Monday, December 3, 2012

Begin to Love "Self"

It is only appropriate that - as we have been talking about the need to deny "self" and crucify the flesh - the new agers are preaching about the need to love "self".  We have spoken before about how the need for "self-love" is a major deception leading one to worship what is anti-Christ.

The following was sent to me by a brother in Christ.  Please review this prayerfully with an ear to understand what is happening in the world and a heart to solidify just where you stand.

Make no mistake that as God is preparing His people for these times, so is Satan preparing those who belong to him.  God will have a people who have divested themselves of "self" and self-centered pursuits in order to live for Him.  Satan will have a people consumed with "self" and living only for "self": the definition of a sodomite.

Remember, true love is selflessness; and God is love.  Love "seeks not her own" or in other words, is not selfish (I Corinthians 13:5).

The following is shared from Gideon's Trumpet

This is what the new agers/false prophets in unison believe and teach.  This is the essence of the current 'ecumenical' movement.

Notice that they also speak of a 'they' who are in opposition to this oneness.  They say that this 'they' will ultimately not have further chances of changing - the 'die' is cast for them - 'they' will not change their minds (and let us all be in agreement with that as we stand forever in the Word of the God!).  So in other words, 'they' (we) will have to be exterminated.

They look like a lamb but speak like a dragon saying that 'all must love one another as you love yourself' yet Jesus says: “Thou SHALT NOT AVENGE, NOR BEAR ANY GRUDGE AGAINST THE CHILDREN OF THY PEOPLE, but thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the LORD.” – Leviticus 19v18.  This is further qualified in John 15v12: “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

We know that the biblical and correct interpretation of this ending age we are in culminates with a loosing of evil entities from the 'abyss' (pit or portal) to amass a Satanic, anti-Christ army against the Anointed One and those that are His.  I read that a Mayan 'elder' states the Mayan calendar does not really indicate that the world will ‘end’ on Dec. 21st 2012 - because the calendar is circular (have you ever seen a Mayan calendar?) - but it actually marks the 'return of the Ancestors (or Ancients) and Men of Wisdom’.

I am not giving any credence to the Mayan calendar or the planetary alignments because God’s Word is FIRST!  This is only for the purpose of illustrating how they can only try to twist that which even THEY know is inevitable in an attempt to deceive and deter us from the TRUTH!

May all of God's people be prepared and filled by His Spirit to stand and withstand in this evil day to proclaim the good news of his salvation from this wickedness – and to announce that Jesus Christ is Creator and King!!!

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