Friday, March 9, 2012

Facebook Christianity

"They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate." Titus 1:16

A few years ago, I had a Facebook account and through it, I was able to meet some wonderful brothers and sisters in the Lord.  However, I was also able to see a microcosm of the churchworld in realizing how many professing Christians really have no foundation in, or commitment to, the faith. 

I am sure there are those who sill say, "Facebook has afforded me the opportunity for fellowship and ministry."  Perhaps.  Yet one needs only look at the preeminence Facebook has been given in a number of Christians' lives to wonder whether it has become an idol for many.  They joke about how much time they spend on it, how addicted they are to it, and how it even takes away from other responsibilities they have within their own families.

When I left Facebook, a Christian sister asked me, "What are you going to do now?  I cannot even remember life before Facebook!"  A number of people were sure I would be back, themselves being unable to even consider breaking away from it.

What is it that pulls us to such sites?  Why is it that they become such an important aspect of our lives, where we cannot go out to dinner or even spill a drink without posting a "status update"?  Who are we really glorifying in our interactions on Facebook?

These are the type of questions Bro. David encourages us to consider in his video posted below, and I have to agree with him. 

Is it really a burning desire to lift up Christ which leads to the amount of time spent on such sites?  Or does its appeal lie in the fact that it can serve as a form of self-validation & self-exaltation?  It gives everyone their 3 minutes of fame.  Each person now has their own "pulpit" from which they can espouse their take on things.  It invites others to constantly "like" and endorse who 'I' am.  I can take and post innumerable pictures of myself and garner incessant rounds of praise about how "good" I look.  The very set-up of Facebook encourages us to become self-absorbed, if we are not careful.

I personally don't care if people are on Facebook or not.  I am also not saying that if you are on Facebook you are not a Christian.  I know that there are those who truly do use it as a tool for ministry.  What I am saying is - and this might shock some people - Facebook is not reality.  A person can pretend to be anything they want as long as your main connection with them is a sanitized presentation over the Internet.  Am I not using the Internet for this blog?  Absolutely!  Yet such is not a reason to assume anything about my personal character.  If your only connection to me is what you read on this blog, then you don't really know me.  You don't know about how I live and whether there are areas of compromise in my life.  I could post truth all day long and never once LIVE it, merely making me a hearer of the word and not a doer (James 1:22-25).  Unless I am actually transformed by the truth, a mere recitation of it does me no good, and such cannot be seen primarily "over the Internet".

If Jesus is not the center of our presence on Facebook, then it is all vanity.  What do I mean by "center"?  It is not about listing an affiliation of "Christian" under the Info about me page.  Neither is it occasionally posting Scripture or talking about how "good" God is.  When Jesus is the center of our lives, then everything we do comes from the place of evaluating what is pleasing to Him in our lives.  As Min. Al Martin stated, "The cross RADICALLY disrupts the very center and citadel of your life from self to Christ."

Is our presence on Facebook about us or about Christ?  Do our posts glorify our looks, our goals, our accomplishments, our thoughts, and even our challenges, or do they magnify Christ?  I often wonder, how some would interact with their Facebook "friends" if these people were actually in local fellowship with them.  Would they endorse their sin with a "like"?  Would they laugh at and consider amusing the perversions espoused in the name of telling a joke?  Would they ignore the corrupt fruit for the sake of continuing the fellowship?  Our interactions on Facebook (and every other area of life) is not separate from our walk with Jesus Christ.  Rather, they simply bear fruit to whether we are who we proclaim to be. 

I encourage people to listen to Bro. David's reflections on this with an open heart, and if there is conviction, then repent and ask God to change your heart.  Don't believe the lie that your time on Facebook has nothing to do with your faith, but understand that it is an unveiling of what is truly in your heart (as is all we do and say).

As stated above, I do believe this issue is much bigger than Facebook; such is a sample of what we find in Christianity in general.  Now is not the time to keep playing church, but to seek God to be circumcised in the inner man so that we may actually become what we profess to be: a follower of Christ.


  1. Amen!! This is the TRUTH!! God surely dealt with me on the matter of social networking. First off it was taking too much of my time, I was falling prey to the like and dislike,etc... God showed me that though the things I was speaking were true I was lifting myself up in the process. These things happen subtly! Then one day the Spirit spoke to me and said GET OFF!! He brought this scripture to my mind: 1 Timothy 5:13 where Paul was saying that these women become idle and go from house to house being busybodies, gossips, etc... And sure enough I was going from house to house on facebook or from page to page, clicking on pictures, reading statuses, etc... God said you may not be getting in your car and going from house to house but you sure have it covered on this internet. You are minding other people's affairs on here. Then you discuss what you read or the pictures you see. God questioned me and asked me why did I even care to know what the unGodly were doing. It was a confrontation from the Holy Spirit and I deleted my account immediately!!

    Facebook and any other social networking is surely a ground for narcissism if we are not careful. While I am not in condemnation against anyone who uses these sites, we must always be on guard because the enemy comes in many forms to accomplish his plans.

  2. I KNOW this is the truth! As us youngster would say, he went hard on this!

    I have fallen prey to the "like" my status and comment and checking my page every 30 seconds to see who has commented or liked something I have posted or said. I have not deactivated my account but I had to take it off my phone because I would jeopardize the safety of myself and my child chekcing facebook while driving...and this was just 2 weeks ago. A TOTAL MESS!

    The crazy thing is I HATE FACEBOOK but I just can't settle with deactiviating my page altogehter, which is probably every reason why I just need to go ahead and get rid of it. It serves absolutely no purpose in my life.

  3. Hi Ladies,

    I know you all realize that I am not telling anyone to get off of Facebook, but I think we should examine all that we do in light of God's will.

    It is even possible for us to convince ourselves that we are doing "God's work" but then not be there for our children, spouses, or neighbors as we should (for example). If such is the case, then our busy work "FOR God" may very well not be "FROM God".

    Our oldest daughter had a FB account for a couple of years. Yet, a month ago, she came to me and said, "I am thinking about deleting my FB account. It is never really anything I am interested in on there and it is taking away from time I could be spending reading my Bible." I just said, "OK", and said nothing else. But the next morning she had deleted it.

    When I asked her about it, she said it was something God had been putting on her heart, so she just decided to do it. I prayed in that moment that I would have as much commitment to God as she does, even as a teenager. If someone who is young can refuse to let anything distract her from God, then we adults have no excuse.

    Whatsoever we do, let it be done to the glory of God.

  4. It's refreshing to the soul to hear things like this...I appreciate the fact that this post is not really about the site as much as it is about the inner workings of our heart and thoroughly examining ourselves...

    Praise Jesus for it...

    Pray you are well, Sis. Mia...Tell Vince and the kids Hello and Much love...

  5. I agree with you. I'm am on Facebook, but not for witnessing. I am a health blogger and that's one way I drive traffic to my site.

    FB is not reality. I'd rather connect with people in person when it comes to ministry. That's the true reality, fellowship with people in person, sharing and gleaming from real people in real life.

    Brother David, is spot on!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Evelyn Parham

  6. I seen that video by brotha David a few days ago and I posted it on FB, but this article reveals the FB problem on a deeper level. This had led me to repentance.

    I was using FB as a way to fill the void in my soul, instead of going to God. Instead of prayer and bible study, I'd go to FB to find a conversation to comment on. Or post my thoughts in my own status. Non of this is of God. I knew this beforehand and would periodically close my account only to reopen it a few days or weeks later. It is definitely a drug for the flesh (which doesn't satisfy at all).

    I'm not saying it's wrong for everyone, but I KNOW I was there for the wrong reasons. For me, dropping FB is another step in self-denial.

    What's important to know is: I closed my account before and was away from it for two years until I reopened again recently. Back then I knew this wasn't something that was really benefiting me.

    I'm not sure if I'll reopen my account again, but if I do, it'll have to be because God directed me to. And then I still have to be careful.

    God bless.

  7. In these last and evil days it's becoming harder to press into God while more things are being created to distract and attempt to fill the needs that only God can. But by the power of God, I will bypass all these and live righteous for the Lord.

    Thanks for being obedient and posting this article.

  8. Great word, video and post! Thank you for it. God has been dealing with this some in my life. I have really begun to ask myself what my motives are in what I do there. May God be glorified in all I say and do there.


  9. Very very good. Loved this. I too, am examining my heart about this matter.

    One thing for sure-I grew a little discouraged with Facebook when my friends, mostly a "Christian" audience, seemed to be less concerned about posts I would start about the deeper things of the faith; posts that would lift up Christ. Those posts would garner no responses or "likes." As soon as I posted pictures about my family, vacation, or funny pictures like my toddler covered in mud, EVERYONE responded and showered the post with comments. Honestly, I began to grow a little dismayed at the difference in interest level based on the topic. Something about it all just seemed superficial and vain to me. So I rarely post anymore.

    Thanks for this article. Very very good topic.

  10. all yall women wrong if you wearing pants and trying to preach

    1. God will use whom He pleases, when He pleases. If we don't praise Him and cry out, the stones will... No condemnation to those that walk after the Spirit and not after the flesh! Preach the Word to every creature... Once the Holy Spirit come upon you, you become a WITNESS!!! AMEN!

  11. Hello Mia,

    I am glad to see that you are still blogging. I still tell others about some of the blogs/vlogs you have done.

    I hear what you are saying with this whole FB obsession. I really think the appeal for most who are addicted to FB is that it has a narcissistic appeal, hints the name--FaceBook. It's a networking site that caters to showcasing the member. I think it feeds a since of wanting to be well received, which is why I think people have to put updates about every little thing that goes on in their life.
    I think for many, it has become an idol, sad to say. I think this is something that Christians especially need to consider, that is, the question you ask at the end, which is why I posted it on my wall.
    Grace and peace

  12. Hi Saranne!

    I pray that you are well sister.

    I do agree that feeding into our flesh is one of the primary purposes of FB; hence the name as you say. That is not to say it cannot be used as a tool, but we need to be wise and led of the Spirit. Anything which takes an inordinate place in our lives, or which pulls us into the world (lust of eyes, lust of flesh, pride of life) can be a snare.

    I also think it reveals the extent of worldliness that exists in our own hearts. By "it" I mean how we use FB, not the tool itself. So many conversations - at least when I was there - were soulish. I had observed many of the same things as bro. David. Such is not a FB issue, but a heart issue. Something we each need to be prayerful about; discerning the true testimony of our lives and seeking God in brokenness when He shows us those areas which are not like Him.

    God bless you and your family Sister.

  13. Hi Djuan,

    Unfortunately there are people deceived enough to believe the type of comment you posted. I have heard people preach along those lines.

    This is why we truly need the Holy Spirit. So much of what claims to be Christianity is merely foolishness and flesh on display. It is not until we truly come to repentence about our own sin that we can have eyes to see. Even now, I cannot sleep, but have been begging God to change my heart and make me more like Him. How is it that we can be so nonchalant about Christ when so many are headed to Hell? I pray that He gives us a real burden for His people, that we truly have the heart and mind of Christ.

    I know I am in a rather serious mode right now and that your comment was in jest, but this is just where I am. A Jehovah's Witness approached me yesterday and I hated to see her turn away and walk from the truth as we reviewed the Scriptures showing the deception she was in. I cannot help but even pray for her now, that God may give her eyes to see. Yet and still, we can only come into Christ by repentence, else we will remain blind.

    May God be with us all.

  14. I was using Facebook to post Christian videos about debunking evolution, faith, encouragement, sin, and etc. I was also posting Christian articles that I found interesting. Occassionally I posted news headlines or made status updates about my personal life, but over all (80+ percent of the time) it was about Christ.

    So many people didn't like the post I made and I had some unfriend me. I feel like Facebook is taking up too much of my time, although I'm not on it all day, I do check it throughout the day to read the status updates of friends.

    I'm closing my account tongiht and this blog post is just confirmation of what I was feeling already. I want to spend more time interacting with people 'in real life'.

    I left my contact info(will be up all day until I close the account tonight), so that those who want to contact me will have it.

    Great article. May God bless you :0)

  15. A few people have touched on the desire to be validated by others and how FB can play into this.

    Pastor Zac Poonen has often said, "The opinion of man - whether good or bad - is fit for nothing but the garbage bin"

    We must be careful not to gravitate to the applause/endorsement of men as a substitute for God's approval. This is particularly relevant when there is willful sin in our lives; something God has put His finger on which we are not yet ready to deal with.

    We can lie to ourselves by thinking we are not that bad because other "Christians" say they are blessed by us or are supportive of what we say/do. Remember that even Balaam pronounced God's words and proclaimed blessings over Israel, but was rejected by God due to his own iniquity.

    We are "accepted in the Beloved" and we must take this to heart. I pray that the Lord makes this a reality in all of our hearts. As long as we are pleasing the Father and walking in His will, it matters not what men think/say. We must get used to walking alone and not relying on others to "go with us" on the road He calls us travel.

    I am not saying this comment relates to anyone in particular. Just posting this additional thought.

  16. hi mia~ amen to this post.

    fb is an idol to many a saint no doubt about it. was for me but not anymore. God bless and keep you my dear sister and "serious mode" is right where God wants you. keep walking circumspectly and deliberate before the Lord your God. may God continue to bless and keep you and sanctify you wholly in Jesus' name.

    joyful saint

  17. Hi there,

    You know, I reposted one of your entries to the Christian community...

    Are Your Friends God's Enemies?

    And would you believe that because there was a facebook icon that went with the post some people got offended.

    This was the first response I got:

    "I see facebook as a opportunity to network (PC for evangelize,) not as names written in the Book of Life. That list isn't for me to pick, thank the Lord! On facebook, my page contains scripture and Gospel music and messages of hope. I get regular (but not frequent enough) affirmations that this blend does help others, both those in need of a word due to srtife, and those who are living a life that is not in their best interest. When I have 'friends' drop off my 'prayer list', to me that friend needs MORE prayer and I spend a good deal of effort to find out who it was, and get them back on the list.

    By all means, if you are finding facebook a temptation, I recommend you don't go there at all. But if you feel the need to cut off those in need, and 'hang out' with those who are 'clean' -- I refer you to Jesus statement in Matthew "it is the sick people who need a doctor."

    Anyone who wants to find Mike's faults has plenty to work with already, my prayer list on facebook is NOT a concern to me."

    This person didn't even read the post or listen to the audio link that came with it. Just saw the facebook icon and decided to go off. Needless to say, I had to let this person know that I don't put up with "Christian Snark" and promptly directed him to other communities were that kind of rhetoric is welcomed. Apparently there are christians out there that are only capable of boldness in witnessing for Christ when online. And many christians including pastors have somehow gotten the idea that Jesus was rude and snarky... therefor they have the right to be that way times 10!. Especially when dealing with those with whom they disagree. They try to call it iron sharpening iron... even when they hurt people to the degree that they begin to question whether being a Christian is worth it or not. But if you look up the definition of the word snarky (a slang combination of sarcasm and cynicism) you find that the Holy Spirit isn't anything like that at all. This is very revealing when it comes to your rude, bitter, and unbelieving Christians. That goes double for the pastors that place their degrees of divinity, theology, and denomination to which they belong on such high pedestals.

  18. This blog entry has definitely hit home. I got rid of my facebook some months ago once I really examined myself on why I was on there. I would post things that were "spiritual" and justified myself by saying that people needed to hear the word of God. But at the same time I was also feeding my narcissism.. it felt good to get all the amens and likes and really started to blow my head up. I thank God the Holy Spirit started to convict me, because knowledge truly does "puff up".. We must decrease while Jesus increases. One more thing, and this is my personal opinion, I would say to do some research on facebook, because I believe that it will be used as a tool in the future to find and persecute Christians.. the government and fbi are already using it to find "terrorists" and yes they do have access to all your information on the site. Take this into prayerful consideration and God be with you all!

  19. Excellent Article.
    For some reason I was never really interested in getting a Facebook account, I though about it but then changed my mind. I want my boasting to be only in Christ, not me, people or things. God bless =)

  20. Truth sometimes comes in the strangest ways but always with God's perfect timing... I just stumbled across this page while researching something totally unrelated. Not only does the article point to healthy self-examination, so do all the comments. This article can also be applied to the time we also spend on the internet searching for help and spiritual guidance when it's all written in the Bible. We spend so much time looking in all the wrong places for something we already have.

  21. The Holy Spirit spoke to me about 2 years ago and told me to get off while reading Prov. 4. Any friend that really loves you, will have your phone number and call you sometimes. A true friendship, requires an intimate or personal relationship... Let's be honest with ourselves. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all TRUTHS.

    1. " The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into all TRUTHS."

      AMEN!!!! Even when God speaks through people, He will always confirm is the word is from Him and if the word is for us (which can be equally important). I so thank God for His Holy Spirit.

      May we all continue to have ears to hear as He leads us in the way He has for us. God Bless!


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