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"Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble." James 2:19

A new Christian recently told me that she was asked, "Do you believe in demons?"  It is interesting that this can even be a question in the Christianworld.

My thought is, "Who cannot believe?"  Unclean spirits are certainly present throughout Scriptures, so why would we doubt their existence?  If Jesus gives those who believe in Him the power to cast out demons, then why do we think they have all of a sudden gone away or are no longer an issue?

There is not much teaching on this subject, and when there is, it is often not based on the Scriptures.  The purpose of this post is to get each individual to study this subject for themselves.  See what God's word says in the matter, for how will we be able to stand if we are ignorant of the devil's devices?

Can a Christian Have a demon?  Is it possible for light and darkness to dwell together?  What do the Scriptures really say about demons and demon possession?  The following messages on this topic are from Aggressive Christianity and I thought they did a pretty straightforward job of looking at what the Scriptures say and don't say in this area.   Simply click on the "play" icon in the audio bar after clicking the following links:

Can a Christian have a demon? - Part 1
How the speaker became introduced into deliverance by God. Definition of common terms.

Can a Christian have a demon? - Part 2
Can the Holy Spirit coexist in the same body as a demon? Can light abide in the same place as darkness? What do the Scriptures say on this matter?

Can a Christian have a demon? - Part 3
How do we open doors to unclean spirits? Why do most Christians not demonstrate the authority God has given us over powers of darkness? Why deliverance is called the "children's bread" (Matthew 15:26, Mark 7:27) and why deliverance is primarily for the believer (Matthew 12:43-45; Luke 11:24-26)? Does the power to cast out demons come from Satan or from God?

Can a Christian have a demon? - Part 4
Isn't what is called demons mostly just the flesh? Is a demon on the outside or inside of a person? Doesn't a Christian just need to do is resist the devil and he will flee? Why so many Christians are unable to handle demonic manifestations and are ill-equipped to wage war against the devil? How our walk in salvation is paralleled in Israel's taking of the Promised Land?

Can a Christian have a demon? - Part 5
There are 2 classes of Christians: 1) Christian Civilians; and 2) Christian Soldiers.  God calls us to be soldiers (II Timothy 2:4).  Not everything is a demon, but not everything is just "the flesh".  Soldiers must study the enemy and the strategies of warfare (II Corinthians 2:11).  Somebody must be a watchman on the wall and not stick our heads in the sand.  You only have as much authority over demons as Jesus has authority over you; this is why we need consecration unto God.

What should a Christian know and do about demons?  Why doesn't religion prepare you to deal with the supernatural?  Listen to the following message by Omega Church & Ministries Center:

Inter-dimensional Warfare and the Strongman Part 1
The Church runs off of supernatural power. Denominations and religious schisms are merely ways Satan has devised to divide and conquer the church. God is waiting for people to be filtered through religion and finally come to know Jesus, just like Israel left Egypt to wander in the Wilderness of Sin prior to entering the Promised Land. Casting out devils is as normal as breathing for Christians, but religious indoctrination makes this a foreign thing. An inter-dimensional warfare is taking place between our three dimensional world and the fourth dimension of the spirit world.

Inter-dimensional Warfare and the Strongman Part 2
The fourth dimension (the spirit world) is sealed to the four carnal senses; one must be given spiritual perception to pick it up. It takes time for God to reformat the mind of a born again believer in order to deal with the spirit world. Fear is not normal; fear is a spirit. We must walk by faith and be guided by God's word. There must be a sacrifice offered in order to breach the spirit world for spirits to come over. Jesus died on the cross as the last Adam (I Corinthians 15:45) placing a stake through the mind of the Adamic race (Golgatha - Skull Mountain). Being born again allows us to receive the mind of Christ and thereby the Holy Spirit; the essence of our transformation. Similarly, sacrifices are made to satan for his unclean spirits to comes over into vessels.

Inter-dimensional Warfare and the Strongman Part 3
As the spiritual world begins to open up more in the last days and supernatural events begin to transpire more, your mind must be formatted by the Spirit of God to deal with this. Most people have no understanding of God's supernatural power because there has been a period of delay as God prepares a people for this work.  God is creating vessels fit for His use in order to take on the spiritual kingdom of darkness who are holding people captive so that they can be set free.


  1. It seems either believers don't believe in them at all or they believe in them too much and study them too much, even to the degree they believe they procreate with humans and there is an entire race of half demon/half human creatures.

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Error about any spiritual matter is likely not the result of too much study; afterall, we must be diligent to study (2 Tim. 2:15).

    Scripture is clear that fallen angels mated with the daughters of men to create the nephilim (Genesis 6:1-4). While fallen angels are not demons, there are such things as a fallen, hybrid creation according to the word of God.

    As in all things, we must let the word of God be the final arbiter of all truth.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. It is not clear at all, unless we are reading the bible with that view already in place. [I don't see it at all.] We have to read more into scripture to come up with it. An angel cannot impregnate a human anymore than a dog can impregnate a cat. Every seed reproduces after it's own kind.

    We don't have to agree on everything and I don't think this is something to argue about. It certainly isn't a salvational issue.

    As far as my comment about too much study, I meant that we can go down rabbit trails and spend more time studying demons than Christ. I surely didn't mean it was possible to spend too much time in the word!

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I can certainly understand that such is not clear to you. I also agree that it is not an issue of salvation, however it certainly is germane to the spiritual warfare of which those in salvation are engaged.

    And no, one doesn't have to read into Scripture to see it; one simply needs to take what is written as being true.

    The Scripture doesn't tell us how Mary was impregnated when the Holy Spirit overshadowed her, but we know from Scripture that it happened because it says so. Similarly, Scripture does not say how the fallen angels impregnated the women, however we know from Scripture that it happened.

    Thanks for clarifying your statement about study.

  5. I've listened to the entire teaching and there is much truth in what Jim Green is teaching here. But I believe there to be much error as well. I for one would like to hear a more detailed explanation of his belief that God created Satan. He also seems to lean toward "Dominion" or "Kingdom Now" theology. He shows himself to be adamantly against the possibility of a pre-tribulation rapture (though he used to believe once upon a time), and there have been accusations of alleged cult activity within his ministry. Nevertheless I can relate to his initial shock at the reality of it all. Shock over Christians that would rather see those suffering with the demonic talking to psychiatrists, counselors, and taking opposed to being delivered. I've been sharing on this for the past two years and the reactions are always the same. Unbelief or just flat out rebellion against any teaching that concerns the enemy.

  6. Hey Broken_Skai!

    I hope you are well.

    While I know you understand this, for the sake of others I'll say that I cannot answer for any one else. However, I will share that I did not find "much error" in Jim Green's teaching here.

    I thought he did a good job debunking the common response some Christians have that "Christians cannot possess a demon because light cannot dwell with darkness". While there are not specific examples of demons being cast out of Christians in Scripture, there are certainly examples of demons being cast out of God's people. Further, there is no Scripture which says that a Christian cannot have a demon, yet multiple Scriptures which illustrate that deliverance from demons is for believers.

    So, I linked to those teaching solely for his breakdown of what the Scriptures say in this area.

    From what I can recall, He seemed to cite God as creating Satan in the context of God being the Creator of all things (i.e. light & dark). Surely God did create Lucifer before he fell and became Satan, which I understood to be his point.

    I also recall him speaking about how Christians must take "dominion". A flag went up at that time to make sure he was not getting into that Kingdom Now heresy. However, his context seemed to be in terms of exercising spiritual authority over powers of darkness, which again I believe is Scriptural.

    I too am adamantly against the possibility of a pre-trib rapture primarily because I have never seen even one Scripture to support it. So again, no error there for me.

    Maybe there are other areas you would consider errors beyond those, but I really didn't have any qualms with his teachings in the above topics.

    When I first got saved, my own family thought I had gone off and joined a cult because of how significantly it changed my life (and even my interactions with them). So I usually takes such allegations from the world with a grain of salt.

    I am not personally familiar with Jim Green although I have corresponded with the ministry a little. I too am aware of the allegations of cult activity. At the same time, I know that the ways of the world are alienated from the ways of Christ. Even Jesus they called Prince of the devils and He said they would call us even worse.

    I am not saying that those allegations are false or founded. I am simply saying that I found this particular message valid enough to share.

    I also can identify with what you share as people's reactions to discussing the casting out of demons...especially from professing Christians. This is rarely discussed in the churchworld and when it is, you get hit with a chorus of "you are talking too much about devils and not God." Seems that the only amount some are comfortable talking about such things is 0%. LOL

    Either way, the info I share here is never intended to be swallowed hook, line, and sinker. Nor should a shared posting be considered a full endorsement of a minister. I am confident that God's Spirit is able to lead folks into picking out the meat and throwing away the bones, even from my own writings. :-)

    God Bless!

  7. Hello again,

    I meant to thank you for sharing on this subject in my previous response. I don't know if you've ever heard of Derek Prince(1915 - 2003), but he preaches on deliverance and has written on the subject. One such book is titled "They Shall Expel Demons". I thought it an extremely useful and informative read. Now if only I could get other Christians to give it a chance.

    As for Jim Green, I've never heard of him until now. Although I may disagree with him on certain points... the bulk of his teaching concerning bible language and the scriptures often used in arguments against this subject are spot on. I would recommend this teaching to others, coupled with advice to simply glean what you can.

    The Lord warned me years ago not to make an idol of any of the ministers that He would use to teach me. Coupled with Scripture reading and prayer... I often listen to David Wilkerson, Leonard Ravenhill, Paul Washer, Derek Prince, G. Craig Lewis, Perry Stone, Mike Hoggard, and Katherine Kuhlman... and I do so with the understanding that these preachers and teachers are human beings. They're not above making mistakes, and none of them have all of the answers. In fact, they disagree on many issues themselves. For example, Paul Washer and Leonard Ravenhill disagree on the issue of whether salvation can be lost. Washer is Calvinistic(it can't be lost) while Ravenhill was Armenian in belief(you can walk away from salvation). Yet both men respected one another. Ravenhill and Charles Stanley attended functions together yet they were opposed on their belief about salvation.

    I think it's the same with Jim Green. I'm sure he would disagree on different points with half of the ministers I listen to. But I respect what he teaches. There is a lot of truth in what he shared.

    I was going somewhere with this and I just lost my train of thought...(hate when that happens) I guess that's a sign that I'm posting too much. So I'll just end this with a thank you for sharing on this subject.

    May the Spirit of the Lord bless you and keep you ^_^

  8. Hi Broken_Skai,

    I too brother am fed from many of the preachers you named. Even though there may be sharp doctrinal differences among them, that doesn't mean that there is no light which can be received. Thank God that His ways and thoughts are higher than our own!

    When my husband and I were reading Derek Prince's "They Shall Expel Demons" years ago, God stopped us and told me to copy a chapter to send to my cousin. Apparently - according to God - she was dealing with demons of the same kind being addressed which had come in through rock music. It really is a wonderful book for those seeking info on deliverance.

    This is the first time I have posted a message from Jim Green and - as you - I thought there was enough meat for others to use in their own study of the topic. I do take what and who I post here very seriously, yet I also trust the Holy Spirit to lead as He sees fit. He is surely more capable than I. :-)

    While I may have posted generally about demons before, this is the first time I think I have dealt with the topic of Christians and demons. People can have all sorts of theoretical discussions in the matter, but what do you do when a demon is casting someone down in front of you? What do you do when a demon is manifesting & speaking through a person, yelling profanities, spitting at you, and threatening to harm the person they are in? At such times, one cannot afford to theorize. You have to deal with what is in front of you by the power of God.

    May God continue to strengthen, purify, and prepare all His people in these times.

  9. I also neglected to mention that God had me send my cousin that information from Derek Prince when she was a teen. However, her family does not believe (although they consider themselves Christian) and nothing was ever done.

    She is now an adult who has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and is trying to cope with this via medication and pysch treatment.

    As you suggest, I do believe that much of what keeps psychologists/psychiatrists in business is demonic activity.

  10. This was a great post!! I have left the field of counseling and psychology due to my belief in Christ. I use to work in a mental health facility and I was suppose to counsel individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, severe depression, etc... I wasn't a believer at the time, but I knew deep down that these people's problem were spiritual. Once I became a believer I tried to continue working in the field because that was what I went to college for, but I could not because I knew that these people needed deliverance and not medication. I felt so bad because I knew the Truth and it was Christ. I just could not go on diagnosing individuals and labeling them disorders when I knew full well it was demonic possession. When I quit my job and left this line of work people thought I was crazy,they said I was wasting my education, etc... but I knew God was calling me to leave it until I became more mature in my faith to even fully understand these things.

    This is a subject that does not get much discussion or explanation in the churches. But we know that God's Word is true and we must bring these things to the surface so that we all can be totally set free!

    P.S. You all continue to pray for me as I battle a spirit of fear!

    1. Stephanie,
      I do not know if you will ever read this - but God bless your courage to walk away from this field. I will wholeheartedly pray for you and that spirit of fear, for Satan has attempted since I was a young girl to overwhelm me with such fear. I worried for my sisters so desperately as a child - fears of them dying, etc. And after years of tremendous battles ranging from one thing to another, Jesus rescued me! I will pray for you!

  11. This article and especially the comments have been timely for me. I recently - as in today - had a lengthy, very lengthy discussion with a dear friend regarding medication for what the world calls mental illness. She contends that God used medication to deliver her from a very dark period in her life. I contended that God delivered me from a dark period in my life by revelation to Colossians 2: 20-22. Specifically, He showed me in my darkest hour that mental medication was NOT to be touched during my temptation in the wilderness. It was such a lengthy discussion, and she used a bunch of scripture to support her argument. She made the argument that I hear so many make - if someone with diabetes or cancer receives medication, why wouldn't God want a person to receive mental health medication.

    I told her that there are many many people who suffer from physical ailments; however, those people do not have thoughts of killing others or themselves - or thoughts of hurting self or others. I explained that when sinful thoughts enter one's mind, we then have spiritual warfare, and Satan is the culprit. I also explained that there is no doubt in my mind that there is medication out there that will perform miracle-like qualities and healings in an attempt to mimic the power of Christ. Satan is clever and quite deceptive.

    God help us to see through Satan's lies!

  12. Hello Joy and I truly thank you for your prayers! I battled a time of great fear and mental blockage a couple of years ago where I had thoughts of harming others and I had dreams that I would harm my children etc.... I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat...It was a very trying time and I suffered from panic attacks for years. When I came into the truth which is Christ Jesus and learned how to speak His words from my mouth and worship the Lord during these times, God delivered me for that torment. (There was one scripture in particular that got me through: Colossians 2:13; He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love.) It lasted for quite awhile and the Lord had me to wake up every morning and walk down the road from my house and look up and He told me to cry out and worship Him. I didn't know what to say to Him or how to properly adore Him, but I began to thank Him for the birds I heard chirping and I thanked Him for the blue skies and the clouds. I mean I just began thanking Him for everything I saw as I walked down that dirt road. The trees, the grass, the crickets, the early morning dew!! The Lord truly placed a spirit of Thanksgiving and worship in my heart as I was going through that trial! God is good and He is worthy of all praise!!

    Most people have no idea that Satan has bound the minds and lives of millions of people with mental illness. I have seen first hand that the medications DO NOT WORK they only put people in a daze or a comatose type life. Their eyes are glazed over and some have no idea that they are even in the world. There is ZERO cure for the mental illness, but the psychologists love to talk about their "treatment success rates" to families. I mean who wants to be treated all their lives? I would want to be cured!!!

    I saw demons all day when I worked in that field and I had the duty of diagnosing and medicating the demons. Some of the demons enjoyed talking and some of them enjoyed sleeping and slobbering etc.... I thank God for the Blood of Jesus Christ and He can set us free from all mental blockage and all demonic possession. I am sorry this was so long but I just get so excited at the mention of Jesus and His miracle working power!! May God bless you sister Joy and I will keep you in my prayers that God will continue to shine on you and bless you and your family!

    Much Love to you!!

  13. Wow, Stephanie! The Lord delivered me from precisely the things you mentioned in your post. Satan tried to destroy me years ago with the same fears of hurting myself or those I loved the most - my husband and child! What a liar Satan is! The world was screaming medication, but praise God, He showed me that He was MORE THAN ENOUGH to deliver me during that tremendous trial in my own life. I heard the stranger's voice, and the Lord sent His messengers to me throughout that mental anguish-filled year. I remember walking through Walmart during a mind attack from Satan, and as I pushed my child around in the buggy, I began to hum in order to drown out Satan's devastating whispers. I hummed all the way through the store, even in the check out line - I thought no one could hear my humming, but the Lord sent his messenger to me - a complete stranger behind me in the line said, "I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed your humming. People don't do that anymore." Praise God! The Spirit had spoken through that little old man - endure! People don't endure by the power of Jesus anymore - at least so many don't.
    I can remember crying out to the Lord in prayer during that time - I was alone in my bedroom, and my mind was being attacked by the enemy. The phone rang as I pleaded with God to help me. I rose up off of the floor and answered it. My sister was on the other line, and she said, "Joy, I was washing dishes, and God spoke to me - 'Call Joy'."
    I have notebooks filled with all of things God did during that battle - He fed me just enough to lead me to revelations from Him.
    He used Colossians 3:21-22 at a pivotal time to show me that medication was NOT an option! I cried such tears of utter JOY when He spoke that truth to me. Satan had fought very hard to lead me to medication. I had a dear friend who at the time was taking medication, so Satan said, "What makes you think you are better than her?" Since that time, she had a car accident - she had fallen asleep (due to the medication); thankfully, she and her son walked away from the flipped automobile. She immediately stopped the medication, as a result. She has a different perspective regarding that medication - but I stand on the Truth God revealed to me.
    -I can remember another time when Satan was whispering that suicide was my only choice for escaping my battle. I cried out to God - for a long time. I sat on my couch one morning and saw a very small sticker on my floor. It was rolled up and had probably fallen out of a children's book. I realized that it was a turtle. I remember thinking, "If I were an animal, I would be a turtle because no one hears the turtle's voice." Mind you, I said this while being utterly broken and somber. I then got up and went outside to sit. I remember sitting outside and feeling so utterly broken, but something came over me - a still, calmness. Without even realizing it, I stood up and walked back into my house with my son. I sat down on the couch and opened the Bible. Again, I don't think I was aware of my actions - I believe God had taken over. The Bible opened to the first page of the Song of Solomon. My eyes started reading the first chapter - all the while, tears of joy were streaming down my face, yet I had no idea why - but something - The Lord - was pushing me onward in my reading. I started reading chapter 2, and then, there IT WAS - verse 12 - "... the voice of the TURTLE IS HEARD IN OUR LAND."(KJV)

    End of part 1

  14. Stephanie - part 2 of response :)
    -Satan fled! My God had heard me and was with me! All the lies Satan had been spewing were being destroyed.
    -I, too, am thankful for the blood of Jesus! He is all that I need. Even when the enemy attacks, my Lord is SUFFICIENT!
    -Blessing to you, Stephanie! Your words came at just the perfect time, too! It does my heart good to know that I have a Sister in Christ who has been delivered in much the same manner I was!
    -I'll keep you in my prayers! Much love to you! Isn't God just wonderful!!!


  15. Yes God is just wonderful Sis Joy!! I am rejoicing at your testimony!! I would love to stay in touch. Please email me at so I can have your contact information. I love talking with my brothers and sisters in the Lord!! Nothing like FAMILY!!! :)

  16. Back in 1986, my faith in Jesus Christ healed me of manic-depression (bipolar). Manic-depression is primarily demonic bondage, but it can affect chemicals in your brain. Later (around 1988--1990)I went through some deliverance sessions. Over the years, I have continued to be delivered from demons because of my obedience to the Lord (take up your cross and follow Me). Deliverance is incremental (work out your salvation with fear and trembling).

    Here is more on my experience of being delivered from demons:

    "New Testament Circumcision"

    "A Deeper Deliverance"

    1. Praise God for your deliverance! Thank you for sharing brother.


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