Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Queen of Heaven and the Dragon

As a former Catholic, the phrase "Queen of Heaven" had a completely different meaning to me growing up than what the Bible says.  Of course, as a Catholic, our understanding of God did not come from the Bible anyway.  Thank God for His strong hand of deliverance!

However, many are offering cakes unto the Queen of Heaven and don't even know it.  In spite of what God says, they boldly declare that they will continue in this worship while demanding that God accept it.  Let me tell you that God did not receive this worship in the past and He will not accept it now!

The following message from Omega Ministries is "The Queen of Heaven and the Dragon". 
  • Most people have little to no understanding of the Bible.
  • The war is an inner war in the human heart, it is not on the external.  You have to war against your own mind and thinking patterns to get free.
  • God told Jeremiah that He was judging Israel because they were worshiping and serving other gods, even committing the abomination that He hates (Jeremiah 44:4).
  • The inclining the ear is the intent, purposeful listening to what God is saying.  Very few people do this because they think they already know.  On of the biggest obstacles for people is that they don't like the one telling them the truth.  "I just don't want you telling me what is right."
  • The great evil the people were committing were against their own souls.
  • God always has a remnant who truly serves Him out of all those who profess to serve Him.
  • Idolatry provokes God to wrath.
  • Hell is the most rude awakening you can get.
  • The women in Jerusalem refused to listen to Jeremiah's warning and declared that they would continue offer sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven.  They even offered a defense to God for these abominations stating that these things were done in full knowledge and approval of their husbands.
  • As a result, God spoke to the men and stated that He would bring evil against the men who went down to Egypt because they would not be patriarchs and leaders of their own home.  If a man fails to take rightful headship and authority for the home, God will judge him for it.
  • The world has been so perverted by matriarchy that most people do not understand the discipline and order of walking with God. 
  • Even though it was Jeremiah who spoke, He took the people's rejection of those words personally because they were His words.  Don't be so quick to dismiss what what people say to you just because the words are coming through a person.  You must be able to discern whether it is the words of God being spoken or not and not get caught up in the vessel.
  • You cannot "go to Church", you must become the organically grown body of Christ to be counted as the Church.  Every spiritual reality in your life is the product of organic growth.  As long as you still have hope in this world, you will run to religion instead of being transformed into the image of Jesus.
  • This worship of the Queen of Heaven brings confusion (Jeremiah 7:19).
  • The Spirit of God will only rest on you if you obey God; He will not join Himself to rebellion.
  • If you refuse correction, God will cut off the truth from you (Jeremiah 7:28).
  • The abominations are in the Church and the pupits.
  • If you hate God's commands and who He made you to be then there are elements of the beast system deep in your soul.  You appear outwardly as if you love the Lord, but inside you really hate God because the Queen of Heaven is enthroned in you.  You won't be able to be received by God until you repent.
  • The "Queen of Heaven" is often pictured
    with a supposed "Baby Jesus", illustrating
    how the Word of God is always minimized
    and diminished
    to magnify this
    false matriarchal authority.
  • God has to restore the order and authority He set up - the authority of a Father -- to get the city to be righteous again (Isaiah 1:26). 
  • It takes a revealing from God for a person to understand the depths of the hatred they have deep in their souls towards fathers and the authority of God.  You must take account of what is in your inner court to ensure that you are in the faith.
  • This worship of the Queen of Heaven can be seen in Jezebel's rulership outlined in II Kings.
  • Soul ties can be dangerous because you can be destroyed being knit to the wrong person.
  • God is wearing out people so that they will finally turn away from their own way and submit to Him.  He will have a Church without spot or blemish.
  • The sin of Jeroboam is the sin permeating the present-day church (I King 11:26-12:33).  Jeroboam set up an idolatrous religious system to stop the people from worshiping the True & Living God and chose those amongst the lowest of the people to serve as priests (I Kings 12:31).  The false Church is set up to keep you away from God, not get you to God.
  • Sodomites are a sign that false worship is in your presence (I Kings 15:12).  Spiritual perversion is always reflected in the natural by sexual perversion.  Even homosexual men will call themselves "Queens".  It is the continuation of matriarchal authority as a curse and promoter of perversion; or as the Bible says, the "Mother of harlots and abominations".  The key to the rulership of the Queen of Heaven is the siring of sexual perverse spirits.
  • Your own resistance to the authority of God will let you know that elements of this Queen of Heaven is in you.  The main way people fight God's authority is not through open confrontation, but to make fun of and mock it.
SERMON:  The Queen of Heaven and the Dragon


  1. Thank you for sharing this summation...

  2. I too appreciate you posting this. It is a profound and deep mystery that goes back to at least Eden if not before and is entering a whole new phase in this day. The enemies of the one true God, both earthly and cosmic, believe it is possible to completely sever the direct genetic as well as soulish link back to the Paternity of God. This is the real agenda: destroying the Paternity of God. Complex subject....


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