Thursday, November 3, 2011

Woe, Woe, Woe, Woe Feelings

Get OUT of Your Feelings!

It is not uncommon when correcting my children or telling them to do something that they will start telling me about their 'feelings'.  One of my more common responses is, "It is not about how you 'feel'." They must learn to move beyond their 'feelings'.

This is something even many adults don't understand because it goes directly against the philosophy of this world.  The world will tell you that 'feelings' convey deep spiritual truths about your condition which should be explored, evaluated, and heeded.  This is a deception.  Oftentimes, your feelings can be deceitful and work against your own well-being.

If I give in to the fact that I don't 'feel' like going to work, then I may very well may find myself out of a job.  If I don't 'feel' like cleaning the house, then it is likely we will be living in a pig's pen.  If I don't 'feel' like cooking, then my family may develop a substandard diet potentially causing obesity or poor health.  If I don't 'feel' like praying then I may find myself unaware of God's will for me that day.  If I don't 'feel' like studying the word, then I might find myself drifting away from the Lord and back into the flesh.  If we went by what we 'feel' then we probably wouldn't do 95% of what God wants us to do.

Yet, there are professing Christians who literally wallow in their feelings.  One minute they are up, they next they are down.  One moment they are hopeful, the next they are pessimistic.  Now they are emboldened for the Lord, but later they are filled with fear.  Not one time do they stop to think about the inspiration behind their feelings.  Instead they simply give in to their 'feelings' and conform their reality to them.

As a result, they live as if on an emotional roller coaster...and they expect you to go along for the ride!  Not me.  I'm not going to cater to someone's soulish, carnal (and maybe demonic) 'feelings'.  So don't come to me with your 'feelings' unless you have first considered how those feelings line up with the Spirit of God. Some might say, "That is cold."  I say that it is necessary, and it is how I approach even my own 'feelings'.
feelings: a general term for a subjective point of view or state of mind

Most people's 'feelings' revolve around themselves and their own self-perceptions & validations; it is self-idolatry.  Do "I" feel loved?  Have "my" feelings been hurt?  Am "I" accepted?  How are you treating "me"?  Yet for a Christian, the center of our world is not to be ourselves (including our own thoughts, perspectives, etc.); it is to be Christ.  Anything that does not line up with Christ is to be cast down, not entertained (II Corinthians 10:5). 

The thing to remember is this: Feelings are not legitimate just because you have them.   Your 'feelings' are not the standard of truth.  If we go through life being led by our feelings (as opposed to the Spirit of God), then we are pretty much laying our heads down on the guillotine and giving Satan permission to cut them off. 

I am not saying to have no feelings, that emotions are bad, or that we should callously disregard the feelings of others.  Like every other aspect of the Christian life, our 'feelings' need to be redeemed.  We must weigh whether feelings (our own or others) are from the Lord or not if we are to be led by the Spirit (Romans 8:14).   In his article on The Meaning of the Tabernacle, Pastor Zac Poonen says the following:
Our spiritual life does not depend on our feelings . We can be tempted to “feel” discouraged when things are not going as we expect around us. But we can set our will to praise God – (1) because God is “the Blessed Controller” of all things in this world (1 Tim.6:15-Paraphrase), (2) because Satan has been defeated on the cross, and (3) because God has promised to make all things work together for our good.

Even when our prayers are not answered, we can still praise God and refuse to live by our feelings . Only if we continue consistently along this way, will we become truly spiritual.
Obedience has nothing to do with 'feelings' and many times our will to obey will have to be set against what we 'feel'.  Jesus may not have 'felt' like going to the cross, but He disregarded that so as to do the Father's will (Matthew 26:36-45).  We likewise must do the same.  Unless our feelings are brought into subjection to the Father, then they are vain, idle, and will prevent us from doing God's will.

Fallen man goes by what he 'feels'; he is led by his carnal senses.  If it feels good, he does it.  However, the problem with following your heart is that the heart is desperately wicked (Jeremiah 17:9).  Don't be deceived by your heart, falsely believing that your truth is found in what you 'feel'.  The reality for a Christian is what is stated in the word of God.  If your thoughts or feelings are at odds with God's word, don't waste time dwelling on and evaluating them, cast them aside.  Make sure that you examine even what you feel by the Spirit so that you do not find yourself led into deception.  Push past how you feel to discover what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.


  1. AMEN SISTER MIA - the Holy Spirit is working through you! Here I am sat with my little one working on my husbands business and feeling down after some rejected calls - I'm sucking this one up and getting on with it - pray for me regarding sugar and lethargy but this is on point :)

    God bless you

  2. Whoa! Whoa!!! This is heavy!! This is Truth!! We need to get with it or sit down somewhere!! LOL!! This is EXACTLY what God gave me when I was battling fear! Though fear sometimes still tries to pop up its ugly head it is nowhere near the way it once was, due to God dealing with me on my FEELINGS!! He showed me through fear that I was entirely to dependent on my emotions. He even took me through a time when my emotions were silent. I didn't feel anything really. He showed me that my life with Him is not based on how I feel, but it is based on His Word and my obedience to His word regardless of how I feel!! Thank the Lord for this timely blog!

    Love you sis!! :)

  3. Hello Ladies,

    I speak from experience here. :-) I used to be sooooo into my feelings! As a result, the slightest thing could affect my mood or attitude. God cannot put any weight on that. Such a person is not dependable because they are not disciplined.

    God is working to get us to the point where we are available vessels to Him 24/7 "in spite of". In spite of the money (or lack thereof), in spite of acceptance (or rejection), in spite of the energy to do it (or the tiredness); in spite of situations and circumstances.

    God is God, yesterday, today, and forever. He is always in control and I choose to hold on to HIS truths rather than the lies of the flesh, the devil or this world.

    We must not let what we 'feel' steal from us the joy of the Lord and the fact that we are His.

    Much love to you both!

  4. When we got home last evening, our second child says, "It is so late. I just don't feel like doing my homework."

    To which I of course responded, "It is not about how you feel."

    And she said, "I knew you were going to say that."

    LOL! Gotta love being predictable!

    She was actually the inspiration for this article, so I pray that it is sinking in.

  5. Well put me in my place why don't ya?!!!!

  6. LOL @ Tika! You know only after I have put myself in the right place first. :-)

    While I am much better than I was, God is still working on me here too. The good thing is that - because He has worked on me for so long here - it doesn't take long for me to recognize the issue, allowing me to take quick correction on it when its needed. I think for women it may be harder simply because God has designed us to be more sensitive due to the role we play (in the Body of Christ and in the family). Nonetheless, Satan knows that as well and will try to use our emotions against us if he can.

    One thing is true though - as seen in Jesus - whether male or female we must all have our feelings under control of the Spirit and not let them lead us into attitudes or decisions that are unGodly.

    Hope you are all doing well! Vinnie showed me a recent pic with a little someone special having a full head of hair all over her head (like a little afro). She is growing way too quickly. :-)

    Love yal!

  7. So I wonder if I comment HERE, Mia you will "FEEL" like calling back you dear YOUNG friend OCTAVIA??? Hmmmmm... Love it and on point as usual! And of course I don't "FEEL" like hearing this! LOL! J/K No but I love it and it's true!

    And to anyone else out there reading, no she does not give into how people feel. She just cuts right through and get down to the hear to things! Which that is one of the things I truly thank God for in a Sister in Christ/An OLDER OLDEST Woman in the Lord! :-D

    Love you Mia! :-)

  8. OK, OCTAVIA! You don't have to come on the blog and show out. But then, you know how youngins are...they just don't know any better. :-)

    I tried to call you back last week but your mailbox was full. Then I sent you an email. So tag, you're it!

    I'll try to call this weekend.

    Give our love to the family!

  9. OMGOSH. The Lord Was Definetly Speaking To Me Regarding A Situation I'm Facing At The Moment.
    Thank you Holy Spirit for leading me here & thank you latter day writers for being obedient.
    I Love This Blog.

  10. This is so true and so hard to achieve. God is definitely working on me with this one. Thank you for sharing. This was a great message.

  11. Hi,
    I really think you are way off track. All of your "feelings" are supposing you don't feel like doing something. Those are not feelings......those are just duties. Emotions are happy, sad, confused, joyful, loving, bashful, embarrased, etc. All of these emotions were given to us by the man upstairs that we might fully live and use our emotions as a guide for our spiritual and human walk on this planet.

  12. Hello Bfgcoach,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, but I am assuming that by your "man upstairs" reference you have not yet to come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.

    The approach you describe might work for the world. As stated in the article, the world will tell you that "'feelings' convey deep spiritual truths about your condition which should be explored, evaluated, and heeded."

    This blog is not about following the way of the world, but the ways of God. In order to do so, one must come to know who He is, by His word.

    So while I appreciate you taking time to make comments, understand that all things which are true must be grounded in and supported by the Scriptures. Otherwise it is just the opinion of man.


  13. I needed to read this!! I was "Felling" weird today. On a emotional roller coaster? I was on the computer and something in my mind snapped in me, that I had a desire to text a boy that I used to talk to in the world,I haven't spoken to him since I got saved,for months.I immediately knew it was a spirit.Everyday its a war for our minds.Satan is always trying to bind me with feelings.Sometimes I know its not me, I know its a spirit that is still in me that needs to come out! I know half of the time i don't desire certain things but this spirit does and I would like prayer request.Pray for me to gain more strength, I just got saved and Satan is really on a mission to pull me back!I have to FIGHT!

  14. Hi Leya,

    That's right we do have to fight because the old man will want to go back to doing what he used to do and being what he used to be.

    I'll tell you something else too. You ever notice how you can be somewhere and "feel" someone looking at you? Then you turn around and see that someone is staring at you? When people focus on you or are meditating on you, you can often pick it up spiritually. So, it could be that person is focusing on you and wanting you back. But whether the ideas are coming from you or them, the remedy is the same. As you said, "Fight!"

    Ask the Lord to break any inordinate soul ties and to give you wisdom to see anything in operation which may be trying to pull you back. Satan sure doesn't like to lose anyone, but by the blood of Jesus Christ you already have the victory. One of the best ways to fight is to try and help set others free by speaking and living the truth. So you are already a threat to him and I pray that you continue to be even more so.

    I'll be praying for your continued strength!

  15. Thank you Latter days,
    I completely understand, i'm young but I will still like to know more from the elder women in church,I'm always here trying to learn more &.Thanks and I will keep fighting for sure! I see Satan and demons,as bullies and now its personal because I could see what Satan could do even with my own family.I cant afford do go back now.This war is just getting started.People in Christ we have to show who is Boss and That is Jesus Christ!Thanks for Encouraging me to keep on fighting :)

  16. HA! Better late than never on reading this post. I love it! If you ask any of my kids they will tell you that my catch-phrase is, "Get out your feelings, everything is not about you." Then they love to tell me that I have no feelings; well of course I do, but I keep them in perspective because I cannot be controlled by how I feel, or else I will miss God and that is something that I do not want.

    Consider this: when people feel down, instead of praying they will act out, sometimes overeating, or doing something that could ultimately harm them. Of course that is a trick of satan. That old saying, "Know Jesus, Know Peace, No Jesus, No Peace" is true...when you don't "feel" peaceful then you need to get back to Jesus or you will be at the whim of the enemy! Such a great blog LDM - God bless you!

  17. Hi IAmPastorsWife,

    Now this is starting to get scary! I have heard of 'brother from another mother', but does that go for sisters as well? LOL

    I agree with you. It is not about having 'no feelings' but making sure our feelings are governed by the Holy Spirit (as with everything else).

    I'll listen to people talk about their feelings, but then I ask, "Have you considered whether those feelings are of the Lord?"

    And do you know that they usually KNOW their feelings are not Godly? That is the part I don't get. If you know that the way you feel is out of line with God, then WHY are you dwelling on them and WHY are you asking me to entertain them?? That is crazy!

    You might as well say, "I am having a pity party and - while I know I could seek the Spirit of God to have a right spirit renewed in me - I prefer to wallow in self-pity and give ear to these demons. Want to join me?" LOL

    There have even been times when I have to speak out loud to myself! If I say, "I don't feel like doing such and such." I'll counter right back with, "It's not about how you feel. Get over it and do what you need to do." Sure, I may look insane, but as long as I keep that flesh under control, i am ok with that. :-)

    Life so far has taught me one thing for sure: My peace in Christ is of far too great a value to trade it in for mess (either mine or anyone else's).

    May God strengthen you Sis!

  18. Leya,

    I would that more young people had as much fight in them. When you understand how much Satan as tried to destroy your life and the lives of those you love, you WILL fight!

    As I was reading your comments, I prayed, "God why can't more people have that passion to fight against that which is evil? It is like they get one little sucker punch from the devil and want to give up?"

    But God showed me that people don't fight because they don't want to. They like the sin and they like being focused on themselves.

    Leya, the more you stand for righteousness and fight against that which is evil, the more you will see God move in your life.

    Oh, and I forgot to tell you. Lauren was not quite finished the Set Apart Femininity book yet. So, we will bring it to the party in a couple of weeks, so we can give it to your parents. Then they can review and confirm that it is okay to share with you.

    Keep focused on Jesus! :-)

  19. LDM,

    I have heard of "Sister from another Mister", but that one is kind of gross lol!

    I cannot tell you how much this blog has blessed me today; I am supposed to be doing my school work, but I am so pumped over reading this message. I am right there with you, nothing is more pathetic to me than a Christian having a pity party...well no, I can see the party of one, but wallowing in it and trying to draw others into it is when it becomes pathetic.

    Oh yes, I have my down days but you know what? When it gets to that point, I separate myself because I recognize that spirit and I pray until it passes. My husband, when I first met him, will testify that he was the "woe woe woe...pity party patriarch" LOL! I used to roll my eyes and get so frustrated at him. Then God convicted me, I began to pray for him too. It worked, he no longer goes there but has learned to fight "feelings" with prayer!

    Oh, I love this blog. I am so passing this on! Have a blessed rest of the day!



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