Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lest We Forget...

We truly serve an amazing God.

He is Almighty, all power is in His hands.

He knows all things; there are no surprises to Him.  The things you done do not surprise to Him and neither do your current struggles.  He not only knows them, but He has the solution for them. 

There is no problem you face that has Him stumped.

There is no situation you encounter that He has not already solved.

Sometimes I wonder if we don't always understand who we are in Christ because we don't fully appreciate who He is.

I ask Lord that you reach across the divide and pull back the veil to give every heart that yearns a glimpse of your glory and power...even at this very moment.  Empower us by a refreshing perspective of who you are and who we are in you.

We are not beggars.  We are not subject to the whims of the world.  We are victorious overcomers.

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