Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emergent Apostasy

Transforming the Church of Christ into the Temple of Belial

"Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first..." Thessalonians 2:3a

We know what is written.  There shall be a great falling away from revealed truth in Christianity as many are swept away into a delusion prior to Jesus' coming.  Even now, we can look around and see Christian cults veering into apostasy as they turn away from the truth of God's words.

Often, the term cult brings to mind pictures of anti-social groups of people, hidden away doing unspeakable acts.  However, what about the thousands openly walking away from the Lord while sitting in football-style arenas...often with hands and voices upraised, singing God's praises?  Do we believe that because something is popular, attractive, or expansive then it must be right?

Any church whose teachings diverge from the essential truths of the Gospel is indeed a cult.

In the sermon below, Pastor Mike Hoggard addresses the apostasy of the emergent church.  These fellowships are often the most known, for they believe that God's house of prayer needs to be a marketing machine as we "get the people in" at any cost.

When a church starts to focus on increasing membership, it has already taken its eyes off of Jesus.  The church should be so focused on Christ, that we can honestly say, "Who is Paul? Who is Apollos?  It is God who gives the increase."  Yet in much of the churchworld, the Gospel has been forsaken in deference to getting the "increase" - apart from the organic growth that comes naturally from planting and watering.  As such, many are failing to heed Paul's warning that we take care how we long as we build.

This produces the current environment of heavy marketing and even competition which envelops many churches as they position themselves to show how relevant their services, sermons, and programs are to the world.

Need some suggestions on appropriate topics?  How about a sermon on "Desperate Households"?  "Lifeswap"? "Girls of the Bible Gone Crazy"?  Or, you can simply put in an ad at your local Hooters about how to have better sex....God's way!  Think I am kidding?  Just take a look at what is being done in the name of evangelism.

Yet, whose responsibility is it to grow the church?  

"And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved." Acts 2:47a

Such efforts at self-promotion are the evidence that these churches are not only ignorant of how the church grows, but they are likewise ignorant of even who the church is.  It reveals that the Spirit of the Lord is not behind their evangelism. 

As a result, they must offer a synthetic gospel, counterfeit spiritual experiences, and man-centered worship in order to mimic the real move of God's Spirit.  Like the pied piper, the worldly "Christian" music itself becomes the minister as it leads the people off to their own destruction.

* By the way, I am not a KJV-only proponent.  However, the info shared about efforts to water down God's word is certainly worth consideration.


  1. Hello,

    I truly enjoy your blog. I heard the singer's (Rihanna) video was banned in 11 countries. Can you please give an interpertation of the song/video? The song is so popular and I can't believe how "Christians" say they enjoy this song. She also mock her illuminati involvement rumors in the video.

  2. Hello,

    I read the article on greek organizations. Do you have any suggestions on books to read? I'm a member of a Black greek org and I haven't had the opportunity to be involved yet. I am now wondering if the Lord is blocking that door to protect me. My grandmother was a member of Eastern Star and it sounds like a cult. It's amazing...I feel like God (Jesus) is opening my eyes to "secret societies" who claim to serve people. Thanks:-)

    By the way, I truly appreciate your posts. I do believe we are living in the last days. I believe Christ will return in our lifetime.

  3. What Rihanna video was banned ?
    And where does she mock\talk about the illuminati ?

    P.s. strange the day after i read this blog post i was watching a show on tv about a certain young minister named Justin Fatica...While watching it, i just had to read this one more time. I don't wanna be judgemental in anyway, but doesn't he just fit right into the subject discussed ?
    I think* the documentary was called "hard as nails"

    Actually while typing this I'm reminded of the whole "personal" custom tailored jesus to fit your lifestyle issue.

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I am not familiar with Rihanna's song. However, the same darkness which envelops much of the entertainment industry also envelops her, so I am not surprised to hear what you say.

    One thing which always speaks volumes to me is that Jesus said the condemnation of the world is that Light has come into the world, but men prefer darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.

    When I first came to know Christ, I believed that if people could just be shown the truth, they would turn to Him. But this is false. The issue is not with man's mind, but with man's heart.

    No man - even a professing Christian - can be convinced or shown enough "proofs" that the world is evil as long as they love the things of the world.

    I did the piece on Beyonce because God told me to and gave me the interpretation. He has given me no such word for Rihanna or any other artists.

    I would say to continue seeking God to transform you into a vessel of His truth. Many who name the name of Christ really do not belong to Him. Don't be dismayed by that, but set your face to follow God.

    God will give wisdom and spiritual understanding to those who sincerely desire it. It is then up to each person to turn from that which is defiled.

    God Bless.

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    I am not familiar with any books on Greek orgs, but I do know that they are rooted in freemasonry, including such things as Eastern Stars.

    The following video evaluates freemasonry and what it really is about. Perhaps that would help as you will likely recognize much of the terminology and rituals which are mimicked in Greek organizations.

    The Mother of Secrets

    God Bless.

  6. HI Dan,

    I am not familiar with Justin Fatica, but can attest that anything promoting catholicism is of the anti-christ.

    I also found an article about that him and his ministry here:

    One of Fatica's quotes in that article says it all "I'm in your face with how proud I am." It is all about the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of lie. It is worldly and carnal, yet masquerading as Godly. It is foolishness.

    What is very interesting to me - and what I meant to stress ion the article above - is that these groups are targeting the youth specifically.

    With all of the debauchery in the world and the massive delusional religious escapades our youth are exposed to, it is a wonder their heads have not been taken off altogether. Only the power of God can counteract these evils.


  7. I agree fully. He has called us to preach and He said He will build the Church. It is not our job to turn our church into some mega church, but to preach and teach the Word and live Godly lives. Blessings.


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