Sunday, January 22, 2012


"While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage."  II Peter 2:19

We have spoken before about the absurdity of the "pro-choice" platform.

How it's legalization was rooted in the eugenics movement, which seeks to reduce the world population by exterminating all "undesirables" from the world.

How it is in actuality the masking of wholesale murder as a means for destroying the family unit and destabilize society under the guise of protecting 'women's rights'.

However, the following videos have to be some of the hardest to watch that I have ever seen.  As difficult as they are to watch, they document a "procedure" that thousands of women undergo each day.

As stated in the video, abortion staying hidden allows it to remain tolerable.

If there is any doubt about what "choice" the people who support abortion want you to choose, this settles that question once and for all.

The following video is the documentary "The Silent Scream" hosted by Dr. Bernard Nathanson (an obstetrician) as he explains the suction abortion procedure, followed by an actual first trimester abortion as seen through ultrasound.

This next video chronicles the stages of life that a baby goes through from conception to birth.  It then shows actual results from an abortion in comparison.


  1. Wow, that was incredibly hard for me to watch and I have never had an abortion. I am glad that the doctor was made to watch the editing of the video. I think it should be a requirement in all middle schools for all children to watch these two videos. I know it would be hard for them, but it would make a lot of them THINK before casually taking part in sex (like a lot of them do).

    All I can say is that this video made me realize how vulnerable and precious life is. We need to value life as a person and not brush him or her aside as an object.

    Also, you should watch the short movie called:
    180. It was made about comparing Hitler's Holocaust to the Holocaust of aborting babies. The maker, Ray Comfort, interviews a set of individuals about how they would handle being a Nazi soldier and then how would they handle exterminating a baby in the womb. That should also be required viewing!

    Thank you for posting this article and these videos. God Bless!

  2. Hi Emily,

    It was very hard for me to watch and I have had an abortion. I know what I did was murder, but seeing this...the sheer horror of it just hits home. What would I do without God's forgiveness? I sure don't deserve it, but I am truly thankful.

    There is no need for this. No cause for it that I can think of which justifies what happens to those poor innocents. I know people tell me of all kinds of things like the life of the mother or deformity of a child, but I also know others who were told of such dangers and chose to trust the Lord to amazing results.

    Whatever the situation, we simply must trust the Lord. We cannot continue to stand quietly while the blood of babes runs down the streets.

    God help us all.

  3. Tears roll down my face as I watch this video. I too have had an abortion. I Thank Jesus Christ for his redeeming blood and his saving grace.

  4. There was a time when I could have watched these videos, but I don't think I can now. I have an eleven month old son. Our second child. We lost the first through a miscarriage. Seeing ultrasounds for the first time... I just don't have the heart to look at things like this anymore, though I may try later. I don't like seeing children suffer...

  5. There was a focus on the family show I heard a few weeks back that was a compilation of women that called in and told their stories of having abortions and avoiding having one...they were heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking but you could see the testimony of God's forgiveness and mercy.

    I'm 25 and when I was still a teenager/young adult, I had about 3 friends that had abortions. They had it because their parents would get mad at them for having babies and/or having the baby would ruin their lives/life plans and at that time, I thought they were making a real decision but now. Anyway, the hard truth is that 98% of the time THAT is the reason why women choose to have an abortion in our society. Like seriously?! Because it's not convenient for you to give birth to a HUMAN BEING, because the choice is there, you destroy it, tend the wounds for a bit and then go on with your life! It's seriously the utmost of selfishness and people are so self involved, it's only what they can do for themselves that matters and society happily advocates it. Even if a child is a product of rape, God saw it before time began and that child still deserves a chance to live.

    I'm not trying to guilt anyone that has had an abortion, i'm just talking about the disgusting thinking towards life that is prevalent today. We've all fallen prey to it at one point or another. It's about the same value Satan and his minions have for human life. What a surprise.

    It takes God to open our eyes when the shade has been pulled over it for so long. Even the choice of words to describe abortion by it's advocates paint a lifeless picture of the child (excuse me, IT) and yet when faced with the reality of what's happening, they call it fear or guilt mongering. Most of my peers are all for abortion under the flag of women's rights/feminism, gay marriage, the freedom of sexuality and they are becoming more anti-Christ, pro-eastern's non stop. It never ends, the devil has such a tight hold on my generation. Nothing is really off limits.May God have mercy on this world we live in today! We are TRULY in the last days.

  6. Hi Debbie,

    Everything you said was true. It is also true that most of the reasons for abortion (about 99%) fall into that same category: inconvenience. I can tell you from experience that this is one of the most selfish acts there is.

    Yet in our day and age, it is acceptable to be selfish, to think of "me" first. The culture promotes my right to do what I want.

    Yes, we NEED the mercy of God in these days. Help us Lord.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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