Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Bloodline of the Beast

The following message from Pastor Mike Hoggard is entitled "The Bloodline of the Beast".  
  • We are seeing the apostasy taking place right before our eyes
  • What it means for Satan to be subtle and how mass marketing is being used to teach occult doctrines.
  • The seed of the woman (Jesus Christ), the seed of the serpent (the Man of Sin), and the esoteric doctrine of a divine bloodline.
  • The idea of Kundalini is that there is a serpent at the base of your spine which wants to ascend the "tree" or spine of man, touching the pineal gland to give illumination that man is god.
  • The new age (and other occult movements) believe that we must be born again, but they promote a 'birth' based in the corruptible seed of man's will power or mind.

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