Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Ishtar!

This video really requires little introduction.

This may hit some of you pretty hard because it is slamming up against the traditions of men. Yet, it is time out for believing and doing things just because "some pastor, family member, school, church, or whoever" has told you to. It is time for wisdom and discernment. We cannot be expected to accomplish what is before us as a people of God while still being blind and giving heed to idolatry in our very midst.

The resurrection of our Lord is a day for every Christian to rejoice and be thankful. However, not ever "holy day" is holy just because we have been told that it is.

I hope it blesses and informs you.


  1. Hello!
    I just want to say that I just found that Beyonce-Sasha-Demon post and I've read it. I am Beyonce's huge fan and I'm also Cristian. I will pray for her to escape from that demon. Thank you for posting that. I still love her music, no matter what and i want to ask you - is it sin if I listen to it?

  2. Hi!

    I think most anyone can acknowledge Beyonce's talent as an entertainer.

    The point of that post was not to criticize her or get people to stop listening to her music. Each person must live as they are led.

    When we place faith in Jesus as our Savior, He also becomes our Lord. Although people hate to acknowledge this, a "Lord" tells you what to do. We are forsaking our own way (including our own preferences, our own understandings, etc.) for His.

    So, the important thing is not whether YOU like Beyonce's music, but whether JESUS likes it.

    Do her songs glorify Jesus? Do they show forth the praises of God? Do they proclaim those things which are good and pleasing in His sight?

    If you are a Christian and you believe that she is demon-possessed (which I am assuming that you do since you are praying for her deliverance) then what ATTRACTS you her?

    Jesus said to know no man after the flesh. We are made followers of Jesus by the indwelling of His Holy Spirit. What is it that makes you a follower (fan) of Beyonce?

    I think if you examine these points, you will find the answer to your question.

  3. Actually, some of her songs praise God, like Ave Maria. What attracts me to her? I really believe that she's good person. Well, she was before she started being possessed.
    There is also one point that I didn't understand - She didn't make video for Crazy In Love. And she said that Sasha was born with Crazy In Love, right? Well, she didn't said was Sasha born in that video or song. I don't know... I know this possession story makes sense, but it maybe isn't true. Although I really don't know in that to believe, I'll keep praying for her. Are you priest or something? Cause seems like you know much about religions and faith.

  4. Well, she praises God in Ave Maria. And I love her cause I know that she's a good person (Well, she was before possession). I don't know, you made good points, but I really don't know what to believe... I just know that she has strength to go through it. And I'll help her with my prayers. But I think you should know that she didn't directed Crazy In Love video.

  5. Hi again! :-)

    Actually, Ave Maria is a religious song, but it is not about God. It praises Mary, who is not God.

    The Scriptures say that no one is good, so that would include Beyonce.

    You "love" her? Do you know her personally? If not, then how can you love someone you don't know? What is your love based upon, an image on the TV screen?

    She doesn't have to direct Crazy in Love. All she has to do is make herself available to be used by the devil. The Bible says that Satan is the "god of this world." That means that he controls alot of the world systems (although God is in ultimate control).

    If you have time, check out the following video series on Youtube. It will probably give you more insight.

    Lastly, I'll leave you with this:

    "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:" I Peter 2:9

    So you too would be a priest if you are a Christian. :-)

  6. No, I didn't met her, but she's just charismatic...I don't know how to explain it... I know that she's a good person, although I don't know how could I know that... It's just like I met her, but I didn't. It's strange, you know. And I saw whole series of these videos. She's a strong woman and she can sometimes control Sasha. And I'll help her with my prayers :-)

  7. Unfortunately, the reason it is hard for you to explain is because none of what you are saying is real. This is just a fantasy about Beyonce that has been created in your mind. It is not based on anything substantial, only lies/imaginations.

    You have already been affected by this demon spirit as it has you thinking you know and love someone you have never met and don't know. You feel tied to her soulishly and cannot even explain why. That is the power of witchcraft.

    Before you pray for Beyonce, you need to pray for deliverance for yourself. You cannot help her with your prayers because you can't see past the image/idol of her in your soul.

    If you value your walk with the Lord, you should seek Him on why/how she has been able to get this hold on your mind and ask that He break that.

    I am not trying to be harsh with you, but your own words ought to be enough to show you something is unnatural about your attachment to her.

  8. In Norway. Where I live. The easter eggs are not associated with a rabbit, but with chickens. I guess it's the same either way. But I've never actually thought much of easter or christmas really, because everyday is a day to celebrate our Lord Jesus Christ.

    And talking about the 7th day, isn't that a Sunday? Is not Sunday the day God said should be kept holy? Then what happened with people saying it's on a Saturday, and making Sunday holy is a sin?

    I'm a bit confused

  9. So. Does this mean that America is now the new Babylon?

  10. Hi Anonymous,

    The Sabbath has always been the 7th day as you suggest, but that is Saturday, not Sunday. Sunday worship is tied to the early time in the church and has mixed roots.

    I will be posting an article in the next couple of days addressing the Sabbath. Sunday worship is not a sin. But anyway, please let me know if you have any questions once you see that.


  11. Hi Not Ur Kinda Girl,

    I hope you have been doing well.

    Yes, the U.S. is certainly an example of Babylon, but so is the world in general. The root for the word Babylon is the word Babel from where we get the word Babble. It means confusion.

    There is much confusion in the word today, yet this is the way it is foretold to be as we prepare for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

    As you likely know, God's command is for us to come out of Babylon so we are not partakers of the plagues He will send against her. That means we must be sanctified away from the world in our spirits. That doesn't mean we never interact with people or in social settings, it just means we don't attach ourselves to the things of this world.

    May God continue to strengthen and watch over you!


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