Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I AIN'T Goin' Bow!!!!!

How to Avoid a "Wreck"

This is one of the best sermons I have heard in....well, in forever.  Seriously?  Yes.

If you don't heed anything else on this site - if you only have time for one message - this is the one to which you need to listen.

In the following study, Pastor Gary C. Price breaks down what really occurred in the Garden of Eden, what happens during salvation, and what will be the nature of the spiritual battle in these last days.   

As the days grow darker, we have to decide that we are not going to bow to Satan and his wicked Babylonian systems.

  • We cannot make an idol out of people, trying to mold ourselves to who we think they were.  We need the Holy Spirit of God to make us over into whom God would have us to be.
  • Daniel Chapter 3 is a revelation of the tribulation period, including the rise of the anti-christ, the persecution of the saints, and the supernatural protection the saints are afforded through Jesus Christ.
  • Nebuchadnezzar sets up an idolatrous image of gold 60 cubits high, 60 cubits wide which was to be worshiped at the sound of 6 musical instruments (666).  The number 666 represents the image of man devoid of God's Spirit (the image of a beast).  This lets us know that in the last days, man will be a worshiper of himself, exalting his own thoughts, reasoning, and mind (II Timothy 3:1-2). 
  • God stresses that Nebuchadnezzar gathered all of the political officials of the land to support the dedication of this image.  This is also how it will be in the last days as the governmental systems collaborate with the religious systems to compel worship to the beast.  Since the devil cannot control people until he gets inside of them; he must infiltrate the religious arena, the area of worship; as indicated in Daniel 3, a primary means by which he will do this in the end times is through music.
  • There will only be two options in those days: bow down to the image or be cast into the fiery furnace.
  • Eddie Long with transvestite personality "Miss Sophia"
  • Just as Nebuchadnezzar used magicians/sorcerers (Chaldeans) to control the Jews, the same will be used to try and control God's people in the last days, but the sorcerers are now called "pastors" or "bishops".  What most people do not understand is that Satan aims to deceive by infiltrating the church and passing his ministers off as ministers of righteousness (II Cor. 11:15).
  • During Jesus' day, the Romans were not the catalyst to Jesus' crucifixion; the religious leaders were.  Just as back then, it is the religious leaders of the end times (Satan's anointed which has infiltrated the church) who will stand against the saints through whom Jesus Christ is manifesting in the last days.  Religion is not the same as rebirth.  This is why you can have hordes of church members committing adultery, fornicating, etc. without the slightest conviction.
  • Scripture says that the whole world will wonder after the beast (which is the nature of a sodomite).  This is because the whole world is being knit together under that spirit, the spirit of Anti-Christ, even those who consider themselves "heterosexual".  Being a sodomite is not about sex acts alone, but about possessing an unregenerate nature.
  • Those in Christ must be born again because what occurred in the Garden of  Eden affected man at the genetic level, changing him into a fallen creation different from what God created.  This is why man must be regenerated and could only do so by the blood of one who was not contaminated by that same Adamic nature (in other words, one not born from the seed of men).
  • We are in the days where God's judgment is beginning in the house of God.  Understand why the accusations against Eddie Long and Creflo Dollar's defense of him illustrates God's judgment against unregenerate "pimp preachers".
  • For those who refuse to bow, they can look forward to a furnace heated 7x hotter representing 7 years of tribulation.  Just as with the three Hebrew boys, that which binds us will be burned off in the fire as we stand with the Son of God in the midst of the trial.  

  • The main problem with the church is that people don't know how to be - and are afraid to be - free.
  • The beast is a metamorphisized Adam and the harlot is a metamorphisized Eve.  Adam represents the governmental systems of the world; Eve represents the religious systems.
  • The Scriptures show that in the last days, the sorcery and witchcraft coming from the pulpits will be intense.  The Scripture also tells us how this is being done: the people of the world have been made drunk with the fornication of the harlot and the beast (Revelation 17:2-5). 
  • People must come out of Babylon and stop worshiping men & false preachers, but this will not happen until the church realizes the purpose of the five-fold ministry gifts.  The purpose of the five-fold ministry gifts is to perfect YOU to do the works of the ministry.  You are the ministers!   
  •  When you become vertically attached to God - instead of yoked to the personality of men - then you are safe from deception as you will be led by the Spirit of God.


  1. From UK

    Yes last Sunday's message was powerful - we were moved in London too. I had been praying to God for an answer on whether I should continue as a doctor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology after a pregnancy where I was being continually spiritually attacked at work and witness to a homicidal, genocidal culture amongst alleged caring profession and received this message.

    Night before last I had a dream. In the dream I was a quite literally some kind of prostitute in a country mansion. Initially I did not know why I was in this big house and there was an elegant party with food polite company and a chair/throne with an obscured image above it. At some point the tone of the evening changed and people began to undress and put on a variety of lingerie. A man/ woman (can remember) said to me that I should wear my cross because when the fornication was going to happen whoever was in control of the event would enjoy it more [in debasing me] if I 'appeared' to be a Christian.

    The food in the party had moved to the seat/throne beneath the picture and people were eating from it. At that moment I heard a voice tell me not to "eat from the seat of Belial" (not my words/term) and I knew I had to get out of the building. I was in my underwear and near naked and looking for a way out.

    I walked to the back of the building and ran into a group of young police officers who pulled me aside and told me they were going to raid that house that very night. They opened a door for me to get out and I ran across the country grounds.

  2. From UK 2
    After this message - I know for a fact that this was a direct revelation about Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the judgement that lies ahead for it and the culture that is systematically killing babies. I was not involved in the abortions preferring caring for women who were pregnant or in labour. In my most recent job while working in the antenatal clinic I became aware of an area of practice called fetal medicine. It seemed to consist of 'screening', not fully explaining to the woman why their baby was abnormal and terminating the babies. Women at this hospital often did not understand why they had had the terminations or the conditions they were for. I was horrified by TOPs for conditions such as sickle cell disease (I know doctors living with this condition) cleft palate and spurious abnormalities.

    I married aged 27 last year and became pregnant shortly after joining this new hospital. I did not know we had been blessed with a child until at 7 weeks of pregnancy I collapsed whilst assisting in a Caesarean Section. One of the senior doctors offered to scan me as I disclosed I could be pregnant. As she scanned my little one she asked if I wanted to see my baby or was I going to have a termination - I COULD NOT UNDERSTAND WHY SOMEONE WOULD ASK SUCH A QUESTION. As I continued in that job it became clear that my 'choice' to carry my child was at odds with their plans for my sparkling career as a top flight obstetric surgeon. Most of the senior female doctors in that unit did not have children. I and my beautiful child (34 weeks today - and who I thank for putting up with me being in such a place) were exposed to 12+ hour shifts with no break food or drink. Constant snide comments and no words of kindness or encouragement. It was a lonely time and a stressful one for my husband seeing me go through all of that.

    Only the blood of Christ protected us in that place. From 7 weeks I developed severe morning sickness and had to be admitted to hospital for intravenous fluids. Even then my bosses thought it was fine for me (and my patients) that I work night shifts vomiting and fainting and unable to eat or drink. The Lord himself took me out of that hospital for several weeks with a variety of illness. I however was very depressed I was used to being high-flying ahead of the game and had great plans for my career. I was trying to sit Board examinations (which I passed) whilst very unwell.

    Throughout my med school I had high attainment and did an Ivy-League Uni semester and various scholarships and prizes. These achievements are ok but I realise they were always leading me towards worldly ambition. I recall that just after returning from the states I got a mysterious invitation by email to apply for the Kennedy Scholarship at Harvard. It would of meant leaving my family my job and doing some kind of 'leadership programme for international talent'. Thankfully God turned my heart away from such a poisoned chalice. I am going on a lot but there have been too many things that have been blatant attempt by Satan to offer me worldly things.

    I now know what freedom in Christ really means - I have spend many days and weeks wanting to say "I will not bow" and not having the power to do it. Only revelation, nurture and deliverance of the Holy Spirit and wash your eyes and gird your loins to the attacks of this world.

    My husband and I have been regular listeners to Pastor Prices Sunday broadcasts for some time now and are sharing them with friends and family. They have kept me going during some dark times and God will bless him and yourself richly for the souls you are bringing to Christ.

    P.S. Sorry its so long


  4. Hi Anonymous,

    No need to apologize. I thank you for sharing, for God knows you are not alone in your struggles. Our situations may not be the same, but Satan is busy trying to get all of us to "bow" in one way or another.

    I also agree that this Sunday's message was powerful. I pray that it moves the Body of Christ to make their calling & election sure and turn to to God like never before.

    The perversion in the world is so deep-seated, that it seems like it could not possibly get any worse, yet I know that it will. Even in the midst of it, God's people, His remnant, will be strong and do exploits.

    May God strengthen and bless your family with every protection and equip you for every good work in overcoming every weapon the enemy may raise against you.

    Much love in Christ!

  5. From humbledB4theLord

    Pastor, your teaching has rocked me! I had no idea of this world's system and the extend and the sneakiness of it. I need to know more in depth, I fear for myself that I been bowing all this time. I recently came out of a time of fasting. IT WAS LONG OVERDO AND MUCH NEED AND I THANK GOD FOR IT! God really crushed me and humbled me from my pride and sin. God really showed up. After he crushed me he built me back up on the word, bringing me to repentance. Now I realize I'm in a place in my life where God is calling me to take a open stand for him, become a disciple. I realize now i've been pimped out and been drink the pimp juice. (not easy to admit) I want to be true to the Lord, to make my election and calling sure and to divide truth from error. I fear being led astray because I love to watch cleflo, Joyce Meyer and the lot think they teach truth but now i'm confused, these are the false prophets? if you they had me COMPLETELY FOOLED. I realize now that the only thing i can trust in the word of God, I don't want to be the one who Jesus turns away and says depart from me, HELP ME! I need to know TRUTH!

  6. Hi HumbledB4theLord,

    Thank you for sharing your testimony and "Praise God!" for how He is moving in your life.

    Pastor Gary Price is also my pastor, but he is best reached through the Omega Ministries website. You can call or send an email there and reach him directly.

    You can also join in over the web (or visit in person) to participate in weekly services. That info is also on the site.

    I pray that God continues to move mightily in your life as He delivers you from idols and brings you into true fellowship with Him. Such is a journey we all need to go on. I spent many years myself in religious delusion before God opened my eyes. But the point is that He is faithful to open our eyes if we are sincere in desiring to turn from every false way!

    The prosperity doctrine - as taught by many in the churchworld such as Creflo & Joyce - is false. There is info on this blog which discusses this some, but you will also find many sermons on the Omega site going back for years. Take some time to listen to those messages. It is the food which has helped me to grow as a Christian and I am sure it will edify your own personal study time.

    Don't look back, but continue moving on with the Lord. Keep your eyes on Him and He is faithful to lead you into all righteousness.

    God Bless!

  7. I really appreciate this message. It is good to hear another ministry that has kingdom revelation and spiritual wisdom. God Bless, keep up the good work and all those in his ministry seriously take heed. I WILL NOT BOW DOWN!!

  8. I really like the overall message of the video, but I can't say I agree with calling homosexuals freaks.

    I agree homosexuals are unrepentant sinners bound for hell without our Lord Jesus Christ, but they are no less redeemable than I was - an ex-habitual liar.

    God forbid a homosexual listen to this sermon, for it'll do nothing to bring them to Christ.

    However, I don't know the mission of this man's ministry, or the context of this sermon, so perhaps these messages aren't meant for their ears.

    I also highly disagree with his advice to the man who came to him with sexual sins. It's not a matter of 'don't do it anymore' but a matter of 'ask God to take the desire from you'. I remember trying to quit lying and removing myself from pride before I was saved. It was impossible. Then, when I was saved, I remember creating my own mini law that I wasn't going to swear. I managed to stop outwardly swearing, but that didn't change the inward voice. Once I realized that my system of putting money in a jar wasn't going to work and I was just going to rely on God and that He would take it one day, He did it within one day!

    That said, the message of 'I aint gonna bow' is something we all need on our hearts. I constantly feel the restraints of societal conditioning, and they come straight from the devil - in my opinion. The west is being conditioned that any human contact is weird and strange. I recall watching an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" after I first got saved and thinking how obvious it was that we were being conditioned to reject conversation with those we don't know.

    The main character was presented as a lunatic for wanting to speak with others on a bus. Just because he went out of his way to chat, the whole bus retreated to side opposite where he was sitting and then cheered when he got off.

    Everything is designed to keep us in our own little bubble, caring only about ourselves, and judging those who don't fit societal standards of normality that are promulgated by our media.

    If you don't drink you're considered anti-social. If you don't have sex before marriage you're a loser. If you believe God you are crazy. If you are happy you are really deluded. It's really amazing how well satan blinds the minds of unbelievers, but what's more amazing is the glory of our almighty God who can unveil those lies in an instant.

    God bless you for all the work you do on this site. The first page of your "Spirit of Law" series is exactly what the Spirit showed me through the Word :)

    1. Hi JesusRemainsKingofKings,

      Honestly, it has been so long since I listened to this message that I don't remember the context of the quotes you reference. While I cannot speak for Pastor Price, I would venture to say he'd agree that only God can change our hearts. Just from having heard him teach over the past 20 or so years, :-) I don't think he was citing man's just "not doing it anymore" as a substitute for God's deliverance in our lives.

      Really, it does take both. We have to - in our patience - possess our souls (Luke 21:19), while at the same time seeking God for deliverance and cleansing through repentance (I John 1:9). It could be said that while we are willfully engaging in sin, we are not truly repenting (and thereby are not ready to receive God's deliverance). For example, there was a young lady we ministered to who was dealing with lesbianism. We spent much time in prayer, fasting, study, intercession together with her...only to find out that she was still willingly watching porn. It is rather like trying to clean out a vessel with pure water while at the same time pouring in sewage water. While we cannot be free from sin in our own power, God is looking for our agreement with Him about sin (hating it as He does) in order to free us. As if often stated, the Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will not force us to choose God's ways. Again, I honestly don't think Pastor Price is speaking of some sort of "work" on our part to overcome sin.

      Thank God for His moving in your life! He is able to do all He wants, even in a moment. What an awesome God we serve.

      It is always amazing to me to see how God works. His truths are HIS truths; they don't change for anyone. It is such a confirmation when the words from the brethren support what God has told us individually. Thanks for sharing that.

      You know, according Scripture, things are just going to get worse. Keep the faith and stay strong in Christ, not looking to the left or right!

  9. God bless you my friend.

    In Christ,


  10. the music and voice are a bit dramatic but boy are the WORDS 1000% TRUE and definitely worth a listen ! ! !



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