but for Satan and his angels. There is no joy in seeing even one soul lost.

    Our prayer is for deliverance in the name of Jesus Christ, not just for her, but for all who have been bewitched by that unclean spirit.

  12. Resurrected

    I think it take the resurrection of our spirit to subject our soul into submission. I am a Christian that struggle everyday not to be of this world but rarely find people who I can have these type of conversation with. I must admit that I still have a lot of stuff to pull myself away from but at the same time I still am exposed to so much godly knowledge. I often feel that battle that I fight constantly on a spiritual realm but know and see the love of GOD around me. I have to get even deeper with this in the WORD which I struggle sometimes just to stay close too. The world wants to you feel that you are missing something just like Satan made Eve feel in the garden of Good and Evil, the deception. This was a good break down of information thank you. Hopefully God's army can rise up with more allegiance so the few trying to stay close to his Will may not feel so alone on this earth.

  13. wow this so weird but yet so true,i alwayS wondered how can beyonce be so different off stage,how can a shy person act like that when she is performing,and it sickens me to know that jay z calls himself JAYhova(JAHOVA),and beyonces fans calls her BEYsus(JESUS), something is not right bout these people

  14. wow... this is so hard to beleive. but the more i read the more it makes sense. i did not even knew about this until one day i was singing one of her latest song and my friend told me about this and i decided to look it up.... wow... i still can't believe it... but now i kno what to look for in songs.. thnk you

  15. I know this may seem strange and unfortunately I do not have any bible scripture to reference in asking this but isn’t it true that there is a constant battle for our souls in the unseen realm? Isn’t it true that we are continuously being attacked by demons and God's Holy angels are battling them to protect us? When we sin isn’t it true that we are submitting to temptations and temptations only come from Satan? If this is so then this means that we are submitting ourselves to Satan in a sense? Even though we are Christians- we believe Jesus suffered, died and rose from the dead in order to save us from eternal damnation this fact does not cause us not to sin. I guess my main question is if this is all true doesn’t that mean that in a sense we all have demons? For example to lie, steal, gossip, kill, fornicate, etc is all from one being and that is Satan so if we submit to any of the above what does this mean? I think it means we all have demons in us. Some people stop praying in essence stop fighting and freely submit completely to those sins and are willing to stay in it. While others acknowledge their sins knowing they will have to pay for them but ask for forgiveness and strength constantly from the Lord and try although not always successful to not continuously make the same mistakes. I'm saying all of this to say that I believe and understand the post on Beyonce and Jay but to those of us commenting on the post let’s not lose focus on our own demons. B and Jay don’t control our actions and had nothing to do with you fornicating just the other night or your plans for tonight so be careful not to lose focus on what YOU are putting out there!

  16. To the person who wrote this blog, can i please ask you a favor? Reading this blog has made me feel even more depressed than i already was mainly because i have been struggling with my christianity for over a year now and quite fankly i am deathly afraid! I am not gonna lie, i lOVE secular music. i do. but i dont want to love secular things i just do and i realize that ill never be able to be right even for God. even though he gave me Jesus i still keep doing the same things. let me get to the point. Can you please PRAY for me? I mean i know u dont no me but please PRAY for my salvation and i that i can learn to love christian things more than i love the secular. thank you 4 ur time

  17. There have been a few posts about struggling with Christianity. One thing I learned is it that can be exhausting trying to "be" a Christian. Jesus wants us to rest in Him, but it is often religion that makes us want to try and perform for God.

    His yoke is easy and His burdens light. If you are feeling weighed down in your Christian walk or even worse condemned, then know that is not of the Lord. There will always be things God convicts us of as we grow in Him because He is perfect and we are not. As we grow closer to Him, He reveals more of Himself in us.

    Psalm 37:4 says, "Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Some try to twist this to mean that whatever we want God will give us. That is not what this is saying. It is saying that He will give us our desires; He will place within us desires for the things that please Him because we have made Him our delight. So, don't be discouraged.

    The new birth is literally a new birth. Like any new form of life, it needs food and sustenance to grow. If you spend more time feeding on the things of God, then your spirit man will grow stronger than your soulish desires. If you feed more on the world than on the things of God, then the world's pull will be more strong than God's. It is a maturation process that takes time, but He is faithful. :-)

  18. Hi Odetta,

    There is a spiritual battle going on for the souls of men. Satan wants to deceive as many as he can, while Jesus offers salvation to as many who will come.

    That is not the same thing as saying that everyone - or even everyone who sins - has a demon. People can be possessed by demons or oppressed by demons. The difference is that in possession, the demon lives within you and literally takes you over. It imposes its will on you and you are driven to do things it wants you to do (even things you don't want to do). Further, you have no power in and of yourself to stop the desires of the demon from dictating what you do, think, and say. The solution for demonic possession is to have the demon cast out.

    In oppression, the demon is not living inside of you. It can plant thoughts in your mind or tempt you, but it cannot make you do what it wants. The decision is yours, the demon is just trying to take advantage of your lust in that area. The solution for demonic oppression is the crucifixion of the flesh.

    I hope this helps.

  19. Dionne,

    Be encouraged! Read the comment I posted above about struggling with Christianity.

    You said, "ill never be able to be right even for God" and you are right. No one can and thank God, He doesn't expect us to be. This is why He sent Jesus, so that His righteousness can be imputed to us. All that He wants is to do is trust in Him as little children and set our heart to do His will.

    I John 1:9 says, "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." He is talking to Christians here! He knows we may fall, which is why He has made this provision. That doesn't mean we can just continue in sin, but He knows the heart of man. He knows when we are continuing willfully in sin and when we sincerely want to change.

    Trust God to finish the work He has begun in you. And you will of course have our prayers.

  20. Dear Latter Days Ministry, I didn’t expect you to respond to me. The question I posed about demon possession had been in my heart for so long but I just assumed that we all were "possessed by demons". I guess I really didn’t take it literally like real serious demon possession like the Exorcist for example. I guess my ignorance in the possibility of something like that truly taking place in this life time never really sunk in until now. I thank you sincerely for your response, yes this helps me tremendously and I have a better understanding. However this brings other questions to my mind, I mean you really and truly believe that B knowingly sold her soul to Satan? Even though Destiny’s Child did pride themselves on being "good Christian girls" and sang gospel songs beautifully perhaps B never truly accepted Christ as her very owe personal savior. I say this because I thought that once you truly accept Jesus as your very own savior certain things could never permanently destroy your relationship with him. I know that we can back slide and lose yourself sometimes but ultimately you will hear the voice of Christ again and return home. I figured that once its true its forever and demon possession just cannot take place but again only if you did more than just say the words, " I believe" this could only happen when you truly accept Him in to your heart and have an intimate relationship with Him. I just assumed that’s what B had. What is she supposed to do if she doesn’t know she is possessed? How could she be held accountable for what she simply doesn’t know? It's difficult for me to believe that she knows she is possessed. I truly believe that this blog has some blessed people working on it whomever is responding to us on this site is truly gifted but how can you know for certain she is actually demonically possessed by a demon without having set down and talked with her? I'm not doubting you, I'm just curious.

  21. Hey Odetta,

    You have every right to doubt. We don't position ourselves as having all the answers. We share this info so that it might inspire dialog and growth among the Body of Christ. You should always be willing to question, but more importantly hold everything up to the light of Scripture to see if it is true.

    One part of your post asks whether salvation can be lost. I believe the Scriptures show that you can choose to walk away from God just like you can walk towards Him. Here is an article with some info

    But, the crux of your question is whether we really believe that Beyonce is demon possessed. Although we have not sat down and spoken with her, the next best thing is to hear her own words about her situation. If someone else is taking her over and causing her to do what she does not want to do, those are classic signs of possession. The stakes to which she goes to separate "Sasha" from her own identity also seem to illustrate demon possession. What was most convincing for me was the spiritual evidences, the eye of horus, her relationship with Jay-Z, the meaning of the name, the way they depict Sasha, etc. Consider also the Scriptures, When dealing with the demon possessed, no one needed to sit down and speak with them. The evidence of possession was obvious from their behavior.

    Really, the answer for most every problem is Jesus. Jesus is the answer for Beyonce, for me, and for every person (whether they realize it or not).

    I think she knows she is demon possessed (my opinion) and I think she is suffering because of it. But she has to make the decision to turn completely to Christ. He is the only one who can set her free.

    God Bless You Odetta and keep striving for the faith!

  22. Hello: I enjoyed reading your article about possession. But I am not knocking you about who you reported on, but what about those in the the gospel or contemporary christian and even christian rap genre. I have long since gotten tired of the sounds and beats of some of the artist because not only do they sound like the secular music, they dance like it, wear tons of makeup and dress like the secular world. Remember the bible was written to the church, the body of christ, the followers of Christ. And even though I understand you showing the depiction of the progression of how we struggle in our walk with christ, especially when it comes to demon possession, why not show how the real christians struggle and we see their downfall. It is easier for me to understand my fellow christians walk and their struggle than someone whose own pastor said that the behavior she exhibits on stage is not her. So she has a leader who is telling her this as well.

    That being the case, she has been not receiving the truth from the beginning. She has someone who is willing to lead her that way. But I am talking about the believer who is a true believer struggling with issues from their past such as child molesting, physical abuse, drug addiction, sexual addiction, mental issues, domestic violence, abortion, lying, AIDS infected, pemphigus vulgaris infected, overweight, cheating and stealing. How do you help someone who has had many different strong holds for years and who lives 70% in their fantasy throughout the day because it is easier than confronting their life because it is too painful or hard to deal with?

    How does a person who has been told to pray, fast, study the word, who understands the word, once followed the word, but found out that as she got closer to God her real self came out and she keeps shutting down. Now it is to the point where the person feels empty and does not even have a mind to pray, fast, read the word and is tormented by her lack of willingness to do what she knows she really desires: to serve God with with her whole heart, soul, mind, and spirit? Can you help someone like that who was raised in the ways of Christ since a child, but in childhood develop what the therapist calls a defense mechanism, but the word calls demon possession or strongholds?

    I am not knocking you for what you are posting, but their are people who have had issues from childhood but never had anyone to confront those issues for them and they grew up confused and suffering from an identity crisis among the most obvious things. And how do you help someone who has went to the church for help and were treated badly to say the least. If you have to forsake not the assembling of yourselves with the worship service with those who worship christ, then how do you sit and listen to the word of someone who has people who preach this same work that are living a life that goes against what God is telling us is holy? I know I have had a lot to say and ask, but I believe that many times in the Christian world, we focus on the obvious, but don't really delve into the strongholds that have taken advantage of our society and are getting worse and worse. What about the person who has changed their physical appearance from a man to a woman or vice versa? All I am saying is some of us were taught right from the beginning and were never delivered because of a lack of understanding as a child or youth and everyone just focuses on the obvious and never get deep down in the scriptures to talk about having legions of demons and strongholds and offering to pray for them. Most tv preachers talk about prosperity and giving money to them to support their lavish lifestyles. So for the person who is bedridden or incapable of going out to church we have to deal with not being fed what will help us.

    Thank you for your article because it helped me to understand how subtle spirits are. Even though I started figuring this out as I learned about who I am and wanting to be what God wanted me to be, you explained it indepth and in a simple manner. If you don't respond that will be fine because I really needed to get this out as I believe that confession is not only good for the soul, but it is the step on the way to deliverance. Thank you again and may God continue to bless you with all the desires of your heart, the fulfillment of your every dream and wish, and the continued deliverance into becoming perfect in Christ and a leader to help the blind see Jesus and accept him in the fullness, in Jesus Name I pray.

  23. I have to say THANK GOD for the person who wrote this.

    I know of a young lady who is obsessed with Beyonce. She is a nice polite, shy christian lady and when one of my cousins told me about her love for beyonce i was taken aback, coz when growing up we usually went "boy-crazy" over boy bands & not girl groups.
    She is soo consumed with beyonce that she has posters of her all over her room, she gets SUPER upset when you talk negative about her.
    We went to the wax museum and she went crazy over her wax figure, i was in so much shock she turned to me and was like: Don't worry i'm not a lesbian.

    Sad thing is that she is her 30's. I was talking to my cousin and i told her that her friend might need to get delivered from this obsession.

    My aunt told me a long time ago, that she when she was a young girl, knew of this witch who after she got delivered told her & her friends that the devil has a master plan to take over children of the world and he said that he will use secular music to draw them in. And i can clearly see that taking place, we no have shows like Idol. Every young person wants to be a singer/ rapper. The lyrics are more seductive and dark than ever before.

    Believers need to stand and pray for the protection of their families, he devil is hard at work and so should we!

  24. I believe you are right. My generation is greatly affected by hip hop corruption I wish us a christians can come together and let it be known. only those who are blessed enough to have wisdom will understand what you are saying Beyonce is hurt and she needs our prayers

  25. WOW.
    I am a 14 years old girl and I'm reading this because I didnt believe that Sasha was a demon. But after reading this and watching the Crazy in Love Video over and over I have realized that Beyonce IS demon possesed. The song Save a hero is like her cry for help. But sense Sasha is taking over Beyonce she cant get it. This is a very frightening thing.

  26. Thank you for this site!!! It is definitely heaven sent (Holy Spirit). I would like to share some of my thoughts and observations:

    I always wondered what the sex connection was to evil. Your site explained it to me. I have been celibate for practically all of my adult life. I have been searching for a man who will love me instead of only wanting sex from me. Former "friends" have made comments such as "no man wants you looking like that". Now I understand that I look like the spirit of God that is with and within me!! Now it makes sense.

    Some of these former "friends" also told me that I should have sex with anybody, just to have sex. Now does that make sense, considering all of the diseases about today? NO! I thought it was just a matter of of corrupting the pure-but now I see that sex gives unclean spirits a gateway to the soul, and over time, if we keep fornicating, the unclean spirits will overwhelm and diminish our natural god-force, making it easier for evil to oppress and/or possess us.

    The lesbian aspect was a real eye-opener for me. Again, some so-called former "friends" have suggested that I am gay-two of them even tried to "set me up" with lesbians. This did not work, nor did their plan to "set me up" in fornication with men work. God did not put that spirit in me (God is GOOD!), so no manipulation in that area works on me.

    I saw fornication for what it was a long time ago. Evil tries to call sex "love"-to confuse young people especially. Sex is not love. You can love someone deeply and not have sex with them. You can also have sex with someone and not give a da** about them.

    Finaly I would like to share a little bit of my spiritual battle, and what I have learned from it:
    In my opinion, I believe that the battle that Beyonce lost is on a much higher level than "everyday people"-but it is the same evil spirit, and it has the same result. The everyday people who are seduced by money are possessed by the same spirit-they steal from you right in front of your face. They are shameless in their pursuit of money, and use various forms of witchcraft to obtain it.

    They see believers as "victims" because they think we are not aware of what they are doing. Personally, I was not aware of it until God revealed it to me about six years ago, through so-called "friends" who, as it turned out, were possessed by this spirit of money and greed. In the process, I also saw that close members of my own family were also possessed by this spirit, and were using me as their money "mule".

    Since then, I have tripled my vigilance against these vampires, and God has shown me effective battle strategies.

    I still have some questions-one of them was alluded to in another post-can this unclean spirit run in families? If so, this is a good example of a generational curse. An if it is, I can write volumes on what happens to the family member that doesn't go along with the program.

    Latter Day Ministries, may God strengthen your efforts to spread the Word-keep educating and enlightening us-because we really need it!

    God Bless you and thank you again!

  27. Hello, little miss sunshine, I am can really relate to your message because I have been out of a relationship now for almost three years now. I also do not believe in causal sex relationship and believe a man can want you for more than the empty fulfillment of sex. Everything has a beginning, ending and a point in between, I have also had friend tells me that I just need to have sex to have the feel of something new. Sex is an opening to a lot of soul ties and fleshly emotions that are trying to take control over your mind, which wants you don't have any control. It would be nice to have some equal companionship from man other than empty moments or experiencing life with a very incapable person who do not know or want to know God. It takes so much just to be balance and stable with in God. Fighting this battle with out him is just a series of thoughts and lies trying to become your reality with no wisdom or insight on how to live with wholeness and a since of completion. Life without good character, development and discipline is a very empty existence and will take over you when you don’t make a direct choice. I see this and feel this everyday trying to stay close to him and feeling the burn when I get further away then I should. One you know God loves going back to the world us torture, unclenching fear, overwhelming emotional baggage, and a lot since of one self, not value at and a very evil nature to arise.

    The crazy fact is that nothing/ no one can really come together with out hard work, time and development, the devil has our generation so fooled that they think that they can get something for nothing even a sexual gratification from another person through lies and manipulation. I also struggle with the feeling of being alone but I am glad that this is one around that GOD give me much discipline in (very guarded). For us to be able to have h better relationships with each other this will require a whole turn around of the mentality in our society and the way that things are seem though there eyes.

    I really believe that I will meet a man like me with the same principle of values and moral to have a family and a deep loving connection with one day. Being a women in this society can be very different when everything around you in this world wants you to believe that you value is between you legs. I do not want to believe what that in this world the only choices you have is to settle and give up everything that can be precious just to still get nothing in return.

  28. I listen to Jay-Z's lyrics and from what I see and hear they have experienced drug use. From the sounds of it Extasy-pills and cocaine...I know from experience that that lifestyle can make u crazy and really believe that you are fierce and have powers. It all brings you to this demonic lifestyle and makes u feel trapped. I hope she gets it together soon. But reading this post makes me sad but it also makes me realize I need to get my life in order. Thanks! Please pray for me!

  29. hi i just finished reading the article and im...confused i guess. Im a christian i believe in God and Jesus Christ. I also am a hip hop dancer, a violin player, and a beyonce fan. I like a lot of hip hop songs for their beats but im starting to realize that so many of these songs have wrong lyrics so im trying to stop listening to these types of songs, that only talk about drinking and going to clubs and having sex..
    now when it comes to beyonce id like to say something: im a very sensitive and very shy person. people who dont know me would never expect me to be a "performer". however whenever i get on stage for a dance show, i become totally different, i am fearless and i feel very confident. and then people tell me "waw i didnt expect that!" and thats why i always felt like i "understand" the transformation beyonce talks about when she goes on stage. so couldn it be that being on stage helps shy people to become more confident and not be scared to express themselves? without all this being about the devil? let me know what you think about that thank you..

  30. Great point, Nick. I, too, am shy but when it's time to speak before a group of people at a podium, I SHINE. The first time this happened was at church when I was a teenager and the president of the jr. usher board. I was nervous until I stood with the microphone in hand. Then I transformed. To date, whenever I have to speak I get extremely confident at the podium (work, church, family function, anything.)

  31. Wow this is enlightening. I used to hate Beyonce and never even met her. Her image and all that booty shaking appalled me at one time. Now I find myself searching for blogs about her and singing her songs and she is alluring. One comment about the girl wanting to be like her and them lusting after her hit home. It is very weird but I am glad to know I was not the only one having those feelings. As for Jay-z I was a huge fan my boyfriend even accused me of lusting after him. But here lately I am got tired of him bragging on every song and it all became about beyonce. Can something like demons and possession be true in 2009? I must admit it scared me and intrigued me at the same time. Thanks for the post. I put this sight in my favs

  32. Hi Nick & Smokie,

    I used to be a professional ballerina, so I understand exactly what you mean.

    Off stage, I never tried to draw attention to myself. I just preferred to fade in the background. But on stage, I forgot about myself and those watching me and was focused only on dancing. I didn't have to "think", I didn't have to "try", it just all came naturally. Because of that, I was most comfortable, and probably most free, in that environment.

    However, I never felt that the one who was dancing was somehow not "me". I never felt like this talent was forcing me to do things against my nature and that I couldn't live with off stage. I never felt that the talent translated into someone "taking me over". I never disliked the part of me who performed. etc.

    When you have a talent, God has given it to you to bring Him glory. This is where "shine" is so perfect an expression (as smokie offered). When you have natural talent in an area, it gets noticed. People are impacted and they pay attention; they recognize the gift. That presents the perfect opportunity to tell people about the One who has bestowed the gift.

    However, the last thing Satan wants is someone getting people's attention and directing them to God. He wants to put out the light or at least have it used for his purposes.

    I do not doubt that Beyonce has talent. Yet, having an area where you "shine" is not the same thing as demon possession.

    When you examine her words over the years, she is very clear that Sasha is a separate personality from herself. Further, what she has defined in "Sasha" correlates to demonic spirits that have been in operation for centuries.

    Lastly, you ask does all of this have to be the devil? Let me ask you, do you think that her performances are of God? When you listen to her lyrics and watch her performances, who is she giving Glory to?

    Don't be afraid of exercising the gifts that God has given you. No one is saying that all performing is of the devil. Even now I dance in ministry to God and teach others to glorify Him in dance as well. God has given you a gift for a reason, but don't fall into the trap of trying to use that for self-elevation. That is the door which allows Satan to pervert your gift and your soul.

  33. Hi! This is very wonderful and insightful, and I am glad to finally have read this, as I have been warning people about these two and MANY other musicians for years.

    Anyhow, as a Jewish woman who believes in, and KNOWS that G-d is real, and lives in all of us, I do pray and hope that these artists stop spreading lies and perversion in homage to the almighty dollar.

    Just food for thought, but I interpreted the car scene to be sort of two-fold, one, "beyonce" was being sacrificed to the flames (at the hands of her 'love') and two that she was emulating giving birth almost, at which point we see Sasha begin to reign.

    I am concerned about this for many reasons, as she has lately begun calling herself "Queen B", but who is she queen of? And don't even get me started about Jay-Z calling himself Jayhova which is a literal reference to himself as a god of some sort.

    Disturbing. But, again, thank you so much for this post!

    Young people, WAKE UP! Ask yourself who REALLY benefits from these subliminal messages that you are being fed. PLEASE!

  34. Man God bless u in the name of Jesus for this posting. I have been doing quite a bit of research on the workings of Satan through music, entertainment and media. This posting further confirms my suspitions. The moment I heard about this "alter-ego" of Beyonce's I thought to myself, "Demon!" because of her marriage to jay Z and I'm CONVINCED that he has KNOWINGLY sold his soul to the devil through the Illuminati. You tube his "lucifer"-REMIX song and it's played backward to reveal a blasphemous message. In addition, he blatantly tells you how he gets down. Check out the lyrics to the song "D'Evils", it should speak for itself. Let's get prayed up family in the ONE AND ONLY NAME BY WHICH MAN MUST OR CAN BE SAVED, JESUS. Spread THE WORD!

  35. I have just finished reading this site and I know that I know, if I ignore what is said here God will refer me back to this very day that I read the TRUTH and did not comply!

    I cannot wait to get home and DELETE ALL her music from my ipod and everything I have lerking around.

    In the early 1990s I always had a strange obession over Jay-z.

    GOD!!! forgive my ignorance - this page has brought tears to my eyes and a certainty of what the Holy Spirit was telling me.

    I recall one evening I was listening to Beyonce's "Ave Maria" and for some reason a feeling of compassion and sympathy came over me I started crying for beyonce and asked Jesus to save her - I had NO IDEA WHY I WAS SAYING THIS! Until today when I read the bit about the Her Song "Save The Hero" - it all makes sense!

    It all makes sense...

    Beyonce, behind the fame is suffering, she is indeed lost.

    Question: Is it too late for her as she has tattooed 666 on her finger?

    What can we do collectively saints? Apart from prayer?

  36. Jay-Z turned Rhianna out also with the Umbrella song and it sent her into "disturbia". They are flat out telling you the price that you pay for allowing those spirits to overtake you. To those who don't believe it all I can say is that if you truly listen to the words while watching the videos they don't match. They tell you 2 different versions of the same evil story both verbally and visually. It's all ritualistic portrayals on the videos. If you look at them again you will see it.

  37. I agree! Beyonce is far from being a saint. She's the Jezebel of Hip Hop & R&B! She is raunchy, classless and talentless. If getting half naked & shaking booty is talent than this world is headed for destruction quick. She has absolutely no respect for herself and doesn't care who she corrupts with her garbage. When I saw a 6 y/o girl singing Single Ladies & doing those raunchy dance moves it brought tears to my eyes. Words can't describe the saddness I felt. Her music is dragging our youth into darkness! This needs to stop now!

  38. All of this is very true. I said from day one that Beyonce was turned out. I am a Christian and I am fan of Beyonce and some of Jays music. Honestly I think that they are unconciously doing this and satan has them all tricked up. Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

  39. Awesome blog, I hope you don't mind if I link it to my blog too


  40. I hope that Beyonce will get rid of the parasites around her, including her husband and father. Dad should receive a nice severance package and sent on his way. Jay-Z can get himself another Trophy Wife. Beyonce needs a long vacation. Anyone who only gets one day off per week is on the brink of a nervous breakdown. Seeing her depicted as anything other than Valuable is tragic and painful to watch. I am not a fan but concerned about anyone who is being USED.

  41. This is sooo convincing and i am a Christian...i get all the evidence...but i just can't wrap my head around this at all. I'm not a fan of Beyonce...and i must admit her music has gotten 'naughty' as she's progressed in her career. However all the symbolism and stuff in the video are just too obvious for it to be true. For the demons to want people to follow them wouldn't it be less obvious?...The eye thing as well isn't that just Jay-z promoting his clothing me naive but with the evidence i still don't really believe it. I will pray for her though because i could be wrong...

  42. Thank You for all of your hard work in trying to educate, enlighten, and inform the masses. I really appreciate it ! I have LONG been aware of the deceptive things going on within the Entertainment industry as a whole. The movies, television, and print journalism are also HEAVILY infiltrated and ran by high-ranking witches and warlocks !! God Bless you and everyone that reads and supports your blog. Keep up the awesome work!! I LOVE you!! Keep it coming !!

  43. Someone needs to communicate this to beyonce shes crying out an immense amount of prayer could help. He parents need to read this id like to know what the whole family would say about this message. It brought teasr to my eyes becuase it is so ture and it scared me. I think more people need to read this! Everyone should forward this to as many people as possible.

  44. What would Jesus do if you are right about her and the others?

    Would Jesus say hey look at this demon possessed girl lets blog.

    What did Jesus say about who your neighbor is?

    Are we suppose to pray without ceasing or blog without ceasing?

    Where is this at? I don't see it in my bible.

    "And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire." Leviticus 24:9

    Leviticus 24:9 (King James Version)

    9 And it shall be Aaron's and his sons'; and they shall eat it in the holy place: for it is most holy unto him of the offerings of the LORD made by fire by a perpetual statute.

    Leviticus 24:9 (New International Version)
    9 It belongs to Aaron and his sons, who are to eat it in a holy place, because it is a most holy part of their regular share of the offerings made to the LORD by fire."

  45. Hi Anonymous,

    IF you believe that blogging is against God's will, then don't do it. Further, if you believe that is not how God wants you to spend your time, then why are you posting here? Are you being disobedient?

    Let's get to the real issue and leave out the religious foolishness. What is really the crux of your concern? If you feel the post is Scripturally unsound, then say so. We would welcome the dialog. But don't get into legalistic nonsense asserting that blog technology itself is somehow unChristlike. Thou shalt not blog?? LOL

    If we have to stand on the street corner, broadcast on the radio, call someone on the phone, say it on the TV, post it on the Internet or shout it from the rooftops, we will tell the message that God places on our hearts to tell. Our obedience and faithfulness is to Him alone.

    Beyond that, thank you for noting the typo in the post. The Scripture referenced is in fact Leviticus 21:9. It has also been corrected.

    It seems you have an improper understanding of what it means to be a witness for Christ. "Praying without ceasing" is not the equivalent of "praying to the cessation of all else".

    Legalism will only bind you and is really just a form of self-righteousness. If you want to really be free, seek direction from the Word of God and His Holy Spirit and leave the "taste not, touch not" imaginations of man alone.

  46. I bless God for this blog.I really do. I wish the world could see this, and recognize this. That the enemy is coming in like a flood. He's using everything he's got to get us. But those of us who turn away from these things, will have life, and have it more abundantly. I believe in the rapture, and i believe in being rapture ready. I pray that jay z and beyonce are delivered, for the day is drawing VERY near for the coming of our savior...will you go, or will you be left behind? This whole post wraps up the ultimate question "Where will you spend your eternity." The devil wants to trick us all into compromise and thinking it's okay to be this way or that way...No one wants to be holy right now..that's not popular. But i believe there are people of God that are rising up saying no to the lies, and traps and satan and saying Yes! to Jesus the TRUE SAVIOR!!! All I can do is pray for the world....

  47. Hey, I use to to be a christian but I stopped as I felt God kept letting me down. I have been through hard times in my life, so how does God expect me to worship me . He gives me a really tough life and then says "Sorry you do not believe in me you are going to hell". Why would God give us the gift of life without us enjoying it to the full. Why is that the bible tells us "Seek and you shall have, knock and the door is open" but yet people with HIV and cancer can not be cured. I have dreamt a lon time to become a singer and do not believe I should miss out on my dreams because I do deserve this.

  48. hey, i am a christian and when this whole sasha feirce emerged i wondereed,,,whats goin on here i mean it was weird like all this alter ego crap....this is horrific man! i want to stop it but obviously i can't all i can do is hope and pray that all the little girls do not open themselves up to this jezebel spirit !!! somebody please take this to the high as it can go,,,show this to beyonce and ask her what really happened??

  49. Hi Tinseltown,

    Thanks for dropping by. You ask a number of questions that I think might be difficult to answer in the confines of this comments section. Yet, I felt that these are questions others may have as well. So, I will post a response this afternoon in a new blog article entitled "Why is Life So Hard?"

    Hopefully, this will give you something to think about regarding what God wants from you as an individual and and what His hope is for humanity.

    Feel free to submit additional comments or even submit a post to our Guestbook with an email address (which we will not publish) and we can follow-up in more detail.

    Lastly, I was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year ago, and God has brought healing to me - without chemo or radiation treatments. My point? God is ever-present and available. However, just because we do not understand His ways does not mean that He is not working. :-)

  50. I agree with this whole post.Beyonce exhibits the signs of a jezebel spirit,a seducing spirit and all other kinds of demonic entities.I NEVER liked her or her music,because all she talks about is sex.Everything she stands for is against the word of God and she will be punished by being thrown into the lake of fire.I caught my 3 and 1 year old nieces dancing to Single Ladies and I whooped BOTH their behinds and told them that if I ever caught them listening,dancing,or let alone singing such filth in my house again that I would tear their hides!Beyonce and ALL musicians and entertainers are GOING TO BURN IN HELL!

  51. hi
    first i want to say that i am not a christian but do believe in god. i was very interested by the lesbianism and the fornicating parts. i am a gay man and my attraction for male individuals has started long before this whole sasha fierce madness. i haven't had many encounters though because although my heart tells me it's ok my ind keeps remonding me that it's wrong in god's eyes. but it goes beyond sex, i have had some really strong feelings for a guy and there was nothing sexual. i just wanted to be with that person 24/7. anyway i was in love and i just think that love is such a beautiful thing that is supposed to make us feel good so how is it possible that this thing that feels so right is so wrong. it makes me wonder why i have such feelings and so far i haven't gotten the answer. by the way i am still trying to fight that feeling so i haven't said anything to the concerned man. but i just don't understand this.

  52. Latter Days,
    This is very cute, and all... but I think that it's a bit much...

    I am a God fearing, Christian man and I fully respect those who make it their duty to help a sinning world open their eyes to influences they are not aware of, but I just think there are some things out there that aren't as bad as they same. Anyone can go into the bible and pull out a scripture that will make something, anything appear demonic.

    In college there was a man who came up to the campus every semester to preach of the temptations on our campus that we should fight. He had found scriptures and ancient Egyptian beliefs and Greek myths that all linked to how Coca Cola was the Devil's corporation and it was leading people to their doom... but it was all a bit ridiculous.

    As a fan of Beyonce, I must first point out that Beyonce has not had creative control of her videos up until 2008 when she produced "Single Ladies" herself. Crazy In Love, Upgrade U and Diva are all videos that have heavy influence from other music videos. From Beyonce kicking over the fire hydrant to sitting in the backseat of her car, it's all stuff that Beyonce has admitted to stealing from other pop culture references. I can see how you would say that the overall picture that Beyonce and Jay-Z put together in demonic or w/e, but technically they didn't create it themselves.

    Also, the whole eyebrow thing was created Thierry Mugler in the 80s for a fashion show in Paris. He actually brought the idea to Beyonce 2007 for promotion when she asked him to recreate some of his original designs for her....

    Please know that I am in no way trying to bash this sight or say that you guys are wrong... I'm just saying that I personally am finding it hard to believe in some of the things that you guys have written. It's just a little to far fetched for me.

  53. Hi Christopher,

    This post has not been made to convince you or anyone else of anything. This article merely lays out what God has shown us about the force behind Sasha Fierce. May each person be persuaded in their own mind regarding the veracity of what is written.

    If being a "God-fearing Christian" is important to you, then I would recommend that you view the video series untitled, "They sold their souls for music." You can see the 1st video on Youtube at:
    The others in the series are linked to it.

    I offer this not to influence you, but because your comments about who has creative control over Beyonce's videos demonstrates a lack of understanding about how demonic influence works. It is not about who has creative control over Beyonce's videos. It is about whether the identity of "Sasha Fierce" is demonic and whether this demon is using Beyonce to reach others. If you think that possibility is far-fetched, then I am not sure what you understand Christianity to be.

    Again, it is not our position to make you believe anything. Our only goal is to testify to the truth as Jesus reveals it.

  54. Firstly, I want to extend thanks for your commitment to exposing the truth and Satan's deception during these last days.

    I have recently just viewed your youtube documentary on "Sasha Fierce" (I really don't even want to say the name), and reading your blogs. While praying today, God revealed something to me. I often wondered what Beyonce saw in Jay Z. Before I was saved, I loved Beyonce. I actually loved her more as a child when she was a member of Destiny's Child. To a then eleven-year-old girl, she was beautiful and talented. Of course, when I became saved, I turned away from secular music, including Beyonce. This was my very first time seeing the videos of her new album and I noticed that they are ALL dark. The images of this Sasha Fierce IS NOT the Beyonce that I remember seeing as a child. She is dark, and even looks and dresses "dark".

    God revealed this to me: When Beyonce and "Jay Z" (I don't know his real name) got married it was a "secret". The media doesn't really have insight to much of the wedding. Usually magazines do cover stories on celebrity weddings and show pictures, but I haven't SEEN a picture of Beyonce and Jay-Z as "Bride and Groom". If someone has it, please show me. I have concluded that they choose not to reveal their "wedding" to the media, or their marriage, because God HONORS marriage. I believe that their "wedding" was not the traditional wedding as we know of today. If anyone has information on this, please feel free to shoot me an email.

    Again, may God continue to bless your ministry.

    Love and many blessings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


  55. Nah seriously...this is so unfair could be true that Beyonce could be getting affected by the two kinds of life she is living and also true that she might be getting spiritually affected with this whole Sasha thing but i think this whol issue especially the lesbianism part is just being exaggerated. Basically it all depends on how you read meanings into things

  56. Ronke,

    Really the only question of substance is, "Is this true?" You say it is exaggerated. Based on what? Do you have proof contradicting this information, or is it that you just don't want to believe it is true?

    If a man came out singing, "If I were a girl", society would immediately question his sexuality. I am not justifying the judgments of society. I am stating that some things are just common sense.

    When Brittney Spears sings "all of the girls and all of the boys want to F*** me", is that exaggeration?

    There is a spiritual move underway to corrupt mankind, which includes sexual perversion. Don't take my word for it. Please seek God for understanding, enlightenment, and discernment in this area. He is faithful to give wisdom to all who ask for it.

  57. LORD, please help us follow The Way, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. This is so sad. I pray for the overthrown of strongholds and demonic spirits. Please join me. Thank you, Jesus, for sacrificing Your life so that we may live eternally.

    Satan is on a rampage. Wake UP!!! My five year old niece was at my home and requested that I play Single Ladies. GAG. I told her that I don't listen to or have the song, and she actually insisted that I had to get Beyonce. Oh, no. I'm talking to her mother. The devil is the father of lies and all that is false. He seeks to deceive and perverse the world. He can't have my precious little niece.

  58. Okay. I tried to tell my friend about the spirits and demons in music and how they affect who you become and who you are, but she says that once you have a strong spirit you won't be affected. She argues that once God is your focus and he is in your spirit, because he is stronger than the World, you can't be affected by the music you listen to. I don't even think she thinks there are spirits attached to someone's music. What should I tell her to open her eyes and counter her argument?

  59. TO GAVIN: Religious people don't think they are perfect.

    Drug dealers also try to refurbish playgrounds for children in their community but still sell dope to these children's parents. Does it excuse their selling dope?

    I think it's sad when ppl assume that we can continue sinning as long as we repent and everything will be okay. Not so. God remembers our frame and knows that we are dust but we must also aspire to be like Him. There is a polarisation taking place. On judgement day there will be no more lukewarm, hot and cold, there will just be hot and cold. Those on God's right side/His sheep and those on His left side/the goats. God's sheep are those who follow Him wherever He leads, the goats follow satan and all of satans followers.

    It was always amazing when singers would bring out an album that was initially wholesome but then for each subsequent album want a more 'edgier, sexier' album, one that brings out a sort of 'danger' or 'bad girl' or 'bad boy' side. The lyrics get more provocative, aggressive, explicit, etc and the fanatics tend to find themselves appalled at first but slowly accepting it until it starts to undermine their own morals and values. I was like that.

    Especially hip hop, I never liked it at first, but then I found the beats strangely possessive and alluring. I mightn't listen to the lyrics all the time but I just wanted to hear the beats and allow myself to be carried away with the music. I started cussing more, thinking it was funny and it was just for kicks. It severely clashed with the character I wanted to portray, that of a Christian.
    2 Peter 2:19: "While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage"

    I had to stop listening to the music and watching the videos. It didn't help that the maxi-taxis I travelled in would blast these songs on a regular basis. One time I came out miles before my stop because I couldn't take the lyrics any more.

    There are those who are blinded and would continue to influence others. This is the saddest things. I urge people to read things for themselves. Try Jesus, pray to Him and ask Him to guide you. He will never turn away a willing heart or those of a contrite and humble spirit. Let Jesus Christ guide you.

    "Oh taste and see that the Lord is good".

    No man/woman can say on Judgement day that he wasn't warned. The gospel will be preached to all nations, kindreds, tongues and peoples, and then shall the end come.

    Scoffers and skeptics, verily did Christ Jesus warn of you. But to those who know the truth and do it not, the Pharisees of which I once was, comes the harshest warning.

    2 Peter 2:20 "For if after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Chr ist, they are again entangled therein, and overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning"

    But alas, God is merciful, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Let us therefore repent, believe on Him that we and our house may be saved.

    Repentance is to feel regret or deep sorrow for the sins we have committed against God. Only through the power of His Holy Spirit can we begin to understand the nastiness and deceitfulness of sin, and only He can give us the power to overcome it. We must therefore seek Him, while it is yet called today lest our hearts be hardened through the deceitfullness of sin.

    "For I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith the Lord,
    thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
    Then ye shall call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.
    And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart"
    Jeremiah 29:11-13

  60. To what Anonymous said about having strong attractions to males/ being gay:

    It is a strong temptation. Much like when priests interfere with little boys and girls. They know it is wrong in God's eyes but because they have the strong urge to do so they believe they have to do it.

    Look at serial killers, rapists, etc. They all have this strong urge and desire to do what they do and can provide various reasons for doing so. At the end of the day, it is the work of Satan.

    Did you ever notice that the strong urges and temptations are different for each individual? Based on our outward behaviours, Satan can use that to influence what we do, say, watch etc. He fights for control of our minds. The mind can really turn about the whole body. When you submit to these urges you are actually submitting to the power of Satan.

    Pray and ask God to help you and He will provide you with the power to overcome Satan. When His Son, Christ Jesus walked the earth in our human form, He resisted the devil and the devil fled from Him. Likewise, Christ calls upon us to do the same.
    "Resist the devil and he will flee from you".

    This isn't a simple matter of just saying "no satan" every time we're tempted. That will not work.

    "Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand."
    Ephesians 6:11-13

  61. erm thought it was an interesting read

    Hi I don't have facebook but my friend showed me this. It's interesting what you've done to put all these things together, anybody can do this for any artist. For me Beyonce is a truly admiring artist, not that I like all her songs or all her music video but this woman (yes, woman) not prostitute, is someone which every female aspiring to be a lady should look at as an inspiration. Saying she's two different people is yes a way of her protecting herself and keeping her life separate. Its such a shame that when our fellow females succeed in life, we aim to pull each other down instead of praising one any other. No offence but really re- evaluate your thoughts.
    and yes I too I'm a Christian.

  62. Hello Anonymous,

    Thanks for submitting your post. I appreciate that you label yourself a "Christian", but your own words indicate that you have no idea what Christianity is...let alone what it means to be a lady.

    If you feel that Beyonce is "someone which every female aspiring to be a lady should look at as an inspiration", then your definition of a lady is a whore.

    As a self-proclaimed Christian, please tell me where the Bible defines a lady as someone who should be half-naked in public, promote promiscuity, fornicate, simulate sex acts, and entertain demons?

    IF you are truly interested in what it means to be a lady, you may want to start with Proverbs 31:10.

    If not, then you can continue to claim a worldly "Christianity" that has nothing to do whatsoever with Jesus Christ.

    I don't mean to be harsh, but it is exactly this type of false presentation of Christianity that has led to the mess we have in the church today.

    If you value your walk with God at all, then you need to wake-up and repent!

    "There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Proverbs 14:12

  63. I believe this whole Sasha Fierce starting happening since that song she did with Sean Paul...Baby Boy...Back then she just didnt know it yet.Just watch the video and u'll see.....

  64. This is a very interesting piece. I have met Beyonce a few times and she came across like a polite, reserved young woman but that, in fact, only gives more credence to the claims in this write-up. This so-called alter ego phenomenon (for lack of a better word) is certainly no rarity among musicians, or artists in general. But you don't often see a person transforming the way Beyonce does when she is on stage. People usually use an alter ego to gain a bit of confidence, not to throw all morals and beliefs overboard and do something that the same person, in their "regular" life, always claims to find despicable. Let's not forget here that Beyonce herself, as a part of Destiny's Child, once released a song called "Nasty Girl", you should look up the lyrics. What, then, if it isn't what the author of this article claims it is, made Beyonce turn into a "nasty girl" herself?

  65. Hello,

    I'm a little bit confused and sort of lost. I'm a crhistian and I love my our Jesus, but this whole Beyonce thing is so overwhelming. I've loved that girl so much, I love her talent and her music. I knew as a christian she was definitly comprimising, with her clothes and lyrics but i never thought of it as demonic possesion.

    i mean I myself am a performer and use an alter ego to perform as in real life I am not terribly confident when it comes to my sense of self worth or my physical appearance, all of which are issues i'm sorting out between me an God. I went out clubbing for my friends farewell and I have to admit even for a boy my dancing was a little bit "naughty" and onstage I come a across as flirty and i guess a little bit seductive I've been told.

    would you really say that I am being demon possessed or Beyonce is being possessed? or would you just say that like most other young people these days she has slipped up andd sold out, i know God still loves her, and I know you know that but is it demon possesion or is she just sinning? going through a phase in her life that with prayers and time she will be healed and look back and thank god for her deliverance?

    Before I became a christian ontop of my musical performances I was sexually active and outside of my parents site I was someone sexually overt, open and in short simply slutty. But as soon as I got home it was "button up the shirt, pull up the socks and sober up" I was two differnet people. But I find in my experience since being a christian that that is the case with most young christians and well, most older christians aswell, even after accepting christ into out hearts we are one person at church and another when with our friends. again something I am working out with god in myself.

    Now im not criticising you, think of this comment as a question with a bit of personal opinion thrown in.

    Now all the stuff she says about "Sasha" sounds alot like something you would say to promote the theme of the album, I would be willing to bet that in the next album after the sasha fierce theme is ditched ther will be little mention of her as she is not their marketing ploy anymore.

    i know what she has said in her own words sounds pretty fanatic and a little disturbing, but when i heard her say these sort of things in other interviews and on her site I really just laughed it off as a way of her sensationalising this "alter ego", ass giving the idea a bit of wow factor or trying to illustrate to people who might not understand this as a performance tool.

    I know it isnt regular to name this alter ego, and the identical meaning between sasha and sehkmet is pretty amazing but for a celebrity I'm really not surprised, remembering that they live in such a false reality where they can say and do things and no one will make fun of them in their immediate circle of friends because they are just too "cool".

    so for her to give the personality a name might be wierd to us, but in a society where celebritiees are naming their kids "apple" "honour" "sunday rose" and "tiger Lilly", where a grown man will jump on a couch on international television, Beyonce's alter ego isn't the wierdest thing we've seen.

    and what you've said about "If I Were a Boy" Beyonce didnt write that, so the lyrics were not her own, and evryone knows she's not saying she's a lesbian, she's saying that Boys have a lot of freedom in relationships that they take for granted, women often think this way in relationships, she's just voicing a popular opinion. it's true what she says and as a guy I'm not afraid to admit that guys are thoughtless and we often dont think about that sort of stuff that woman notice.

    and the "eye sign" that you were saying, if you maybe had researched it's hip hop meaning its actually a diamond, My own brother jokingly does it with his friends when he greets them at church or youth, they make that sign and say "put your diamond up".

    I just thought I would add that in because when I see her do that, thats what I think.

    your response would be well appreciated, I am only asking a question and giving the reasons that I think sort of in my mind disclaim what I've read on your site.

    again i mean no offence and look forward to your reply, I'm just searching for a clear answer to all this.

  66. Hello Tysong,

    You are always welcome to ask questions. The Bereans did.

    There are various kinds of love: agape (the love of God); phileo (brotherly love); and eros (erotic love).

    Agape love is self-less and is led by the "greatest commandment" (Matthew 22:37-38). It is a desire to see God's will put first, in your life and that of those around you.

    Phileos is a driven largely by emotion or a sense of affection towards another.

    Eros of course would be sexual love.

    Without an anchor FIRST in agape, all other expressions of love will be perverted. Scripture says that the heart is desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9).

    Both phileos and eros should be expressions of love coming FROM agape (selflessnes). Otherwise, one's definition of love becomes all about you. It becomes defined by what others do for YOU, how they make YOU feel, etc. That is NOT love.

    Unless agape is in operation, you CANNOT love someone you do not know. Replace "Beyonce" with "DeShaun Smith." If I asked you whether you "loved" DeShaun, you might reply, "I don't even KNOW DeShaun." Yet, you claim to "love" Beyonce.

    Is your love for Beyonce grounded first in agape? No. Your own description of this love centers around who she is and not who God is. You even admit in the same breath that you know she has compromised her professed faith in Christ.

    So, ask yourself. What is really going on with you? WHY do you feel such a strong attachment to someone who you don't even know? What is the source of this great and Godless love you feel for her?

    You do not love Beyonce. You have fallen in love with her "image". THAT is called an idol. God warns us not to have idols in our lives.

    As for your concerns about self-image, I will just say this. One of the most damnable lies people like to claim is that you have to somehow "love yourself" before you can love anyone else. That is foolishness. Loving yourself is NOT the greatest love of all.

    Satan LOVED himself, and we see where it landed him. Trying to attain to self-love is just planting the seeds for a homosexual spirit. Homosexuality is the ultimate expression of self-love because you love yourself so much, you can only express love with that which looks just like yourself.

    The greatest love is to love God above all other things (including yourself). True love is by definition self-less and thinks of others first.

    I am not saying you shouldn't take care for how you look and present yourself. I am saying a Christian's "worth" is not based in who they are or what their capabilities are. A Christian's identify is about who Jesus is (Philippians 3:8-9). Ask God for a true revelation of who you are in Him. Then you will see yourself as He sees you (Ephesians 1:6).

    The eye of Horus has been around much longer than hip hop. Regardless of what you may consider the harmless intent of those around you, how do you know the intent of others that you emulate? What if hip hop is being used to get you to accept worship of the occult and false gods? Not everything is as innocent as they would like you to think.

    The bottom line is that this is not about Beyonce, hip hop, false Christians, or anything else. It is about you.

    You don't need me or anyone else to tell you what is wrong. God has given you an inner witness about what is not right as you describe in your own words. The question is, "What will you do about it?"

    Will you say, "Well most kids are doing this or worse" and just continue? Will you say, "Well I may be sinning a little, but at least I am not demon possessed." OR will you repent for where you have crossed that line and ask God to forgive and cleanse you?

    When you are facing the Lord, He is not going to ask you about Beyonce or anyone else. He is going to hold you accountable for your witness to Him as a professing Christian.

    Forget the hypocrisy of others and seek God yourself to be conformed into the image of His Son. Every day you will have choices to make. Choices that either bring you closer to God or push you farther from Him. Pray for strength, wisdom, and discernment to make the right choices.

  67. Okay,

    I thankyou for you in depth answer but I think you're taking it a little bit too extreme, maybe i should have worded it properly but when i said I "love" beyonce, i didnt mean i was in love romantically with her, i mean i love her the same way I love ice cream, or love my favourite t.v show. in no way do feel romantically attached to her at all. But I understand exactly what you are saying about different types of love and how if any type of relationship is not anchored in God then it can go sour.

    But i honestly do not even find myself sexually attracted to her.

    I understand the eye of horus may have been around longer than hip-hop and if it as intentionally bad as you say then it is something to worry about.

    and when i said "i know she is compromising" I wasnt making an excuse for her, and know well and good that we do not go on to sin using Gods grace as an excuse but in that case, whether a person is living that way or not, is between them and God not for anyone else to decide.

    And I never said that I was going to continue to sin because other kids are doing worse and I'm not sure why your reply became about me.

    My question to you was, is it really likley that Beyonce is demon possesed? or is it more that she is living a non-christian life style, which most people can really only pick up on because she was a christian before.

    Look at Lady Gaga the latest pop tart. she has worse film clips, horrible lyrics and terrible costumes yet would you say that she is being demon possesed? I can see elements in the way she dresses and even the regal play on her name "Lady Gaga" that could maybe be linked to demon possession, yet because she wasnt a christian the focus on a shift in demonic power is not focused on her. would you say the same of Katy Perry the other starlet recently to emerge. She was previously a gospel singer, both her parents are travelling ministers, yet her first single which became a world wide hit was "I Kissed a Girl".

    Now please understand, I am not making an excuse for Beyonce or any of the others, I am a fan, not a fanatic, I admire her talent and professionalism but thats as far as it goes.

    I know the woman needs prayer, and really to tell the truth, maybe I do love Beyonce on a deeper level, just like I love these other singers, just like i love this whole messed up generation. My heart breaks for these Kids and I wish it was easier to reach out to them, all of them, the rich and the poor, obscure and the famous.

    I know Beyonce needs prayer, I know she's fighting a spiritual battle. But we all are, saved and un-saved. I know Jesus fulfilled us and forgave us but this world will keep attacking us. and when you look at someone as wonderfully talented as Beyonce, or Katy even Britney (not so sure about the talent part lol) its no wonder they under such heavy attacks, if they channelled their talent and star power for God can you imagine the force they would be?

    I admire your page greatly, your research is quite thorough and manages to be informative without being fanatic or offensive.

    But i just always think we should be a little bit wary when it comes to things like this, while the claims you make can be backed up tremendously and are quite rock solid it is ofcourse which i'm sure you'll agree with, unknown and un-proven as to whether she is actually possessed. and i think we should be certain before we go claiming things like this. To speak something so powerfully negative over someones life, even in the good will that you express, can open up spiritual door ways and usher in the very thing that you may be trying to create an awareness for. the power in our words are unbelievable, they carry the same creative authority as Gods. God spoke the universe into existence, it was through words. so when we go claiming things such as this we should remember that our words may be doing more damage than we realise. Maybe after your research and all, instead of making videos that will make people think beyonce is possesed and put that attitude not only in peoples minds so they think and repeat it but also out into the universe for negative forces to feed upon, maybe instead simply asking people to include Beyonce in their prayers that she find her relationship with God, that she go back to him and and get to know his nature.

    only in that I'm sure if Beyonce found these videos on the net she may get more offended then anything. But ofcourse I neither know her or her true personality so i cannot say.

    And just in case i didnt make it clear in my last post, I know that a christians worth is not in their talent or looks, and i also do not continue with my past lifes promiscuity or sexually hyped performances. i'm sorry if i led you to believe that through my own lack in communication skills.

    Again I thank you for your reply and your tactful way in which you write your messages.

    i will continue to pray over situations and people like this, but on a final note, what is going on in Beyonce's life is between her and God, the people who want to listen to her music will keep on listening, the people who dont have every right not too.

    i will admit that after reading your posts and viewing your tube chanel i have become wary of the intent of a lot of music stars lyrics and actions, especially Beyonce. and even if there is something deeper going on inside that woman, I suggest you to listen to her song from her movie "The Fighting Temptations" it's called "He(God) Still Loves Me" haha kind of ironic and relevant isn't it? but that song will show you that the girl is still inside somewhere, but like so many unsaved people and so many back slidden christians all it takes is for someone who loves the lord, who instead of judging from a religous high horse will reach out and scratch the surface and Gods love is never to far beneathe.

    Thankyou once again, i find this conversation very stimulating and interesting and it's nice to have other believers to have this talk with. I'm not sure how far our beliefs differ between latter day and pentecostal but really sometimes it can be best just to be real with each other.


  68. Hi Tysong,

    I never said that your love for Beyonce was eros. It could be phileo. The point was that unless it stems from agape first, it is a perversion of love.

    A person professing to be a Christian but actually living unGodly is NOT something for just them and God to decide. You know why? Because it causes others to fall. You wind up with people seeing hyporcrisy in the church and thinking that is okay. You may want to read the post on this blog about "judging".

    One could spend a lifetime searching for who is demon possessed. That is not my calling. The point of this article on Beyonce is to be a wake-up call. There IS a spiritual war going on for souls. We need to stop taking "entertainment" so lightly and think about what is pleasing to God first.

    I created this article based on what God revealed to me about what is going on with Beyonce. That doesn't mean that you or anyone else has to believe it. But I won't make any excuses for her nor will I water down what God has said.

    This is bigger than "Beyonce." What about all of the others who she is deceiving and leading into sin? Does your "love" for Beyonce eclipse your concern for everyone else? Again, love without agape first is deceiving.

    Beyonce might be offended?? What if GOD is offended by Beyonce? Have you ever thought about that? Which is more important?

    Do you know what Jesus said about love? "If ye love me, keep my commandments." John 14:15

    And further, I John 2:4 "He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him."

    So No. The love of God is not "just beneath the surface" of those who are in disobedience. What you offer in that sentiment is NOT the message of Jesus Christ. God's command to such persons is that they repent.

    When you or anyone else stands before God, He is NOT going to be looking for the "little boy or little girl" inside. That is the same type of sin-accommodating double speak people use when they claim, "God knows my heart." Yes, God DOES know the heart of man and that is why He says to repent!

    People are not sinners because they haven't been shown enough love. They are sinners because they are rebelling against God. If you TRULY love someone, you will tell then the truth and point them to Jesus Christ. THAT is love.

    They have an opportunity as does everyone to repent and be reconciled to God. BUT repentance must come first.

    Again, why are you so wrapped-up in Beyonce? Why do you "love that girl so much" when you don't even know her? Why are you concerned that she will be offended? Why are you bothered that people may think she is possessed? Why does the "image" of who she represents mean more to you than what the God says? And if that were not true, you would not be defending her here.

    You don't owe me any answers. Yet as a Christian, this is certainly something you would want to examine in your own time with the Lord.

    "The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell a dream; and he that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the LORD." Jeremiah 23:28

  69. Yes I do agree with you on so many aspects, probably all of them.

    And it does sadden me that in this world stars such as Beyonce are the most noteable examples of christianity in hollywood. This is something that needs attention by the church, but i guess you really can't stop people from claiming they are christian, you can't even judge a person on their level of christianity.

    And not once did I say that my "love" for Beyonce eclipses my love for others, if that wasn't made clear then I'll make it clear again now.

    and my point about Beyonce being offended is not to protect her pride, more to protect her already fragile state of mind so her situation would not worsen. if she really is as troubled as you put it, what would this video do to her? when i go about trying to get someone saved or come into church, i certainly wouldnt make a video about their wrong doings.

    And also I do know that a repentent heart is the only way back to the father, so why not promote that then the negativity that I saw in your videos.

    You said yourself that you set out for the video's to be a wake up call, well it definitly was a wake up call, but I must also ask you, what is more important, calling Beyonce on her sin or getting her saved.

    And i know perfectly well that when we stand before God he will look to see if we have repented and it is not all down to who we are inside or that "God see's our hearts".

    But on that note, it is God who will do the judgeing, not us, yet you have presumed to take the position of judge in this situation. You ask me why am I so "wrapped up" in Beyonce? well I'll ask you why are you so "wrapped up" in beyonce? why are you so intent upon disclaiming her? and why beyonce among the myriad of other starlets? this is not from a christian point of view i ask this our of curiosity.

    But why stop at Beyonce? why not to her agent and image consultant? her costume designer responsible for her scant clothing who is also her mother Tina? why not also judge her father Matthew responsible for pushing her into this career that, if your claims are to be believed, have lead to her posession by a demon named Sasha? why not his father and his fathers father all the way back to Adam who sinned in the first place and started this whole thing? but then why stop there? why not Judge God who still created even though he knew this was going to happen?

    When will the judging stop? when will you stop seeing her as just a name and image, but as a person underneathe the makeup and glamour who needs our empathy just as much as our prayers for her salvation.

    quote: Again, why are you so wrapped-up in Beyonce? Why do you "love that girl so much" when you don't even know her? Why are you concerned that she will be offended? Why are you bothered that people may think she is possessed? Why does the "image" of who she represents mean more to you than what the God says? And if that were not true, you would not be defending her here.

    well "latter days" i am not bothered that people may find her obsessed, I said clearly in my lats post that it was the way in which you approach the situation that bothers me, a pointed finger and judgemental view never saved anyone.

    you ask why I care so much about someone i dont even know and seem to be repeatedly throwing verses at me as if ive never read a bible before. well I have, and i know that maybe my love is more rooted in "agape" than you percieve.

    you go on about these different types of love and yet in your blog and videos i have not seen an inch of love shown.

    I know exactly what God says about love, and having unconditional love. and the reason why i defend her is because that is the subject of this blog, should this also be about a good friend, family member or other celebrity that i felt sorry for I would be doing the same thing.

    Jesus would love those he didnt know, those who were sinners, the conventional "filth" of society. I can't imagine Jesus talking or treating someone like this as you have. He first told the pharisees that he who is without sin may throw the first stone. are you so without sin that you are in any position to be making such accusations not just of Beyonce but of anyone?

    He then told the woman after the prying and judgemental eyes were long gone to "go and sin no more".

    You dont have to worry about Beyonce or her situation because it is up to God NOT us.

    "A person professing to be a Christian but actually living unGodly is NOT something for just them and God to decide. You know why? Because it causes others to fall. You wind up with people seeing hyporcrisy in the church and thinking that is okay."

    Yes you are right that people professing to be christian but living an un-godly life will lead people astray and create a reputation of hypocrisy around the church. But it IS between that person and God, NO ONE ELSE! who do you think you are to judging this girl or anyone else? If God needed his followers to judge for him he would be a retarded God. But thats not the fact, only he chooses not you. nor I. and no i dont need to read your blog on judging, i get my own information from a thing called the bible.

    and in saying that gods love is just beneath the surface was not an attempt to excuse her behaviour or make out that all would be alright in the end because God knows she jus underneathe, that statement was trying to illustrate the need for out reach and love in our society instead of pointing and accusing from a distance. It is terribly easy to slam someone but alot harder to reach into their world and show you care.

    the word also says alot of other things about love, that it is kind, meek, gentle, long suffereing, selfless. none of the things i have seen here. I have seen no love at all. This blog does NOT glorify God in the least, but in confirms the pre-conceived perception of so many unsaved people, that the church is just an institution of people ready to judge and crucify every and all sinners.

    I'm sorry if i offend you, but when i wrote on this blog i neither attacked you personally as a person or christian, but you have presumed judge me on my relationship with God when all I was focused on was this claim over Beyonce. the first reply i just ignored it but after your last post im sorry but you have lost a lot of credibility in my eyes. i at first thought this to be an intelligent conversation, but i am convinced now that you are as much of a fanatic as you claim Beyonce to be.

  70. Hi Tysong,

    The only question of relevance is what God thinks. This is not a popularity contest; it is about preaching the Gospel.

    Neither you nor I can “get someone saved.” The responsibility of the Christian is to be a witness. The Holy Spirit convicts the heart and brings about the new birth based on repentance. Salvation is a work of God alone.

    Have I judged Beyonce? No. But I have revealed what is going on. Do with that what you will.

    I am glad that you finally admit to be defending Beyonce. In fact, you spend more time defending Beyonce, than defending the Gospel. If something said was unScriptural, then identify it. But I will not be beholden to your "feelings" about whether this is a "loving" thing to do.

    Please also know that I cannot continue to approve your posts trying to justify Beyonce or put forth a watered-down Gospel that aims to cause people to wink at sin.

    You claim to be familiar with Scriptures, yet you continue to make statements that are unscriptural. I post verses not to be spewing Bible text, but to provide supporting documentation from God’s word on the matter. It doesn’t matter what I think or what you think. It only matters what God says.

    You clearly do not understand what God has said about judging. Let alone what judging is. Again, you may want to read our article on judging or just study what the Bible has to say about it.

    Lastly, the worst part is this is the perfect example how the idea of “love” has been so perverted. Love is what makes me feel good. Love is what placates my sin. Love is pretending that everything is fine and not telling the truth. Love is allowing people to be damned as long as you don’t tell them they are wrong. Love is not touching my idols. Love is keeping quiet about what saith the Lord.

    “And now I beseech thee, lady, not as though I wrote a new commandment unto thee, but that which we had from the beginning, that we love one another. And THIS IS LOVE, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, that, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.” II John 1:5-6

    “Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.” Matthew 22:37-38

  71. One more thing Tysong,

    This is not the forum to use to promote Beyonce or her doings.

    I understand you want this blog shut down and have issued a rally cry on Beyonce's website for her fans to come here and defend her.

    As I told you before, posts which promote a false Gospel or serve only to try and justify Beyonce will not be approved.

    If you really are a new convert to Christ, then I hope you take the time before Him to ask why she has such a hold on you.

  72. Latter Days,

    Tysong is just wrong. Don't worry about that. Just keep doing what you have been. beyonce's fans can be really crazy. They don't like anyone to say anything about her or they call you a hater.

    I wouldn't even be surprised if this guy is not a Christian. He sure seems to care more about Beyonce than God.

    God is using this to show people whats relly going on. I know I get a lot out of your posts and I know it is done in love.

    God Bless you

  73. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for the encouragement. Souls ties are truly strong. When you turn others into idols in your life, your worship places that idol in your soul. You identify so much with the idol that you take everything about them personally.

    Only repentance can break that hold through the power of Jesus Christ.

    God has a purpose for everything and I just hope that those who read Tysong's posts can see the bondage and confusion that this idolatry causes.

    YET, there is true freedom in Jesus Christ because He has come to set the captives free! May all who seek Jesus continue to make Him a priority in our lives as we live each day for Him.

    God Bless You as well!

  74. It is important for people here (Tysong in particular) to try and understand the actual purpose of this article. Let me ask you, why did the author of this article spend so much time putting all this together? What do you think? Is it because he wants people to merely turn their back on Beyonce and find another celebrity idol to worship? Or is it because he wants people to open their eyes and help them follow the right path, away from idolatry? This is not about Beyonce, mind you, it is about what is happening to Beyonce. It is about what is happening to you, the people who are affected by Beyonce. She wasn't chosen because of a personal "dislike", she was chosen because she is arguably the most popular entertainer in the world right now, which makes her the best target for Satan.

  75. I do have a question, though. How did you really come up with all this? How did you find it? Have you seen something - or heard something, for that matter - that made you go all the way back to 2003 and study her video/interviews? I suppose you don't keep them in an archive at home so there must've been something that turned suspicions into concrete belief and made you search for it.

  76. I see, very interesting. I'm glad it made it out for everyone to see. But did it help? How did those people in your family react to this? The younger ones in particular.

  77. I guess time will tell. The world can be so blinding and appealing, especially when you are young and think that time never ends. It is a strong pull to try and overcome and a BIG awakening for most to realize that this world is filled with fantasy and lies. They automatically believe everything the world says.

    Yet, as God opens the eyes, He also brings confirmation. My prayer for them would be the same for any. That they could come to know and serve Jesus.

  78. I have to admit that i felt like tysong at first. I was a big B fan, but i don't want to be up in her all like that. God means more to me. And I can see that something is wrong. i didn't want to admit it, but this article is too true. and when i saw those videos, I just couldn't deny it no more. Like someone else said, i am getting rid of that music and posters. I'm not putting her before my God. i know there are things I may not do right, but i see myself in tysong at least the way I used to be. not no more. when you hear it from someone else, it really does sound crazy. I couldn't see how crazy unyil i heard it from him. he could be a christian, we cannot say he isn't because i am one too. but i was just deceived.

  79. Hi Jackiep,

    I am glad that God is opening your eyes, not only to deception around you, but how it may have been affecting you in your life.

    Remember though, this is not about Beyonce. Like Jose said above, all idolatry is sin. Don't focus in on Beyonce, but ask God to show you any place where idolatry may be an issue.

    And don't beat yourself up. We ALL have things that God is working on. But the bottom line is we are to submit to God when He reveals sin in our lives. We are either submitting to Him and being cleansed or are we turning away from His chastisement.

    "For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth." Hebrews 12:6

    Although it doesn't "feel" like good, it is truly for our good because He is working out of us that which defiles.

    Your post is a prime example. We don't have to battle with folks and argue back and forth. God works on those who are His all by Himself. All we have to do is speak the truth.

    "But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes. And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient, in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth; And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will." II Timothy 2:23-26

    The interesting thing is that individuals "recover themselves" from the snare of the devil (as you are doing). Yet, this requires first that God gives them repentance so that they can acknowledge the truth.

    We must be willing to cast down every idol before we can even see the truth and repent.

    May God continue to be with you as you grow stronger in Him.

  80. hi my name is charles and this blog has been interesting to read. im a huge beyonce fan and i love her music. Her videos,to me,have just now become meaningful from an artistic point of view. I identify with the whole sasha fierce thing because i perform as well and actually have several alter egos,not saying that they take over my life,but depending on the performance that ego is who's performing. once im offstage im "me" again and continue life as usual. does beyonce do some trashy things...yeah lol but sometimes her music makes me feel good and not in a sinful way,but a "wow,i feel much better today"kind of way. Sasha fierce is my "getting ready for work" music and beyonce is my "wind down,mood music". my alter egos have names,but its for fun purposes not because im possessed.To say she's a sell out or a product of society is more fair than saying she's possessed.Some music is pure garbage but videos aside,her music has meaning. She and i share alot of similar feelings as far as music. Im not saying how she performs is tasteful because alot of her dancing from her first two cds didnt move me at all,but single ladies was entertaining and was a great insight on "j setting" a gay dance routine. I just ask you to see it from a lighter less "fires and brimstones" and more "she's a performer that will throw sasha fierce to the side after a while". She's been improving lately as far as music and its less sexual and more empowering. thats why i enjoy this album more than any other because it actually speaks to me more than entertains me.

  81. Hello Charles,

    We would agree that Beyonce is very talented. However, the purpose of this ministry is not to evaluate her talent, but to represent Jesus Christ. There is no "lighter" perspective, only God's perspective. Our obligations are to Him alone.


  82. A number of Beyonce fans are stating how she will likely stop using the "Sasha Fierce" image soon.

    It is important for people to understand that this may very well be true, but perhaps for reasons you do not perceive.

    Beyonce has given you that reason herself.

    She is no longer fighting and disconnecting herself from Sasha as she has been over the years. Now she says, "I Am Sasha Fierce".

    It shows that her whole being is being consumed by this demon, Sasha. There is no need to speak of separate personalities, because they are now one.

    So when you write speaking of how she is going to stop referring to Sasha, understand that you are only confirming the state of possession.

  83. To be brutally honest, it is highly unlikely that anyone who finds the Single Ladies video "entertaining" will agree with these assertions here. Don't expect a rotten tree to give you good apples. And I have to disagree with you, Charles - her songs have very little meaning, even from a non-religious point of view. I will admit that I am not familiar with her entire catalogue but from what I've seen - which is more than enough to obtain a fair perspective - the overwhelming majority of her songs talk about and promote ideas of materialism and promiscuity. Sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant. What is she telling her fanbase then, which consists of mainly young, easily influenced girls? She teaches them, among other things, to act like a whore and to seek fulfillment in worldly, material things. And I often see people actually defending her actions by making the asinine statement that "she is not like that in real life and only acts that way on stage and for the cameras." But let me tell you something here, it does not matter if she dresses, acts, or talks differently in private. You know why? Because that is not the face she consciously shows her fans to emulate. That privte face is not even meant for the world to see. The way she performs on stage and in her videos is the way she wants to be viewed. By that same logic, it is perfectly possible for a "real" prostitute to look like a classy, God-fearing woman when she's off-duty - but that doesn't make her any less of a prostitute.

  84. In light of the current discussion. Its fitting to mention the new title of "Mimi's" MARIAH CAREY'S new CD: 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel'

    = Fallen Angel!!

  85. Hi Axu,

    I have to admit that I don't follow any of these artists (including Beyonce). It is probable that there are many others also being used by the nephilim to direct worship to Satan. The same could be very true about Mariah Carey, but I have no knowledge of that.

    Just so no one is confused, there are other ministries out there who focus on evaluating artists and their works. We get lots of requests to analyze other artists, but that is not our focus.

    This piece on Beyonce was done for a specific reason and - unless God gives further direction on the matter - this will likely be our only foray into that area.

    It is worth noting however, that just as you mention, this is not about or limited to Beyonce. Satan is a major influence in the music industry and he is using it to turn the mind of man against God. Be careful what you hear.

  86. Thank you so much to the author of this article and the ones who helped with the research. My children and I loved to listen to Beyonce, literally, until yesterday. My brother showed me the Truth about Hip Hip Youtube clips and the Sasha Fierce series which I had no idea. I've never really watched videos so when it was broken down my eyes were wide open. I knew about phallic and demonic symbols, even the statues that are claimed to be saints really being these pagan gods. In Churches! I tried to show my boyfriend what I learned yesterday and all did was laugh and make excuses that I normally hear about music and it just being entertainment, blah blah, blah. It was quite sad. So, I told my children about Beyonce and they are only 9 and 8 but are very smart and at times keeps me on the straight and narrow for fear that they will follow. They were sad to hear the news but agreed, she should no longer be listened. I have to re-do my ipod now.

    I also just wanted to say thank you for the biblical references. A lot of folks want people to believe what they say but have no proof and can hardly referenced the bible if they tried. Very good. Keep up the good work for God. I am beginning, yet again, my journey back to Christ for myself and my children. Please pray for me.


  87. I just want to say thank you for the work and research that went into creating awareness about music and the deep ties that Beyonce & Jay Z's music has with the occult. I'm in the process of doing more research on this since there is a generation that could be lost forever if their eyes are not open to the deception and lies which as prophesied will be prevalent in these last days. I have a passion for God, His word and young people and it breaks my heart to see them sit in church, in the presence and under the anointing of God and not be moved, having hardened hearts, totally cut off.. it didn't make sense to me until I discovered their addiction to music and music video's. Above all else, let us keep on praying, interceeding for the millions upon millions of young people who are being deceived daily... :-(

  88. A few years ago at a church conference we watched one of the truth about hip hop videos. When I started to reach this, I immediately thought of the video. While I pretty much understand and agree with article, it sort of makes you wonder. When you start to think of all the possible implications of demonic forces in our everyday lives (the way we dress, what we eat, our careers), where do you draw the line. It's almost as if (and I dont want to offend anyone)you have to seclude yourself such as those families that take their children to the middle of nowhere. they're not allowed to have anything modern, date, or listen to anything. But if we continue to distance ourselves more and more. Then we are not doing out work and our jobs as Christians. The Great Commission Matthew 28:19,20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in[a] the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

    I guess what I'm asking is how do we save others while distancing ourselves from this lifestyle. People don't wanna listen to us (what they call Jesus freaks) "preach" to them?

  89. Hi Anonymous,

    We are to be aware of Satan's devices, not fearful of them. As you say, how are we to accomplish our mission of witnessing to others about the love of Jesus if we have shut ourselves away from those in the world?

    God's answer is to sanctify us from the world even while we are in the midst of it. How? By allowing God's word to be a barrier between us and evil - as we submit to it. Evil may be around us, but we don't have to open a door for it to get a stronghold within us.

    "I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." John 17:14-17

    Jesus said it this way, "...for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me." John 14:30b

    Every person knows if there is something in the world that is pulls on them.

    "But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed." James 1:14

    When we sin, it is not because we are "around" sin. It is because their is something within us that desires the sin.

    For example, if lust is not in you, it doesn't matter how naked the girl is. It doesn't faze you. If you don't have a heart to steal, it doesn't matter how much money is around you, you don't have a desire to take what is not yours.

    We are not defiled by being next to sin. We are defiled by participating in sin as a result of what is in our hearts.

    The focus should not be on outward appearance such as what you where, eat, etc.

    "Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man." Matthew 15:17-20

    So yes, we are called to be witnesses. But the mistake people make is that they pretend to be "witnessing" when they are really just indulging their own fleshly desires.

    They hang out at the club claiming to be a "witness" for Jesus, yet deep down inside they know that they just want to be in the club. They claim to be telling some girl about the Lord, but in truth they are just trying to get next to her. They hang out with folks that they know have no interest in Christ claiming to be preaching the Gospel, when the truth is just that they just love the world more than God.

    If Jesus Christ is really first in your life, then He is sanctifying you from sin as you submit to Him. This not only means that He is protecting you from evil, but that He is actually changing your heart so that begin to desire those things that please Him.

    "Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalms 37:4

    There is no need to worry about Satan's devices if you are being sincere before God. However, the worse mistake one can make is play God for a fool and use Christianity as a cover to just continue the same sin we claim Jesus has delivered us from.

    The distance we need from sin is that inner cleansing of the heart which comes from the washing of the water by the word. Your best witness to anyone else is the beauty of a life laid down in service to Jesus so that He may be seen in you. Don't get caught up in outward conformity which only leads to legalism and self-righteousness.

    Just trust in Jesus Christ and follow His direction for your life.

  90. This of course has given and shown alot of things and it's sad. I wish that there were others that could understand this concept. This really opened my eyes to alot of things not just Beyonce and the whole Sasha Fierce experience. These are I believe the days of trouble and misunderstanding. We have to pray for the prayers of the righteous avails much!!!

  91. We need to pray for her but many others who are "Christians" nad admire this demon that is in her. Unfortunately let this be a lesson to us all just saying you are a christian is not enough. Every hour every day walk in God's word it is our only weapon against the principalities of darkness.

    For many the seduction of money and fame is too great. Her family has been seduced too. Her father was involved with prostitutes which is sad because the parents can't see what is happening as they have their own addictions.

    Anyone who calls himself Hova has serious issues. And those who think this is ok have demon's in them as well and need to repent and renounce them. No God fearing and loving person should be comfortable with the hip hop music or these nicknames the Jay-Z's of this world give themselves. And all those hand gestures and the eye of Horus..people wake up!

  92. Hi! This blog sounds like something that I went through. Since 2007 I have been struggling with an evil spirit that I think entered through me when I came in contact with some guy. I remember saying I had an alternate ego that did things I would not do and that I felt like the real me was dying inside. I remember feeling like I couldn't fight it. My good friend could see what was going on and stood by me since then. I thought it was gone but after watching the videos I realized it was still in me and last night I was delievered. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated and now I pray for Beyonce and even Jay-Z. People may not believe me when I say this is real and happened to me but me and my friend know the truth. Thanks for posting this. I think it was meant for me to see this blog.

  93. My spirit is in total agreement with this article. I 2 used to listen to rap, r&b and knew deep down what i kept feeding my spirit was going to eventually devour me. Thank God he has kept drawing me to him despite my sins and rebellion. I used 2 look at Beyonce with disgust at her half nudity but God also spoke 2me about judging others. AFter reading your article, i stopped gossiping about her and now am praying 4 her.
    ON a side note- do you believe we are in the endtimes-i mean around the corner-i definitely do-would luv 2 hear ur input. God Bless

  94. When I first heard this cd i realized something was not rite and it was propaganda to brainwash God's children along with many other things these day. I hope everyone can wake up before its to late.. God bless!!! I would say peace but im not because in my opinion that's propaganda as well...

  95. This is a valuable article which describes the values prevalent in many areas of society today - whether politics, economics the mass-media and more.
    It gives us direct insight into the negative forces at play everywhere.
    What is most important is the individual's personal relationship to God, the Creator.

  96. for all of you saying you are praying for beyonce and jay z, don't waste your time. They knowingly accept demons in them for fame and money. Furthermore, they are most likely part of a bloodline, like obama and bush are cousins. She and jay z performed for obama at his inauguration party.

    They have already accepted their mark willingly. check the tattoos on their fingers.

    pray for yourselves and love God instead as jay and B are forever lost.

  97. To the above comment we don't know if they are lost forever and I will do what Jesus would want me to do and that is pray for her.

  98. A friend of mine enlightened me on this situation on yesterday. She started her research when she read comments on a blog about Chris Brown not performing on the recent BET Awards show. There were people that made statements about Jay Z being associated with Illuminati and being the antichrist. She put me on to this and I've decided to develope my own blog to enlighten others on what has come of our society. I know it was nothing but God that brought this our way because we have very similar mind sets. We love the same kinds of music and are both passionate about God. I thank you for developing this site and opening so many eyes. God Bless!


  100. If you are trully at peace with who you are, you beliefs, and your faith in God, then you would never feel the need to justify your actions and thoughts because in your heart you believe that you are at peace just like the Lord is at peace with you. The single fact that Beyonce feels the need to justify her "alter ego" is the sole example that she is possesed some other force. I have heard of this before, not to this extreme, but clearly she is being used to convey a message of the destruction of the human soul and spirit. Even her song titles I have recently noticed are very eery ex: "Freakum Dress"

  101. The Voice Of ReasonJuly 5, 2009 at 5:16 PM


    I have been studying the truth about matters such as this for some time now and i have to say that this has really helped me. No doubt you may have heard of Rhianna's decent into possession also.
    For people like this to lower themselves so far is entirely their choise. They made the decision to accept these demons and so they must deal with the consequences. The fact is, they could have refused. If they had the sense and the willpower they couldve fought against it, but they accepted it with open arms. I dont really know what God is; all I know is that God is a force bigger than all the people in the world put together, and you do NOT want to get on his bad side. I hope they realise they are not immortal soon enough...

  102. We are all children of God no .after who we chose to follow love your brothers and sisters no matter what. Pray for them And do not judge.God has given us all free if you don't like ways going on in this world get on your knees with your children and pray!
    Jesus loves you no matter what.

  103. No, we are not all children of God and not everyone is one's brother and sister. Christians are charged by God to judge things righteously.

    "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated." Romans 9:13

  104. Hi Anonymous,

    If you want to know God, then I would suggest that a good place to start would be reading the Scriptures.

    Some say that God is too big as a way to imply that He cannot be known by man.

    I think there are only 3 options about God:

    * Either a supreme, omnipotent God does not exist, OR

    * A supreme, omnipotent God does exist, but He does not make it possible to know Him, OR

    * A supreme, omnipotent God does exist and He makes it possible to know Him.

    If God is as awesome and big as you suggest (and I as believe as well), then it would really be a small thing for Him to find a way to communicate Himself to man, wouldn't you think?

    Don't let the awesomeness of God intimidate you from getting to know Him. Also, do not by into deceptive logic that would make it seem like such is impossible.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  105. Hello everyone. I am so happy people are starting to see these things. I was a big fan of beyonce and i thought she was the perfect looking woman. I wanted to be look like her. After the I am sasha fierce album was released, I had most of the songs.However, i got very curious when i realized that beyonce admitted that she and sasha are two different persons. I started researching and now i dont listen to her songs anymore. I am struggling to give up secular music altogether.People say im paranoid, but her music was addictive, and almost irresistible. That is not normal. I am a christian , but sometimes its a struggle since i get distracted by these worldly things Secular music harbors lustful thoughts in my mind.People please listen to this. This is serious. The enemy is fighting for your soul. IT is a battle. and if its not Christ like , then its from the devil. there is no middle ground. If only we could see the spiritual warfare going on behind the scenes. On the brighter side we have victory through Christ, our loving savior. He has paid the price on Calvary,and wants so much to give us life abundantly. The devil knows that, this is why he is trying so hard. Remember, this world is corrupt, and presumptuously listening to her music knowing its not from CHrist will only harm you. Christ is a gentleman, he wont go where he is not wanted. The enemy however, the father of all lies tries to manipulate us through music and other things. Please let CHrist into your heart. Its the only way to experience joy in this sin sick world, and let us all pray for beyonce. God bless

  106. Hey Later Days,
    Thanks for bring this to the forefront. Let those who have Ears Hear & those who have Eyes SEE.

    I was in the Music Industry for 13 yrs & last yr had my calling to Christ thankfully. There's so much alot of people dont know about within the Entertainment Industry including alot of artist. Some are fully aware of what there getting into others plead the fifth claiming it's too late to fall back as they've worked too hard to get there to go back to being broke. It's amazing what MAN would do to get RICH or be FAMOUS!

    I could tell you all about things you wouldnn't even begin to Fathom... Lets just say there are thing in this world we're just not meant to know about... All we need is Jesus...... The best song I ever heard is " Read Your BIBLE & PRAY EVERYDAY" this will keep you from the evils of this world.

    For those who turn a blind eye do some research if you may on satan and see what his role was before he fell from grace then you'll understand why the music, media & entertainment industry is what it is in these days also why t has a stronghold. Turning a blind eyeor shrogging you shoulders at this is why The Lord say My People Suffer because of Ignorance!!!

    Keep Up the work & Fighting the Good Fight!

  107. My name is lauren and i believe all of this is true however, i was reading the lyrics to jay z's song lucifer and after the part when he says And when I perish
    The meek shall inherit the earth
    Until that time it's on a poppin - Church, he never said he never reads the bible and he doesnt know how he knew that though. i mean i dont understand why he would say that anyway because why would he say its on and poppin church? that definately sounds like a demon and i thank you for this blog =]

  108. Hi Lauren,

    The part where Jay-Z says He never read the Bible and didn't even know those words was not from the actual song itself. These were words he stated during one of the recording sessions to create the song.

    If you look in the article, there should be a link there taking you to a copy of that video. That snippet is also included in one of the videos on the possession page here on this blog.

  109. Whats the point of all this? Im not closed minded, and im not calling you a bad person for doing all this. But did u really have to do all this just to tell everyone what YOU believe. Beyonce is a performer. As you see in videos she says she 'MADE' sasha up, to help her on stage. And alot of people are now calling her a 'whore' since you've ENLIGHTENED us. And says she is poisoning the minds of our youth, Which i dont believe. I have to say, some kids may look up to her, and may try and imitate her. But i think people need to stop blaming things on celebrities, even though they dont make it easy..but start blaming it on the parents. If kids had closer relations with their parents and family, they wouldnt need someone like beyonce to be their IDOL. im 14 years old, and i look up to her. but that DOES NOT mean im going to get on stage and do the things she does. She is a sweet women, and i think this blog just disgraces her. And i saw one other thing you said, And i also disagree. We are all children of god. And if you dont believe that, then im afraid to know what else. Its people like you, who make teens turn away from god. And people need to know, that WE ARE ALL PEOPLE, NOT GOD. And who cares what PEOPLE say. Only god can judge you. And no matter what anyone says, were all in this together.

  110. Hello Anonymous,

    You are very articulate for a fourteen year old, which seems to show a certain level of maturity. Therefore, I am hoping that you at least acknowledge the possibility that there may be some things in life you have yet to understand or discover.

    Do you know Jesus Christ? Because at the end of the day, that is what is most important. Not what I believe, not what you believe, but what God has to say.

    To know the truth in a matter, you can go to Jesus and ask Him to reveal it to you. It is not my job to convince or argue with anyone.

    You certainly speak the truth about the need for parents to take proper responsibility and oversight for their children. You know an even bigger problem? Many parents do not know Jesus Christ so they don't have any idea how to promote a Godly influence in their children's lives.

    We are not all God's children. One only becomes a child of God by being born again by His Spirit. Otherwise, one is spiritually a child of Satan.

    You know what makes people turn to or away from Jesus? What is in their own hearts. Don't ever think that someone else can "turn you away" from God. That is a cop out. People reject God because they prefer darkness rather than light.

    Do you honestly think that we bear no responsibility for our own image and reputation? God does not make excuses for man, and neither will I. We are each responsible before Him for how we live our lives.

    God is the judge of man, just as you say. However, He loves us all and wants us to submit to Him in faith through Jesus Christ. Because of this, He sends His church forth to proclaim His words...even words or warning so that people will not be deceived. So when the people of God speak the judgments of God, those are in fact the judgments of God. Don't ever assume that just because a man or woman says something, it has to be only their opinion. God speaks through His people.

    Again, if you want to know the truth about anything, seek and obey Jesus Christ. Don't "look up to" any person, but look up to God.

  111. I don't know why this is such a surprise to people. It would be one thing if beyonce was singing gospel songs and making gospel albums...she's not. She is doing exactly what a sinner does...sin. Y should we expect her to do any different?? Maybe at one time in her life she named the name of jesus, but CLEARLY she has gotten away from that. I think we need to be focused on those christian artists who are making albums and videos and living a ungodly and unholy life. I'm not tryna make light of what beyonce is doing...but really, what do you expect? and for there to be so many "religous" people on this site, they sure know ALOT about her and her music. Beyonce doin what she do...good or bad. We need to just keep her lifted up in our prayers, but at the end of the day she's NOT living a christian life, therefore what more do you expect?

  112. Great Post. I am glad to see more and more people identifying what is really going on here.

  113. Hi Anonymous,

    I agree with a lot of what you have said. There seem to be a number professing Christians more concerned with lifting up Beyonce than lifting up the Lord. This reeks of compromise and idolatry.

    Neither should we expect any sinner to do other than what sinners do...sin. This is why they (and we) need a Savior. We were all lost in sin at some point before turning to Jesus Christ.

    I also agree that many "Christian" artists are just as, they are worse because they CLAIM to know and represent the their lives and careers.

    Also, it was never our intent to examine Beyonce's (or anyone's) "life" to see whether it is Godly. This article was done to expose the demonic influence being peddled through her image and to help people wake up to this type of deception going on all around us.

    The call is for all to turn away from all idols and towards Jesus Christ, for the time is at hand.

  114. Thank you for your insight on the truth about the music and entertainers we have been listening to for years, and never knew that most of the videos and songs were demonic. There are still a lot people that don't believe, but the truth have been told, and they will be without excuse before Jesus Christ. Keep doing what you do for the kingdom of Jesus, he loves us all and wants us to be SAVED, but he also gives you that CHOICE.

  115. The past 6 years have been really hard living as a christian, one especially being that I like secular music and anytime I would come across information such as has been presented in this blog, I would try to do something about it, like throw out cds and all that. But overtime slowly go back to that kind of music. I never knew about this whole Beyonce's alter ego thing, till today and it is quite shocking what I've found out not only from this blog but from other souces too. I know should go trash some if not most of my music collection but I know that will not be enough, only Jesus can truly touch a hardened heart(which I believe I may now have) and make someone truly repent from their sins. Thanks for taking the time to post this, It certainly isn't a waste because heaven rejoices even for the salvation of just one soul. Problem now is I don't want again to be like those who'll hear the truth and still go back, I'm tired of living like that so please pray for me.

  116. Hi, my name is Emma and I have a question, my daughter is almost three and I was thinking about putting her into ballet (it is so gracious and I think she could really give glory to God with her futur dancing. However, the dance classes are giving by secular teachers and the music they are dancing on is also secular. Is it a choice that could lead her to secular music and atrracts? Because, at home we rarely listen to other music but gospel.

    Thank you

  117. Hi Emma,

    I studied ballet for most of my life and other forms of dance too. Ballet mostly used classical music for instruction although other forms might use more contemporary music.

    If your precious one is only three, you will likely see that as they grow older they will likely be exposed to a growing number of things not promoted in your home through other family members, friends, school, etc. We have found for our own children that the best defense against that is a solid foundation in God at home, honest communication about what we believe is appropriate, and prayer.

    There is a draw to all music mostly because music is spiritual. However, in order for a love of something unGodly to take root in her soul, it would have to override everything else she is being raised with.

    I cannot tell you what is best for your child and I pray that God gives you the wisdom you seek here. Just know that it will not be possible to prevent them from ever being exposed to things you may not support.

    Perhaps as well there might be a Christian dance class offered in your area, I know a few of those are around in my area.

    God Bless!

  118. "What does it profit a woman if she gains the whole world but forfeits her soul?"
    The entire New York, Nashville, L.A. music industry is geared towards making money from talented kids and dumping them as soon as the profits start to run out..and if they make more money out of promoting those that get possessed in the process..they are only more excited. They couldn't care less for the girl..they want the money they get from her..and many kids buy into the system for as hard a ride as they can get..but the fading world music system will be destroyed at the return of King Jesus..and His Kingdom will be forever..invest yourself in Him!

  119. This is so amazing. I thank you for your obedience to God, and being a true disciple of Jesus. I understand the dual personality thing on such a deep level. Not having a disorder of the mind, but the spiritual duality of the mind. I am a rapper and lover of hiphop. I used to smoke weed and drink, and attribute my writing success to being high. It seems like my best songs came when I was high, I realize now that I was deceived into thinking that that was the source for my creativity, and I also see how it took more and more to get me to that level. I developed a really bad addiction needless to say started experimenting with other drugs, neglected my responsibilities and encouraged others to do the same. Inderectly of course, but still it was wrong. I went by the name flower child, I have a cowgirl with a smoking gun representing a bad chick of course who is tough in one hand and in the other a blunt. That persona of me was hardcore, didnt take no crap, tough. On my other arm I had a pond with a lotus blossom. That was flower serene, soft, emotional innocent. thanks be to God that he changed my life and that my identity is in Christ now and not the world. Thanks

  120. Hi latterdayministry, I was reading this blog and it very interesting, I respect your work and how u spread this knowledge of demons, and how doing good is no excuse for sinning. Now the topic is of Beyonce being Sasha fierce and all, but what about your ministry knowing that the seventh day is the sabbath and still worshipping on saturday. I know a lot of the ministers / master. Etc have knowledge of this and would actually keep the sabbath(saturday in their own time). Now agreeing that god is perfect, do u think that he would change his commandments in exodus 20? Why is it clearly there and we don't do it( keep the sabbath holy). And why is that commandment less important than the others.

  121. Hi Yancey,

    I am actually working on a post to address the Sabbath as this was asked of us previously. It has just taken a moment to complete that as God has pulled me in other areas.

    However, I believe that I am just about done with that, so please check back soon to see that article. The Sabbath day was never changed from Saturday, but I understand there is a lot of confusion around this.

    In the meantime, you may want to read the article called "The Spirit of the Law", which addresses how the law applies to the lives of Christians today.


  122. ok thanks for the reply, ill be checking around for updates on this, and the reason i ask is because i would always ask "sunday worshippers" this but everyone doesnt have a straight answer, they would just say something and would brush me off. It also made me think of your response to Gavin on Jan 16

    "Hi Gavin, thanks for posting.

    No one has said that Jay-Z or Beyonce should be perfect or that anyone else is (other than Jesus).

    Have you ever read Matthew 7:22-24? Reliance on what we think are good works will cause us to be rejected by God. We cannot bribe God by asking Him to accept the "good" we have done as a payment for our disobedience. There is only one payment for our sin, and that is faith in Jesus Christ.

    You are aboslutely right that as long as we believe in Jesus and repent of our sins, we are fine with God. However, repentence means a turning away from sin. If you continue in sin, then you have not repented."

    Also in response to dionne on Jan 30th.

    However I would be thankful for your post on "the sabbath", i hope i understand this more.

  123. Sure. Check back in a week. I hope to have it up by then. Perhaps we can discuss it more at that time.

    God Bless!

  124. Thank you for this information.

    I found some extra proof for your case.

    Please take a look at this picture:

    Notice Beyonce's dress.
    It is decorated with a bull's/goat's head on top, and a goat skull in flames painted on it. Symbols of Satan in hellfire.

    The dress is actually part of a motorcycle: mirrors, handles, top of the tank.

    Beyone is here depicted as an Hell's Angel. She is representing Satan.

  125. Hi ApacheNL,

    Yeah, I have seen that too. The Baphomet is clearly emblazoned across her chest.

    Someone sent me the Sweet Dreams video which is filled with occult overtones, even starting with a representation of the Holy Spirit (a dove) leaving Beyonce before she starts levitating. Even the words of that song continue to depict her being involved with something dark.

    It is amazing to me as I look at these things and wonder how anyone can deny what is going on with her. They are not even hiding it anymore.

    Either way, while it is my hope that she turns to Jesus Christ, those who follow her need to also wake-up. Satan is slick, but even that is no excuse. As Scripture say:

    "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil." John 3:19

  126. can you tell us more about the occult elements in the sweet dreams video? i figured its full of symbols but don't really know about them. thank you

  127. Hi Anonymous,

    I am not sure that there is anything new revealed in the Sweet Dreams video that isn't already shown in some of her others. Outside perhaps of the symbolism implying that the Holy Spirit has left her. The same good/evil, black/white, dual personality, and relationship with some other worldly dark force is present.

    My hope is that people would not focus on Beyonce or her videos. But that they would seek Jesus Christ during these end times. People can single in on Beyonce and be oblivious to other demonic forces in their lives, whether through music artists or other venues.

    I am not saying this is you. Only saying that God gives wisdom so that we can be wise, and not just puffed up with knowledge. If we knew every demonic thing being perpetrated out there, that still wouldn't make us right before Him. Again, I am not saying this is your position. I just want to explain why I am not continuing the examination of Beyonce or any other. Unless of course God instructs me to. :-)

  128. I am so grateful for this post...I am a Christian that has experienced the awesomeness of God's grace and blessings BUT I too am a young entertainer. I love the Performing Arts (music, dance, modeling, etc)
    I often find myself torn...going back and forth. Its seems that every time and opportunity comes my way to plateau my career...God saves me from the turmoil that exists within the entertainment industry.
    My church family warned me to be weary of the entertainment industry and I do understand the power of music and how it can be dark, evil...ultimately leading to the worship of Satan.
    My problem is, I love performing and entertaining and I do want a successful career...BUT how do I do that w/out compromising my salvation?

  129. i thanks you for this blog... i been searching a lot on the whole evil think on the music industry for quiet a long time now.
    and as many people have probable already told u already,
    I started on this whole thing though Sasha farces I mean been a big fan of Beyonce. The creation of such a character caught my attention.
    she did amused and outrage me at the very same time. Just for the fact that I didn’t like the look of this character. And I knew rite and then that she was putting in to compromise her Christianity.
    so I started to research on the whole think and ended up discovering the whole try.. Sense then I made it my mission to preach for all the people around me and as I already knew I found a lot of people that just didn’t want to acknowledge the true… It could be fear of the true, luck of spiritual work, or simply a bad soul….. I don’t know.

    But I beg all of u to pray to God, for this girl’s soul as she is crying out for help and as u have been enlightened with the ability to read trough her words and understand the real meaning of them. Pray to the lord to save her… and avoid any popular music out there.
    Lets prey for all of them. No to Jesus Christ but to God him self.

  130. Hi Anonymous,

    I had a performing arts background too, so I can understand your point. You compromise Christianity not by your career choice, but by choosing things that against the glory of God.

    It is possible for you to be successful in a performing arts career simply because that may be where God wants you to be. But if so, it will be based on His terms and where He sees you need to be.

    Also, I am not sure how you are defining "success." Someone is prosperous in God's terms when they are doing His will. But the worldly terms of prosperity have to do with being elevated according to world standards. God does not define success by money or popularity. But I am sure you know this as well.

    It is true though about how much is perverted. Take modeling for example since you mention that. There are shows out there like America's Next Top Model or She's Got the Look. In seeing the commercials, it is amazing to me how much they degrade these women. They force them to be naked, to dress up as sub-human, to lose all discretion and modesty, and they promote deviancy such as homosexuality. The individuals behind these shows seem to take real joy in debasing these women. Yet, this is supposed to be about just modeling.

    Be wise and prayerful as you move forward. The most important thing is to keep God first in your heart and seek His will for your life. As you follow, He will lead you in all things.

  131. Hi Anonymous,

    It seems that you are seeking to distinguish the lies of the world from the truths of God, and I commend you for that. You will likely find as you keep looking that what the Scriptures say is true:

    "...the whole world lieth in wickedness." I John 5:19b

    However, there is one comment you made that I would like to correct.

    Jesus IS God. So, when you pray to Him you are praying to God. It is in His name that we are to pray.

    If you are seeking truth outside of Jesus, then you will be led to a He is the Truth.

  132. So...does that mean that wearing eye liners and eye shadows is wrong?

    How exactly are we being affected by just listening to her song as a way of entertainment and relaxation?

    I'd really appreciate it if you could answers my questions, I am really looking for the truth.

    I know there's a lot going on around us then we seem to notice but...I mean I'm sure neither Jay-Z or Beyonce created those videos...or did they?

    And many people's faith remain untouched despite her songs..

    ~Just seeking the TRUTH~

  133. Hi SamieCherie,

    No, wearing eyeliner or shadow is not wrong. I was pointing out that "Sasha" typically uses a pattern of having dark make-up on the eyes that extends back to the ears which is used in dedication rituals to imitate the eye of Horus.

    Music is spiritual and part of what I mean by that is that it deals directly with your subconscious. It can completely bypass your thought and will and start affecting your soul, whether for good or bad. Have you ever gone in a store and left singing the song playing on the loud speaker wondering why you were singing the son, but unable to get it out of your head? That is an example.

    Really though, what I describe in that article has more to do with worship. Many people don't just listen to music for relaxation, but they idolize the singers (which is worship). When you worship another, you open yourself up to the spirits in that person.

    Also, I cannot speak for people's faith. There have been some professing Christians even responding here that have already compromised their faith, whether they know it or not.

    The most important thing to do is just seek God with your whole heart.

  134. wow i really do beleive this now you really do have to be careful what you listen to!!!!

  135. It amazes me how so many women view Beyonce/Sasha as a "perfect" role model. A friend of the family took her pre-teen daughter OUT OF STATE to 'experience' Beyonce live! At the time I didn't understand exactly why that felt so wrong to me..., now I do. Also, I could never quite understand my pure disdain for Jay-Z. (I am totally unfamiliar with his work.)
    Another topic is the "I Am" used..., whenever I hear this phrase, I think of the Almighty.
    My brothers and sisters need to really wake up and fast! This young man openly refers to himself as "hova"...and then throws the Jay in front of it. They may have sold their souls for fame and fortune, but so many more are doing the same just to feel that they are "hip".

  136. I think this was so scary! I never paid attention to the detail, but it makes perfect sense.

    However, I have a question. Does Jay-Z throwing up the diamond really the eye of Horus? Due to his team's name (Rocafella, aka "The Rock" - or the rock like a diamond). As far as people know, that's what that symbol is - a symbol of a diamond or "the rock." Now, I have also heard of stories that Jay-Z is a Freemason (therefore throwing up the "triangle"). Is it the triangle, the rock (diamond) or the eye of Horus? How do we know exactly what to believe? It could honestly be any of those things.

  137. great post, thank you for it!

  138. Hi Anonymous,

    I sure didn't post this to scare anyone. Although I suppose the initial realization that live in a spiritual reality and deal with spiritual forces could be unnerving.

    Jesus tells us to know no man after the flesh for that exact reason. In other words, we need to understand that we ourselves are spirits and that we are interacting with spirits all of the time...whether for good or bad. The flesh is only where our spirits are housed, but it is not the essence of who we are.

    Nonetheless, I would say that the all-seeing eye, the triangle, and the "roc"/diamond are all related.

    If you research the Rockefellers, you will find that they are one of the global elite banking families influencing world governmental policies. There are also masonic/illuminati ties in that family line.

    So, you are correct in noticing the masonic relevance. They have in masonry what is called sacred geometry. In sacred geometry, you find that shapes and their relationship to numbers have spiritual meaning. Sacred geometry is also a large component in architecture, hence the masonry connection.

    There is much too much to get into here, but you can look-up that topic and see the connections they hold, the shapes (square/diamond, triangle, circle), architecture (pyramids, masonry, monuments), and spiritual "enlightenment."

    They all reinforce the message that these individuals believe they have attained to an illuminated or higher spiritual knowledge (which is really Luciferian).

    Here is a video that highlights how these symbols have been used (or rather hidden) in movies.

    I don't agree with everything put forth by this video/poster, but it does show how this symbolism is so prevalent in society.

    Lastly, the most important thing is not that you know about the Illuminati or even about who is promoting demons. The most important thing is that you get to know Jesus Christ. The spiritual warfare is real.

  139. Craig,

    Hey, after reading and taking all this in, I am blown away and deeply saddened that such a beautiful woman with such talent is loosing control of her own soul. I try not to hate anybody but I have negative feelings towards Jay Z for doing this to her. Is there anyway to contact Beyonce via email, social network, etc? I seriously want to reach out to her. I just hope shes not too far gone already. This is so sad.



  140. Hi Earl,

    I am not sure who Craig is, but I agree that this is a truly sad situation.

    One thing though is that a spiritual battle requires spiritual weapons. If you truly desire to see her set free (and those emulating her), then keep her and those others in prayer. There can come a time where people reach a point of no return, but unless God specifically tells you not to pray for someone, then pray for them.

    Our adversary is Satan, not Beyonce, not Jay-Z, etc. Whether people willingly serve Satan or are deceived into doing so, we war not against the flesh.

    My concern is that too much of the church has been fed a false Christianity that not only leaves them unprepared for the battle, but makes them prisoners of war. I am not speaking about you, I am talking about the need for everyone to understand what we are really dealing with.

    I say, let God have His way in our lives and the lives of others. If it is His will for Beyonce to see this article, then so be it. Yet, it is also entirely possible that the Lord can reach her in other ways. Nonetheless, it is her choice, as it is with each of us, whom we will serve. My prayer is that His will be done, in this and all things.

    More important perhaps (because this is the only thing we can control), is each individual's own standing before Him. There are millions of beautiful and talented young people out there. When we meet them on the street, see them in the store, pass them in the hallways...are we prepared to be witnesses for Jesus Christ to them? Do they see Jesus Christ in us? When there are those who are hurting and demon possessed on our jobs, in our schools, in our families, can we bring the light of Jesus Christ to bear on their lives so that they can be set free?

    There is ample opportunity for us to serve the Lord for there are many lost and bound all around us. May we pray and intercede for all who are lost that they may come to the glorious gospel of Christ.

    Thanks for your comments!

  141. Hi, my name is Kevin. I came by this website by chance (more than likely by the grace of God) and I'm glad I did. I already knew that Beyonce was apart of this whole sick devil worshiping society, but this article puts things into perspective. I have sent this link to many others so they understand why not to idolize these mere mortals who only worship the superficial.

    I never idolized anyone as a kid. I never had posters up of musicians, sports stars or actors. I admired them and their work but I never had any posters of them.The funny thing is, was that that I was/am not religious at all but I always felt uncomfortable of the idea of having a picture of someone above my bed or plastered around my walls. I never idolized no one but my dad.

    And now it all makes sense. Almost all of my friends had posters of someone they immortalized and who they cherished more than their God (of all religions). I was considered weird because I didn't adhere to their own form of worship but now I realize I was resistant to temptation and sinning. I wish I could be closer to God but I am still wary of religion in general, but there is no doubt in my mind that evil is corrupting our generation in a major way... which I guess kind of erases my doubt of their being a God. For their to be evil, there must be good, and for their to be Satan, there must be God.

    Thank you so much for this article, it has inspired me to read the bible, and also what some people have said about fornication has made me reconsider my lifestyle. I am 20 and I have only had one sexual partner my whole life. Sadly it didn't work because she was a Muslim and I didn't want to convert to any religion despite growing up in a Christian household. Now I feel I will be closer to God by abstaining and waiting to get married before having sex.

    It all makes sense now. I always felt a piece of my soul left me after fornicating. In some Indian teachings (Yoga, Tantric sex) it is believed everytime you ejaculate, part of your life force leaves with you. I believe this coincides in what some people have said about your spirit being susceptible to demons everytime you fornicate.

    Thank you so much again, you don't know how much this has made me reevaluate my life.

  142. i found this out a few weeks back, through the videos on youtube, and i just had a rush of the Holy Spirit, and i felt like i had to tell everyone i knew.
    while it made COMPLETE sense to me, other people were really skeptical about it, and some even made fun of it.
    but you're right, our greatest weapon is spiritual, and by keeping all these people in prayers.
    thanks for making all this public, because i really dont listen to here anymore, and the night i found out, i took her CD's and DVD's i owned, and cracked em all, then threw them out.
    God bless you's, for being his hands and feet, and helping to stop the work of evil :)

  143. i just have one question that i cant get my head around,
    why is the supposed 'Beyonce' side on the album cover and other editions of the album, if Sasha has won the battle?
    thanx :)

  144. Hi Anonymous,

    Don't worry about people mocking you. They did the same to Jesus. Of course, you know I am not saying that you are Jesus (and neither am I). I am saying that people have rather predictable reactions to the truth. They mock it, struggle with it, or submit to it.

    Just keep seeking Jesus and let Him handle the rest.

    God Bless!

  145. Hello Anonymous,

    You ask "why is the supposed 'Beyonce' side on the album cover and other editions of the album, if Sasha has won the battle?"

    If you don't know the answer to this then I am wondering if you truly comprehend what was described in the article.

    The battle being fought is over control of man's soul. The day that Beyonce stopped trying to distance herself from Sasha instead began to embrace Sasha as part of her personality, Sasha won.

    The victory is not that Sasha replaces Beyonce, but that Beyonce receives and identifies Sasha as herself (i.e. "I am Sasha Fierce").

    The Scriptures say:

    "In your patience possess ye your souls." Luke 21:19

    We are to be in control of our own souls, putting it in submission to the will of God. If we are not under the authority of God, then another spirit will possess our souls. Once we receive that unclean spirit as who we are, then that particular battle has been won.

    There is of course the opportunity for us to still wake up and turn to God for deliverance, but we first have to desire to be free.

  146. everyone these days are becoming posessed...snoop dog rihanna the whole lot of them. it's just sad that there's no way of helping and it's sad that many people do not understand what's happening with the media industry and we're being drawn into lies.

  147. The best help any individual can provide is to give your life to Jesus Christ. Then He will be able to work through you wherever you are...and you never know how you might be used to help deliver others.

    All things are possible in Jesus Christ.

  148. Its scary how obvious this has become. The signs are littered throughout all of her latest hits
    (i.e. 'Poison')

    Its extremely important that we realize Beyonce is not the only person in the midst of this spiritual battle...I am experiencing the exact same struggle...if we aren't continuously seeking God's will we all can be swept into the persist resisting of the Holy Spirit without even realizing it.

    Thank God for The Holy Spirit!

  149. I've been trying to figure the end of the 'Sweet Dreams' video...when Beyonce is in the gold outfit...what exactly is she representing?

  150. With posession you may or may not know that you are being used by satan or the level you are being used. But Jay Z and Beyonce are without Excuse as Romans 1:20 says. And so are we . This is a great site but do we really need to cleary Expose the sin but we as Christians and even people without faith no that what they are pushing is not right. Don t play with God or the Devil. They not playing with us

  151. romans 1:20 . this is why i said formally that what you people are doing is wrong. how do you accuse a couple of being demon possessed when you have not cast the demon. how do you know? this little information you have that is only serving to tarnish their images instead. as i said before, God is not asleep, he sees you and He will judge you the same way, by the same measures you judge others. this website is a joke, and i pray it does not create any war as you are trying to cause. God is watching you, this is wrong!

  152. Hello g08c3533,

    You are correct that God will judge each of us by the works done in our mortal bodies.

    "For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad." II Corinthians 5:10

    As for this ministry, we will be held accountable for our work done before Him, whether for good or evil. This is not something we shirk back from, for everything we do is done with an eye towards being faithful to His calling.

    Romans 1:20 has nothing to do with casting out demons. It speaks of people denying the truths about who God is when those truths are evident throughout creation.

    THIS has tarnished their image??? I believe you attribute more influence here than is warranted. Each individual's image is the direct result of how we each conduct ourselves in this life. Perhaps the songs they sing, the videos they make, the performances they give, the words they say, have some small part in creating their "image" in this world.

    This ministry has not started any war, but we are certainly engaged in a spiritual war against the powers in high places waging war against God and His people. Each person is in this war, the only difference is what side you serve.

    We serve Jesus Christ. Who are you serving?

  153. how can you say "Each individual's image is the direct result of how we each conduct ourselves in this life", when you as a church are conducting yourselves in the exact way that Jesus said you should not. YES you are tarnishing the images of these people by calling them demon possessed! how can you so that, and defend yourself as correct, wrongfully using the name of the Lord!!

    first off please dont teach me the bible, i know my bible. romans 1:20 was not because i wanted to speak about the demons, i repeated it after another comment was sent to you by cedbird (19 august). you are too blind to see that spiritual warfare you are bringing. you are claiming things you have not yet seen. when it comes to you you must stand firm to the words you so proudly write because God is going to want some answers! you respond to me as though you know the depth of what you have started. i can tell you are a yourng ministry, fresh, still sprouting. well, my advice for you is to do your research and keep your eyes wide open in the spirit because what you reap is what you surely saw!

  154. Hello g08c3533,

    If the spiritual war in which we fight is on the side opposite of be it. Our eyes on on Christ alone and we will do what He instructs.

    Many "know" the Bible, but not many will submit to it. I suggest you spend a little more time being concerned about what offends God than what offends men.

  155. Hey tell me what you think of this article . Beyonce or should I say Sasha is on the cover of Ebony looking like a Super Demon instead of hero. She is flashing a ring . I wanted to know if there is any significance . And check out her quote about watching the Inauguration Ball tape every day . Came across to me as Narcissistic on One hand. But also I reconize and acknowledge the Anti-christ spirit in the Obamas and Sasha is enticed by it. They love her too Suprise Surprise. These are facts. Can t prove that Beyonce was Drooling over Obama when she was in his awesome " small a " presence but that has been widely reported. Makes sense though

  156. Wow! G08c3533 is completely off and wrong. This site is a blessing and I am thankful about what has been revealed here. It doesn't even sound like this G08c3533 knows Jesus Christ, misusing Scripture and falsely accusing others.

    I KNOW that the Holy Spirit is guiding this ministry. This is just the enemy trying to attack you using lies. The devil never likes to be exposed, so he tries everything he can to pull down those who stand for truth.

    Keep posting these articles. Many of us appreciate and need it.

  157. Hi CedBird,

    Yes, I had seen that magazine cover before. "Beyonce Evolved" it says. Says a lot really. I am not familiar with the ring she is wearing, and neither can I see it clearly enough to know what it is.

    As I am sure you know, the world loves its own. Jesus said that it would be that way.

    "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you." John 15:19

    Interact with people and you will either see the spirit of Christ or the spirit of the world at work. It can be very deceiving, because even some who profess Jesus are truly of the world. People even occasionally post here claiming Christ, but in their words denying Him.

    The truth is that many want to be a friend of the world more than a friend of God, so they will fight against the truth with every part of their being. Yet, we cannot serve both; it is either one or the other. And our conversations/lifestyles will always show which we are of. In these last days, we must all choose whom we will serve.

    I did see a clip of Beyonce being interviewed at the Inaugural Ball, and yes, she was in awe. Honestly, it just made me sad for her.

    Everything that is happening lately makes sense to me too for "It is written..."

    Keep your focus on Jesus CedBird for He will never lead you astray.

    God Bless!

  158. Hi Cindee,

    No worries, we have no intention of moving from the path Jesus has placed us. :-)

    Regardless of who understands or who does not, who agrees or who does not...Those with an ear to hear will hear.

    What we do is unto the Lord as with anyone who truly knows and loves Jesus Christ. The rest is up to Him.

  159. To g08c3533 : As Jesus said I speak only what I hear from the Word of God . When I falter point it out with the Word rightfully dividing it. Learn the difference between Judging Matt 7:1 and Examining Fruit Matt 7:15 . Jesus is the Light of the World Do you not know how to Use His Word to Expose Darkness.And say " One of these things is not like the other " We learned that as children right. It does not take a lot of discerment to see evil.But Ldm got deep thank God . Can you understand the Light of Jesus John 1:3 . If you could then you would not stop us from exposing Darkness with it. Maybe you are John 1:5 and you do not understand. Read Gal 5: 16-26 and learn about fleshy vs Spirit works to know that Jayhova and Sasha not right. We examine Fruit . Our own and others to see if we be in the faith 2 Cor 13:5. We judge not the Word in Gal spreads Light on Human conditon. Do u understand .Read John 8 : 12-59 . You see a man proclaiming Gods Word and Will something they should know and reconize and scoffers calling him evil for it.Which are you the proclaimer or the scoffer . Examine yourself . Which is you . With Love God bless

  160. Thank you CedBird for your insights here. May God grant wisdom to those who seek to know how to discern what is true from what is false.

    With that said, let's move on in the Lord, focusing on what is fruitful.

    "For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God." Colossians 1:9-10

    This is my prayer for all who visit here.

  161. One thing needs to be mentioned for those who read here. The Scriptures say:

    "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

    There is a spiritual war being fought, but it is not against flesh and blood. Those who cannot see past Beyonce and Jay-Z are blinded by their own idolatry.

    Don't be a casualty of war, but find understanding and knowledge about who God is so that you can serve Him with a pure heart.

  162. Yal have really made somebody mad. I think it is this g08c3533 person looking at the comments. I was on another site and they are on there just going off about how yal are unGodly and conjuring up spirits against Beyonce. So I came to see for myself.

    I don't know if Beyonce is possessed, but I sure think that what you wrote is from a Godly perspective. I have talked to Beyonce haters before and this isn't like that at all. Even the way you responded wasn't like the way they did, which says alot. The way that you stand for God is really going to make me think more about what you wrote.

    From what I can see, this is far from a false ministry. I think that person is just spreading false accusations to turn people away from what you have written.

    I am going to pray about this article and I'm going to tell others about this too.

    May God bless your ministry!

  163. Hi Collin,

    Well that is not the first time and I am sure it won't be the last. :-)

    I don't want to give place to the devil here. I am not saying that this person is the devil, I am saying that confusion is of the devil. So, when confusion starts to raise its head, it is our responsibility to nip it in the bud.

    Thanks for visiting the blog. If you have any questions about this or any other topic, we welcome your feedback.

  164. Jesus said that He is the Truth. He also said that everything which is hidden will come to the light. Funny how the ones who don't like light and truth are usually the ones in darkness.

    Hey, this is for you.

    "Therefore seeing we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we faint not; But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God." 2 cor4:1,2

  165. I like the New Living translation of that.

    "And so, since God in his mercy has given us this wonderful ministry, we never give up. We reject all shameful and underhanded methods. We do not try to trick anyone, and we do not distort the word of God. We tell the truth before God, and all who are honest know that."

    Have you all seen that video Run This Town by JayZ? It is awful! It just LOOKS like the devil. I don't care what nobody says. If you cannot see this evil, then you must be blind. Why would anybody try to stick up for that saying they serving God?

    Plus he says in that song "This the return of The God". What does that mean???

  166. I too believe that this ministry is doing God's will. Finding this site was a blessing for me. The Latter Days Ministry has helped me see things more clearly; I can now see/feel the error of my thoughts and desires. The Truth hurts at times, especially when you've hidden yourself from it. I always dreamed of going far in the entertainment industry and I have compromised so much of my spirituality knowingly and unknowingly. I thank God for the Holy Spirit and the Latter days Ministry for being bold in Christ; for it has given me the desire to yield myself to the Lord's will.

  167. Thankful for Tough Loving vessels "Update on Beyonce , Sasha ..... " you expressed your heart to Help Beyonce and not condemn. That helped me to see your heart even more. Thank you LDM . You are refreshing in this Day. I notice in this day Christians are either too soft on human behaviour by not reproving it or too hard by condemning people . You fulfill Col 4 :5,6 2 Tim 4:2 Luke 4:18 . Please read . If we Love God , People , and ourselves we would do so . Gods Balance ! He who winneth souls is wise ! Prov 11:30

  168. Run This Town video is real dark. They are underground, dressed in Black, their faces covered like they are gonna rob somebody, eyes hidden, people holding weapons, weird angles.

    It is like some kind of unholy trinity. Jay ("the God returns"), Kanye (on Jay's "right hand" - you know like Jesus sits on the right hand of the Father), and Rihanna (like some unholy whore queen).

    Another REAL WEIRD video is Rihanna and Kanye in Paranoid. In this one Rihanna looks like some kind of vampire demon and Kanye is a Werewolf.

    I mean, come on! I read stuff from people posting comments here like "Don't say what they are doing is wrong. You cannot judge them". Really, what are we supposed to do? Pretend it is all good? Some of us have kids who listen to this stuff. Plus, that is not of God.

    God tells Christians to expose what is of darkness. I don't listen to this stuff, so if it weren't for ministries like this, I just wouldn't know.

    All this stuff they are doing glorifies the devil. I'm sorry, but while I may have taken this stuff light before, it is just really out there now. I cannot ignore it anymore.

  169. Hi Joseph,

    You make a key point that should be considered. Beyond what people believe or don't believe about what is happening with Beyonce, we need to be conscious of the spirit behind the music we listen to.

    As you state, this really is not rocket science. If I desire to serve the Lord and someone is promoting things that are unGodly, (vampires, werewolves, powers of darkness, demons, fornication, murders, profanity, whoredoms...), then those are things that would be obstacles to my growth in Jesus Christ. What we do about that - in terms of how we live our lives or raise our children - is up to us. This is why God gives wisdom.

    Thanks for your comments!

  170. I believe God wanted me to clarify something that I said about Rom 1: 20 a few days back. I was so busy hitting other points I did not clarify but I don t want anyone to miss what I was saying because I feel it is so important to this warfare . Follow me its worth it ! I picked Rom 1:20 but go back to 1:18 and finish at 20. Then read Col 1:15-20 focusing on 16 . God is saying that His Word and Spirit who never contradicts themselves have foretold us all we need to know even the invisible things of Him . Aka Demonic or invisble Activity manifested thru Men and Women . God keeps no secrets from us.
    So even unsaved people know better in their spirit and mind but they supress or ignore the Holy Spirit and Word .And we know better as Christians cause We Grieve the Holy Spirit and Disobey the Word . Eph 4:30 .But read from verse 17 and replace other Gentiles with Sasha Jay-Hova or whoever . If God is not warning us about these corrupt people then smack me in my face . And if you say it is still just music & it won t hurt read vs 27. God is Awesome ! Satan never caught God by suprise why should He catch us. But when he does Repent and Go forward. Let He who have an Ear Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church

  171. I feel you Carla Don . After looking at Craige Lewis videos and then LDM s I repented of my sins even though I did not have some big and disgusting archive. I had Anthony Hamilton newest , Sade , and Faith s first one. All really decent but I personally have had enough of any music not Prasing Jesus . There has always been evil surrounding the secular music industry Drugs , sex , and misery. The oldies just past the torch to the next generation and they went higher in satan is my personal take extended from God s Word . And that includes what I watch too . I don t mean that everyone in the industry not saved but a precious few. Love yall

  172. I looked at Run This Town and I see what you mean. JayZ does say this is the return of the god. It is like he is the god of the underground leading a bunch of thugs into rebellion and destruction.

    Right before he sends them above ground too, he, Kanye, and Rihanna do that eye of horus over the people to send them to do their work. I kept thinking abut what was in those Beyonce videos about deception. There is a lot of that in there.

    You know some people are never gonna see this stuff cause they don't want to. They love these artists and their music. They really love darkness. But, I don't think it is hard to see for people who love God.

  173. You ever heard of Amil? She is a rapper who was coming up under Jay-Z. People even said they had a relationship.

    Well, she only had one album and one song on it was called Quarrels. It starts out:

    Yo, ever since I known you, you been out to get me
    Acting like my peeps, but I know that's how you tricked me
    Love to see me get high, love to see my tipsy
    Heard you even wanna stick a little chip in me
    You been trying to play me close ever since my shine
    Wanna take me to dinner, feed me shrimp and swine
    You said, Amil I want you to meet a good friend of mine
    His name is Money and we partners till the end of time
    Introduced me to your clique, hate, envy, lust and greed
    Said you want the whole world in ya custody
    And if I give you my soul you'll give me luxuries
    Said you could hit me up wit power, it's just up to me

    Now that you have broken down this Beyonce stuff, I wonder if Quarrels was really talking about JayZ. After this album was released, she just sort of went away. Jay-Z's record label dropped her.

  174. ok i think ill do an essay on this bcos i have so much i wanna say about this topic/blog. 1st ill start with saying that i have just re-committed my life to Jesus this past Sunday due to the extensive videos and info on youtube and the net on hiphop and its influence on youth. i have been very attentive on 2 things mainly; videos on "The Truth Behind HipHop" by Pastor Craig James and this blog of "sasha fierce." I have been raised up by christian parents and have been going to church all my life. I also have been raised on hiphop as well and when i have been going through the 2 things, this blog & the youtube videos, i guess its my knowledge of the Bible and the history of sermons ive heard that just acknowledged this 2 things 100%. As for now, Latter Days & Pastor Craig, you're my mentors in my new life with Christ!
    1. I am new in Christ but i am well informed on the bible. Latter Days u were asked a question b4 of how we should live as Christians in this day when we're labelled Jesus Freaks? but i want you to answer me practically and not through scripture (i hope that doesnt sound wrong, if u know wat am mean)?
    2. I have noticed many people are against you & Pastor Craig 4 saying the truth but what i feel deeply in my heart to let u know is they're against you because the truth hurts and no one wants to hear the whole truth, they just want to live with 80 or 90% but the whole truth is too much 4 them to handle.
    But to finish with, i admire your knowledge and the way you reply to messages and hope to be like that someday! God Bless you so much and keep spreading the gospel 100%, just how it should be done and if no one likes it they know where they'll end up.

  175. To Jesus Servant : I too have done some cleansing thru LDM and Craige Lewis . I am so Glad to see what God is doing in your life and what you have allowed God to do ! I am praying for you ! If I could give you some advice based on Eph 6:10-24 and Galations 5:16-26 .Remember what you have learned about yourself and the tricks of satan. The flesh and satan always come back to bring us back to the former life . But when they come back this time The Holy Spirit will Fight for us and we shall Stand !

  176. Hi Jesus Servant,

    Praise God that you have turned your focus to Jesus Christ!! As you mention, it is all about who we honor in our hearts, and that is where Jesus must be Lord.

    I understand going to church and yet still being far off from the Lord. I too was raised in a "church", but for me it was religious deception. As such, I didn't know the Lord at all although I had been a very active church member. The thing about God's truth is that once we hear it, we instinctively know it is Him because that is how He created us; to recognize who He is. So, when I first heard the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, I knew it was true and it changed my life completely.

    I didn't understand initially why God had me to do the series on Sasha Fierce, but I am seeing more and more the strong demonic hold this music has on people (and not just Beyonce's). I thank God that He has touched your heart and drawn you closer to Him.

    About your questions:

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. You want a practical answer. :-) I answer using Scripture mostly because it doesn't matter what I or anyone else thinks. It only matters what God has to say. However, I understand where you are coming from.

    As we walk with Jesus, He is constantly changing us from being self-conscious to being God-conscious. The more we speak and live for Christ, the more we will experience the rejection of the world. The more we experience this rejection, the more we realize that our true home is in Jesus Christ and will keep our minds on things above.

    Think about it this way too. People don't mind being labeled "freaks" about politics, money, sports, music, movie stars, etc. But there is something about the name of Jesus that wants to make Christians feel strange for being caught up in Him. That is just one of Satan's devices to make us self-conscious. If he can keep us focused on ourselves, then we will not be able to receive from God's Spirit.

    As you are attuned more and more to God's Spirit, not only will you care less and less about what others think about you, you will see the power of God backing up what you say and do as a testimony to others. So, just understand that people's treatment of you in the world is one of the tools used by God to forge you.

    2. Thank You for that word Jesus Servant. You are correct about the animosity of some, but see, Jesus is forging me too...even through this. :-) It is all a small matter really. There is a saying that if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, only the hit one yelps. LOL I know that those who argue the loudest are likely the ones who have been hit hardest by the truth. So, they fight against it.

    Think of Stephen. His words made people so angry that they physically attacked him.

    "When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth." Acts 7:54

    This wasn't because they thought Stephen was lieing. It is because they KNEW he was telling the truth. So it will be with us. The more vehement the response, the more the person is unwittingly acknowledging that they know it to be true.

    Jesus Servant, God does not mince words about how the character of people will be in the end times (II Timothy 3:1-5). We must be prepared to preach the Gospel in these times, in the face of great adversity.

    Be encouraged, and thank you for encouraging me as well. Be strong in the Lord and let Him guide you. He will never fail!

    Lastly, we do have a message board where a number of new Christians are sharing questions or comments for discussion. Feel free to participate if you feel led as part of your fellowship with other believers.

    May the peace, joy, and anointing of God rest upon you as you go forward in Jesus' name.

  177. LDM, you give me so much inspiration from your replies. Thank you for the support and i cant wait to grow in Christ and preach his gospel. The part where we as Christians get rejected by the world, i think is the hardest part in our lives bcos we're trying to save them but the world doesn't wanna save themselves but continue living their own way. i recently showed a friend the Sash fierce video and she didnt believe it and also with the Jay Z signs, she also brushed it off. so as this will be my 1st time completely dedicated to Christ, rejection from others will really affect me but i pray that people will realise the demonic spirits behind this music and culture. May God manifest himself in way that we've never seen before. GBU LDM!

  178. Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh
    Youre bad for me
    I clearly get it
    I dont see how something good could come from loving you
    The death of me, must be yo mission cause with every
    Hug an kiss you snatching every bit of strength
    That I'm gon need to fight off the inevitable
    An its a heart breaking situation Im up in but I cant control

    Youre just like poison
    Slowing moving thru my system breaking all of
    My defenses with time
    Youre just like poison
    An I just dont get it how could something so
    Deadly feel so right, Im not sure of what to do
    Its a catch 22, cause the cure is found in you
    I dont want it but I do,
    Youre just like poison
    My affliction Im addicted I cant lie
    Kiss me one more time before I die

    Verse II:
    You ain't right take me high
    Then that high it subsides an my body flat lines
    Then you come to revive, wait, wait, wait Im alive
    But how long with it last, will it all come
    Crashing down, how many doses am I needing now
    Whats the prognosis, will you be around or am I
    Just another victim of a an assassin that broke my heart down

    Baby youre just like poison
    Slowing moving thru my system breaking all of
    My defenses with time
    Youre just like poison
    An I just dont get it how could something so
    Deadly feel so right, Im not sure of what to do
    Its a catch 22 cause the cure is found in you
    I dont want it but I do,
    Youre just like poison
    My affliction im addicted I cant lie
    Kiss me one more time before I die

    Its just not my body (No), its my mind
    You dont know how many times I told
    Myself, this cant do (Cant do),
    An that I dont need you (No I dont need you)
    Its so unfair, (Unfair) that I find myself right back in your care (Care)
    An whats good is that when you are not always there (there, there)
    Youre no good for my health, my health,
    Youre just like poison, Ooww, Ooww, Ooww
    Youre just like poison, Ooww, Ooww, Ooww


  179. i actually did not think that anything like this would happen to beyonce but i knew that j-z was a devil worshiper but after seeing those vids on you tube it made me think. i will just pray to jesus for beyonce coz it seems that she does not want that but cant get a way from it.

  180. After reading your post it had made me so emotional because I like many other really care and admire Beyonce Because I work in the entertainment industry years ago I had the opportunity to meet and interview her and she's very nice humble young women. Her music has changed but I really didn't realize how much until this recent album I really didn't like it and never listen to it much but after reading this article it has really changed my perspective on her. I remember a while ago the LORD reveal to my husband and I beyonce was going to be with JayZ and it was as if she knew better not to be with him (it was wrong). At the time we were thinking it's probably because he was a ex drug dealer and she should know better regardless of his rap fame, to be with a person with that type of mentally. But oh this article revealed more about who JayZ really is and the evilness that's so blatantly. I pray for beyonce because I think hes controlling her.

  181. I think we have to hold people Accountable for their Actions just as We hold ourselves Accountable for Our Actions. We sell them short as if they can not hold the same standard if we dont . No one held a gun to Whitney Houstons Head and told her to do Drugs with Bobby and the same with Beyonce. The Evil inside these Men Attracted them Just like the Evil in certain Women Used to Attract me. I have more empathy for the poor spirtually or financially young lady and men especially in the broken black communities who are looking to them both as role models and as the ideal mates or pictures of success while they are selling Sex and ThugLife while Counting their Money and planning their next Money and Power Grab as if they don t have enough. I pray for Grace and Mercy for us all But let Whosoever suffer the Consequnences of their Evil and Selfish Deeds . America is on the Verge of Financial and Moral Destruction because We the People have Failed to hold our Leaders and Fellows Americans Accountable. Lets Start !

  182. Thank you for writing this article. I also watched G Craig Lewis's documentary on Hip Hop and was delivered from those spirits. I have been saved for years but I was still fooled by these artists. Now I am very careful about the music that I listen to. I did some research on Horus (Jay Z) and Sekhmet (Sasha Fierce/Beyonce)and I found that these spirits are discussed in the Bible. If you look in I Kings 11:1 NIV it says, "King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh's daughter - Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites. Then skip to verse 5: "He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the sidonians and ..." If you google Ashtoreth you will find the name Astarte. According to Wikipedia, "Astarte was connected with fertility, sexuality, and war. Her symbols were the lion, the horse, the sphinx, the dove, and a star within a circle indicating the planet Venus. Pictorial representations often show her naked." These spirits are linked. Please do your own research and know what you are listening to, why play with something that is offensive to God?

  183. This is so crazy becuase i felt the same way with krump. Its like to do it i had to embrace this darkness and this anger and i ended up becoming a different person. N

  184. Clearly she was raised in a christian home has anyone thought to contact her mother or father and share this information with them in hopes they can step in to help the fate of their daughters soul? And what of Beyonce's sister Solei?

  185. Hi Anonymous,

    Salvation (for Beyonce or any other) can only be found in Jesus Christ. It is He whom we need to save our souls and it is to Him that we must appeal.

    I understand where you are going though. Ideally, those closest to us would want the best for us and would be conduits for directing us to God. However, this is not always the case.

    You say that she was clearly raised in a Christian home. On what do you base this statement? Church attendance? Verbal confessions about believing in Jesus? I am just curious.

    If I were to look solely at the superficial, I don't know that I could come to that conclusion. A Christian father and mother would honor their daughter by promoting her as a young lady of virtue and discretion (what the Scriptures call a price far above rubies). Never would they encourage her to be publicly half-naked or presented as promiscuous. Such would be a shame to the parents, for it is a shame to God.

    Some might say, "Well, that is just her career." I would ask, "When does it become okay to go against the word of God? Does money justify rebellion against the things of God?"

    No one is perfect save Jesus Christ. I am sure as a parent that I make mistakes in raising my children. However, my heart is to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, trusting Him to correct any shortcomings I may have.

    Assuming that her parents likewise want the best for her, I pray that Jesus reveals His loving mercies to each of them, so that they may all know the fullness of His love. Beyond that, that is my prayer for all who stop by here. That we may know Him and be known by Him.

    Thanks for your comments.

  186. Well done, very good write-up, I agree completely.

    The entire music industry as well as Hollywood are under total control of the Illuminati.

    And, of course, the Illuminati own the governments and most of the planet. It is sad, evil and painful to think that if these people were just a little bit good we could have a world that is so much better to live in!

  187. I am a Christian too, but I am the kind of Christian that goes to church to see friends and boys. Everytime I hear about this kind of things happening I grow closer and closer to God. Because I love music soo much, but just because the beat is good doesnt mean I have to listen to it. There is very good Gospel out there that have a good rythmn to it. People shouldnt be afraid to give up some of theyre favorite artist. Dont close your eyes when you hear who your fav. artists really are. Start listening to some Gospel and you will not only see a spiritual growth but also a change in your personnality. An experience that you should try is to listen to a heavy beat that is very un-christian like, talking about murder, sex, alcohol etc.. After listening to that song Pray. Try to pray. See if your able to do it. Even if you may finish your prayer you`ll see how long it took you to focus on the prayer and not on the beat that will keep repeating itself in your mind. The main point of this is open your eyes and realise that Satan is taking over a lot of music artists. It may take time to stop with the satan-like music but start now. And also we all really need to pray for Beyonce. Because she is originally christian, and lets try to bring her back to church. And pray for any othr artist you like that you want for to change.

  188. What's your take on these videos?

    Two of her songs played backwards. I actually downloaded the original versions of them and played them backwards using Soundforge to make sure these Youtube videos weren't edited, and I can say that the results were identical to the ones in the videos above. I know this kind of thing used to be very popular among Heavy Metal artists back in the day and the effects subliminal messages can have on your subconscious are well-known and specified.

    At about 2:11 in the second video she clearly mentions Lucifer, and seems to say something about "following him", too. Disturbing stuff, I'd love to know what you can say about it.

  189. I am Muslim and for us it is a sin to listen to music. Here's why, the quran and sunnah say that music DISTRACTS you from GOD and makes it easy for the devil to influence you. The devil uses music to move and change the spirit and make sins seem fair seeming.

  190. Hi Anonymous,

    As you describe, the most that Islam can offer you is legalism. There is an unyielding law about every aspect of life, because it is a convention of man. It is man's attempt to be righteous apart from God, which is even a mistake many professing Christians make.

    The True and Living God provides freedom for man. He transforms us internally by making us over into the image of His Son Jesus Christ. As such, there is no need for the letter of a law because we have been made new in the spirit.

    Music is not evil, although you are correct that some of it is satanically inspired.

    The answer is to submit to Jesus Christ. Then He will guide you on what is evil and what is good. You can then appreciate music as a means to glorify Him without fear and bondage.

  191. I applaud the great research and presentation of that research.

    I've scrolled through the comment section and see that you have taken the time to respond to those who have questions, concerns, and have generally been led astray.

    I would not be surprised if some of those hit and run comments as I call them were not posted by agent provocateurs.

    I've been studying conspiracies now for two years. But one thing you said struck a nerve with me and that is that we are not to be at war with flesh.

    I sometimes get so consumed with trying to show people than the bankers run the world and how that Presidents are puppets, and how they have all these secret organizations, that sometimes I forget about the main thing that I should be showing people.

    I can show people all this stuff, but at the end of the day if I'm not sharing with them the gospel of Christ, then my efforts are in vain.

    It is better for someone to know Christ and be ignorant of the evils of people in power, than for people to know of all the evils of people in power and be ignorant of the gospel of Christ.

    And as I think about it, in the end there is nothing we can really do to stop the New World Order, after all it's prophesied in the Bible. But what we can do is use proof of it to lead people to Christ.

    By revealing the evil and Satanic rule in the world, which in the end can help reveal the polar opposite of that.

    So I now have a new perspective and approach to showing this to people.

    Instead of the bankers running the show, at the end of the day I have to remember to tell people that even the bankers at the top of the human pyramid of evil are nothing more than useful idiots for Satan.

    Thank you and God Bless. And continue to use this great advent of the internet to spread the word. Lord knows evil sure knows how to take advantage of it. But the internet is the one system of mass communications that is not totally controlled by Satan. And you my sister in Christ have done an outstanding job of using it the right way.

  192. this is kind of shocking to me and i'm still doing research to see any correlations between the devil and the music. I love beyonce and her hubby jay-z, but if this is true all i can do is pray for them. i'm not going to judge there doing what makes them happy.

  193. Interesting theory but, Where is Horus or RA mentioned in the BIBLE?

  194. Hello Jay,

    Who says that he is? If you want to understand how false god worship is relayed in Scripture, you should research Semiramis, Nimrod and Tammuz which is where the Egyptian myth (and other mother goddess worship trinities) originated. In Egypt, Babylonian Tammuz was called Horus.

  195. i am extremly greatful for this site, i have heard on numerous occasions about the link between music of today and the devil. i have even read books but as i get older it seems to be even clearer about the this that are happening in our world today. the devil is a liar and he is trying to win our souls from christ, it is hard on a daily basis as a young individual not be exposed to these people and the type of music they are promoting. sometimes i would just catch myself sining these songs and it's like they cannot get out of my head. so i am asking can we be possed by just listening can the same demons that are inside of these people can be influencing us, and if so what can i do to guard my self my conscience against these invaders of my soul?

  196. Hello.
    as much as i would like to believe this i kinda do and i kinda don't.
    I am 15 years old and admirer of Beyonce.
    I belief that what she says in her songs give meaning to my life.
    I myself think that i may have another person inside of me.
    People have noticed too. they say when i'm quiet and shy that that is not me but when im really loud and crazy and do things other people wuldnt dare to do i am that other person inside of me. this started back in 2003 when i worshipped beyonce's work, i do believe i am crazy but idk you tell me whats going on with me?

  197. Hi Anonymous,

    I cannot tell you how to be/feel. All I can say is that Jesus Christ has the answer for every issue. Forget Beyonce, forget what others say, forget this article...get to Jesus. If you approach Him with a sincere heart, He will not only reveal Himself to you, He will make you new. At the end of the day, that is all that matters,

  198. I have heard about all these things about these to n now that i read this i really do believe it this is y im deleting there songs off my phone n computer...
    Is Kanye, Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj Demon possesed also?

  199. Have yal heard Tiffany Evan's Twitter comments about Rihanna and her song Russian Roulette? She syas in the open what is going on. People who post here claiming this isn't happening are blind.

    Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket! You gotta watch what you say because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do, some people actually do listen. So make sure it’s nothing bad. It’s okay to be deep, but not murder deep.

    Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan, and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprised.

    Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent. Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once you make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask you to join.

    To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist you with your career. Make you huge. Only if you agree and obey to destroy Gods word and his children. Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil.

    Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done. I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.

    People better start understanding what is going on out there FOR REAL!


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