Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Wanted to Be an AKA... Why This is a SERIOUS Matter

Breaking the Chains of a Sorority or Fraternity

"If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers; Namely, of the gods of the people which are round about you, nigh unto thee, or far off from thee, from the one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth; Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him." Deuteronomy 13:6-9

I have previously done an article on the idolatry upon which Greek Letter organizations, how they each represent worship of false gods, and each are part of the occult.

In the videos below, a sister from Set Free Indeed shares her own personal testimony of involvement in the Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) organization.  This testimony addresses her struggle to reconcile her faith in Christ with her experiences as an AKA, including:
  • Becoming initiated into the AKA organization
  • The conflict of being a born again Christian while belonging to AKA
  • The deliverance God brought her through to renounce this association.
Now I am sure that this will generate comments from those defending the virtue of these organizations.  I have no interest in such discussions.  I do not belong to any BGLO, so I don't have a dog in this fight.

However, as a Christian, I am completely dedicated to exposing works of darkness, especially those hidden works which try to portray themselves as vessels of light (II Corinthians 11:14-15).  The question is not whether there is some "good" about Greek organizations, but about whether the principles which undergird them - and participation in them - are congruent with a life in Christ. 

The Word of the Lord
"And thou shalt love the LORD THE GOD with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment." Mark 12:30

"And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." Deuteronomy 6:5-7

AKA Sorority Pledge
To thee, O Alpha Kappa Alpha, we pledge our hearts, our minds, our strength, to foster thy teachings, obey thy laws, and make thee supreme in service to all mankind.  O Alpha Kappa Alpha, we greet thee!

I Think I Shall Never Know  (Tune of Trees)
I think that I shall never know
Another love that thrills me so
Dwells in my heart by night, by day
As does my love for AKA

Secure I am at work, at play
Of such are these --the AKA
I think when I shall come to die
There'll be no need for fear or sigh
For if you have been an AKA
Life owes me naught -
I've lived my day

If there is anything which pulls at or divides our affections away from the Lord, it is evil.  Should our heart, mind, and strength be dedicated to Greek organizations or to God?  Should the greatest love we have in life be for a man-made organization or for the Creator of all?  Are such organizations capable of giving us security while we live and work?  Can they offer us eternal salvation so that we have nothing to fear after death?  May we never be a defender of anything that calls us to give to others what Christ says must be given to God alone.

The purpose of this article is not to divulge all the secrets of the initiation rites or sisterhood.  It is to pull back the public image of these organizations to see what is really going on AND what God has to say in the matter.  It is hoped that this sister's testimony might prick the heart of others who may also desire to serve the Lord with their whole hearts.  For more information on how these organizations are not congruent with a life in Christ Jesus, please also see: Denounce Greek, Taking Back Authority You Gave Greek Letters.  You may also want to see the Satanic perversions of "The Divine Nine".

More of Simone's videos in this series will be added as she posts them.


  1. As a very proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, I can say unequivocally that any educated woman, graced with membership into our esteemed organization would never equate the oath we pledge to AKA with that which we give to our Lord Jesus Christ. This author is conflating two completely separate issues. 'Sounds like another GDI who knows nothing about what it means to be Greek.

    1. I am sorry ...and this is soooo late but there is no way to Oath to more than one God.... time is precious..and tomorrow aint promised and all the time spent not worshipping the Father will be judged when the time comes. I pray for u all.

    2. I am also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority incorporated. I have seen all of Simone's videos and I understand what she has gone through. I have experienced many similar situations as she has minus, suspension. Luckily my leaders were very understanding. We made use of lemon squeezes and other methods to solve problems. Aside from that, I realize that the sorority is an entity of the world just as any corporation is. I view my affiliation with AKA as a platform to touch souls. I am deeply rooted with the love of God and am never afraid to stand alone. Some members voted against me joining and thought that I would not finish because I have a calm and friendly demeanor. I ended up the one to encourage others to stay. Afterward I joined the USMC!! It is the FIRE of God that gives me the strength to remain a child of God in whatever situation I am in. My membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha HAS NEVER defined me. I continually speak against injustices against humanity and the commands of GOD. I also know that God made me to be an heir to the kingdom of heaven which means that I must be humble, I must reflect God's glory, I must be of service to all man kind. I also made a similar "oath" to my husband but I always keep GOD first. Many of God's disciples were given positions within organizations and kingdoms that were against God by their actions. God was able to work through them to accomplish many acts of salvation and enlightenment. Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar's dream, and Queen Esther encouraged her king to favor God's people. At the end of each story people were humbled, repented, and praised God with absolute faith and admiration for GOD!! There are many more examples. God placed in my heart a strong desire to make big changes in greek life and has consistently given me the tools to do so. I am on this earth as God's instrument no matter what earthly titles I may hold and no matter where he leads me. As children of God we are not here for ourselves. Matthew 28:18-20 New International Version (NIV)

      18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Happy Sabbath day!! - Miss Cleezy

    3. Thank you for writing Miss Cleazy. Truly consider what you have said here.

      You liken sororities with "organizations and kingdoms that were against God by their actions", yet you believe God has ordained you to join one in order to encourage others to stay in it? That is a delusion. God commands His people to come out of Babylon and anyone who is telling folks to stay in it are preaching an anti-christ message.

      The Devil doesn't really care if you speak some truth as long as you are never transformed into the truth (who is Jesus Christ). This is the difference between religion and being born again. Religion accommodates much of the world, because the two are the same in spirit. Please get a copy of The Organic Gospel to read, as it breaks down what it really means to be born again.

    4. The NIV takes away scripture from the word of God and attacks the deity of Christ. This is not the correct bible to be reading with all due respect. The King James Bible 1611 is the word of God sister(s). Revelation chapter22 verse 19.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    As an ever thankful member of the Body of Christ, who has experienced the grace of Jesus Christ through no merit of my own, I can also say unequivocally that no organization in line with Christ would ever request such an oath.

    Again, this is the first and last comment I will approve simply singing the praises of these organizations. If someone has actual feedback or questions based on the word of God, then I am happy to hear them. Otherwise, I would simply encourage you to move on.

    May those with ears to hear, hear God's words and heart in this matter, for that is the position from which this young woman shares her testimony.

  3. To truly be a Christian, we cannot claim faith in God but leave certain aspects of our lives "our own". A true Christian must give his/her whole life to Him alone. This is our reasonable service (Romans 12:1).

    A perspective that we can "completely separate" part of our life for God and another part to something else is the essence of idolatry. This is precisely why God tells us that He wants our whole hearts.

    Such idolatry reveals itself in a "pride" that leads one to defend the idol while at the same time disgracing the Lord. How? By using the Lord's name in vain (i.e. "GDI").

    Our pride in the flesh will always show forth our true allegiance, because we cannot serve two masters. We will always love one and hate the other. We will break God's commands - and justify doing so - in order to defend the idol. This is true for every type of idolatry, Greek or otherwise.

    I have nothing against those in Greek organizations. don't care whether people join Greek organizations or not. I do have a heart however for those who desire to belong to the Lord. I encourage all those who would name the name of Christ to seek Him in this matter.

  4. I very badly wanted to pledge a sorority in college but I was hung up on whether Christians should pledge. After talking to Greeks and non-Greeks who were close to me I decided to research these organizations on my own. I literally spent hours in the library and I came to understand that the root of these organizations and their ritual is based on Freemasonry and witchcraft.

    I was clearly still enamoured with the world and not committed to the Lord but He was drawing me closer to Himself. I could not reconcile what I came to know about these organizations with what the Word of God said.

    He also showed me that my desire to join a sorority was based on a need to belong and be approved by people due to a spirit of rejection. He accepts us in the Beloved therefore we are not to look for the approval of men. This too is idolatry.

    As Simone alludes to in her video, those who are born again WILL be led by the Spirit if they yield and submit to His guidance.

    I praise God for Simone and others who stand for truth with their testimonies and pray that those who have an ear will be blessed in their obedience to the Word of God.

  5. Hi Niomi,

    I really believe that is what it boils down to. Will we yield and submit to God or will we choose our own gods (idols) instead?

    I know that God is faithful to lead us and that He gives us the grace and strength to follow.

    I too appreciate Him revealing to us more and more what it truly means to belong to Him. It is not always easy to deal with idols as He puts His finger on them in our lives, but such is the path to our freedom in Christ. By His truth, He is making us free and to that I say, "Thank you God!"

  6. Latter Days you don't even know how timely this article was/is.
    Thank you for a great blog all in all.

    Niomi I would LOVE to have your research notes on the roots of this being in freemasonry & witchcraft. Glad you posted.

    And I would like to kindly and strongly exhort Simone to "denounce this evil". When asked if she did she said she didn't have to because AKA denounced her. That's all good but she really needs to take the "final step" and denounce it. Not only for herself but for a public testimony.

    God Bless!

    1. Interesting point, while Simone's testimony for the most part was good I don't think she officially stated she denounced either which explains a lot. B/c in one of latter videos, she mentioned that if you're gonna pledge don't get involved in hazing. I was like what?! That kinda just discredited everything you stated. That's like me saying as an ex-thief, if you're gonna steal make sure it's less than $100 .... Excuse me, no ma'am. She said something else that was like what?!. But I pray she eventually comes to the full acknowledgement of Christ on that matter and I think she will.

    2. Hi E,

      I honestly don't remember the statements you are referencing, and it has been a long time since I have been in touch with her. However, if what you share is true (and I see no reason to dispute it), I completely agree. There is no amount of just dabbling in that which is against the Lord.

      I will share that - from what I can remember - the Lord was leading her for sometime to do this series and it was a hard decision for a number of reasons. There were still some hurts over her experiences as well as some friendships she had developed as a result. It was not a matter of just breaking ties with the AKA org but dealing with those issues and potentially destroying those friendships. I am not making excuses here because when the Lord tells us to flee idolatry, we had better do so...and anything that reflects that idolatry in our lives needs to also be dismissed. I am just trying to share with you some of her mindset in terms of where she likely was when she did this series.

      I remember at one time contacting her after viewing of the videos and suggesting that she probably needed to get rid of all that AKA paraphernalia that she showcased in one of the videos. She indicated that she was, but just had them now for the purposes of showing them in the video. As with all of us, salvation is a process of being sanctified and cleansed from that which defiles and I also pray that the Lord has continued to bring her fully out of I pray He does for anything which is holding us back.

      God Bless!

    3. Oh yes LDM, unfortunately I distinctly remember hearing her say that b/c it temporarily made my heart heavy. That could've caused some to stay on the wrong side of the fence on this greek thing.

      Something else said that needs to be publicly redressed is the comment she made that "just b/c you're greek doesn't mean you're going to hell". I love Simone, but that should've never ever came out her mouth! The holy spirit didn't led her to say that. Salvation and greekdom will never co-exist peacefully!! So to say that suggest that they can and that couldn't be further from the truth. If being greek isn't gonna send ppl to hell and further and further away from a genuine relationship with Christ why even waste your time and energy making these videos??!

      The Holy Spirit will led us to all truths according to scripture so therefore it's just not logical to believe you can be saved and be a proud idolatrous greek.

      And lest not forget Luke 14:26 ""If anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters--yes, even their own life--such a person cannot be my disciple." LDM, I had to practically cut ties even with my family for the most part b/c I'm committed to Christ. My family is proudly in bondage to false doctrines, teachers and all kind of foolishness and think I'm crazy b/c I'm not so hey it is what it is. It'll pay off, it already has a bit honestly. They stressed me out too much, but nowadays I'm less stressed and happier .... never thought I would say that but it's true.

      But LDM, now my spirit is getting heavy again. That's a sign I need to reach out to Simone and discuss what I've discussed here and hopefully she makes a rebuttal video to help those who may have been confused or made the wrong decisions b/c of the mixed messages in the previous videos. She has a great platform to do so, her page gets thousands of hits.

    4. Hi E,

      I haven't spoken to Asia in some time, but I have always found her to have a willing heart towards the Lord. She stands firmly for what she believes in, but she is also willing to search the Scriptures and seek the Lord to ensure that it is so.

      You spoke of G. Craig Lewis in another post and this reminds me of him. When he did his first The Truth Behind Hip Hop video, he rather danced around the issue of Kirk Franklin. I believe he indicated that Kirk had been a friend. Well, in watching that video, I remember thinking, "He is going to have to call a spade a spade and forget this 'I don't think Kirk is trying to deceive people' stuff. If what Kirk is doing is demonic (and it is), then he needs to forget the ole friendship and just call it what it is."

      Well, in later Truth Behind Hip Hop videos, G. Craig Lewis did just that. He came out truthfully against what Kirk Franklin is doing and didn't hold anything back. At the time, I thought, "Hmmm...God must be breaking those soul ties he had with Kirk. Freeing him so that he can speak with whole truth in this matter." I believe the Lord will do the same with all of us. As He frees us (assuming of course we desire to be free), those inordinate soul ties are broken and we can see & speak more clearly.

      May the Lord give you the words to say what is on your heart as well as give her the ears to hear.

    5. Kirk Franklin and G. Craig Lewis were acquaintances to say the least.

      And I truly believe the only reason G. Craig Lewis started to come against Kirk Franklin is because Kirk became increasingly open with his affiliation/work with many "known" gay men in the gospel industry ... namely Tonex/B.Slade.

      See G. Craig Lewis has such an ungodly, evil hatred (think Westboro Baptist Church) for homosexuals that anybody who seemingly supports them he's adamantly against, no questions. It has nothing to do with God but his self-absorbed hatred for something he doesn't understand and think is utterly disgusting. I remember him saying he was almost seduced by a gay man as kid and he almost indulged but something happened where he didn't ... so that partially led to his ugly uncontrollable obsessive hatred for gays, but either way it's definitely not a godly hatred nor rebuke so it should be redressed. There's no love in it at all. So many gays are committing suicide, being killed, ostracized, beat up, depressed, struggling/praying to be straight and he thinks it's ok to "kick them while they down" like he does, no sir ... that's not how you help an obviously broken population to better. Strange spirits in him and I'm sick & tired of him with that!!

      There are several people who are in cohorts with Lewis and ex-ministires who say and do openly deplorable things but he won't dare come against them b/c they hate gays too and they bring money to his empire ... Lewis is definitely money hungry. Years ago nobody could tell me nothing wrong about Lewis, but now I can write a 10-page essay in 10 minutes why he shouldn't be touched with a 10-foot pole based on interviews I seen, his blogs, his videos, his affiliations .... I can go on and on and on. That Peter verse you gave me was beautiful and applies here too.

    6. Hey E,

      Maybe I am misunderstanding your comment, but I can honestly say that I am also against anyone who promotes or attempts to support sin, homosexual or any other kind of sin. I find no fault with that as God says that we are to hate that which is evil and not imply that such is good (Psalm 97:10; Pro. 8:13; Amos 5:15; Rom. 12:9; Isaiah 5:20). Before we can hope to be delivered from any sin, we must first acknowledge that it is sin and not make excuses for it.

      A Sister in the Lord once stated that she was disgusted by homosexuality and seeing expressions of it in the media, in person, etc. turned her stomach. Another professing Christian told her that this was a wrong sentiment; that it was unChrist-like to be disgusted by homosexuality. I told her that God Himself calls it an abomination (which means a disgusting thing). Sounds like God is personally pretty disgusted by it too.

      What is there to "understand" about homosexuality, fornication, lying, stealing, or any other perversion beyond the fact that it is sin and must be repented of? Anyone who is bound by sin and demonized is going to be filled with all kinds of malice, depression, strife, wrath, confusion, etc. because that is the inheritance of the flesh (Gal. 5). There is no good thing outside of the Lord, no matter what sin one is struggling with.

      While the areas in which I struggle may not be homosexuality, I sure don't want anyone being compassionate with my sin. Anyone who truly loves me is going to exhort me to the cross of Jesus Christ to be granted repentance from the Lord so that I may be changed from what I am into what God has created me to be by the blood of Jesus. Anything short of that is not love.

      The most loving display we can give to sin is what God gave His Son who died for the sin of the world: the cross. The crucifixion is the ultimate loving response to sin. There are lots of people who are depressed, struggling, ostracized, etc. for a variety of reasons...and they all need Jesus. He is the only answer. The true path for freedom for those bound by sin is Christ.

      Just to be clear, my comments are not about G. Craig Lewis. I haven't seen any of his videos in years, don't read his blog, nor follow his ministry. I cannot say one way or another what he believes in this matter. I am simply offering my thoughts based on what you have posted.

      In the end though, what he (or anyone else) believes is not really of any importance. We must each be found in Christ, not having our own righteousness, but the righteousness of God which is by faith in Him alone. May God have mercy on us all and cleanse us according to His purposes to be able to stand in these last days.

    7. LDM,

      Yes, unfortunately you definitely misunderstood my last comments. I in no way condoned nor encouraged any sin in my last statement. This is why I said think Westboro Baptist Church in regards to my issue with G. Craig Lewis hatred for gays to better put things in perspective as to where I was coming from.

      Maybe this will help. Westboro Baptist Church is a godless cult built around mostly hating gays (please google them, they are well known) ... "God hates fags", "Fags go burn in hell", "Fags deserve to die" are well known sentiments of Westboro followers. They also are known for screaming these disparaging comments at gay people's funerals and events. And my point was that G. Craig Lewis is practically an unofficial member of this gay witch hunt cult masquerading themselves as a "Christian" organization. He incorporates those same fleshly godless antics in many of his deliveries.

      So that I'm clear, I don't want anyone in bondage to homosexuality, fornication, adultery, or whatever it may be. But there has to be a godly love in any reproach and rehabilitation with those who are in it .... the Bibles says IN LOVING-KINDNESS HAVE I DRAWN THEE (Jeremiah 31:3).

      So are we on the same page now?

    8. The problem begins with the people started hating the people more than the sin itself ... that where the issue lies.

    9. "In the end though, what he (or anyone else) believes is not really of any importance."

      And the reason why I make sure to speak a/g Lewis (or whoever) when the opportunity presents itself is b/c they are misleading and wrongfully indoctrinating thousands of people. He almost got me so I know others weaker in knowledge and wisdom fell for it.

      Ephesians 5:11 tell us to have nothing to with the unfruitful works of darkness but yet expose them.

    10. Hi E,

      Thanks for expanding on your comments. I am not familiar with Westboro, so that reference didn't really help me in terms of your context.

      When people use words generally like "hate" and "love", I have no idea what is really meant as these meanings have been so muddled in the world. People often confuse love with hate because God's lovingkindness is synonymous with His truths (I John 3:18), which don't always feel good to the flesh. Even Paul asked, "Have I become your enemy because I have told you the truth?" (Gal. 4:16) To those who do not desire truth, it is offensive; which is why Jesus is called the Rock of offense. I am not talking about you specifically; I am explaining why I don't make assumptions about what people mean by those words.

      Is homosexuality disgusting? God says that it is. Should we hate all evil and stand against those who call evil good? God says that we should. We should hate how all sin perverts man and alienates him from God. Do we need to understand homosexuality? Not more than knowing it is an abomination to God. Does the mistreatment of homosexuals justify adopting a different approach to ministering to them than God would have for any other sinner? No. There is one Gospel message which is the same for all, no matter the sin, which is "Repent." These are not hateful statements, but they reflect the will of God.

      It is good to expose works of darkness, just take care that the enemy doesn't turn such efforts into personal attacks used as an opportunity to condemn. What matters most is not what any person may feel or think, but what God has to say in a matter. As long as that is our standard, we will be kept from deception.

      The following might be relevant: Where Was the Love?

    11. Happy Monday LDM,

      I think we're on the same page for the most part. But let me say this to one of your points.

      "Do we need to understand homosexuality?"

      Yes to a degree we need too, in order to effectively help those in it we need to understand it's a spirit and the ramifications of that. I'm so tired of hearing stories of these silly "christian" parents trying to beat the gayness out of their children, leaving them with serious body and emotional scars all b/c their child is being tormented by the spirit of homosexuality. These children didn't ask for it to torment them. See their ignorance is making the situation worst, you're not gonna help deliver them with ignorance. Of course everybody knows or at least heard it's an abomination but that's not all to it. Knowledge is power! So if you're not fully aware of what's going on here, then you're ineffective and worthless ... that's like bringing a spoon to a gun fight and expecting a win .... never.

      And when I say you, I don't mean you specifically. I just mean people period so we clear :).

    12. NO WE DON'T need to understand degrees of any sin! Slippery slippery slope!

      Have you cut off former relations? Have you accepted the fact that being purchased with the blood of Christ you are no longer in the world but a pilgrim in this world.

      Who do you think you are? You are just going to go off and "save" who you think you need to save?

      Is it not God who makes vessels for destruction, or are you reading a different Bible? Are you, the clay trying to speak to the Potter?

      The homosexual is a reprobate. They are given over to the flesh and are actively destroying the image of God! You better be careful as to how much "understanding of homosexuality" you want to be doing, for me it too thin of a line to walk! Just as idols in the second commandment if we don't make them or own them we won't fall prey to the greatest idol of all that the false prophet will set up at the end of this age. So too, we must adhear to the word and the old adage, "Never take down a fence until you realize why it's there!". A Christian should never attempt to understand sin. We understand the Word! And the word says we must be born again!

      Cut off your homosexual friendships, cut off trying to witness those you are not called to witness to! Be obedient to the Spirit and ask Him whether or not you are suppose to talk to a specific person. Never try and understand this sin, and do not straddle the fence on this sin, simply understand that History is repeating itself and Fallen Angels are priming the atmosphere for the antichrist.

      We are fishers of men, we fish with one pole in this Loadicean age. But before you fish what do you need? Your permit papers. How do you get those? Read your Bible and apply for them, ask to be filled with the Sprit!

    13. Hi E,

      I understand what you are saying, and abuse of any person is certainly ungodly. In my upbringing, kids would get beaten for lying, stealing, cursing...not that I am saying this is okay. I am just saying that abuse, mistreatment, etc. is certainly not limited to homosexuality.

      The issue of addressing what homosexuals go through is actually a red herring. Sinners don't require our sympathy with their sinfulness in order to be delivered from it. They need the power of the Holy Spirit...and that is all sin, not just homosexuality.

      I once asked a young woman why she was studying psychology. She stated that it was because she wanted to understand the minds of the people to whom she hoped to minister. She felt that this would help her be a more effective witness for Christ. What she didn't realize was that witnessing for Christ is not about our ability to get inside of the heads of those to whom we minister. We are not relying on our abilities or perceptions to understand them. Unless it is God speaking His words and living through us, it will never be effective. It must be the power of God by His Spirit who does the work or all is lost.

      By no means I am trying to be argumentative. I just want to stress that we must be very careful not to create a special class out of sin. Singling out homosexuality (or any other sin) as somehow different from other sins in terms of how we deal with it or what inspires it is simply not biblical. All deviant behavior results from the inspiration of an unclean spirit through uncrucified flesh.

      Scripture doesn't admonish us to try and understand homosexuality (or any other sin). We simply must be transformed into the image of Christ so that He can deal with all things through us as Hid vessels. Jesus truly is the answer for all of man's needs and He always gets it right. :-)

      God Bless & happy Monday to you also!

    14. HI E,

      I meant to include this article which might further explain what I was saying: Why It Really Has NOTHING To Do with "Equal Rights"

    15. Hi Jonathan,

      I agree that trying to "understand" sin is a very slippery slope. The carnal mind is the enemy of God; it is convoluted, illogical, unreasonable, and demonically-inspired. It is fallen, and as such there is no way to understand it. This is why we must have the spirit of our minds renewed so as to have the mind of Christ. Trying to understand the carnal mind will allow the devil to send us on a circular mission of chasing shadows. You could analyze it 6 ways to Sunday and never get out of that web.

      I will just add that while engaging in homosexual acts is the last step before God finally gives one over to reprobation (Romans 1:26-28), it is possible to be delivered if one repents in time. I Cor. 6:9-11 states that God is able to change us from being fornicators & sodomites (as well as other things) into being His own.

      No matter the sin, we need to seek the Lord while He may be found. Lay our lives down for Him and let Him fulfill His purposes in us.

      Thanks for your comments!

    16. Hi LDM and Johnathan,

      Unfortunately, you both are seriously misssing the points I'm clearly making and of course I say this with a brotherly love. My spirit is arresting me to stop here, so I won't respond on the matter of homosexuality beyond this point on this page. However, I really do appreciate the engagement and you (LDM) posting my comments.


  7. Hi Final Step,

    Simone speaks about this in her latest video, which I just added to the series listed above.

    God Bless!

  8. Please take down the pledge!! this is private information that does not need to be shared with the public. Thank you!

  9. Hello Anonymous,

    "For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad. If any man have ears to hear, let him hear." Mark 4:22-23

  10. Thank you Lord Jesus! When I asked the Lord about my membership in a sorority- He pointed me right to the pledge you posted! Confirmation!

  11. When I was in undergrad I was a professing Christian, yet I was deep in sin and denial of Christ.

    I wanted so badly to be in a greek organization (Zeta Phi Beta). I wanted to belong so badly that I didn't heed the voice of the Holy Spirit, or scriptures that let me know that this was not for me if I wanted to follow Christ.

    I ended up 'on line' and witnessed some things that showed me that these organizations don't follow Christ and are NOT of God.

    They are really big about keeping their secrets, but if what you are doing is good and pure then there is no need to hide it.

    I thank God that I wasn't allowed to finish because at the time my flesh was so strong and my spirit too weak for me to see truth.

    I'd advise any one thinking about joining to really examine your faith to see if you are truly seeking Christ or to please your own desires. Humble yourself, pray, and seek His face. He will guide those who love Him into all truth.

    May God bless you <3

  12. Be encouraged darling! I'm 21 years old and I crossed Spring 2010 and that summer God snatched me up! so I feel you. I came online to hear what other people had to say about what I know God already revealed to me and I can tell you that it is so on point! NOBODY could tell me that it was wrong to be in an AKA. NO ONE, BUT GOD STEPPED IN and opened my eyes himself. So I say to you, be encouraged! I dealt with pretty much the same thing you dealt with and a lot of my "sisters" turned their backs on me; but God is so using me as a light on my campus and has placed such beautiful people in my life for me to pour into and for them to pour into me. I don't know you but I just want to say that I love you and am proud of you for your obedience to God according to His word. :)

  13. Hi Anonymous,

    I am not the author of these videos, but I will make sure that she gets your comments.

    In the meantime, continue to go on with God. You are embarking on a wonderful, life-changing, and blessed journey which will not only never leave you the same, but has the power to change the lives of others as well.

    God Bless!

  14. I apologize for the experience you endured during your short time with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. I have been a member for twenty eight years, joining with a graduate chapter. I have never witnessed or known of any of the evils you are describing. Due to the choices Adam and Eve made, we were born in sin and live a sinful world so its not surprising when people commit acts unbelonging of a christian. To be continued.. got to cook for my husband

  15. Hello ML,

    While the author of these videos does outline destructive & cult-like behavior she experienced as an AKA, that is not the reason why the AKA organization as a whole is against Christ.

    Like all other Greek Letter organizations, it's very roots, rituals, and practices is steeped in idolatry. One cannot pledge one's life in covenant to the world and at the same time pledge one's life in covenant to God. Those involved in Greek organizations are worshiping idols, plain and simple.

    You can read the following to better understand why that is:

    What About Pledging

    Thanks for commenting.

  16. Latter Days you continue to knock it out of the park...

    Honestly there are few Christian Blogs that are delivering this much Truth consistently post after post. Praise God.

    It seems like it almost seems like every post is a confirmation to where God has taken me personally and our Home Church. From when I left college and came back home to now, It has been a crazy and wild ride the Holy Spirit has taken us on for two years now. (Well, not just two years, I've been home for two years)

    Every since the Holy Spirit has opened up our eyes to where we are in time it's been one revelation after another, Amen! I won't sit here and tell you it's been fun. I too WAS in a fraternity a Sigma Tau Gamma. I came back home early from school 10 credit hours from graduating because I had conceded that I didn't learn a thing in school. I knew deep down fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. But I wasn't being told that, I was sold a bag of good and felt I was just there to punch my ticket and I drank because of it. I did what I wanted to do because I wasn't learning.

    Then I came home, tired and depressed I lived in my parents basement. Then we heard Christ might be coming back! A year later we found out about 1 John 3:3 hahah

    I had to repent of so much... I hit rock bottom and to this day I'm a work in progress. But I made the effort to learn really learn and study and live by the word and I'm amazed that just by trying God rewards, "seek and ye shall find."

    I'm not the smarted 25 year old, but it doesn't take a genius to realize what goes on in the cesspools we call college campus's. It takes the Holy Spirit to help you realize the falsity in the masonic kindergardens of fraternities and sororities. Or to throw away every cd and dvd and most of your books, because you're done with the satan and you're done with this world, you've been born into the next! Amen and praise Jesus for his forgiveness.

  17. Hi Jonathan,

    Yes, thank God for His forgiveness!! While I didn't pledge, I did enough to make up for it. :-)

    We are all a work in progress. I figure each day that we are given is a chance from God to know Him more.

    When we step out in faith to stand on His promises, God delivers!!! It may not always be the answer we thought or the timing we hoped for, but He never fails. What an awesome God!

    I can understand how it has been a challenging road, but praise God for bringing you through it! You will have a powerful testimony to share with others about God's saving power just because of what you have been brought through.

    I pray that God continues to strengthen you and fill you with His Holy Spirit. Satan is going hard after souls, particularly on college campuses and your generation is going to be a major force in setting those young ones free.

    Stay on fie for the Lord and never let anything put that out!

    Much love in Christ!

  18. I have been adding a bunch of "one more thing" comments lately. :-) But I wanted to point out one thing you have said.

    It does take the Holy Spirit to open one's eyes about Greek letter organizations. We must pray for those who are in them or seek to be so that God will intervene and bring light. We have personally seen God do that in several lives over the past year for young college students.

    Also, if someone is in such a group and does not understand why it is idolatry, please pray and seek God for wisdom. He promises to give it (James 1:5). You don't have to take any man's word. Just seek God yourselves.

  19. WOW... I came across this point while trying to find an AKA graduation cord! I pledged in 2011 and I became inactive because I seriously did NOT feel like it's where God wanted me to be. Since then I have had more time to spend using the gifts God has blessed me with, more time growing and praying with my boyfriend, and more time with Him. My experience was terrible as well, and after seeing the comparison between the oath and Mark 12:30... I am blown away. Thank you sooo much for showing this; like you said, if anything is being kept in the dark, it should be brought to light. If more "Christian sorors" see this, they may think twice... which is exactly what needs to happen.

  20. First of all, noone that is a tru Christian will associate nothing of this world and our flesh with God. I have been a Christian for many years and I am an AKA.
    My relationship with God do not have anything to do with what I do as an AKA. As a christian, you work in the community and in the church itself. In the sorriority you do the same.
    It is the choice of the individual if they do someting that is not christlike, I do not care if it is in the Sorriority or in Church seeting/duties.

  21. God does not care if you pledge a Sorriority/Fraternity. He is Spiritual not fleshly. Everything you do is not Spiritual. Going to your jobs daily is not Spiritual but, you go there. You do not mix Spiritual thing with Fleshly things. If you were a Christian as you proclaim you would know better.

  22. Hello Anonymous,

    Your comments illustrate much of what is in error in Christianity. If you really seek to know the Lord and be known by Him, then ask Him what He thinks of your pledging allegiance to false gods and secret societies.

    Being a Christian is not about keeping your "worldly", "fleshly" life separate from God. It is about crucifying that which is worldly or fleshly within you.

    Everything you do should be spiritual. If not, then therein lies your problem. Only those led by the Spirit are the sons of God. If you are not seeking to be led by the Spirit in all things, then you simply do not belong to Him. We are to do "all things" unto the glory of God.

    I do not say this to condemn you, but to implore you to come to really know Jesus Christ. Your good works - whether down in community, in church, or in sorority - are only filthy rags.

    God does not allow you to have your "fleshly things". He calls that idolatry. Repent and turn to God, for the time is indeed short.

    1. Hello Latter days Ministry,
      As a Christian you are not supposed to judge and that is what you are doing, leave that to our Heavenly Father! I am not greek, but I am a Christian. If individuals decide to do something that is their decision. You never know what God has called people to do in order to reach certain individuals.
      For example, if God told me to pledge just so I can get in direct contact with a soul that needed to be saved, I would do it.
      I have been in contact with plenty of greeks and their 3 letters does not affect the way they feel about our creator.

    2. Hello Anonymous,

      God never tells His people not to judge; He only tells the hypocrite not to judge. Please study the Scriptures to understand what the Word really says in this area. The following articles may also help you:

      Who is Supposed to Judge?

      Why Are We to Judge

      Search Me

      God would never lead someone into sin.

      "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death." James 1:13-15

      Lastly, salvation is not about how we feel about God, but how He feels about us. It is this type of man-focused attitude towards God that has allowed the false gospels to flourish.

      God doesn't care one iota how we "feel" about Him. He expects obedience, period, because He is our Creator and He is worthy. Until people truly come to know God, then their claims of belonging to Him are delusion (Matthew 7:21-23).

      I pray that the true light of Jesus Christ shine forth in your heart.

    3. I'm sorry but I disagree. God cares about how we feel about Him. Didn't you just quote a scripture that says "to love the Lord your God". I believe that the whole purpose of God creating this universe, earth, and us was for us to praise, worship, and love Him.That's why God wants to be a Father to us as well as our Lord and savoir. If He didn't care about how we felt about Him he wouldn't have given us free will and we would just be praising robots, but God didn't want that. He wants to win us over! He wants us to choose Him because we love and trust Him with our lives. After all what good is a christian that does what God says, but truly hates Him?

    4. Hi Anonymous,

      I understand what you are saying, but the tings that you mention - love, praise, worship, trust - are not "feelings" (although they may be accompanied by feelings). This is how God can tell us to love our enemies, because love is not based on how we "feel". Love is an act of our will first, and is not just a sentiment of our heart.

      That is why Jesus says, "If you love me, obey my commandments." The heart is so desperately wicked, we can convince ourselves based on that alone that we really love God. However, Jesus says the evidence of that love is obedience.

      Many claim to have "feelings" for God or to love Him, but the fruit to their lives shows such is not the case. You ask, "After all what good is a christian that does what God says, but truly hates Him?" The truth is that Scriptures show such is impossible; you cannot obey God unless you love Him. In other words, that those who disobey God really hate Him. So, when people profess to love the Lord, yet engage in & justify idolatry (as in above), fornicate, steal, lie...we can know those professions are not true. So no, God is not concerned with how we feel (or think we feel) about Him.

      By way of example, I can tell you that I don't care how my children "feel" about me. Do I want them to hate me? Of course not, but the purpose of my parenting them is not to win their favor, hope they "like" me, or get them to be my friend. I am the parent and they are the child. They do not have enough knowledge or wisdom to make sound decisions in many aspects of their lives. This takes maturity and growth, which is why God gave children parents, to teach them the ways of righteousness. If I love them, then I will do what is right by them - whether they understand and agree or not. And let me tell you, many times they don't. As I tell them, in time, perhaps they will come to understand more some of the decisions we make as their parents, but whether they do or not has no bearing on how we raise them. So it is with God.

      Many times, our relationship with God may not "feel" good (Heb. 12:11). If God was concerned primarily with how we "feel" about Him, then He would never chasten us. Yet He does chasten us because He is after the peaceable fruit of righteousness within us, which is not based upon "feelings".

      I am not saying that feelings are bad. I am saying that unless your feelings have the evidence of obedience, then your feelings are deceiving you. Feelings alone are not the evidence that we love the Lord.

    5. Anonymous is right..sometimes God does put people in place to draw other souls to Him. I am a true christian..not a sidestepping Sunday morninger or a two stepping Tuesday nighter, but a real christian. I have been to night clubs, trap houses,etc to witness to people. So I'm sure God would allow someone to draw someone out from a sorority.

    6. Hi Anonymous,

      There is a difference between witnessing to those ensnared in idolatry versus becoming ensnared one's self. God will never lead someone into sin in order to save another.

      "Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:" James 1:13

      Yes, God will send witnesses to the lost, but He will not lead one of His own to become lost in doing so.

  23. To say that greek organizations are not spiritual is far from the truth. They are; and they tell you so in the ritual books. As a Chrisitain you should be spiritually active in one way and that is toward Christ alone.

  24. I'm not understanding how "Christians" are fine with pledging to the US and American flag every day in school, a country that actively engages in war, but it's apparently sinful to pledge to an organization that strives to better college and professional women, young girls, and other groups in need.

  25. Hello Anonymous,

    I don't pledge to the U.S. or the American flag. Yet that is not really the point is it?

    Comparing ourselves to that which we think is less righteous doesn't make us righteous.

    Further, a bunch of "good works" does not mean that God will overlook our idolatry. If so, then many Buddhists, Muslims, Wiccans, and New Agers are saved.

    What is sinful is doing what God says not to do. Unless we obey God, no amount of good works will save us. If we truly believe in Jesus Christ, we will obey Him.

    Don't worry about what man thinks, but what God thinks.

  26. I just wanted to thank the creator of these videos for shedding light on this secret subject. I am a undergraduate student at a prominent university and at times I am tempted to pledge AKA. As I was unsure of the things that go on during the MIP I decided to look deeper into the sorority's roots. Right away my spirit knew that the sorority was not in accordance with the word but I still could not help but be drawn to it. When my flesh is weak I just watch these videos and they remind me of the oaths that I would have to take which are completely blasphemous in nature. That is enough to make me run in the opposite direction. I am so glad that the Lord led me to these videos before I attended one of the secret gatherings I was invited to as I was a prime candidate for the organization. I don't know if I would have been spiritually strong enough to walk away if I were already enveloped in the intake process. I pray that others struggling like me will have their eyes opened as I did. Thanks for following God's direction. May glory be to God!

  27. All if the evils of which you speak about also exist in church. The Bible says ALL have sinned and come short. Not some, ALL. There is no justification for sin, no matter where it occurs. I would love to see you blog about priests who took their oath before God and your own sin. You have no heaven or hell to put anyone in.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thank you for taking time to post your thoughts.

      First things first, I am assuming by your comment you acknowledge that "all of these evils" do in fact exist in Greek sororities/fraternities, including the AKAs. While you contest that these evils exist elsewhere, you never dispute that they are in fact very present in those idolatrous organizations.

      I agree that sin and evil is even present in the church. This is why God says that His judgment will begin first with the church, because such ought to know better (I Peter 4:17). However, even still God declares that He will have a church without spot or blemish (Ephesians 5:27). The difference is that belonging to a "church" is not what redeems man, but belonging to the Savior, Jesus Christ. If we belong to Christ, then He will purge us from the inside out by His Spirit.

      The Bible does say that all have sinned, which is why we need Jesus. But the Bible does not say that all must remain sinners. Rather, God sets forth the expectation that those who are His will depart from sin.

      I am not sure what you mean by "priests who took their oath before God". It is one thing to partake of a covenant with God and make vows unto Him. It is something altogether to partake of a covenant with Satan and make vows unto him (which is what is occurring in the rituals of these Greek organizations).

      You would love to see me blog about my own sin? Just keep on reading. LOL Oftentimes posts on this blog are influenced by what God is dealing with me on. It is a "ministry" because much of it is "ministering" to me. However, if there is a specific sin you would like me to address, just let me know. I have no reason to try and hide who I am or even what God has delivered me from. Yet keep in mind, the same word that applies to others applies to me as well. I don't get a "get out of Hell free card" just because I have this blog. I too must live up with what is in God's word. So apart from showing how God is a deliverer from sin, focusing on my sin serves little purpose.

      No, thankfully I have no Hell or Heaven to put anyone in. I wouldn't want such a responsibility and would fail miserably short in trying to execute it for there is none righteous by God. But you had better believe that HE has a Heaven and Hell to put everyone in. Just because man repeats or preaches God's words doesn't transform those words into being the mere words of men. We had better take heed to His words, for that is the measure by which all will be judged.

      You say there is no justification for sin, and that is true. Then we should not try to justify association with demonic groups such as these just because sin also "exists in the church". Let every one who names the name of Christ depart from sin (II Timothy 2:19).

  28. You know it's really funny how people react to the worldly things they don't want to give up. If you have a co-worker who claims to be a Christian yet comes to work with a stank attitude everyday or steals things from the office people will be quick to complain about that person with no mercy. Or let a cashier treat you badly in the store Or let a family member not pay you back the money you loaned them, etc. We will go on and on about how wrong that person is and how they need Jesus and how "they ain't saved". But as soon as someone just speaks a general word about holding on to unGodly attachments in the world (secular music, organizations, sexual immorality) the first thing they say is "You can't judge!"

    When can we call sin sin? What can we say to set people free? As Christians we don't have a right to with hold the truth from people. I thank God for the people who are bold enough to speak the truth. I have been able to see myself for what I really am and seek God for deliverance because somebody spoke the truth. We don't speak truth because we think we have control over who goes to hell. We speak truth so that people WON'T go to hell!

    Satan has really blinded the masses. Please keep writing the truth LDM.

  29. I really appreciate this ministry! But I do have a question. I have friends who just crossed and they obviously know everything that goes on behind the should I go about speaking to these ladies (that were heavily involved in ministry and following Christ) about their relationship with christ and pointing out Scripture to them without them being offended and running further away from the truth?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I am so sorry for the delay in posting. Quite honestly, this just fell through the crack. It can be difficult to keep up with postings at times.

      First - as in all things - pray. Ask God to give you the words to say to touch their hearts.

      Second, you can share with them the videos found on this page: What About Pledging?

      I actually wrote that article because a young college student we knew was considering pledging. Her "BFF" at the time was doing so as well for her mother was an AKA. I honestly didn't think the article would do much good because of how tight she and her roommate (BFF) were. However, God had His way and convicted her on this topic so that she decided not to pledge. That was truly an answer to prayer for us.

      In the end, we can share info, but it is God alone who changes our hearts. Prayer is the key...and sharing the truth in love.

      Hope that helps!

  30. I am 21 and have been wanting to pledge since high school, but after reading this I am confused. If this is said for "worldly" sororities/fraternities, do Christian sororities and fraternities fall into the the same category?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      There are actually no such things as "Christian" sororities or fraternities. If you look to the Scriptures, there is no precedent for such. God's word speaks negatively about such things and those who would entice you to do them (Deu. 13:6-8). Rather than having a cloak of darkness, secrecy, and exclusivity, God exposes those things and brings the hidden things to light, inviting all to enter in (Mark 4:22, Luke 11:33, John 7:4).

      Another post which goes into the problems with these organizations more can be found here: What About Pledging?

    2. I agree with LDM.

      Furthermore on my HBCU campus they were desperate insecure wannabes. For example, they attempted to put together a step-show with the Demonic Nine. However, none of them showed up .... so the very people they were trying to emulate didn't event respect enough to attend their event they were promoting for months. And yes the so-called christian greek orgs emulated the demonic 9 so much, they strolled, stepped, had silly jackets like em, hand gang signs ... it was ridiculous.

      See while I was in college I was part of the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) and many of them were part of the Christian greek orgs. And it's not surprising b/c I can now honestly say BSM was an apostate organization that taught a different gospel than the one God gave us.

  31. Please remove the pledge out of respect for this organization. Also the greek organization is Christian based. Although it was not fitting for you that is not to say people do not try to grow closer to Christ.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Is it your contention that I should have more respect for the AKA org than I have reverence for the Lord? No form of idolatry is "Christian based", even if they claim to be.

      What you say may be true in that some join Greek orgs because they falsely claim to be Christian-based, sort of like Freemasonry. However, I can only advise anyone seeking to draw closer to Christ, "Wherefore, my dearly beloved, flee from idolatry." I Cor. 10:14.

      Just think about all that has to be done to join Greek organizations and all that is done once you become one. If you belong to such an org, no one has to tell you that it is against Christ. A few good deeds could never cover sin; such is why we need Jesus.

      No affiliation in this world is worth sacrificing our eternal destinies. I pray that you and others will examine your hearts and consider what is more important.

      Thanks for commenting.

  32. So what about Alpha Omega the Christian Fraternity? I am sure they have rituals and traditions and oaths as well.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      First, let me just state the obvious. It is not "I" who have answers in these things. We must all seek God's word via the revelation of the Holy Spirit to have understanding in any matter. So, my first question to you would be have you searched God's word to validate the existence of such a "fraternity"? I see nothing but the same prohibitions that God gives on all secret organizations.

      In Christ, we are all brothers and sisters for we are all members of His body and children of the Father. There is no special subset or secret fellowship grouping beyond that. Often times, people take the defiled things of the world and try to Christianize them and offer them to God. That won't work. Such is how you get folks like Juanita Bynum setting up church fraternities and sororities. It is foolishness and it is carnal. Whether the individuals engaging in such practices are deceived themselves or simply trying to deceive, God will never accept that which He does not inspire.

      If it is forbidden in God's word, then we should not try to redeem it. Just walk with Him and be led of His Spirit. He will do the work to transform you into His image so that He can live through you to reach others. Let the things of the world be left to the world.

      God Bless

  33. I am an AKA I never worshiped anyone but God himself. Stuff like this upsets and saddens me. They are so many issues if the world why is the focus is on Greek organizations? I not only love the Lord but I also have a relationship with him! My sorors and I help the community and we keep things secret because it's not Christ like to brag and boast when you help others for our rewards dont come from man but from God. The boble says let not your left hand know what the right is doing. People always do stuff like this the distract and discourage people during their walk with Christ. Then to say the bible says you can judge?! I disagree! The bible says do not judge and you will not be judged! And to let he who is without sin cast the first stone! The bible also says how are you to so eagerly look and point out the speack of saw dust from your brothers eye but dont remove the speak from your own?! You are to reexaimne yourself before you place judgement on someone else. I do not love my sorority more than God or Jesus! Speak only for yourself do not speak on behalf of everyone. In sororities and frats. There is a difference between hazing and pledging. Please learn the difference between the two. Hazing is wrong and should alwsys be reported! Everyone is to be treated with respect. What your doing is unfair to post the pledge is out of line. Tell the truth and shame the Devil you probably wanted to be and AKA but couldnt do so. Instead of turning that hate into starting internet quarreling sessions that you claim are to enlighten you should have gave it over to God. You have to understand that whenever a lot of people have there hands in something things start turning into that which they weren't intended to be AKA is a Christian based sorority you would know that if you were apart of it but anywho, even in some churches people mix and mess things up because of their man made beliefsdans stray from Christ. So it's not just happening in organizations it's happening everywhere! I don't like when people use God instead of allowing him to use them. This is a mess and I feel sorry for those who aren't getting to know God for themselves! Get to know God for yourself do not allow some to force their beliefs on you. He is only one prayer away. He knows your heart ask GOD for direction not man! God bless all of you and I pray that the negativity stops! Focus on Christ and Ask him for a mind of him along with WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE! Praise God for he is worthy!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      If you are a member of the AKA organization, then you are practicing idolatry, whether you know it or not. AKA is reportedly associated with the sex goddess Qetesh, who is depicted carrying the pink lotus flower with its green stem. All secret societies are occult organizations by definition; which is why you have to be "initiated" into them by "mystery" ritual. If you need more info on the occult nature of Greek orgs - as well as their ritualistic ties to freemasonry - please see What About Pledging.

      Even the AKA ritual handbook describes its initiation rituals a "sacred" (meaning dedicated or consecrated to a god). Do you honestly believe that what you have done in those rituals is to honor the God whose very Scriptures speak against such practices? Many who do "good works", but have not obeyed God's word, will find themselves rejected on the day of judgement (Matthew 7:21-23). I pray that you do not trust in good deeds at the expense of your obedience to Him.

      Anything we place in a position that only God should have in our lives is idolatry. Please consider the vows and pledges you have made to join this org. These are sentiments which should only be made to the True & Living God.

      While I understand what you believe about judging, feel free to view the following which examines what the Scriptures say:
      Who is Supposed to Judge?

      Thanks for commenting.

  34. I honestly am tired of hearing we open and close with prayer, we had a bible present at our initiation and we go to church on sunday........and. The fact still remains that the words Jesus Christ are nowhere to be found in your bi-laws, oaths, ceremonial rituals or meetings. If its was not founded upon the lord God and the practices and teachings of Jesus Christ it is what it is. As a realist, if it cannot be properly defined or proven it doesn't exist. Stop revamping your sorority to fit your perception of AKA and call it for what it is. If you mean God then say that....dont say the Eternal spirit...that could mean anything. As a person who has been around the sorority my entire life and was offered membersip I see no need to take the spotlight off of the true issue. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. was built upon values, values that don't include or reference the Lord our savior. To reference mankind and not acknowledge the maker is unforgivable.

  35. The things that you are talking about 100% true. I pledged AKA back in 2002. Our big sisters beat the hell out of us because theur big sisters beat the hell out of them. I knew that being beat was wrong but whenever I went to MIP (the official ceremony)and we all had on black suits and I looked over at the number 1 on my line. She was a vial woman and her being nasty wasn't a secret. I thought "I'm going to be in the same organization as her?" It may sound wierd but I felt like I was looking at a witch. Furthermore, there was a part of the ceremony where they said "to out aka lord." I was fidgeting during the whole process and that night was severely beaten by my big sister. I was fidgeting because my spirit knew I had stepped into something that I knew wasn't right. The allure was acceptance. I was verbally abused and rejected growing up and I wanted to be accepted. The sorority fulfilled the feeling of not belonging anywhere. As my relationship in Christ grew, I began to recognize that the pledges and chants we said were demonic. I have prayed that God forgive me for the words I said against Him because being involved in a cesspool of sin effected me in such a negative way. There are aka's that will always defend the sorority and say there is no hazing etc. I have been at sets where alpha's and kappa's were being pledged after I crossed myself. We would sit around and drink, party and laugh as these boys got the hell beat out of them. I even had one friend that was online for kappa twice and somehow was never able to cross. I believe it was because they just wanted to beat him, but never let him through. Being an aka brought a respect that I had not ever experienced as an undergrad. I am an attractive woman but those letters made guys drool. I honestly believe that their is power behind the words we have spoken over our lives. It can be dark power or light power. aka is definitely a dark power and every other greek organization. aka is a business, supremely but the everyone knows what happens behind the scenes. The only thing that aka taught me was too dress up the outside no matter what's going on behind the scenes. You wouldn't imagine such beautiful, educated and otherwise logical women could participate in something so contrary to who GOD created them to be. The hype is what drew me in. The beauty, the popularity and notoriety associated with the organization. I beg that young impressionable minds pray and search their hearts. The only acceptance you need is from Jesus Christ. If you love yourself, you would never allow someone to "haze," or "pledge," you. Just because someone is beautiful on the outside doesn't mean anything. You have to get beyond the veil. Don't learn the hard way, like I did.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I think your testimony mirrors many. Most people join these organizations in an effort to be accepted and to "be" somebody. Greek society is truly a reflection of "the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life" (I John 2:16). Such is not of God, but of the world.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences here, and like you, I pray that people don't have to learn the hard way. People just need to give their lives to Jesus, now and completely. We will find that we are truly and always accepted in the Beloved.

      God Bless!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi TenderLuvnCoils,

      "Satan has so deceived this generation that you would rather defend an organization than agree with the Word."

      You have summed it all up right there. It is going to take some heavy intercession to have people's minds - which have been blinded by the god of this world - opened to see truth. If the Lord did it for us, then He can do it for anyone who wants to know the truth. Things such as these Greek alliances can seem so benign, like it is no big deal, but any kind of agreement with idolatry is really a cesspool. It is no wonder that the Lord says to "flee" it.

      Thanks for posting!

  37. This is an interesting blog post. When I was in college many years ago, I had no interest in joining a fraternity, and I'm glad that was the case. I didn't have any good friends who were "Greeks" either. I was a member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, however. One time, I remember my staff worker telling me, "While most Christians shouldn't join fraternities, sometimes God does call certain believers to join fraternities in order to witness to others." I believed that at the time, but looking back now, I'm rather skeptical. Maybe some guys might "believe" that God is telling them to do that, but does He really do such a thing? It seems to me that God has many ways of reaching fraternity "brothers" without leading a Christian to become unequally yoked with such a group.

    1. Hi Panettonea,

      I believe you have answered your own question. :-)

      The miracle of God's power is not that He can lead us into sin to save sinners. It is that He can lead us out of sin, yet enable us to have a testimony to reach others who are still bound by it. He can use even our bad decisions to bring about His, good; but that doesn't mean He led us to do what is bad.

      Just look at Jesus, who is our Forerunner. Jesus didn't have to become a sinner in order to save sinners, and neither do we. Don't let other people's compromising with sin muddy the waters.

      God Bless!

  38. Why focus on greek organizations??? Because it is IDOLATRY!!!!!!! God says for his people to flee IDOLATRY!!!!!!!!

  39. If I may chime in,

    I believe the basic appeal that allures to join GLO frats and sororities goes all the way back to Genesis 3:5 about Satan's proposal to Eve: "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, AND YE SHALL BE AS GODS, KNOWING GOOD AND EVIL. And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, AND A TREE TO BE DESIRED TO MAKE ONE WISE...."

  40. To be honest as a proud woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha, this blog is disgraceful and distasteful to our organization. For a former member to display our pledge and lyrics to a hymn shows no class or character. Alpha Kappa Alpha is an organization that esteems its self on "To cultivate and achieve ethical standards, to promote unity & friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls & women in order to improve the social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be if Service to all mankind" If you gathered an a colt from that well so be it.

    1. "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:6

    2. No where does it say in our pkedge that we are pledging our souls. We pledge to the flag and take oaths in court. We reference God and Jesus Christ in sorority meetings as a former AKA you know this!

    3. PMQ, Scripture tells us that there is another Jesus sent by Sata to deceive who teaches another gospel and fills with another spirit (II Corinthians 11:4). Jesus doesn't want your verbal refereces nor our (perceived) good works, but He desires your whole heart and life given to Him.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. We pray in Jesus'name we acknowledge our faith. God has always been first in my life. Man has a fallen nature which is sin. That is why we need a Saviour. We live in a sinful world. No man-made organization including churches are infallible. One can make an idol of anything a ministry,a mate, a job. In the final analysis my relationship with Jesus Christ is personal. To state that there is another Jesus is demonic. We pray publicly in Jesus Christ name.

    2. Hi PMQ,

      It is very true that man is born with a fallen nature of sin. That is why we all need to be born again so that we can become partakers of the divine nature by no longer being in covenant with sin (II Peter 1:4). As you say, we need Jesus, who alone can cleanse us by His blood.

      Here is the issue. The church of God is not a "man-made" organization. It is built by Jesus Christ Himself (Matthew 16:18). Now there are plenty of man-made organizations which claim to be the church, but such are of Babylon. These are those who preach "another Jesus" (II Corinthians 11:4). Satan loves to pimp the name of Jesus in order to keep people from the True & Living God. Much is done and proclaimed in Jesus' name in the world, and 99.9% of it has absolutely nothing to do with Him. It is not birthed by Him, but rather binds people so that they cannot be reconciled to Him.

      The god of such sororities/fraterities is Baal, Satan himself. Just think back on the things you had to do to pledge and the things you have seen since then. I am not talking about the public face, but what is done in secret and in the dark. If you are honest with yourself, you know that these are not works inspired by Jesus Christ. Instead of trying to defend this, just as Jesus to open your eyes and give you wisdom in this area. He is faithful to do so.

  42. Hello, I am glad I read this. Thank you so much for posting it. The God of the Bible, I AM, He is the Most High God. Despite all things that try to raise themselves up as god. He is the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Author of time. Before time He was, He is God, and forever, He will be. Turn away from serving other gods. Besides, He is loving and compassionate. You needn't do anything for Him to love you. People need to know this God, my God, the God of the prophets and apostles. Thanks again


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