Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Twilight Series (Vampire Love Story) Exposed!

I have heard from my daughter (who attends a Christian school), that a number of her friends are caught up in this Twilight vampire series. This is much more toxic than the Harry Potter series.

As such, I am posting an expose by Dr. Scott Johnson on the Satanic message ingrained in this work. To quote Dr. Johnson: "This is how insane the world is...particularly the church!"

The Twilight Saga is a series of novels by Stephenie Meyer describing an illicit romance between a teenage girl and a vampire. The four books have sold more than 17 million copies, been translated into 20 languages, and spun off a new movie that grossed $70 million in its first week.

Twilight has become a pop culture phenomenon hotter than Pottermania, promoting midnight release parties and vampire proms, obsessed fans called Twi-hards, and spawning more than 350 fan sites online that claim more than 100 million hits.

The series is about a sophomore teenage girl named Bella who moves to a new town and falls in love with a vampire named Edward. Though 108 years old, he appears to be 17. The story is about their infatuation for each other and the consequences of a lustful vampire/mortal romance.

Edward is a member of a "coven" of vampire family members that are depicted as "good." The shocker is that many Christians are attracted to this spiritually dysfunctional romance and are attempting to give Christian applications to its demonic premise.

No matter how resplendent the "vampire" is portrayed in mythology and fiction, in Scripture blood drinking and creatures of darkness are judged as despicable by God.

The Twilight books and movie have been recommended by the Christian Stay at Home Moms website, Focus on the Family's Plugged In Online,, and Campus Life's Ignite Your Faith Christian teen magazine.

That is an abomination.

This video is a message by Dr. Scott Johnson exposing the darkness associated with the Twilight vampire series. These used to be separate videos, but they were deleted by Youtube.  Therefore, I am posting the whole sermon here.  These particular topics listed below are covered from the beginning until about 7 minutes and 30 seconds into the video.

Video #1 Topics:
  • Letters from Christians about Twilight

Twilight Exposed from thelatterdays on GodTube.

Video #1 - Why Dr. Johnson has done this series (posted in above srticle)

Video #2 - Mormon Author Stephanie Meyer's claim to be "anti-human" and how this celebrates death

Video #3 - What the popularity of this series among Christians says about the state of the church

Video #4 - What the Bible says about consuming blood

Videos #5-8 - Can Twilight be justified from a Biblical perspective?

Videos #9-13 - The One World Religion of Witchcraft

Video #14 - Many Entertainment Works are Channeled Through Demonic Spirits

Videos #15 - Mormonism vs. Christianity

Videos #16-17 - Disembodied Spirits of the Nephilim

Videos #18-21 - Examination of "Christian" reviews of Twilight

Videos #22-23 - A Christian Response to Those in the Church Who Support Twilight

Video #24 - From the Mouth of Author Stephanie Meyer

Video #25-27 - The Message of Twilight Directed to Women


  1. I listen to Scott Johnson all the time! I'm so glad to see that you posted up his information. I came here from your Beyonce/Sasha Fierce video series. You're doing a great job (even though people think you're crazy and that you're reading something into nothing.)

    Many people are blinded and don't realize how many demonic subliminals there are out there . . . keep up the good work.

    1. i don't know much about any of this i'm just trying to stay out of the world and keep my kids out to

  2. Hi Ms. Butterfly,

    It can be difficult in raising children to know where to draw that line. They cannot live in a bubble, yet at the same time, you don't want to open a door in your child's mind to that which is demonic.

    We definitely shielded our children more when they were younger. But as they have aged, we have given them more responsibility for discerning between good and evil. There is the basic understanding that nothing of this world is pure. There is going to be some element of perversion in most things simply because Satan is the god of this world.

    Parents must work together to provide a proper covering for the children. We simply cannot be with them every moment and we have to trust God's word, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

    I am sure that Jesus will give your husband the insight needed to continue making the right decisions for your family. You of course can also help by keeping him in prayer that he be strengthened and that his mind be protected from the onslaught of the enemy.

    God Bless!

  3. Hi Allie,

    Your message really tickled me. Yes, I am aware and receive many messages from those who think we are crazy. In a world that stands against God more every day, I am happy to be so called. :-)

    In the end, as you say, all of this is only done so that blinded eyes may be opened. It is our prayer that God's will be done, even in this blog.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. This is a great post! I have a few friends (Christian friends) who are Twilight fanatics. I didn't even know what it was at first until I saw the cover and I asked, "What could be interesting about a girl falling in love with a vampire"? Doesn't sound romantic to me.

    I agree that all this deception is a result of the last days. I am not a parent, but I do pray that Christian adults be cautious of what they expose themselves and children to. Even Disney shows promote hidden agendas in "That's So Raven" (A girl who has visions"), "Wizards of Waverly Place" (A show centered around magic), and even Hannah Montana...who promotes The Best of Both Worlds and being a "Rock Star". It’s very hard to choose entertainment, and it is my prayer that God gives everyone discernment. That is my prayer consistently. May God continue to bless this ministry.

    Love and Many blessings,

    Ms. Jay Bruce

  5. Thanks for the post - I knew when I first started hearing about twilight something was not right. I did not even consider allowing my children to get caught up in this foolishness...

    Pluggedinonline endorced this? Say it ain't so! They are usually my "go to" for appropriate media recommendations. :sigh:

  6. I've read all the twilight books and they have had absolutely no effect on me whatsoever. I think the fact that people are going psychomania over the books is just pathetic, because they aren't the first vampire series to ever be published.

    I think they are completely harmlesss to people who know where they stand, and who know what they believe.

    I am not planning on letting myself scare because someone says the books are evil. I like the series.

    Sometimes although people warn against things, I think they often take it a tad bit too far.
    We are Christians, yes, but that does not make us limited. All you can do as a Christian is be the best you can. You can't isolate yourself completely from the world, because that wasn't God's original purpose for us. His main purpose for creating us was so would praise him, and we do this every day.

    Just because I choose to read these books doesn't make me a worse christian than the next person. At the end of the day, we all have to do our best to be good.

  7. Hi Chika,

    First, thanks for posting your feedback. Regarding the psychomania, I believe it is spiritual. There are certain things satan anoints in order to serve a specific purpose and like Harry Potter, the Twilight Series carries such.

    Please know that our purpose in these posts is not to scare anyone. God has not given us a spirit of fear.

    However, God has given us discernment and specifically tells us not to have fellowship with works of darkness but to reprove them (Ephesians 5:11).

    One thing you have not done in your comment is attempt to say that Twilight is Godly. Is this because you recognize that it is not?

    You say you have not been affected, but isn't that exactly how satan works? When Adam & Eve disobeyed in the Garden of Eden, did they not have the same problem? They saw no difference in themselves. God said they would die by partaking of that fruit, but they were still alive.

    What they didn't understand is that God was referencing a spiritual death, a disconnect from His Holy Spirit that could not be seen. Scripture also says:

    "Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?" Proverbs 6:27

    I am not saying that you are separated from God. I am saying that we must be careful not to think we know more than God. If He tells us to abstain from something, we cannot then say, "Well, I did it and I am still fine." He knows more than us and see more than us. When participating in things He doesn't approve us, we can still be affected, even in ways we are not conscious of.

    Being Christians does not make us limited, but being Christians means that we willingly limit ourselves from things simply because they do not edify.

    "All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." I Corinthians 10:23

    We are not talking about isolating ourselves from the world, but keeping ourselves unattached to the occult. If you would consider, I would ask you to read the following article: A Good Vampire?. It breaks down why the premise of these vampire stories in general is against God.

    Lastly, no one is calling you a bad Christian. I would also say that God's plan with us is not to try and "be good". In fact, He tells us that no one can (Mark 10:18). What God is after is a living sacrifice who has given his/her life to God so that He does what He wants through us. It is no longer we who live, but Christ in us. Is supporting Twilight what Christ would do or what you like to do? We must be careful not to hijack our bodies to do what we want with them for then it is not God in operation, but our flesh.

    Again, I appreciate your visiting and hope you continue to do so. We are not trying to change your views here, merely give you things to think and pray about in your own personal time with God.

  8. Come on people. I remember when everyone thought Harry Potter was evil and thought it taught about witchcraft, which was a load of crap. Now Twilight too. I'm a good Catholic and i have also read and watched all the Harry Potters and the Twilight Saga, all that's out, and there is nothing "bad" in them. They are fantasy books. It doesn't mean that your kids are going to go out and do something stupid. Don't you think that they would be better off reading a book then going out and getting in trouble with drugs, alcohol, and sex? Do you know that the author of the twilight saga wrote them as virgins because of her beliefs. teach your child right from wrong and you won't have to worry about them knowing about vampires. Parents today are just trying to find more things to shelter their children from and it's ridiculous. Stop being overly anal about what your children read. The books were written with children in mind. the books teach you right from wrong, not to have sex before your married and that family is the most important thing. How can that be demonic.

  9. Hello Anonymous,

    You are a "good catholic"? What is a "bad catholic"?

    I am not going to mince words with you as such would be a waste of my time and yours.

    Catholicism is steeped in idolatry and perversion. It is unScriptural and has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.

    Now, if you have not already tuned me out at this point, I'll tell you that I used to be a catholic and am very familiar with that institution. Notice too that I said the institution itself is corrupt and not necessarily the people. If you need more info on why I say this, then search the site for articles on catholicism. I am also open to answering any questions you might have about that religion.

    Read what the Bible has to say about witchcraft and the occult. THEN tell me whether God approves of it or whether it is demonic.

    The fact that you find nothing wrong with the satanic materials of Harry Potter and Twilight is evidence that catholicism has blinded you to the things of God. For a Biblical examination of how vampires are diametrically opposed to the things of God, see the following: A Good Vampire?

    And if you desire the truth about the origins of Twilight, you should listen to the word of its author. These are also featured in videos as a part of this series.

    Ask yourself, WHY are you here defending occult practices and witchcraft, yet you want to associate your identity with Christianity? Whose side are you really championing?

    I say these things not to put you down in any way, but hopefully to get you to think about what you are saying and doing.

    You are free to enjoy Harry Potter and Twilight and to even share those with your children (should you have any). But don't come her trying to claim that they are Godly, for it only shows that you have yet to come to the knowledge of God.

    I pray that you do start to look more deeply into these things and that the Lord is able to draw you closer to Him because of it.

  10. I have been always aware of the Devil's work in this world and how can mislead people. I actually completely disagree with any program, film,tv series or anything to do with witch craft, vampires and such.

    I would like to very kindly put a point here. I am a catholic and I honestly never, ever speak or criticize christians. Although we do call our selves catholic we also consider our selves christians. Why? Simply because we believe in God our father, Jesus and the holy spirit.
    I quote: "Catholicism is steeped in idolatry and perversion. It is unScriptural and has absolutely nothing to do with Christianity". Now, with all respect I do not think you can say that. We catholics are not steeped in perversion! we are not steeped in idolatry either, but as you wrote to Anonymous, going into this discussion will probably not take us any further. I just think that people so called christians just try more and more to attact catholics. In a world where the devil is trying hard to rule we should be praying to fight against the devil but not wasting time in critisising other credos or believes. As you wrote, we have the responsibility for discerning between good and evil, and we catholics are praying every day for the holy spirit to give us discernment.
    As a minister, I think you should have answered to Anonymous without even making a remark (and a bad one) about catholics.
    God bless you

  11. Hello Viviana,

    I can understand your concerns and I completely agree that Christians should spend more time glorifying Christ than in-fighting.

    However, my comments are not coming from a place of unfamiliarity or even simple criticsm; I am stating what God Himself has told me.

    I was raised a Catholic and much of my family still remains so. When I began to search to know God personally as a young adult, He revealed Himself to me. He shared with me that Catholicism was unGodly. If I desired to serve Him, I would have to leave my association with that institution.

    So, when I speak of the evils of the RCC, I am not speaking against Christians. I am speaking against an institution which is anti-christ. As I told my mother yesterday:

    "Catholicism is defiled and God has nothing to do with it. That does not mean that God does not have those who belong to Him which are still part of that institution. I was too until He pulled me out of it, and I pray every day that all my family will be delivered from it. The spirits of lesbianism and homosexuality are profound in that organization because that is what it is bathed in: perversion."

    Again, that does not mean that all Catholics are damned. But it means that they must repent and worship God in Spirit and in Truth in order to be saved. Otherwise, those false doctrines will lead them to Hell.

    If you love the Lord, I encourage you to really study the Scriptures for yourself. The RCC church is built upon a lie and its doctrine contradicts the word of God.

    True ministers of Jesus Christ are called to expose and rebuke the works of darkness. This include the deceptions of the Catholic church.

  12. Do you have or know where an alternate site for these videos are? I would very much like to finish them and share them with my family, but many have been removed from youtube stating "copy right infringement" complaints.

  13. Hi Sheila,

    As you may know, Christian videos are a high target on Youtube for removal/sanction.

    I have contacted the creator of the videos to see if they will be reporting the rest.

    In the meantime, you can hear the full audio from Dr. Johnson here: Twilight Series Audio


  14. Yes, I am aware that they are targeting Christian videos. So much that I have begun to download any that I take an interest in. Thank you for the link. I will surely check it out.

  15. LOL - You're a freak. It's people like you who give the church a really bad name. Please grow up.

  16. Hi Anonymous,

    Yes, I am sure that the ones who are saying that we should heed the warnings in the word of God are the ones who are giving the Church a bad name. LOL

    I hope that you and others blinded in this area will wake up and truly come to know Jesus Christ. These books/movies promote witchcraft/occult at its highest levels...which probably goes a long ways to understanding why patrons are convulsing into seizures in watching the latest Twilight film.

    However, you might simply choose the bliss of ignorance and continue to turn a blind eye to these deceptions around you. It is your choice.

  17. This is one of my Favorite sites. Just want to say thank you and keep up the good work. It must be disheartening some of these comments you receive. It just blows me away how blind some people can be especially some so called Christians. Its sad and is only going to get worse.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      It can be very sad when people are blinded to the ways that Satan ensnares, but I don't take any of it personally. Let people think of me as they choose. :-)

      One thing I am mindful of though is that someone with less knowledge in an area might be more sincere before God than I. In other words, our relationship with God is not based on what we "know". If I know alot about God's word, but don't live up to it, then it does me no good. It simply damns me because I knew, but did not heed (Rom. 2:13, James 1:22-25). To whom much is given, much is expected (Luke 12:48). I have seen new converts with less biblical knowledge and more fervor for God than some old heads. LOL

      So yes, I do grieve when professing Christians deny the truths of God's word, but it also emboldens me all the more to make my own calling and election sure.

      May God continue to keep you and prepare you as a vessel fit for His use in these dark days.

    2. Hello LDM....I tremble when I hear some of these people say there is nothing wrong with the vampire movies....there is no discernment in the body of believers if they believe the spiritual realm there are real oppressions that come from exposing yourself to these movies books and articles......I am writing this because of our most recent experience concerning the spirit that comes on Christians especially, when they expose themselves to ungodly behaviour. My daughter was struggling terribly one day at work...she said it felt like a heavy dark blanket had come over her she texted and asked me to pray for her. When in prayer there was a sharp pressure on the throat off to one side...then asking the Holy Spirit what the spirit was on the throat, a vision was given of a vampire head....I texted my daughter and told what the Holy Spirit had revealed.....she prayed against a vampire spirit the terrible heaviness lifted off of her. She then told me she had those vampire movies in the house.....they belonged to some Christian friends....this spiritual realm is real and very dangerous for all Christians....don't open the door to the enemy...there is serious harm in it.

    3. Anonymous, you are so right here! There are very real spiritual ramifications for delving into occult activities. Dr. Johnson touches on those throughout this video sermon. Thank God that He intervened in that situation with your daughter to set her free from that bondage.

      Clearly God's people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. But this also is sure: God is faithful to show us the truth in any situation if we are willing to receive it. He will not leave us blind, but we must have a love for the truth and not a love for our own ways.

      God bless you!

    4. you are so right about that i am not going to put my name but i will put M i have kids and i am the one that said i don't know much about it but i am trying to stay out of the world and keep my kids out to if we keep are kids away they will still know when they are around ungodly things but teaching them to pray and follow god and stay away from the things in this world will make them better people and talking to them helps alot so i thank all of you for your postings it just lets me know that others are looking out to

  18. I've never read the books, but I have seen the movies. I can't explain it other than I felt compelled to watch them. I say this because I found the movies to be awful, yet I couldn't resist watching all of them. There are quite a few things I picked out in these films. The first is the unashamed promotion of pedophilia. There are two 'couples' in these books/films who have a significant age difference, with the younger being the female.

    The second thing was how the author tried to protray the demonic as light. The vampires were 'good' because they only drank animal blood and they could walk unharmed in the daylight. Yet, they still drank blood, which is abominable and they were dead with no beating heart.

    The third, and last thing, I'll mention is the main character's utter dependence on the vampire in the story. He tells her he longs to kill her and she just can't get enough of him. I couldn't understand this great 'love' affair they were supposed to have accomplished, because throughout all the films I saw no evidence or basis for love. Only dark obsession.

    I don't have teenagers, but if I did I certainly wouldn't want my daughters exposed to this. I really wanted to understand what all the hoopla was all about, but even after 4 or so films, I don't get it at all.

  19. first of all thank you so much for this sight i spend most of my day here reading and learning the truth about so much, i am a young christian and a youth leader, honestly i use to come to this sight for so much and then for some reason i stopped (not intentionally) but recently i had some questions in my head and i was wondering why i was having so much struggles and set backs serving the lord, i love the lord so much yet i found it so burdening to read his word or fellowship with believers i found myself doing stuff the crystal i know would totally eschew and stay away from and then i realise it is the doors i have been opening through partaking in all these devilish deceitful stuff. i watched all the twilight series and tend to liked them and believe me when i say i have no doubt all that is shared here is true and the persons still defending the series and saying nothing is wrong with it are those that are so ashamed that they were lead astray easily they'd rather live in denial but not would be nice if you can post some info on tatooing and piercing of the skin because that is very prevalent in my hometown

    1. Hi Crystal,

      Yes, Satan is certainly slick. We open up doors in our soul to his perversions as we engage in his world, and doing so at the same time desensitizes us to his ways. This is why fasting can be such an important part of the Christian walk. We are inundated with so much throughout each day that our minds can be overwhelmed. Finding that quiet time to just be with the Lord and meditate on His word is critical to us retaining sanity and the mind of Christ while in the midst of this dark world.

      I also am thankful that you are not beating yourself up or allowing the devil to speak condemnation in your live. You may slip, but just pick yourself up and keep on going. He will renew your mind and cleanse you from any unrighteousness. If you desire the fervor that you once had, He will return it as you seek His face.

      There is some info on tattoos and piercing in this article which may help you: Tramp Stamp at Church Camp

      It is so encouraging to see young people on fire for the Lord. I pray that God's Spirit continue to fill and guide you, to strengthen you to walk out this Christian walk of faith until the end.

      God Bless!


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