Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What is the Cross of Jesus Christ?

Trusting in the "Finished Work"

I had a conversation today with someone who was talking about trusting in the finished work of Jesus Christ. Yet, their description of what this meant seemed to have no resemblance to Scripture.

People say things like "Faith is just us believing and receiving everything that Jesus has accomplished in the Cross of Calvary." But is that really a solid definition of faith? Is faith passive (receiving) only or is real faith also active (evidenced by something)?

There is much debate about what some call "works salvation", where a person tries to earn their way into God's acceptance. This is of course false and a grave deception. Yet, just as erroneous is the other extreme where we have no obligations or responsibilities before God, but simply get to point to Jesus' sacrifice and say, "Thank God Jesus did it all!"

It makes me wonder, do we really understand what was accomplished at Calvary? Do we really appreciate what the cross represents? Have we hearkened unto Jesus' instructions about what it really means to trust in His finished work?

It was these points I pondered as I created the video below. I hope that it is a blessing to you.

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