Sunday, January 1, 2012

Santa Muerte

A man in Mexico holds the Angel of
Death, who is considered a patron
saint by many Mexican Catholics.
Yesterday, Dr. Scott Johnson sent out an update addressing Santa Muerte, the patron "saint of death" and how this worship of death permeates the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).  We touched on this previously in the article about Halloween and the RCC's "All Saints Day" holiday, but Bro. Scott goes into more detail about how open and pervasive this worship of death is.

Not only is this the spirit behind all false religion, it is the spirit which weaves together the very fabric of the worldIn light of the dream I had the other night about the grim reaper, I felt this was important to post.

In addition to addressing the worship of this spirit of death, Bro. Scott also examines:
  • The RCC's historic practice of worshiping of the dead, including memorializing skulls, bones, and other relics as objects of veneration.
  • Who is Azreal, the angel of death
  • The Inquisitions and how Christians were massacred by the RCC and their bones & skulls kept as trophies to these conquests.
You may access the message via the following links:

Audio of the Message

PDF of the message

The bone house in Hallstatt, Austria where the Catholic Church
massacred Miners during the reformation, took their skulls up
from the grave, exposed them to moon light, and decorated them.

The Roman Catholic priests in Hallstatt killed Christians
cut the heads off thier bodies and decorated some of those they had beheaded.

A Catholic altar set up to honor Santa Muerte.

Mexicans parade in the streets with idols of their patron
"saint of death", the grim reaper.


  1. I re-posted this at my journal. I won't waste my time with the online Christian community. I'm already being accused of sensationalism, stirring up strife, and posting provocative messages with no meaningful conclusions.

    I'm not eve sure how to process this.

    As it pertains to the historic and horrific torture and persecution of that Satanic organization... I knew that thousands of Christian men and women were tortured and put to death. I didn't know that children were tortured as well.

    What hope does man have if we can be so deceived by the enemy that we blatantly will call the demonic and Hell inspired Holy? Even in the light of Truth, and with evidence that there is absolutely nothing Holy about the demonic. What can you do when people are so damned and lost that they will fight to stay that way?

    I don't have any answers... and yet I know that an answer exists and I'll not stop searching for it.

    In the midst of experiencing a grief that I've never known... I still cling to hope in Christ. There is no choice as there is no hope in anything else.

  2. Hi Broken Rhyme,

    I have been there. I remember spending much time in different Christian communities, forums, message boards, group lists, etc. I just assumed that everyone there would have a love for the truth. I was wrong.

    What I found instead was:

    1) Those trying to proselytize everyone to their own belief system

    2) Those who desired to pollute Christianity with some sort of new age ecumenical objective

    3) Those who liked to debate and strive to prove how intellectual they were

    4) Those who were only interested in having fire insurance against Hell and not truly being known by the Lord

    5) Those who thought the whole thing was a joke and just wanted to stir up confusion so they could mock the Christians.

    In the end, I gave all of that up. I can tell you that these on-line forums were some of the worse messes I had ever seen. Unless you just liked to hear yourself talk, those forums just proved pointless.

    Brother let me tell you, God is able to bring across your path exactly who He wants you to speak to. Stay available to Him and He will direct you about where to go and what to say. John the Baptist preached out in the wilderness and those whom God led to seek the truth came out to see him.

    I am not saying to become highfalutin or removed from folks. I am saying that attempting to find Christ in most "Christian" communities is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The Lord is more than able to empower you to share just the right words with just the right person at just the right time. He is just that amazing. This blog is one evidence of that. I never intended this to be anything beyond what some friends and family might see, but He has allowed me to meet many brothers/sisters in Christ through it. Just keep obeying the Lord and He will do the rest.

    In terms of your grief, that too is real. It is grievous to see so many lost and uncaring for the state of their own souls. There is no hope in this world. Even that can be a sobering realization. What people need is Christ, so the extent that we can represent Him to them will be the extent to which we can be used to make a difference and spoil the goods of the enemy.

    Please be encouraged brother. Don't let the hopelessness in this world (and even in false religion) bring you despair. The only hope we have is exactly the only hope we need and He indeed is the hope of the world; a LIVING hope.

    Praying for you!

  3. This is not some fringe mentality that most RCs would say - oh that's not be a part of the 'holy' church.

    I went to my grandmother's funeral back in '99 and on the wall of a run-of-the-mill, neighborhood catholic church was a statue of st. francis asissi standing on a human skull.

    I wasn't even saved yet and distinctly remember thinking...this is crazy...

    how many Lord are in that trap saying the same thing - bring them out please!!!

  4. the Mexicans and the Latino people we should not forget never how the Spanish coquerors imposed forced their Christianity and their Spanish lenguage on us the Mexicans we the Mexicans are the real Mayans and Aztecs the true Indians a culture much more powerful and ancient than the whites. m The Mayans were here before the Spanish The Mayans have been around more than 3000b years. b We been knowing abt the white God-Based religion for only 2000 years. THe Mayan Pre-hispanic beliefs, the white race tried to wipe out but they could not now we the Mexicans are waking up to the true. Just remember Catholisism and Christianity is a white religion should I remind you how the religion was imposed on us the Latinos, the Mexicans by blood is that acceptable by God how convinient. How many cultures people had been killed in God's name is that Good and Holly? in God's eyes or white men's eyes. Why should I worship a white God when the white race dont like me?

  5. Hi Anonymous,

    You are correct that the Catholic Church conducted many atrocities in their efforts to force and coerce indoctrination into their institution. And yes, through colonization, entire peoples were destroyed and cultures undermined.

    However, Catholicism and Christianity are not the same thing.

    Let me ask you something. How can the God who designed all creation, all people, all ethnicities, be "white"? The truth is that God is not a man and doesn't have such attributes as color.

    You seem to have respect for longevity. You should know that Almighty God has been around, not for 3,000 years, not for 300,000 years, but for eternity. He has no beginning and no end.

    Yes, many have abused the name of Jesus, claiming to represent Him when in reality they do not. However, Jesus still loved you enough to die in paying the price for your sins.

    Set aside the works of man and seek the Lord Jesus Christ for yourself. He will reveal Himself to you if you seek Him in sincerity. There is no time for holding on to grudges about what sinners have done. Turn in faith to Jesus and become a vessel to help set others free.

  6. You failed to mention that many bishops have condemned the cult of "Santa Muerte," and that it has nothing to do with true Catholic doctrine. In reply to comment by "Anonymous," the skull that is represented with some Saint Francis statues has a totally different meaning. In Medieval times, it was common for religious folks and other pious persons to use a skull as a "memento mori" - a reminder of our own eventual deaths, and of the last judgment.

  7. Hi James,

    Whether some have condemned it or not, I think it has much to do with Catholicism. There is not much difference between that and the Hallstatt bone house and other Catholic churches "decorated with skulls. Catholicism teaches a type of communication with the dead which is forbidden in Scripture.

    More importantly, there is a spirit of death in Catholicism which is also behind all idolatrous religions of the world.

    The only answer to false religion is to turn in repentance to Jesus Christ and be born again.


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