Friday, April 24, 2009

The Twilight Series (Vampire Love Story) Exposed! - Video #18 - 21

Examination of "Christian" Reviews of Twilight

This video is a message by Dr. Scott Johnson exposing the darkness associated with the Twilight vampire series. These used to be separate videos, but they were deleted by Youtube.  Therefore, I am posting the whole sermon here.  These particular topics listed below begin at about the 2:34:22 point (2 hours, 34 minutes and 22 seconds into the video).

Video #18-21 Topics:
  • Further examination of the Catholic endorsement of Twilight
  • Examination of Homeschool endorsements
  • Religious organizations (including many christian ministries) as tools of Satan
  • Further examination of "Christian" reviews of Twilight, including Focus on the Family
  • Twilight review by Focus on the Family
  • Twilight review by Christianity Today's
  • Twilight review by Christian teen magazine "Ignite Your Faith"

Twilight Exposed from thelatterdays on GodTube.

Video #1 - Why Dr. Johnson has done this series

Video #2 - Mormon Author Stephanie Meyer's claim to be "anti-human" and how this celebrates death

Video #3 - What the popularity of this series among Christians says about the state of the church

Video #4 - What the Bible says about consuming blood

Videos #5-8 - Can Twilight be justified from a Biblical perspective?

Videos #9-13 - The One World Religion of Witchcraft

Video #14 - Many Entertainment Works are Channeled Through Demonic Spirits

Videos #15 - Mormonism vs. Christianity

Videos #16-17 - Disembodied Spirits of the Nephilim

Videos #18-21 - Examination of "Christian" reviews of Twilight (posted in above article)

Videos #22-23 - A Christian Response to Those in the Church Who Support Twilight

Video #24 - From the Mouth of Author Stephanie Meyer

Video #25-27 - The Message of Twilight Directed to Women

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