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Sex Magick

This post may be a little "deep" in that it goes into some things which are not light conversation.  However, these are things our young people are being exposed to daily and I feel they - and we - need to know what is going on (II Corinthians 2:11).

A week ago, a college student contacted me to share frustrations about what was being taught in class.  Here is just a sampling of how the professors are "educating" the students over the course of several classes:
  • They encouraged the students to discuss their most memorable sexual experiences in class;
  • They had the students study nudity and sexual perversion depicted as "art";
  • They gave the students an assignment to visit an adult pornography store and make a purchase;
  • They had them watch - in class - pornographic materials depicting masturbation, sodomy, and homosexuality;
  • They led the students in meditation and advised them to imagine that they are opening their third eye.
You might ask, "What type of university is this?"  I tell you that this is not some roadside dive of an institution.  According to the University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) research laboratory, the education being offered at this particular university is one among the best in the entire world (among the Top 50 to be exact)! 

This student, however, could not understand what all of this sexual perversion had to do with getting an I explained it to them.

We must understand that the world is brainwashing people to believe that we are on the verge of a great spiritual evolution. This "spiritual evolution" is a time when man will become extremely enlightened, even to the point of having supernatural abilities. We will be able to read minds; know the past, present, and future; see "auras" around people, and basically become divine. We will become gods (this is of course the first lie Satan used in the Garden and the main lie he still uses today). 

Intricately tied to this spiritual evolution is sexual perversion. In other words, in order to evolve we must get past these traditional perspectives about sex and gender. The more we turn away from those ideas (and begin to accept masturbation, homosexuality, androgyny, etc.), the more enlightened we become. In that context, the school must get the students to accept a perverted view of sex as part of their "education".  To hold on to traditional [Biblical] views about gender/sex merely makes one intellectually deficient (in the world's mind).

Do not think that this is limited just to college.  A few years ago, I did a video series entitled "Train Up A Child: A Review of Education In America" and one part of that examined mandatory gay education.  In that segment of the video, we see teachers discussing their role in getting Kindergarten students to accept homosexuality:
Teacher #1"I don't know what to do about this, but as a school are we saying that kids have to support this?  That's what it sounds like to me, that we are saying.  If a child comes from a background that says that homosexuality is not correct, are we telling that child that they are supposed to...that this is what you are supposed to do?"

Teacher #2 "I don't know if this works for you, but I think that we are asking kids to believe that this is right.  Not as a matter of moral principle, but as a matter of...we are educating them and this is part of what we consider to be a healthy education."
Please let this sink in.

Teachers are being instructed that it is part of a "healthy" education to get students to accept homosexuality as "right".   Education systems in general are not about increasing knowledge to become smarter and better skilled (although this is what people falsely believe).  Satan is the god of this world and the "education" system is but one of many systems he uses to train people to become citizens of this world (which means becoming a servant to the god of this world).  The professors in this world-class university are doing exactly what they are supposed to do: pervert the students' minds away from what is Godly - although in the world they call that giving you a "good education".  We do not need to adopt the world's standards of what is "good" in order to prosper in life.  In fact, doing so is one way to ensure that we never please God.

At the top of this article, I posted two images; one depicting man's spiritual enlightenment into godhood and the other showing the Baphomet (an image of Satan).  Notice that in the process of enlightenment, the Kundalini spirit (which looks like serpents in the form of DNA) starts in the groin and ends up at the Pineal Gland, with us achieving godhood.   Notice as well that in the picture of the Baphomet, we see the same serpentine DNA structure, again starting at the groin. This shows that - according to this Satanic belief - man's 'enlightenment' starts with sexual perversion.  It is the means by which we "evolve".  If you are not familiar with this, please see "The Mother of All Secrets" by Pastor Mike Hoggard.

Remember, Satan is the father of lies.  What he says is man's spiritual awakening is really man being put to spiritual sleep or death (hence the stimulation of the Pineal Gland).  What he says is man's evolution into godhood is really man's devolution into reprobation (Romans Chapter 1).  Pastor Gary Price touched on these things in a recent sermon.

Below is an excerpt from a new age video called "DMT - The Spirit Molecule" where Dr. Rick Strassman discusses his research into the pineal gland and its ability to serve as a portal in tapping into spiritual life.

This is why Satanist Aleister Crowley taught that the "secret" to his magick was sex.  It was a form of sorcery by which sexual rituals were used to tap into the supernatural, including incest, bestiality, pedophilia, homosexuality, rape, sodomy...In essence, Crowley sought to become more possessed with unclean spirits the more he delved into sexual perversion, and this is what the world is trying to get to happen to man now.

One author has the following to say about sex magick:
"...there is more to this magick then just utilizing the sex energy to reach higher states of consciousness. There is also a method of sorcery in which the genital secretions of the partners of this rite are co-mingled and imbibed as a sacrament. This sacrament can grant the magician almost unlimited powers."
Crowley himself said:
"To me, every dirty act was simply a sacrament of sin, a passionately religious protest against Christianity, which was for me the symbol of all vileness, meanness, treachery, falsehood and oppression." (Satanic Extracts)
It is not about the systems of this world.  It is not even about Satan's lies of sexual evolution. It is all about Christ.  Satan can only inspire that which is anti-Christ.  The target of these perversions is to come against Christ.

The point of this article is not to get into the details of the occult or sex magick.  It is to hopefully get people to understand how Satan is waging a war against man to initiate him into these rites.  Our previous writing on the Worship of Baal-Peor is one example of this.  It is in the schools, in the music, in the media, in the government, in the false church and in every aspect of life influenced by Satan.  And it is working!

How do we know that it is working?  Because those who the world considers most "enlightened" (those who are being lifted up to advise the rest of us) are increasingly those who are open practitioners of sexual perversion.  They counsel us on how to loose weight and have a healthy lifestyle, how to manage finances, how to dress, how to decorate our homes, and even how to live and raise our children.  Such are also the ones who we gravitate to for enter-tainment.

This is why everything is so sexual these days.  The more depraved Satan can get man to be in the realm of sex, the more he is leading man down the road to "enlightenment"/reprobation (Romans Chapter 1).  The world will tell you that you are getting free, but in truth you are being bound by all types of demonic spirits.

The following message is by Pastor Maclin of The Warriors' Temple entitled "Enter-Curse (Intercourse)" as he discusses how Satan uses sexual perversion to bind us and our children.  The message of deliverance to those bound by sexual perversion is that Jesus died for all of us to be set free!  The blood of Jesus Christ IS able to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I pray this message is a blessing to you.

"Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body." I Corinthians 6:18


  1. Glory Glory Glory to HIS name!!!! I am shouting from the rooftops!!!! Praise God....I am so thankful you have this forum for His Glory!!! My daughter and I were talking about deliverence one day and the word Yoga came up and my son asked what the word meant. She was 12 and he was 11. I was happy he didn't even know what yoga meant. But was shocked when my daughter started describing in detail what yoga was and started to do the motions of yoga. I asked how she knew all this and she said they taught her in grade one in the public school!!! I had no idea it was being taught or that she had been doing this. The three of us discussed how it was against the teaching of the word of God(Exodus 20:3-6). I would like to tell you how this unfolded and what happend from this point. We prayed and asked God to forgive us for unknowingly allowing this yoga spirit into our life. We then prayed for this spirit to come out of my daughter. We know we have the power and authority in Jesus name to cast it out. My daugher had a deliverence experience!! It manifested and came out of her. We were so excited we began praising the Lord. In the next moment my daughter looked at me and said "Mom the Holy Spirit just told me that all my allergies were here because of that yoga spirit". For two years she had slowly been getting worse. At times it was so bad we had to send her away from the farm, she was so infested with allergies she was at the point where she could not eat anything her throat would close off and she could not breath. WHEN WE PRAYED AND THAT kundalini spirit WAS CAST OUT IN THE NAME OF daughter was completely set free from ALL alergies!!!!! she can eat EVERYTHING she can feed hay to the animals!!!!The kundalini spirit sits up in your head and throat. Anyone with allergies can be set free if you get rid of the yoga god and all the yoga material.. repent and commad that spirit out in the Name of Jesus!!! All mothers that do yoga you are bringing that spirit on your children...they are innocent and their allergies are from bringing in other gods. They are doing this in the school systems and that is why there is a plague in the land called allergies!!!Thanks so much for opening the door for me to share our experience.... I think of all the suffering of these children that can be ended instantly...I have so many other stories of other children and mothers being set free... we can call on the name of Jesus, repent, and stand in authority!!!Carmen Dynna is my name and I am not ashamed of what my God can do..

  2. Thank you Carmen for sharing your testimony. God does indeed give us authority over all unclean spirits in His name. If we would really believe and stand on that truth, we could help many others.

    Crowley's "sex magick" was actually a combination of what he learned in the occult, in Yoga, and in the Kabbalah. People think Yoga is innocent, but it is demonic. It is even taught in some churches. No wonder God says that His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

    May God continue to bless you and your family.

  3. Excellent post, thank you so much! I too noticed this at the art university that I attended for a few years here in BC. We had to take a mandatory lecture class called "critical cultural theory". In this class we discussed Spinoza Deleuze, etc. However the teacher was a practicing Buddhist and used this forum to practice meditation, asking all 300 students to join in. Of course in a class like this, in a "forward thinking" art school, Christianity is all but massacred daily, at least this was what I found. It is common practice to make fun of and rip Christianity apart.. at least aspects of it, such as "old fashion" traditional thinking -views on marriage, sex, homosexuality, etc. They're totally and completely rejected. If a staff member should ever ask an auditorium full of students to join him or her in prayer to Jesus Christ there would be mass uproar! Complaints of bible thumping and religions being shoved down throats. But because it was Buddism, it was welcomed, it was considered "expanding horizons" and opening mindsets and no one was offended (but me).
    Another large lecture class, also mandatory, would present twice a week, a film promoting something or another. For several weeks it was reducing our carbon footprint, and other times, it was full 2 hour long documentary following the film-maker's (a local artist) decision to become a woman. We were required to watch him over time, as he took his medications and hormones, his body began to change, his marriage changed and eventually came to an "agreeable" end, his family members learned of his plans, his parents broke down in confused tears in front of the camera in personal interviews, he learned to don makeup and high heels, etc. The purpose of making us watch the film, I don't know. Was it well documented? Yes. Do I appreciate well done documentaries, yes, I certainly do. Was it edgy and controversial, oh yes. Was it sad watching a healthy young man choosing to destroy and pervert his God-given manhood and perfectly created body to follow a lie from the devil? Extremely heart breaking. And heart breaking it also was to look around me and see hundreds of young minds who are being made to accept this as one viable option for life. Sad that this agenda is being pushed, sad to see the lack of any kind of filter in peoples brains... everyone just took it in. The discussions after the movie only proved that I must have been one of the only ones disgusted by what I'd just seen. Everyone else willingly opened their minds to it and allowed it to come in and "open their minds further", washing away intolerance in wave after wave of propoganda. Thats what it was.. propoganda.
    I mean, it's art school... I can accept the fact that we would study artistic nudes and have nude models to draw. This was always done tactfully and with the purpose of capturing shadow and form, and movement of the human figure without the encumbrance of clothing (although I do think that undergarments would not detract from the ultimate purpose of the models at all). But when we have to study "performance art" done by feminist lesbians (the fact that they are that does not add or detract from their work) that relies entirely on shock value and controversy to garner any interest, it angers me. One book I was given by an instructor to take home and look through (she thought it would interest me), was entirely photograph stills of two naked, hairy lesbians in different sexual positions on a chair. When I returned the book later she wasn't impressed with my obvious dislike of what I saw. From that point on she treated me differently (she was a lesbian and gay activist herself). Another artist we had to learn all about was a feminist, lesbian, former porn star who's "performance" was lying back on a pedestal naked with her legs spread wide open and allowing the audience to come and look into her vagina. This is art. This is shown in schools. Most of my classmates were no older than 18. Really!

  4. Hi Moondoggle,

    I completely believe your testimony; it matches alot of what I have heard. Students being told that they must consider other "truths" as equally valid in order to be a "critical thinker". Advisers becoming antagonistic when you stand against the things being taught. Pornography being pushed as "art". Professors saying that the ideal make-up for mankind is to be androgynous...

    Thank God that He was able to protect your mind during that time and even give you wisdom to see the perversions they were attempting to teach. I did not know the Lord when I attended college, yet in these days - where this witchcraft seems so much stronger - it is absolutely necessary.

    The "enlightened" ones - including many college professors - are into sexual perversion and legitimizing this in the minds of the students is an admitted goal.

    May God protect the minds of the young, as He calls upon them unto Himself to come against the ways of the enemy and set captives free.

  5. Yes this is deep. I had a boyfriend in college try to educate me about awakening the serpent within and all this chakra nonsense. I was just speechless because it was obviously demonic. He had just finished laughing at my dad for his belief in Christ (he saw a shirt of his I had, I almost slapped him. I was a spiritual mess so I just tried to act interested. The spirit of Anti-christ controls the school system in this country. Kids are now being prepped from kindergarten.

    I can't imagine how terrible things will get when The Restrainer stops holding things back. The sexual depravity that is now unheard of will be the norm. I just thank God that He's always in control, He's continually setting captives free and that in the end HE will have the total victory and all of all existence will be witnesses to it.

  6. Awesome Post. I think one of the most important things to know when dealing with these subjects is to always remember that we're dealing with the days of Noah right now. Noah was perfect in his blood, He was human! What are they trying to tell us? We are post-human, and if we are post-human we must move toward a post-sex society. So never mind who/what you do it with, "don't you understand sex is for pleasure" is what is being taught in every educational institution to move us to a society that is post-human.

    Enter Ridley Scott's new movie, here is the "viral trailer" discussing future events, and although this video is a work of fiction it is by no means fake.

    The trans-human movement is alive and well in science and technology and with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the new iPhone (with the name of a hindu goddess btw, Siri) they are going to continue to push this movement until mankind is no longer human! AKA DAYS OF NOAH! Satan wants to corrupt our blood and this post-sex movement is just apart of the coming mark of the beast, and you will place this technology in your blood stream and lose your SOUL forever. Is this clicking yet? I hope so because this movie comes out in June and people are going to want answers.

  7. Hi Jonathan,

    I agree. I noticed that one of the taglines for marketing Scott's upcoming Prometheus movie is, "The search for our beginning could lead to our end."

    It's the same new age, Satanic lie that mankind comes from these mythological/alien creatures an these "ascended masters" must make contact with us again in order for us to help us in this next stage of evolution. Even in the video you linked above, the character Peter Weyland says, "We are the gods now."

    The world is preparing man to receive the nephilim. You just have to wonder how "in your face" it has to get before people open their eyes.

    Thanks for sharing your comments as i had not seen the TED video previously.

    God Bless!

  8. Wow. Great post. Interesting how aleister crowley teachings are not just limited to heavy metal artists alone but is spreading to the r&b and hip hop world and even worse in the schools. Wow. The end is here.

  9. I clicked on the link Enter-curse and it takes me to a search site. I Googled Warriors Temple and I get nowhere. Where else can I find this message. I want to share it with my prayer group. Thank-you.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I have absolutely no idea regarding what may have happened to Warrior's Temple and have not been familiar with them in quite some time. The bottom line would be I Cor. 6:18. In fornication, man sins against his own body as with no other sin. It is a gateway though which demons can enter a person's soul and bring curses upon themselves.

      I would recommend a study of Scripture for your prayer group as any message of truth will be based primarily upon that.

      God Bless.


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