Monday, July 25, 2011

Faithfulness in Little Things

"And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him." Colossians 3:17

This morning, I have to admit that I was not looking forward to another work week.  Is it Monday already?  Then I read this week's message from Pastor Zac Poonen on faithfulness in small things. 

And as I was reading Genesis 30, again the same message was reiterated.  Jacob worked hard and faithfully for his uncle Laban, even though Laban was an unrighteous idolator.  Yet, Jacob was confident that his industrious nature would make provision for him in spite of Laban's trickery (Genesis 30:33).  The Laban's of the world will not prevail for God sees all (Genesis 31:6-12).

Everything we do is an opportunity for ministry.  An opportunity to be used by God as a light unto others.  An opportunity to better understand the heart of a servant, the meaning of obedience, and the importance of diligence.

May you start off this week with a Godly attitude of gratitude, determining to do all to the glory of God (including our secular jobs); showing ourselves faithful, even in little things. 

God Looks For Faithfulness In Little Things

In 1 Kings 19:19-21 we read of Elijah calling Elisha.

Elisha was working hard in the fields with his oxen, when Elijah called him.

Notice first of all, that God always calls those who are working hard and faithful in their secular occupations. Moses was faithfully looking after his father-in-law’s sheep when God called him. David was looking after sheep and fighting with lions and bears. Amos was a hardworking herdsman. Peter, James, John and Andrew were hardworking fishermen. Matthew was sitting at the table working on his accounts. We never see, anywhere in the Old Testament or the New Testament, that God called a lazy man for his service.

We don’t find Elijah going to Elisha’s house when he was fast asleep and calling him there - because we would have thought he was a lazy man. Jesus also never went to Peter’s house in the evening to call him. He called him when he was fishing.

All these examples show us that God wants us to be faithful and hardworking in our secular jobs, before He can call us to serve Him. If you are not faithful in earthly matters, how can you be faithful in heavenly matters? If you are young and still living at home, then be a faithful son or daughter at home.

Notice secondly, that all these men dropped everything and went, as soon as God called them. We see that in Peter, John and Matthew and also here with Elisha. God calls those who will respond to His call immediately and wholeheartedly. They may seek to confirm God’s call on their lives with godly people in order to be certain that they are not acting on their own emotional feelings. But once they are sure, they act quickly. God can use only such people to serve Him, because His service requires instant obedience, total commitment and hard work.

So God tests us in our secular occupations, to see whether we are faithful. If you are asked to clean a room and you are careless about the way you do it, or you are slipshod about it, I doubt if God will ever call you to serve Him. Because, if that’s the way you clean up a room that will probably be the way you clean up your heart as well. How then can God use you to clean up His church?

It is faithfulness in the little things that God looks for.



    Can I just say if you were an 80s kid you were being bewitched - watch this carefully and listen to the lyrics!


    And if you thought you got away in the 90s - this was heavy demonic incantation


    People knew this stuff was evil in the 80s. Watch the clip they insert and consider the KYE series.

  4. I like this article from Poonan.

    I hate it when people leave shopping carts in the the parking lot. They roll into people's cars when it is windy and they pile up and keep free spaces blocked. I think God watches me when I leave a store. I return my cart to the corral...even if it is raining. I think God honors that. And it makes it easier for the boys who have to collect the carts.

  5. Hi, I've been following your blog for a while. It is very interesting. I have to admit that today I feel like giving up. Some people make salvation seem very simple and some people make it seem very difficult. I read the bible and some of the things that it says I should be or have or do just isn't happening. I'm supposed to be a new creation but everyday I feel like my same old sinful self with evil thoughts and actions. I get confused about the Holy Spirit. The bible says ask for it but I'm not sure of what I am supposed to experience. Do you speak in tongues or not? Are tongues a real language like English or French or Chinese or are they really a language from heaven? If I don't speak in tongues do I not have the baptism? Am I filled when I first believe? The thing is I know people who speak in tongues and they live just as defeated as I do. So, what is the point in having the baptism if I am going to live the same useless life. I just don't know what to think or believe anymore. Sometimes I wish I could unlearn all the stuff I ever heard about the bible and Jesus and God and just read the bible with a blank mind so God can put the right understanding there. It is hard to hear God through all the layers of gunk that I have taken in over the years. I just feel like it's not worth it sometimes. I know these feelings are coming from the enemy so please pray for me.

  6. Part 1.
    Dear FeelingHopeless,

    We read your comment this morning and felt sad. Life at times is a struggle and we are all battling our weak flesh which we are born with. This struggle is overwhelming at times and believe me you are not alone. The light shone on the dark and depraved lives we lead by the revelation of Christ really changes your world. You can see things for what they truly are and you are right that you can't reverse or unlearn what you know to be true.

    No-one is perfect except for our Lord Jesus Christ who is with us even in the darkest times and I hope you know that we are all part of one body we are all unique and have something different to contribute under the will of our Lord.

  7. Part 2
    I grew up in the church, and left in my teens to roam the world but only really came to know and walk with Jesus in my 20s and I agree that you can feel like you should be having overtly spiritual experiences like tongues prophesying etc. Believe me, the Holy Spirit is working and you will know it by its fruits in your life - it does not have to be tongues - it may be the fact that you spoke from your heart today so you can be supported by other members of the body.

    To that matter I REALLY recommend reading 1st Corinthians. God left us his word and it really answers our hearts. The Apostle Paul literally breaks down the nature of being contributing parts (great or small) of a BODY with different gifts and contributions to make. Our Lord Jesus Christ ensures that Paul definitively addresses the issue of spiritual gifts in a very clear way.

    It is important to read the bible for yourself and let God's wor d enterand through the Holy Spirit teach you. The more you find understanding for yourself the more free you will be. We ask God to bestow peace upon your heart and in-dwell you, so you can know Him and get ready to spend eternity with your best friend. Don't give up :)

  8. Hi FeelingHopeless,

    There is hope for you (and us all) in Jesus Christ!

    Please be encouraged. From what you describe, I have been right where you are before. I tried my best to know the Lord, but my own experiences and the hypocrisy of many "church folks" made me even begin to doubt that there was a God. I was just about to give up myself! But God heard my plea and began to reveal Himself to me. He is no respecter of persons and will do the same for you. Finding Christ

    Salvation is simple. Simply repent from sin and believe in Jesus.

    Any difficulty comes from our own selves because there is a nature within us which fights against God (Romans 7:15-25). We don't have the power to obey to Jesus Christ on our own nor can we change our own hearts or desires. On our own, we cannot live out the new life God promises us. This is where the frustration and even hypocrisy comes in; when people try to do in their own power a work that can only be done by God.

    But, being the good God that He is, He has made provision for that too. By His Spirit, we are able to be led by Him and overcome the old man as we walk in the victory of new life in Him. All we have to do is make a willful choice to deny that old nature (the old man) and submit to His Spirit...each minute of each day (Romans 6). THAT is the struggle; but one that we can completely win as we deny the flesh and yield to the Spirit...the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

    I know you might feel like you are out of sorts, but I think you are right on track. A lot of times, you have to just data dump what you have been taught because much of religion is contaminated. You literally have to come to God with a blank mind, as you say, and let Him teach you His truths by the Holy Spirit as you study the word. He will not only guide you in your personal studies, but He will send confirmation of the truths of His word in your life via your own experiences and interactions with those He sends your way. No matter what we hear or are told, we must always search the Scriptures for ourselves to see if these things are true (Acts 17:11).

    It sounds to me that God is bringing you out of Babylon, and to that I say, "Thank you Jesus!" Now you are prepared to come into true relationship with Him. He has brought you to this point so that you can do just that. He uses the the frustration of religious Babylon to draw you closer to Him.

    In terms of gifts of the Spirit, they are certainly real. Yet it is not the gifts which speak of His presence within you (because even the gifts can be counterfeited), but the fruit (Galatians 5:22-23). Seek to be transformed within, and then the outside manifestation of that life will happen automatically (Matthew 23:26).

    Many times, people seek "gifts", but their insides are still defiled. God has no problem bestowing gifts, but they cannot come through a contaminated vessel. As my pastor used to say, "the gifts rest on the fruit." So seek a Godly life within, and you will walk in the power of God always.

    I also have an article on tongues that may help answer some of your questions: Speaking in Tongues

    God bless you! And I pray that you are FeelingHopelessNoMore :-). Just remember that God is more than able to complete the work He has started in you. Press on into Him and let Him lead you and make you over. He is faithful to.

  9. FeelingHopelessNoMore :)July 31, 2011 at 9:35 AM

    Thank you all for the kind words of encouragement. I kept praying and telling God what I was feeling and He did send me peace. I just felt like my mind was about to explode with trying to understand everything. I feel assured today that whatever I need to learn about His word He will reveal it to me His way in His time. Latter Days I will check out those links that you posted.

    Thank you all for the prayers!!


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