Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Stand for Purity

As you may know, I am working on a book right now and it is my intent not to post anything but the contents of that book until it is completed.  However, the following video really touched my heart, so I want to post it here.

I also highly recommend the following for all young ladies: Set Apart Femininity.

Someone recently shared with me the following:
We need to teach our daughters to distinguish between a man who flatters her versus a man who compliments her.
A man who spends money on her versus a man who invests in her.
A man who views her as property versus a man who views her properly.
A man who lusts after her versus a man who loves her.
A man who believes he is God's gift to women versus a man who remembers a woman was God's gift to man...
And if I were to add to that, I would say:
We need to teach our sons to distinguish between a woman who has a pretty face versus a woman who has a meek & quiet spirit.
A woman who compliments him versus a woman who complements him.
A woman who pursues & seduces him versus a woman who exudes virtue & discretion.
A woman who puffs him up versus a woman who builds him up.
A woman who wants to lead him versus a woman who wants to be a help meet for him.
A woman who seeks to be glorified versus a woman who seeks to be a reflection of his glory.
Never settle for less than the best God has for any area.  As a loving Father, we can truly say with confidence that our Father knows best.

May God bless you all and give you the strength and desire daily to walk in His will.


  1. I wanted to know is it okay for girls to be tomboys. I'm studying Marriage and Family therapy and in one of my courses we were discussing children and sexuality, we were discussing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts daughter Shiloh and how the media dubbed her tomboy chic because she has short hair and wears boys clothes, another girl in my class said she thinks it's great that Shiloh's parents let her express her sexuality, because she was a tomboy growing up and her parents weren't too supportive of that (she also considers herself a lesbian). I feel like Angelina Jolie and many Hollywood people are grooming their children to be gay or lesbians (Angelina herself is bisexual and loves dead things, her daughter Shiloh wanted to keep a dead pet which I find creepy). My professor says that we shouldn't teach our children what makes a boy a boy and girl a girl because not all children fits this mold. Like the case of a boy who was rejected by the girl scouts because he was not a girl, but his mother treats him like a girl but referred to him as transgendered and with the recent scandal with the Miss Universe pageant where a female born a male was rejected because he was not born a female and sued to compete in the pageant. That was my professors argument to let girls be tomboys and boys be feminine because some girls make better boys and some boys make better girls and anatomy has nothing to do with sexuality. My head is swimming just try to understand all this mess. Please pray for me. Thank-you.

  2. Hello,
    It was nice seeing you guys and your daughter at the sleepover.She was really a living testimoni for me and she encoureged me even more to stand for purity.Past few mouths the devil been attacking my mind.Even with school work getting so stress and a spirit of being tired.I know its because im taking a stand for jesus,because I know that this blog "Never too young for jesus christ" I started was making an impact and it still is going to make an impact for my generation!Your daughter really inspired me to see that its possibel for young girls to stand out.:)She really was a blessing!

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    As one of many systems in this world, we need to understand that everything of this world is under the influence of Satan. That includes the world's education systems. Here is more info on this: The Sexual Evolution

    If the professor is saying that we should raise children to be genderless, then he is calling God wrong and a liar because God made them male & female from the beginning. It was God's design and it was "good".

    Your instincts are correct. The world (the media, the schools, etc.) is trying to pervert man's mind to be androgynous. They are trying to pervert the image of God, which He made in male & female.

    I understand that schooling can be important, just keep your mind bathed in God's word. Ask for His Spirit to keep your spiritual senses sharp in order to dismiss that which is not of Him.

    Know that anything not grounded in the word of God only leaves you with the "wisdom of men" which is "earthly, sensual, and demonic". As long as we know this, then we can operate in the world while not being of the world.

    God Bless!

  4. Hi Leya,

    It was good seeing you too! I was glad all of you young ladies had the opportunity to get together this weekend. Hopefully, we can do more of that.

    I can understand how Satan tries to attack the mind, especially when we are setting our mind to do God's work. At such times, I usually find it helpful to sanctify myself even more (more prayer, fasting - even from things other than food, study, cutting off more things from the world - conversations, interactions, etc.).

    You may not realize it, but we have noticed the same about you. :-) You have such a genuine spirit and it is just obvious that you love the Lord. People - including the world - can always pick up when we are just hypocriting around. I am sure you are an encouragement & inspiration to those you meet as well, for you have been to us.

    Yes, I know your blog has likely angered the enemy too, but well & good! God is able to protect and strengthen you to do His will. Just rest in Him and let Him fight your battles. These trials help us to grow in faith and be stronger in standing against the enemy - both within and without.

    Love you Leya & pray God's best for you always!!


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