Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Babylon is in the Heart

The Trojan Horse

"There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man." Mark 7:15

When I first started seeking the Lord, I used to follow Dr. Frederick K.C. Price Sr. at  Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC).  His services were broadcast weekly on my local religious television channel.  When you are hungry for righteousness, you will almost go anywhere to be fed.

Then one day, Dr. Price began to speak about those in his church who were not tithing.  He chastised them and berated them in a way that shocked me.  He went on further to speak disparagingly about those who wrote checks to the ministry which bounced.  He stated that - if not for the fact that it was illegal - he would publicly post the names of every person who had given bad checks in an offering to his church.

You have been given time in a pulpit to speak to the things of God and your main concern is folks not giving you enough money?  Where was the compassion and Godly concern about the lives of these people?  Perhaps they were in financial struggles which was pulling them under.  Or maybe the church was setting an inordinate emphasis on "money" which compelled them to try and give more than they could.  I knew that it was not the spirit of the Lord inspiring these words and that was enough for me.  I never listened to any more "word of faith" or "prosperity doctrine" foolishness again.  As someone whom God had delivered out of the Roman Catholic Church, I could recognize that Babylonian spirit when I saw it.

I have spoken previously about how God led me out of the RCC, but one of the main events was my marriage to a non-Catholic.  Before such ceremonies could occur in the Catholic church, the non-Catholic had to sign a paper agreeing to raise any children as Catholics. It mattered not whether the person I was marrying was a Christian.  It was apparent to me that the Catholic Church cared little to nothing about the souls of my future children.  Rather, they wanted to ensure that they continued to have the numbers (members) which would ensure a steady stream of future funds for their organization.

This was one of my first lessons that Babylon lies in the heart.  People mistakenly believe that if they separate from "such and such" (fill in the blank), then they have escaped the false religion of Babylon.  Yet, that is a delusion.

If you were part of the Babylonian system of false religion, then the reason is because Babylon was in you!  People only join themselves to that which is attractive to them.  The things which attracted you to Babylon - sowing to your flesh, focusing on your life in this temporal world, justifying or turning a blind eye to sin, greed, making you "somebody", etc. - are the very things in your soul from which you need to be cleansed.  The only way a fish can be caught is if they take the bait.

Many times, people come out of false religion and want to blame pastors, deacons, doctrines, elders, etc.  Look, the problem was YOU!  The reason I was in the Catholic church was because my own heart was defiled; and the same is true for everyone else who was/is ever aligned with such a system.

The false church plays to and on your own lusts (II Timothy 4:3; II Peter 3:3; Jude 1:16).  The goal then is not to be separated from a particular organization, but to be cleansed from the lusts in your own heart.  If you do not, then you will simply find another example of Babylon to follow (or raise up one yourself).

This leads to the purpose of today's post.  G. Craig Lewis - a minister I have respected for many years - is planning to tape a new session of the Truth Behind Hip Hop series at Crenshaw Christian Church this October.  CCC is now being run by Dr. Fred Price Sr.'s son - Fred Price Jr. - with whom Min. Lewis has formed a friendship in recent years.  The title of this sermon will be "The Mother of All Gods" where Min. Lewis will be dealing with Babylon and the Roman Catholic Church.  In an excerpt from the trailer for that DVD, Min. Lewis says:
So what did Satan do?  I gotta fake it.  I gotta create Nimrod and Semiramis.  I gotta make it look like the virgin Mary.  I gotta start Catholicism where I corrupt Pentacostalism and make the Pentacostals do the things that the Catholics do.  I gotta mess it up.  I gotta mess up Christianity!
Is Roman Catholicism a Babylonian deception masquerading as true Christianity?  Absolutely!  However, how is it possible to preach against Babylon, from Babylon, while in agreement with Babylon?

While I have not followed Fred Price Jr.'s ministry, I am aware that it was passed to him from the mantle of his father, who is still listed as an "Apostle" over that church.  There has been no separation from the deceptive doctrines taught by his father, but rather, that legacy has been falsely promoted as a shining example of Christian service.  As Min. Lewis states, it is a satanic deception to lead people into following after Babylon under the guise of representing the real church.  Yet, that is just what Dr. Fred Price Sr. has done.

The DVD entitled "The Making of an Apostle" (seen here via Part 1 and Part 2) shows in detail the ordination ceremony for Dr. Fred Price Sr. as he is made an "Apostle".  This ceremony is an exact copy of the Roman Catholic ceremony, including:
  • The processional, replete with use of altar boys/girls to carry candles, the Bible, and the cross after which backwards collar-wearing clergy marched behind;  In the video, this procession is introduced by the narrator stating how "highly symbolic" this procession is.  Indeed it was...
  • The version of the Catholic "litany of the saints" prayer which the congregants were led to repeat; 
  • The recitation of the Apostle's Creed
  • The Catholic ordination prayer recited over Fred Price in declaring him an "Apostle"
  • The presentation of an Apostolic "ring" of authority
  • The bestowing of a Roman Cleric Cassock, Tippet, and Pectorale
  • The giving of a Crozier
People, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.

I don't share this to mock Fred Price (Sr. or Jr), neither G. Craig Lewis.  I share this to impress upon you the level of deception into which we fall when we mistakenly believe that Babylon is merely external.  There are many professing Christians who exert much energy fighting against systems of Babylon while at the same time helping to build and exalt the same system.  Why can't they see the irony and deception?  Because Babylon is still alive and well in the heart.

As time draws to an end, we must honestly look at our own hearts.  We must examine ourselves to see if we truly be in the faith.  If there was a time to take the word of God seriously, it is now.  We cannot have fellowship with the works of darkness.  We must hold to the truths of God's word at all costs.  If the foundation upon which we stand is anything other than the Rock of our salvation, then by the power of God let it be demolished and start from scratch.  Forget earthly legacy's and worldly approval.  Unless God builds a house, we labor in vain.  Are we truly willing to forsake all for the cause of Christ?

Please be in prayer for the church worldwide, that we will truly separate ourselves unto Christ alone, for His work.

"For this is the will of God, even your sanctification..." I Thessalonians 4:3a

The following video outlines the Catholic overtones to Fred Price Sr's ordination.  It also contains part of a sermon from Omega Ministries entitled "A Trojan Horse".


  1. This video is very disturbing. I will pray for these men, especially Min. Lewis. I don't want to see him fall into the trap of Satan.

  2. I enjoy Pastor Lewis' messages from time to time but his affiliations with Fred Price Jr. has definitely raised a red flag for me. Another red flag was his message about the Anti-Christ not being a real person. Anyway, I had never seen this video before but it was eye-opening. I'm going to continue to read the Word, watch and pray so that I fall into temptation in these last days.

  3. Hi sis!! I am so thankful for your ministry and Omega Ministries because through you all my eyes have become opened to so many things that has never been talked about in the "church" I am grieved by all of this ignorance and just plain rebellion against God and His plan. I cry so much these days over the lost souls and the way that the devil is deceiving and binding so many. I also pray that God will continue to use you and Pastor Price to expose the truth. I pray that people be set free from bondage and that we who may know the truth don't become bound ourselves by this immense deception! This is definitely a war and it's time that we all stop playing games and see this for what it really is!!

    Lord search my heart and see if there is any wicked way in me, expose me, and then heal me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness!! Amen!

    Love you all and I am going to travel to finally meet you guys soon!! LOL!!

  4. Hello Anonymouses,

    I would certainly say that the word for these days is to watch and pray. No man is the standard, but Jesus Christ and no man is infallible but Him. Yet, it is our prayer that all of the church be found in Him upon His return, ourselves included. This is why we must walk circumspectly because the days are evil.

    This is not about any one man's positioning with the Lord, but a call for each of us to search ourselves and see if we be in the faith. If Jesus said that even the very elect could be deceived if possible, then the need for spiritual discernment in these days is great.

    God Bless

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    You look different in that picture? Maybe it is your hair? Either way, beautiful as usual. :-)

    Pastor Price and his wife have been amazing helps for me in my Christian walk...and continue to be. So I share your sentiments.

    Yes, what we need is more people to take a stand for Christ and become engaged in the battle for souls. The harvest is great, but workers seem few. May the Lord continue to cleanse us and send us as his living epistles.

    Looking forward to seeing you and the family!

  6. I have to agree with you about pastor G. Craig Lewis. I first saw him mentioned here on this blog. I've been following for sometime and as such have come to have a certain level of respect and trust for your ministry. Although we may differ on some of the finer points. Two months ago I ordered the Truth behind HipHop series after seeing a few excerpts on youtube... and I consumed that series. I shared it with my family as well and they recognized the message. Because I've been preaching and sharing the exact same thing as Lewis for the past three years. Only my immediate family has shown any spiritual hunger for this kind of thing. Most others, especially Christians don't want to hear it. But recently I've run into some problems with Craig Lewis...

    I recently heard him preach and it was discouraging to hear his stance on Israel, the AntiChrist, the Mark of the Beast, the Tribulation, the rapture... his eschatology is all over the place. While I believe he has received a gift of revelation concerning our culture, everything else seems to be off. It's like portions of his HipHop message have bled over into his other messages and he's getting everything confused... He's falling into the same traps that he preaches against. An example would be the EXTIMES. While I like being informed about issues that affect us all as believers, some of the comments from Christians about those issues seem troubling. Many a comment has been simply to mock, to cast stones, to name call... especially if an article deals with a fallen minister. Some commentators have even stated that this is their entertainment! So I posted my concerns about us trading one form of entertainment for another. That yes I agree that these things are bad and many a pastor has messed up and they should be called on their mistakes... but these people need prayer and forgiveness if their repentance is genuine... not to be called dumb or virtually stoned t death. We're just trading one form of entertainment for another. This is the very thing that Pastor Craig warned about in his latest HipHop message... entertainment.

    That comment was deleted by his ministry. When I told my family they were just as disappointed as I was. So I simply tell them that we are in the last days, and you must glean what you can. Pastor Craig's messages about our wicked culture are spot on and line up with the Scriptures and the Holy Spirit. Everything else that he preaches that does not line up, you have to toss it out.

    1. Speak broken_skai!!! ... you are spot on. I've started to discern the same things earlier this year. But to me his revelations on Hip Hop culture was not all that ground breaking or rocket science, I mean it's pretty basic to a seasoned believer. Yes he found a few details that were "well-hidden" but the gist of it was obvious to any believer who has a love for the truth, the holy spirit, and study to show themselves approved. I now backed completely away from G. Craig Lewis and Ex-ministires ... he almost had me fooled, there agenda isn't Christ right now nor possibly will it ever be. I hope that changes, I prayed on it and moved on.

  7. Hi Broken Skai!

    It is wonderful to hear from you and I pray you have been well. Our differences are truly minor Sister. I love the fervor & devotion that you have for Jesus. If this blog has been a blessing to you in any way, then I thank God for it! :-)

    I first came to know of Min. Lewis via the Truth Behind Hip Hop series. Like you, I too have found that many churchfolks couldn't be bothered, but others seem thirsty for this knowledge. It is an important message for this time and I too believe that God called him to tell it.

    Beyond that, I don't really follow Min. Lewis; not EXTIMES, not sermons, not his website, etc. Nothing personal, just a factor of time. Unless someone specifically brings something to my attention (as in this case) I would have no idea what he or many others are teaching.

    I am saddened to hear what you have shared, but truth be told it does match comments I have heard from others, i.e. deleting comments which question the ministry, eschatology that is not Biblically sound, etc.

    I do believe that this is why we are to intercede for each other. If but for the grace of God, any one of us could have our heads taken off with all of the delusions out there.

    It is my hope and prayer that God would grant Min. Lewis ears to hear whatsoever he needs to. I know from experience that Min. Lewis is not afraid to address compromise when he sees it. I saw him do so at a local church here where he was introduced by a "Holy Hip Hop" artist. So, I can only wonder if he has been blinded to the compromise in this particular arena. I pray that God open blinded eyes and move the people towards a heart of repentance so that the door is opened for God's Spirit to move mightily in that meeting. Apart from such, then we are simply witnessing the perpetuation of Babylon.

    As you say, and as with any man or woman's teaching, whatever does not line up with Scripture must be tossed out. If we all but followed that approach, the church would be much healthier.

    May the peace of God be with you Sister!

  8. I had an interesting talk with my Grandmother today. She said sometimes when people are young they drink, fornicate, lie,...you know, all the "big" outward sins. Then they get old and decide they don't want to do that stuff anymore because they don't have the energy or time. But they believe that because they stopped they are saved and good. They don't realize that stopping the doing and going didn't cleanse them from it. It's still inside them. Babylon is indeed in the heart!

  9. Oh thank you so much.Continue to speak out sir.
    So much of Christianity is self righteousness masquerading as the truth.
    We have lost the true Gospel.
    Jesus was a Jew.He did not come to create Christianity.
    Neither God nor Jesus look kindly on Christianity.Judgement will come soon.It will begin with the church.
    How I hope we all repent in time.


  10. Hi Derek,

    I certainly agree that there is much hypocrisy and perversion in alot of what calls itself the church, however Jesus certainly came to create a "new and living way" (Hebrews 10:20), establishing a "new covenant" (Hebrews 8:13).

    I am not big on names. One can call one's self a Christian, a Disciple, a Follower of the Way... The point is that we must all repent and believe the Gospel to be saved for there is salvation in no other.

    While Jesus was absolutely a Jew, God has commanded that we are not know "no man" after the flesh, including Christ Himself (II Cor. 5:16).

    While God does not look kindly on hypocrisy, God's church is the apple of His eye and that is comprised of all who turn in faith to Jesus Christ.

    And as you say, judgment will begin first with the church...and indeed has begun.

  11. Ummmm actually I'm a guy. No worries though, you aren't the first person to have gotten that impression. Maybe it has something to do with the handle I've chosen?

    May the Spirit of the Lord be with you ^_^

  12. Hi Broken_Skai,

    No way! LOL Glad you cleared that up...brother. :-)

  13. Hey Sis, wanted to let you know I have your blog page and the Omega ministries page saved on my tool bar and I look forward everyday to see what new thing you have posted. I listen to Pastor Gary Price's audio messages everyday at work and absolutely love the truth he is preaching. His teachings expose and confirm my doubts about the business of religion, church and the people who call themselves Christians. I consider Pastro G. Price to be like a Jeremiah who is preaching the truth no one wants to hear. I also appreciate the message that G. Craig Lewis presents. As a result of his teachings and my quest for the true and living God(God of the Bible) I have lost my desire to listen to that type of music and participate in that culture. I must say that after listening to over 15 of Pastor G. Price's messages I see a strong similarity in his teachings in comparison to that of G.Craig Lewis's. I have heard Pastor Price refer to the antichrist with the primary emphasis of it being a "system" and a minor mention of it being a person. In regards to Pastor Lewis and KC Price Jr. hooking up. I have personally heard KC Jr. speak at my church and he doesn't sound nothing like his dad. I'm reminded of the old testaments kings of Israel and Judah. There were kings who were not at all pleasing to God. They would worhsip idols and do all sorts of ungodly things whereas, a son may find favor and be pleasing in the eyes of God. I wonder if that could be something taking place with KC Jr.

  14. Hi Mike,

    I agree that Pastor Price has been called to preach in a time similar to the days of Jeremiah, where God's people are often too busy enjoying their lives to listen to what saith the Lord. Such could also be said of Min. Lewis, as not many wanted to hear his message about Hip Hop when he first started preaching it. We are in the midst of the great falling away.

    I am not sure what messages you have listened to from Pastor Price - and neither can I speak for him - but I can tell you after knowing him for more than 17 years that he certainly teaches there will be a literal Anti-Christ (man of sin). Neither would I consider this a minor teaching of his. Two such messages can be found here:

    Daniel's Little Horn
    I Ain't Goin' Bow

    More might be found here

    You are right in that there are instances of Kings in Israel who did abominations in the site of the Lord, whose sons would later usher in a return of God's favor. However, one thing that was clear in each case is that the son destroyed the works of idolatry the fathers had committed; they tore down the groves, got rid of the sodomites, and turned the people's hearts back to God.

    "And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the LORD, as did David his father. And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made." I Kings 15:11-12

    "And the king went up into the house of the LORD...And the king stood by a pillar, and made a covenant before the LORD, to walk after the LORD, and to keep his commandments...to bring forth out of the temple of the LORD all the vessels that were made for Baal, and for the grove, and for all the host of heaven: and he burned them...And he put down the idolatrous priests...And he brought out the grove from the house of the LORD, without Jerusalem, unto the brook Kidron, and burned it...And he brake down the houses of the sodomites..." II Kings 23:2a, 3a, 4b, 5a, 6a, 7a

    Fred Price Jr. cannot usher in the Spirit of God to those people while at the same time standing in, exalting, and continuing the idolatrous legacy of his father...who is still the Apostle over that church. If you are not aware that Dr. Price is still actively guiding the direction of that church and its teachings, then you should visit their website.

    This post was not intended to vilify or justify any of these men. It is about making sure there are not areas of compromise in our own souls, which is a standard each of those men must also live up to daily.

    God bless and thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  15. This is why its imporrtant to be scriptural in our teaching and preaching, and not just follow people that we happen to agree with. I warned people about this before - that yes G Craige had a powerful ministry but that he also departed from the soundness of scripture and went too far. Now we see the fruit of it. But we can pray for him that he change his methods of ministry so that his true anointing can be uncorrupted.

  16. Bless You my sister, I appreciate your detailed and well thought out responses. Thank You. And yes I was blessed by Pastor Gary Price's message. "I aint gon bow." In fact I used the topic as a lesson in the youth group I teach. In regards to the Anti-Christ(man vs system) debate, I purchased multiple Cd's from the Omega Ministries web site. The one I was referring to where Pastor G.Price down played the significance of a man being the anti christ was titled, "Flesh is the Beast." In part three of that lesson Pastor Price stated, " the nature of the anti-christ is the problem, not the man." He went on to teach that the nature of the anti-christ has appeared in men such as ADAM, Hitler, Farrakhan and so on. Please Please find that message and listen to it. He also describe the beast as a system and taught from the book of Daniel and Revelations. I may have misunderstand what he was saying but it sounded a lot like what people are criticizing G. Craig Lewis for saying.
    Also I wanted to caution those who question G Craig Lewis for mixing with KC Price Jr. Lewis is not shy about his teaching and KC Price Jr. knows what Lewis teaches and for him to allow him to teach that message in his church tells me he might be attempting to tear down some of those demonic strongholds in his church. Let's hear the message scheduled to be spoken in October before we are so quick to be critical of what may be taking place.

  17. Hi Mike,

    Min. Lewis has specifically stated that there will not be a literal Anti-christ. That is not Pastor Price's teaching at all.

    In terms of what "we" should be concerned about, it is having the uncrucified nature of the beast (old man) within; such is the only thing which can lead us astray. Even in the quote you have provided, Pastor Price does not deny there will be an Anti-christ. Rather, he indicates that it is people having that nature ruling them which will allow them to follow after and be deceived by this man of sin.

    Please also feel free to send Pastor Price an email or give the ministry a call about this distinction. He will follow-up with you to provide clarity if you ask.

    I understand your motivations brother, but I still have to look back to the Scriptures. Before God's favor can return, idolatry and false religion must be dealt with first (2 Chronicles 7:14).

    As a former catholic, I can tell you that the RCC does teach against a "false church". The issue however is that they present this false church as something other than itself. And in that, they deceive many.

    If Min. Lewis preaches against Babylon from CCC without addressing the idolatries in that ministry (or without that ministry separating itself from such), then that is the same type of deception. It gives the appearance that CCC is outside of the system of Babylon when it is not.

    This is not about men; it is about God and His truths. If we love our brothers, then we will tell them the truth, even when it is not pleasant. And if we are not filled with pride, then we will be able to receive such Godly correction when it comes.

    It is my prayer that true repentance will come forth so that CCC can be used by God to usher people into the Kingdom of God. If it does not, then such is part of a great deception, no matter how much "truth" about Babylon may come forth that evening.

  18. When Jr. brought in the hip-hop with his father's blessing I stopped tuning in to this ministry.

    Thank you for the updates and the cautions.

    My husband and I literally live in the midst of a secular hip/hop culture and will verify that THIS does not produce the righteousness of God. You can slap the name of Jesus on it all you want but it continues to keep one bound to its idolatry.

    Darkness CONNECTS to darkness no matter the form, be it in the form of freemasonry, witchcraft, false religion, hinduism, islam, god/goddess or new age... it is darkness.

    If we walk in the light as He is in the Light we'll have fellowship.

    You cannot be partakers of the Lord's table and of the table of devils

    For you were sometimes darkness, but now [are ye] light in the Lord : walk as children of light


  19. HI LD. I just wanted to say that I know Lewis personally, and I also must say that we should be very slow to speak when we don't know the motives or hearts of men. I really agree that we should PRAY, but I also believe that we should make sure we have understanding sis.

    I do get everyone's concern about Lewis going into Sr's house, but let me say this, Jr reached out to them, and I believe he himself is experience an awakening SEPARATE from his father - and soon to be in contrast with his father's belief. It is hard not to associate the son with the father, but we MUST be patient with people as the FATHER himself is working with people and bringing them OUT of Babylon.

    Let's just say this, they are going into the house to speak AGAINST the house. I know people can't or choose not to see this and believe Lewis is falling prey, but LEWIS has absolutely NO ASSOCIATION with SR.

    I think if we changed how we VIEW things it could be possible that just maybe...MAYBE the Father is allowing him to go into this house and open up some eyes. I can also say, SR. has no idea what is about to take place at the church.

    I personally plan to be in the house.

    I am disturbed that people keep saying his associations with JR. disturb them and NONE OF THEM have taken the time to get to ask Lewis...why? They are simply accusatory. I really think people are just TOO QUICK ALL THE TIME TO JUDGE MATTERS before the end of a matter, AND ESPECIALLY THOSE now "out" of Babylon and those who feel they know the heart of a matter...when they don't. I do know how it "appears" on the outside with him going to Sr's church, but please brothers and sisters, try to discern maybe WHY he is going there and look at how God just may be about to do something in that place.

    Do we all so quickly just throw people under the bus because they have not gotten there as fast as we have? It may take time, but even those FALSE TEACHERS, the Father desires them to repent as well.

    Respectfully submitted.

  20. "If you were part of the Babylonian system of false religion, then the reason is because Babylon was in you! People only join themselves to that which is attractive to them"

    I hear you sis. So you are saying that none of it has to do that as a baby, as a child, you were introduced to it, indoctrinated into it because you were child, taken by your parents? You had absolutely no choice in the matter, so how is it that we sought after it? I know that I wasn't seeking after my flesh BUT I was in church because I grew up there because of my parents. I can admit as an adult, MAYBE your reasons are why I remained, but I argue that is all I knew. I am just a little confused by this statement.

  21. Hi Barb,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights. As you say, we cannot be a partaker of the Lord's table and the table of devils.

    God Bless and may you be a light in the darkness where you are.

  22. Hi Anonymous,

    Separating father from son is not difficult at all; they are two different people.

    Yet how is one to separate Fred Price Jr. from the ministry/legacy/anointing he has CHOSEN to walk in, passed on to him by his father? Even you acknowledge that CCC is still "Sr.'s house."

    If Fred Price Jr. is starting to understand the errors of his father, then "Praise the Lord!". However, as long as he continues to uphold/exalt that legacy, he is perpetuating the same errors.

    I agree that God is calling all to repentance. Such also is the heart of this post, to see more people truly drawn to the Lord.

    This is why repentance must come forth if that meeting is to be used by God. It is not about coming against Fred Price Sr.; he is simply deceived. It is about coming against the idolatries and lies upon which that ministry was built.

    You may not have heard of others asking Min. Lewis about this issue, but I have. One person stated that Min. Lewis' response was that he wouldn't go to CCC if he thought anything was wrong with it. Yet, you say that he is going to plan some sort of sneak attack against "the house".

    Which is true? It matters not to me. It is simply my prayer that God's will be done. That a true spirit of repentance come forth to turn the people away from the errors of Babylon (even in the midst of that congregation and in the midst of the heart) so that many can be set free.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  23. Hi Anonymous,

    Certainly a child has no control over where they fellowship. I am speaking about adults.

    There is a difference between church attendance and joining one's self to Babylon. You can attend a church which is false, but never really buy into the false doctrines.

    When I speak of people joining themselves to Babylon, I am speaking of those who are deceived by this entity to the point they cannot even recognize who God is - or who He isn't.

  24. "Yet, you say that he is going to plan some sort of sneak attack against "the house".

    No I actually did not say that at all, and honestly, I do understand how that was implied by my statement. I should not dare speak for Lewis, he can certainly do it himself. Please forgive me, if I implied or even placed words in his mouth. He did not tell me that himself at all, I should have been more explicit and let you know that is my understanding of what is going on. So for that I apologize for the misunderstanding. I hear your points and agree to a great extent. I still say that the issue regarding Sr. and Jr. has yet to be played out, and although you see it as him walking in what he was handed down, I look at it as the process has begun. So I am certainly patient and compassionate enough for GOD to do his thing, and not on our time. I guess I am just not as "concerned" at this point as others. I am definitely praying for Jr., Lewis AND for Sr. I pray they all come to repentance, sooner rather than later.


  25. "When I speak of people joining themselves to Babylon, I am speaking of those who are deceived by this entity to the point they cannot even recognize who God is - or who He isn't."

    Won't find too much of an argument from me on this matter. I will say however that even as a child raised up and reared in "Babylon" it is still really something given to them, and therefore HARD for them not to recognize God until HE himself removes them. much like he did for us.

    But we agree on this matter. Thank you for your clarification and thank you for allowing me to respond. Bless you.

  26. Hi Anonymous,

    Thank you for clarifying your comment for it did sound as if you were presenting this as inside knowledge to Min. Lewis' motives for this meeting.

    Yet, this issue really has nothing to do with Sr. vs. Jr. It is about God and His truths versus the false religion of Babylon which attempts to pervert such. The battle is never about mere flesh and blood.

    Yes, God's timing is certainly not or own. However, while we pray for hearts to be changed and God's will to be done in every situation, such should not preclude us from sounding a Biblical warning when it is warranted. I believe that it is in this situation.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here.

  27. Hi Anonymous,

    I will post below a response I sent to someone who contacted me in email about this. They believed that oftentimes ignorance plays a role in someone staying in Babylon.

    I completely agree that the reason many are in false religion is ignorance. Yet, that ignorance is also largely due to darkness in the heart.

    "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them." II Cor. 4:3-4

    "And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will." II Tim. 2:26

    "Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart." Ephesians 4:18

    Jesus says that His sheep hear His voice and no other voice will they follow. This is not a matter of "head knowledge", but of a "heart change". We don't have to know a lot of stuff to be Jesus' sheep; we simply have to be born again.

    We are all ignorant about some things related to God and are growing in knowledge of Him; however, there is a difference between growing in knowledge about God vs. being ignorant about even who God is.

    The thing is, once we know God, we will be able to recognize when His Spirit is in operation...and when it is not.

    God Bless you too!

  28. Wow, this is a hot topic! It's very interesting to notice the types of articles that get the most opposition here.

    But what I am thinking is why does Lewis need to link up with Price at all! Why does there need to be a Hip-Hop 7? Why can't he just film it in the place where he always films? Why does it have to be filmed in a televised mega church? If JR is changing his heart why does it have to be declared by promoting a video/product and going into ANOTHER study about secular artists? Can't he just leave CCC and seek God for truth? Why does he have to remain at CCC under his father's administration?

    Also, to the person who questions whether Gary Price considers the Anti-Christ to be a real person: I have listened to many of his sermons and I have heard him state many many times that the Anti-Christ is an actual man who will come to power. Also, even if G. Price never said it the bible says in 2 Thess:

    3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
    4Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.


  29. Hi JT,

    It is interesting which articles seem the most controversial. Whodda thunk it?

    I am reminded of how Jesus was crucified outside of the camp (Hebrews 13:10-14). John the Baptist's call of repentance required the people to come out from Jerusalem (Matthew 3:5-9). Jesus didn't try to work his way up through the Sadducees & Pharisees so that He could change their man-made traditions/doctrines. He stood in the power of the Spirit and preached the truth, commanding that those religious leaders turn from their wicked ways and come to it.

    One of the keyword for the last days is deception. May we each pray and seek God for spiritual eyes to see in this time.

  30. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/8792072/Rihanna-get-off-my-land-and-find-God-farmer-tells-singer.html

  31. http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/sep/30/kim-noble-woman-with-100-personalities

  32. I have to say that after our last conversation, I admit you really put something on my spirit about Craige's responsibility going into Fred Price's church. This has bothered me much. I even spoke to both Craige and his right hand man Tetaun about this very issue after contemplating all you have said, and I came to the conclusion there was no way he could go into that house, and speak what he was going to speak AND NOT deal with Price, Sr. The excuses they both gave me really did not sit well with my spirit.

    Needless to say, that day has come and gone and he did not do as scripture admonished him to do. I believe we should always be in prayer for one another, but specifically EX ministries. Although they speak some truth, the spirit in which they operate is becoming more and more troubling. Much more.

    thank you for your diligence.

  33. Hello Anonymous,

    When Jesus said deception would be so great in these days that even the elect would be deceived if possible, you have to consider that this is some heavy and powerful deception. The protection God has given us is His Holy Spirit to lead and guide, to open eyes and grant discernment, to fill with power to stand and confront that which is false.

    The Achilles heel so to speak which we must all be on guard against is the wickedness of our own hearts. A love for anything in this world (including our own lives in it) is the only thing which can blind us. God has been taking time in the past few years to purify and purge His bride in preparation for these specific times. May we each take advantage of this and redeem the times to be prepared to stand.

    Yes, pray for Min. G. Craig Lewis, pray for EX Ministries, and pray for the church worldwide. There is nothing different they are facing that we are all not facing to some degree. Just like God is working to purify, Satan is working to defile. He will be tempting every member of Christ's Body to forsake their inheritance for a bowl of pottage; to be given the whole world, if only we bow down and worship him. Only as we sanctify ourselves unto God will we be able to resist such temptations.

    Be with us Lord and empower us with your Spirit to truly be a light in this world so that many may be saved, in Jesus' name.

  34. Not defending anyone bt what was so wrong of Min Craige to go and preach at Ps Price's church I dont really knw a whole lot abt the American Pastors except that there is a whole lot of herretics nor do I follow their teachings; but truth behind hip hop 7 exposed how the Protestant church had adapted the catholic ways of doing things; the word was not compromised or dilluted to suit anyone's religeouss dogmas or religeous attires so to speak.

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      The answer to your questions are in the article above.


  35. I've long listened to Gary Price and also read this blog. Several months back something began to coalesce about why I'm not sure the teaching about just what is and is not the "false church" is correct. My main concern is that Jesus *never* argued with people over theology--He confronted sin. His expectation was that those who truly know and love Him will obey His commands. I think a lot of ministries take the emphasis off of plain obedience to Christ (how we are to live our lives and treat others), and put it on all manner of things that, truthfully, cannot be verified even from Scripture, or rely on suspicion (stuff about the Illuminati and the Nephilim, for stance). And having focused on "peering behind the curtain" it is argued that anyone who doesn't see it must be deceived.

    I think another area of question is what does and does not constitute the "false system"? The very Scriptures we rely on were chosen by the institutional church, which also discerned that other books (such as the Gospel of Thomas) ought to be excluded. What constitutes "true Christianity" from false Christianity has never been a matter of one person deciding for him or herself what the Scriptures mean. Doctrine was--even in the times of the Apostles--decided by the leaders of the Church on the whole. I'm not attempting to argue, but only saying that the line that seems to be drawn between the "false church" and the "true church" is not as clear as it seems to be made out to be.

    1. Hi LoveThePossibility,

      Jesus didn't seek doctrinal debates, but part of how He addressed sin was exposing false ways/teachings of religious leaders (i.e., Matt. Chapter 23). His disciples followed that example, pointing out those who were not sound and warning the Church not to follow their "pernicious" ways (Rom. 16:7; I Tim. 1:18-20; II Tim. 1:15, 4:10-15; II Pet. 2:1-3; III John 9-10).

      It isn't about me or Pastor Price. You can completely disagree with us, but don't believe that the false is not "clear". God's Spirit, makes it abundantly clear so as to keep His people from deception. That is one of the purposes of Jesus sending the Spirit (John 16:13).

      If it's not clear to you personally, then certainly seek God for clarification (whether you wind up agreeing with us or not). It is about you being sure of what is the truth (for if you are not clear what is false, then how can you be clear what is true?).

      The Scripture says world rulers conspire to come against God and His people (Psalms 2:1-5; Rev. 16:14, 19:19). Call them Illuminati or whatever you choose. TomAto, Tomato, you know what I mean? :-)

      The Scripture also says fallen angels produced giants with women (Gen 6:1-4; Dan. 2:43; II Pet. 2:4; Jude 1:26). Again, call them Nephilim or not, it doesn't matter.

      The Scriptural truth is that we are in a spiritual war. Satan & his demons are fighting against God & the Church. Each has vessels at their disposal through which to launch attacks. While we know how this will end (Our Lord of course reigns victorious), the war is still being fought. You cannot separate "Christian living" from spiritual warfare because we are called by God as members of His Body to be soldiers (II Tim. 2:4). Any form of Christianity that is not focused on "destroying the works of the devil" (I John 3:8) is following "another Jesus" (II Cor. 11:4).

      No, the Scriptures were not chosen by the institutional church; there was no such thing as the letters were written to the "churchES". The Scriptures were inspired by the Holy Spirit, and it is the Spirit which led men in how to recognize that inspiration. What the early Church did was pronounce a formal recognition of what constituted an already widely-accepted canon. This was done to stand against perceived developing perversions in the church, not to define what was unclear. Remember, the Old Testament was entrusted to religious leaders who Jesus said were children of Satan. Who God uses is not an indicator of His approval; He uses those who serve Him willingly and those who do not according to His purposes. He is sovereign.

      Neither was doctrine the result of some form of general consensus, but it was determined by seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit for what is right (Acts 15:28).

      My friend, you need the Holy Ghost. By that I am in no way implying that you are not saved or born again. I am saying that you are seeking answers only the Holy Spirit of God can provide. What I present on this blog is not my perspective or how I see things; rather, I post what the Holy Spirit leads me to post. Knowing Pastor Price, I can venture to say that he also only seeks to speak what the Spirit would have him to teach. Does such make us impervious to error? Nope. But how can you go wrong by admonishing each person to seek God for themselves? That is what we both have done.

      When God sends His Holy Spirit to empower the church in these last days, it may become even more clear who is real and who is false. However, understand that even the false will have lying signs & wonders. So the evidence of "power" in and of itself is no distinction. The differentiators will be the "word" the signs are confirming. That is where the Holy Spirit comes in. What is needed is the infilling of the Spirit so that He can give spiritual eyes to see and keep us from deception. We all need that guidance. God Bless!

  36. ​Ive seen Fred Prices $lippery teaching on TV since the mid seventies or so and its easy to see right thru him.
    I was flipping thru the channels a couple months ago and saw him telling his congregation that if his wife ( who was sitting right there ) passed away that he would find himself another woman right away because he wasnt gonna live without sex.
    " He was gonna get his " is what he arrogantly, egotistically and selfrighteously said and he went on and on about it.
    What a digusting person to say such an embarrasing thing right in front of your wife to the whole televised world and she and his congregation just sat there and took it on the chin. The man doesnt have an ounce of luv in him and as for his son I hope to God he gets some sense in him but he probably wont because the dollar dollar bill ya'll $$$ is so good.
    Just think about it Fred (( PRICE )) and Crefflo (( DOLLAR )) ....... Price & Dollar $$$
    sATAN knows most people have their PRICE its just a matter of how many DOLLARS ?
    Maybe Fred should call his ministry EVER INCREASING PAYCHECK .

  37. Babylon is spiritual. It is a stronghold against the presence of God in our hearts. Self reinforces that stronghold. People will not be able to change or see the truth until Babylon is pulled down in their hearts. That can't happen until "self" is crucified.


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