Friday, December 7, 2012


I was recently asked why there does not seem to be many messages directed towards men about standing up to be men of God.

First, let me say that we cannot buy into a tit for tat mentality.  If a message is targeted to women, there is no obligation to then give a message that deals with men.  Let us all - men and women - simply be at God's disposal.  If a word comes forth with deals with us - receive it, repent, and change.  If a word is not for us, then pray for those to whom it pertains and move on.  Let us not look to the left nor to the right, but keep our eyes on Jesus and let the Father mold us as He sees fit.

Okay, that said, the following is a message by Pastor Gary C. Price as he teaches a message called, "Balls".    In it, he speaks about the necessity for men to loose themselves from that which disempowers them and take their place in the spiritual war against wickedness.

  • We must study the word of God without contamination from our own preconceived notions or definitions of the world.
  • The woman is an extension of man, which is why she is suitable to be a help meet for man.
  • In order to receive the Kingdom of God, one must receive the Holy Spirit.  God the Father wills a thing, Jesus speaks it, and the Holy Spirit performs it.  
  • There are only 3 blockages that can prevent one from receiving the Holy Spirit: the flesh, the world, and Satan.
  • The flesh is yoked to the world and Satan is the god of this world.  So all one has to do to not be filled with the Spirit is to be in the flesh; as a result, you will remain a servant of Satan.
  • The first mission of God when He made man was to make man like Himself.
  • The image of man created by God was male and female, and such was necessary for the procreation of the race.  If that image (male & female) is marred, then it no longer reflects what God created, but becomes an avenue for satanic expression. 
  • Since God created man as male and female, we can know that He did not create homosexuality, transgenderism, lesbianism, bisexuality, etc.  Such is not the creation of God but a Satanic mutation of the life God initially created.  Instead of getting offended, turn on that demonic invasion, ask God to deliver you from that spirit so that you may be made whole.
  • Spirits are genderless, but the spirit governs the tabernacle to which God assigns you and allows you to have fellowship with Him.  Without the governance of the spirit, It is man's soul that rises up against his spirit - not liking the government of God - in an attempt to usurp control of the body and indulge the desires of the flesh. Unless the soul is brought under subjection to the spirit (I Corinthians 9:27), Satan is able to infuse with the rebellious soul and mold you into his image.  
  • Satan is a soul man or a soul dweller.  This is why the false church runs on soul power.
  • The mutated image of Satan is the fallen nature of man.  A soul man - a man's mind detached from God and ruled by his soulish flesh - is the beast.
  • If you are ruled by your soul then you will also rebel against all types of authority, including the reflection of God's authority in the Earth which flows down through men and to women in order to keep the children in obedience producing a Godly seed (Genesis 18:19; Malachi 2:15; I Timothy 3:4-5, 12; Titus 1:6).
  • Man is a reflection of God.  The woman is designed to be a reflection of the man; thereby also reflecting the image of God (I Corinthians 11:7).  When there are a lot of loose, whorish women soliciting lust from the men, it is only because men have abdicated their authority in God.
  • Women are by nature feminine.  However an effeminate man is abnormal and reflects one who is outwardly a man, but inwardly has characteristics of a female.  Such is a castrated man who has no strength to stand or fight; he has no balls.  These eunuchs then become the reflection of other men, having "man crushes" or "bromances" on the men they idolize (sports figures, entertainers, politicians, etc.).
  • We are witnessing the homosexualization of men, not only in the expression of full-blown homosexuality, but in the castration of men through uncontrolled lusts.
  • Satan is after Adam, but he must use Eve to emasculate him.  By getting access to Adam, Satan could pervert the entire race of man (Romans 5:12).
  • Satan is a sodomite; he is the King of Sodom (Genesis Chapter 14).  Therefore, those who have been mutated into his image share that sodomite nature.
  • The only way a man can be a man is to stand on the truth - against what is wrong - and not buckle.  You must personally represent God yourself.  You must be responsible.  You must be what God created man to be in the beginning.
  • A woman who fights against this is ruled by the same satanic, sodomite spirit.  This is why many women prefer to be around effeminate men and raise their boys to be effeminate.  They are offended by a normal man.
  • A castrated man bleeds lust.  If a man is lusting after you, then you can know you are looking at a guy who is inwardly a girl. 
  • When a man's heart turns towards God again, he will not worship you, he will worship God, but he will love you.



  2. WOW - The Truth in Black and White- agreeeeedd, God bless, 1 Love


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