Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why It Really Has NOTHING To Do with "Equal Rights"

A number of people - even those who claim to be Christians - say that they support the legalization of homosexual marriage because they simply want to protect "equal rights" for all.  However, these same persons are decidedly quiet about espousing the "equal rights" of others, showing their professed noble intent to be nothing more than mere hypocrisy.

If such persons are so concerned about "equal rights", then why are they not fighting for the rights of felons to work anywhere they choose?  Felons can be automatically disqualified from employment opportunities due to these previous convictions.  Various state laws also limit where they can be hired, such as excluding them from the health care or education industries, preventing them from obtaining professional licenses, or from being hired in public employment.  Why are these persons supporting homosexual marriage not up in arms about such employment discrimination?  Why are they not concerned about these person's "equal rights"?