Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why It Really Has NOTHING To Do with "Equal Rights"

A number of people - even those who claim to be Christians - say that they support the legalization of homosexual marriage because they simply want to protect "equal rights" for all.  However, these same persons are decidedly quiet about espousing the "equal rights" of others, showing their professed noble intent to be nothing more than mere hypocrisy.

If such persons are so concerned about "equal rights", then why are they not fighting for the rights of felons to work anywhere they choose?  Felons can be automatically disqualified from employment opportunities due to these previous convictions.  Various state laws also limit where they can be hired, such as excluding them from the health care or education industries, preventing them from obtaining professional licenses, or from being hired in public employment.  Why are these persons supporting homosexual marriage not up in arms about such employment discrimination?  Why are they not concerned about these person's "equal rights"?

What about the "equal rights" of sex offenders?  A number of states & local governments restrict where sex offenders can live and require them to be tracked via registration with local authorities.  Shouldn't sex offenders have the right to stay, work, and go wherever they choose, even areas which are in close proximity to children?  Why is it okay to practice residential discrimination against these persons and limit them in these ways?  Isn't that a violation of the sex offenders' civil rights?

Why are children not allowed to work whenever and wherever they choose?   Federal law - and various state laws - bar children from entering the workforce until they have reached a certain age and even prevent them from working in certain environments deemed too "hazardous".  Is this not an example of age discrimination?  Why aren't these same persons supporting homosexual marriage not waging a war against these unequal practices?

What those in support of the homosexual agenda have done here is the same as what has been done with the issue of abortion.  They have redefined their argument by hiding it under the cloak of civil rights.  This accomplishes two things.  One, it removes focus from the perversions being espoused so as to sanitize it for public consumption.  Two, it provides a broad brush by which you can paint anyone who stands against your position as a bigoted oppressor.  Interestingly enough, many who support the "equal rights" of homosexuals to marry couldn't care less about the "right" to life of in utero babies being slaughtered in the womb; "equal rights" indeed.

Understand that when people tell you they support homosexuality due to a position of "equal rights", they are either lying or greatly misinformed.  The truth of the matter is that - even in civil laws - all do not share rights equally, and never will.  The basis of law determines what rights a person has, and those who commit infractions against the law - or who are deemed to be in need of additional protections by the law - can have these rights curtailed.  Not only is the restriction of rights a commonly accepted practice, such is often deemed a moral necessity for the public good.  Even now discussions are underway to restrict the "right" to bear arms amongst criminals and those who are mentally impaired.  So you see, the banner of "equal rights" in relation to homosexuality is really a misnomer; it is an intentional red herring used to silence the opposition...but I will not be silenced.   

God Himself established & defined the covenant of marriage in the beginning when He created man and woman (Genesis 2:22-24).  His law specifically declares any other type of sexual union outside of this definition to be an abomination (Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-27).

I am against the legalization of homosexual marriage, not because I fear or hate homosexuals, but because I desire to honor the law of God.  As such, I am not a supporter of sin nor of those who seek to validate sin (Isaiah 5:20).  This is why I do not fight for the "rights" of criminals not to be incarcerated, nor the "rights" of felons to work wherever they please, nor the "rights" of sex offenders to live near/with children, nor the "rights" of children to work at the age of 7.   I understand the principle that it can be not only fair, but just for an individual's rights to be limited based upon their violation of the law or vulnerability without the law.  And no matter how much they may squawk about "equal rights", supporters of homosexual marriage understand these principles as well.

I expect the world to champion the ways of the world; they are after all led by the same god (II Corinthians 4:3-4).  I even expect them to play name games as they attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes about the actual issues at hand.  However, there is no such thing as a Christian who supports gay marriage, for the supreme law for those in Christ Jesus is the law of God.  Those professing Christians who do support gay marriage have forsaken Jesus Christ in deference to being a friend of the world (James 4:4).

A Christian can stand firm in not supporting homosexuality because that very lifestyle is against the law of God, making such persons ineligible to participate in the "right" of marriage.  Such a decree is fair.  It is just.  It is righteous.  While the laws of man may be capricious or evil, we know that the laws of God are always good, for He is good (Mark 10:18).  Even the decree itself outlawing homosexuality is for our good, so that we can be reconciled to God, coming to know Him and His love.

Now, I am not politically motivated.  I am not holding up picket signs, attending marches, or advocating that people become political activists.  I am merely stating the truth of the situation at hand.  It is written that the whole world will be given over to the mind of the beast prior to Jesus' return, and such is the mind of a sodomite (whether homosexual or heterosexual).   This is in fact the only reason anyone supports homosexuality: they share in the same nature as the sodomite.  Instead of being born again and having the spirit of their minds renewed to reflect the mind of Christ (Romans 15:6; Ephesians 4:23; I Corinthians 2:16; Philippians 2:5), they not only commit such acts of sodomy themselves, but they take pleasure in those who do (Romans 1:32).

My reason for posting this is to help you keep your eyes on the truth and not be swayed by worldly wisdom & carnal platitudes appealing for you to partake in some pseudo form of world tolerance or peace.  As a Christian, we are to stand for the Lord and His righteousness alone...that is if we are truly His.


  1. Hi Joy!

    I approved your comment, and for a moment it showed. However, somehow it has disappeared. Not sure what happened, but I agree with you: The world is deceptive, but God is not.

    I pray you are well!

  2. Hello,

    Great Post. I also like to add when talking to those in favor of homosexual marriages that sin equals death. Homosexuality cannot produce life. Gods word is applied to everyone and not just some groups because it is truth. Therefore, if homosexuality wasn't a sin then it should be able to be applied to everyone. With this, even the homosexual has to admit that life cannot be created by a homosexual union that shows that homosexuality is a sin that leads to death.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You are right. All sin leads to death, and the sin of homosexuality in particular demonstrates this fact.

      In terms of this article, the law itself is not going to save anyone. To a law breaker, the awareness of sin simply makes the flesh rise up to sin even more (Romans Chap. 7). While the law may convict us all of being lawbreakers, there is nothing in the law which can save or redeem man. Unless we yield to the conviction of the Holy Spirit towards repentance, we will never be free from sin.

      I wrote this to come against the deceptive lie that homosexuality is an "equal rights" issue. It is not...and even those who support homosexual marriage know this.

      God Bless!

  3. I really appreciate your sharing this. I know that it isn't always easy to do things or take a stance that may be against the grain, so to speak, but you are appreciated!


  4. I'm trying to be right in my actions and thoughts concerning this issue. I don't want to condone homosexuality as something that is not a sin, yet I don't want to condem homosexuals because of their sin.

    I was told by a former friend not to long ago that I wasn't a real friend if I didn't support gay marriage. I was also told by another friend, who was bi-sexual, that homosexuality is not about sex, it's about loving another person.

    I find this hard to believe because without the sexual element, you'd just be friends. So therefore it is only about sex.

    1. Hi Christal1980,

      If you want to be righteous in your thoughts & actions - in this matter or any other - all you have to do is get into agreement with God about it. Just believe God. He is the standard for everything righteous and all that is good. Don't let people's false portrayals of this new age, all-inclusive Jesus throw you for a loop. If something is against the Scriptures, it is anti-Christ.

      Calling sin as sin is not condemnation (although the world - and even much of the churchworld - would want you to think that it is). If you really care about someone, then you will tell them the hard truths just because you know it may help save them from harm. Placating others with lies and falsehoods so as not to hurt their feelings is a sign of hatred for that person.

      "Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful." Proverbs 27:6

      My concern here though is that you consider a number of people who support unrighteousness to be your "friends". Please search your heart in this area. What common ground should a Christian have with those who are rebels against God? Does it make sense that light would have fellowship with darkness (II Cor. 6:14; Eph. 5:11; I John 1:6)? If you find someone endorsing any sin, it is simply the evidence that this person is still in covenant with sin. If you consider those endorsing any sin to be your friends, then it means there is something in you that is like them.

      "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Amos 3:3

      Ask the Lord to search your heart by His Holy Spirit. He will point out and cleanse you from anything that is not like Him. Ask Him to put His finger on it, and He will. We can never know how much i s deep down in our souls; we cannot even know our own hearts (Jer. 17:9). Yet God knows, and He is faithful to cleanse us as we turn from every false way.

      I am not saying that you have to shut yourself off from those who are lost and never interact with them at all. How are we to minister the truths of God unto them if we do that? Yet, that is not the same thing as considering them to be your friends.

      Are Your Friends God's Enemies?

      Also Christal, homosexuality is not just about sex. One can have a homosexual spirit and never engage in homosexuality. Please see the section marked "UPDATE" in the article below which discusses this further:

      A Bisexual Playground

      The main issue with homosexuality is not sex at all, but selfishness. You idolize yourself so much that you can only be intimate with that which is just like you. More on that can be found here:

      Turning the World Upside Down - Part 5

      I hope these references help in some way. Nevertheless, seek God and His truths and let that be the basis for everything you believe and everything upon which you stand.

      God Bless!

  5. Margaret NahmiasMay 3, 2013 at 7:58 PM

    Your post highlights why it fruitless to argue with them, when they have different assumptions. They want to supress any anti homesexual sentimient like when they tried to get Greg Laurie kicked off the National Day of Prayer because of his anti gay stance. I have heard him he is not hateful. The media protrays Christians as coerecive in trying to get homosexuals to leave it . Yet I am trying not to bitter about it. I just pray that God would soften their hearts. I believe this will bring about more change than passing a law against it.

    1. Hi Margaret,

      I agree that it is pointless to argue about anything in God's word really. Not because people have different assumptions though, but because they have a different spirit. Only those whose minds have been renewed by the Spirit of God can receive His words. Unfortunately, some Christians do try to coerce others to believe as they do, not understanding that Jesus Christ is the only standard and that - unless their hearts have been softened by the Holy Spirit - they will never hear truth. Our jobs are to be witnesses of the truth; The Holt Spirit will convict of sin based upon the condition of the heart. As you say, may God soften the hearts of those sinners who will hear Him.

      Also, just in case there is any confusion, I am not advocating that we pass laws against homosexuality. I am saying that there is already a divine law which forbids it.

      God Bless!

    2. Margaret NahmiasMay 6, 2013 at 7:12 PM

      I did not say that, but I question those who do.

    3. Hi Margaret,

      If what you reference about transgenders is an example if what you consider to be laws against homosexuality, then we disagree. Not allowing those of the opposite sex to use bathrooms not designated for them is not a law against homosexuality, but a law for the protection of all.

      Saran desires to blur the lines between the sexes as one of his ways of attacking the family structure. Take care what you support and align yourself in agreement with.

    4. "Saran" should be Satan up above. Thanks

  6. In California they have quite a few propositions that are up for vote. One being that if a boy says he feels like a girl (transgender...inside...not actually having had surgery or therapy) they should be allowed to use the girls bathroom, locker room, shower, etc. with the girls being present.
    The same will go for girls who feel like boys.

    1. Margaret NahmiasMay 6, 2013 at 7:12 PM

      Well there was someone who wanted to ban transgendered people from using the bathroom of the sex they have become. I say as long as that person looks fully like a man or woman that person should be able to use that bathroom.

    2. Hi Margaret,

      The problem is that no transgender person "becomes" another sex. God creates man as male or female, and that we cannot change. All a transgender person can do is mutilate themselves in an effort to deny who they really are. Do you realize that transgendered must take drugs daily to in an attempt to suppress who God designed them to be? If they were to stop taking those drugs, the natural functions of their body would show forth the reality of their spite of their mutilstion.

      Those who are in such situations simply need to seek God for deliverance, which is possible by the blood if Jesus. However, pretending that they have become what they have not simply makes one a partaker of that delusion.

      The most loving thing that can be done us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them so that they may be set free.


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