Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Message YOU Need to Hear

YOU Are the Vessel of God

"And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ."  Ephesians 4:11-12

In the last article, I discussed the process God led me through three years back to grow me up in Him.

I used to think that the practical aspect of salvation was turning in repentance to Christ, denying myself, feeding on God's word...and finding myself a "good church" in which not just to grow, but to function.

So I did.  And things were wonderful!  I grew to know the Lord and did as He led; finding joy, edification, & fellowship with the saints.  But then I got comfortable and God introduced me to a spirit of legalism in order to prod me into progressing on in Him.  Such a spirit analyzes everything to see if it measures up to its own expectations and will even put forth that you are rebelling against God when you do not submit to it.

Yet, there is no authority in the Body of Christ except that which comes from God.  We are not honoring God when we submit to that which is not from Him, even if it comes in a church setting.  Rather, God holds us accountable for putting that idol before Him.  Nothing will crush the life of God within you quicker than trying to live up to someone else's expectations - if you let it (Galatians 1:10).  And that is the key.

With all the talk lately about what is wrong with "the church" - the institutional church, church buildings, church authority, church attendance, etc. - people fail to realize that the problem is within.

"There is nothing from without a man, that entering into him can defile him: but the things which come out of him, those are they that defile the man." Mark 7:15

That is why I have called this video, "The message EVERY Christian should hear."   If we are complete in Christ, then we will not subject ourselves to any other spirit (John 10:4-16), nor will we be bothered by it.  We will be too busy being the church.

Let me put it another way.  If you find yourself being influenced by a religious spirit, it is because you have not been made whole in Christ.  Unless that root issue is addressed, you will simply bounce around from one religious spirit to the next, trying to earn acceptance through religious performance.  In a day when witchcraft, compromise, and apostasy abounds, we must be free at all costs!

I thought "doing the works of the ministry" meant finding my place in and supporting my local church body.  And that could be, if such is what God is calling you to. However, unless we understand that we are each individually called to DO the works of the ministry, then we may miss the purpose of our calling.

As stated in the message: We have got to stop limiting ourselves in God, and calling it 'church'.

Although I linked this message at the end of the last article, I feel it may have gotten lost on the page.  I want people to be able to give this message the full consideration needed in order to walk in true liberty in Christ.  I believe it will be a true blessing if you can set aside some quiet time to listen to this message.

The message is, "The Words of Eternal Life" by Pastor Gary C. Price and he discusses the following:
  • John was called "the disciple whom Jesus loved" because John spent intimate time with Jesus to get to know Him in a deep & personal way; Jesus is calling all of us into such communion with Him.
  • When we meditate on the word of God, we are actually being inspired by the breath of God as the Spirit of God quickens us to receive eternal life.
  • The engrafted Word of God will come to life to you, producing faith in you, to the extent that you sanctify from the world.
  • Today, most people think that "church" is some organization they join and participate in each week.  As a result, members of the Body of Christ are not being prepared to be ministers of the Gospel.  
  • In the early church, God allowed persecution of the saints as a means to keep the Gospel moving so that it would be preached throughout the world.  He is doing the same now because instead of "going", the Body of Christ has "settled" into an idolatrous 'church routine' that has nothing to do with the Gospel.
  • Don't let people captivate you away from Jesus and your conformity to Him alone.
  • We need Jesus' approval, not man's.
  • There is only one reason why people do not come to the light of truth: they are doing evil and are not through with it.
  • People go to hide out in deep, dark edifices they call "church" because they are running from the truth.  They don't want to deal with God personally.
  • In order to serve God, you have to get a strong constitution.  You cannot be afraird or easily offended. 
  • Jesus' life was centered around doing the Father's business and ours must be as well.  The purpose of the ministry gifts is to perfect the saints to do the works of God (bringing in the harvest), but most are being short-circuited sitting in "church".
  • As a Christian, you are called to persecute your own personal war against the adversary right where you are.
  • The minds of many Christians have been so brainwashed by the matrix that their very way of thinking is alien to the life of God, even while thinking they "got it" in churchianity.  We have been blinded by images of church and systematic order that is not God.
  • The local church fellowship is a tool to grow you up and get you on the battlefield.
  • Every Christian is called to do the works of the ministry.
  • God only refills that which is empty.  We must pour out what God has put in us in order to grow stronger in Him.
  • The cross is a vertical altar where you leave "self" (the crucified old man) behind and move on to obtaining a transformed mind in the newness of life.  That is why Christ was crucified at Golgotha, meaning the place of the Skull. 
  • The devil confined the church by defining the church.
  • You don't have to be perfect to be used by God; He will perfect you as you GO.
  • The Holy Spirit perfects the saints outside of the auspices of any man.  You do not need man as a covering over you, governing everything that you do.  The Holy Spirit is well able to raise God's children because that is why He was sent.
  • You cannot serve the Lord while loving your life in this present evil world.
  • Each person has within them the Holy Spirit which will let you know when someone is trying to put you under law or legalism.
  • Get free, stay free, and get about the Father's business!

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