Friday, March 16, 2012

Exposing the Mystery of Iniquity

In the previous post, we included a sermon from Pastor Gary Price as he teaches on "Exposing the Mystery of Iniquity".   Excerpts of this sermon have been made available in video form and I wanted to share them here:
  • Lucifer, the Praise Leader
    Who was Lucifer and why should we care?  How is he at work today?
  • What Happened in the Garden of Eden?
    Did all of mankind become bound by sin because Adam & Eve ate an apple?  What type of fruit was actually eaten and is this important?  What is the seed of the woman?  Why is there contention between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman?  How was man changed by what happened when they sinned?
  • Who or What are the Nephilim?
    What does the Bible have to say about angels marrying women and having children by them?  Where do the myths in many cultures about supermen or superheroes come from?  Where are the nephilim now and why should it matter to us?
  • What is a "Fallen Nature"?
    What does it mean for man to have a fallen nature?  What are the character traits of men and women when they are in this fallen state?
  • Who is the King of Sodom?
    Who is the King of Sodom?  What is his modus operandi?  How is he in operation today?
  • Goddess Worship & Baal Peor
    What is the impact and evidences of goddess worship around us?  Why do many celebrities continually pay homage to Satan in their clothes, styles, words, and expressions?  Have they made a deal with the devil?  Why are women being held up as idols of lust while men are depicted as controllable weaklings?
  • What is MDNA?
    What is MDNA and why has Madonna chosen this title as the name of her 12th album?  How does Madonna's ties to Kabbalah and occult mysticism influence this selection?  How are the plans for a new world order hidden in this acronym?
  • Who is the Baphomet?
    What are the objectives of this entity and how does he affect us today? What does he have to do with androgyny?  How do many false religions (including the beliefs in chakras) work to bring about the Baphomet's goals?  What is spiritual evolution?  What are some of the ways in which celebrities show their allegiance to the Baphomet?
  • Satan is After Your DNA
    What does it mean for man to have a fallen nature and what is Satan trying to do within man to alienate him from God?  Why are those who ascribe to the New Age belief system saying that our DNA needs to be "upgraded" for us to transition to a higher form of living?  What does the third eye have to do with DNA? 

    How is it that many think man will develop supernatural abilities in the near future?  What does the promotion of indigo children have to do with Satan's deception for the end times?  Why is this theme being pushed so much in the media?
  • A Woman Rides the Beast
    How do you recognize the systems of harlotry referred to as Babylon in the Scriptures?  How does Babylon entice?  Why does a woman ride the beast?  Why is it that a self-centered person is a prime candidate for Babylon?  What does it mean to be the mother of abominations?  How do we see fallen Adam & Eve reflected in the depiction of the woman & The Beast?

    Why is man's only answer regeneration?


  1. These questions which Pastor Price has comprehensively answered have started to be asked by a lot of young people out there - someone on the street asled me about Nephlim here in london while handing out cards

  2. Great talk! One of the few talks I can point to that sums up nearly everything our family has gone through these past two years and what the Holy Spirit has been opening our eyes to! AMEN for the confirmation.

  3. Blessing Latter Days,

    Thank you for posting this video. It has opened my eyes and has been a blessing to me. I frequent your blog daily and from your posts, you seem to be a mighty man/women of God. I can tell you speak from a place of annointing and the Lord has definetly been using you for his glory. With all this being said, I would like to ask you about my current situation. Right now I feel I am experiencing a spiritual dryness. Me and my daughter currently live in a homeless shelter and we are going through a rough time. I feel as if I have lost the joy of my salvation. I haven't felt compelled to pray or read my word. I'm living with carnal people who curse and drink and smoke all day, I haven't been walking with the Lord for a while. But my heart aches for him. I miss him terribly, I really do. I'm just having a hard time finding my way back to him. I don't know what is happening to me but as I type this I am crying because I miss being on fire for him. So my question is, how do I come back to my first love? How do I re-kindle that fire for him once again? and lastly, how do I effectively seek him, with my whole heart and soul? If you can give me ANY biblical insight, any word, or direct me to any article, preaching or blogpost that will edify me and speak to my heart I will greatly apprieciate it and I know you will be blessed for it. Thank you for taking time to read this. Be blessed.

  4. Hi Renee,

    I would that I could offer more than encouragement in your current situation. However, I know that God is able. I trust that He will bring you and your daughter through this trial.

    In terms of reviving a fire for the Lord, I would suggest more prayer, meditation on God's word, and fasting. When the things of this life begin to drown out God's voice, we need to press in all the more. Don't wait for a feeling of compulsion or for a burning desire to lead you into these things, but set your mind to do them anyway. The word of God is the bread or food for our spirit. It will strengthen us, grow us, and revive our hearts.

    There is a series on VIOLENCE which I believe might bless you. If you don't have time to read each one, then I recommend at least the conclusion of that series. One suggestion Min. Watson makes in this article about reviving our hearts towards God is to "get under lively preaching". I do not know if you belong to a local fellowship, but even so, the teachings by Pastor Price would also be good to add to your arsenal. The messages go back for years, so there is a lot to sink your teeth into.

    What you see on this blog is not so much the writings of a woman anointed, but the questions, conversations, and hopes of a woman who desperately wants to know the Lord more. No matter how much we know Him, we can never come to the end of Him. There is always the possibility of more fire, more knowing, more communion with Him. So in that, I can truly understand your desires and share them with you. I too want more of Him in my life, especially as the roar of chaos and perversion from the world increases.

    I believe that He will honor these desires Sister. Sometimes, He pulls back to lead us to come up further in Him like a parent teaching a child to walk, but He is always there, waiting for us to spend time in that secret place with Him. In such a time for me recently, the following song really blessed me, In the Secret. I just played this song over and over one morning as I set my mind on God. It truly encouraged me and I pray it does for you as well.

    Much love to you Sister, and praying for God to answer every request you have before Him as He works out His perfect plan in your life.

  5. God bless you Renee,

    Even in the darkest places Jesus is with us. The enemy will try to convince you otherwise. We are praying for you here in London - your name means reborn in Christ - I know because I have the same name and I know that Jesus goes with us through the valleys ad strengthens us as we wait on Him. I pray for your renewal and restoration in His name.


  6. Latter Days,

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I know the Lord is requiring me to lay aside every dead weight and I know he is calling me to a deeper level. I can no longer let the cares and affairs of the world hinder my walk with Christ. Thank you for being a blessing. Thank you Anonymous for your kind words as well. Be blessed.

  7. I played this song when I had only £20 to our name and moving our whole family to a new town.

    God bless

  8. Thanks for the song recommendation Anonymous! It is a message I needed to hear. God Bless!


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