Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Now, Every Day is Freaky

As I indicated previously, I am compiling and amplifying posts from this blog into book format in preparation for the time when this blog is no longer available.

There is one book in particular which has taken quite some time to compile because the Lord continues to show me that the topic is deeper than I had previously documented.  That book is, "Turning the World Upside Down: The Spirit of Homosexuality and the Last Days."

As I worked on the book, I was reminded of a movie I saw as a child called Freaky Friday.  It was about a Mom and her daughter who switched places spiritually, although each still looked the same on the outside.  The Mom still looked outwardly like the Mom; and the daughter still looked outwardly like the daughter.  Yet, on the inside, they had switched roles.

This is what happened in the Garden of Eden when Adam & Eve fell into sin.  They switched roles: Adam became the submissive one and Eve became the authority.  This upside down perversion - where a man becomes inwardly like a woman and vice versa - is the root of the homosexual spirit.

Listen to this brief statement on the topic by Min. David Pawson in the following video.

It is rare to hear a minister speak this truth and, as Min. Pawson states, that is likely because it is a word of wisdom which can only be imparted by the Holy Spirit.  Many in the pulpits have no insight into spiritual matters or how to set people free from them because they are not led by the Holy Spirit. The best religion can offer is to have you performing religious rituals as a hypocrite without actually being changed inside.  Yet, as the true nature of man comes to the forefront in these last days, we are going to see what spirit people really possess.

This is why it is so important for those who claim the Lord Jesus to know Him...for real.  This spirit of homosexuality is prevalent in the church because many do not understand what it is, where it comes from, and how it manifests.

Outside of work done on The Jesus Cult and The Organic Gospel, this book is the most important writing I have ever done, primarily because of the times in which we live. The very month I posted the first article in this blog series, I developed breast cancer.  Even since working on this book, the devil has tried to use cancer to distract me, but thank God to no avail.  The point is not what is going on with me, but it is an illustration of how Satan does not want this message to get out.

I tell you honestly that, in the process of writing this book, God revealed things to me which I had never seen before in Scripture. It was almost as if I was reading God's word for the first time.  His is truly a living word and it is critical that we spend the time to study (not just read) it.  All I can say is that things are not what many folks believe have been led to believe.

Therefore, it is with a very grateful heart that I am able to make this book available.  The homosexual spirit is the predominant spirit in the earth right now because it is the spirit of fallen man (and the spirit of the one who instigated the fall of man). If we do not understand what this spirit really is, then we will never know how to overcome it - in our own lives and in the lives of others.

This book will answer such things as:
  • Why has the acceptability of homosexuality become such a prominent topic? 
  • Can someone be born homosexual? 
  • Where does the homosexual spirit come from? 
  • What is original sin?
  • What was the forbidden fruit?
  • What was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
  • What does it mean for man to be made in God's image?
  • Why does the exaltation of matriarchy promote the homosexual spirit?
  • How is this spirit manifested in heterosexuals?
I encourage you to read this book, to understand what exactly we are fighting in this spiritual war and what our goal is in being restored to the Father.

You can access a preview of the book here: Turning the World Upside Down Preview

It is available in eBook format from iTunesKindleNookGoogle Play, and Kobo.


  1. Congratulations on your new book! From what I've read so far from the sample the book is really awesome. It opened my eyes to some information I didn't even realize. It is very interesting how you broke down the scriptures on the trees in the garden of eden from Genesis. That was a real 'aha' moment because I never even thought about it that way. I will surely be recommending this one to everyone as it is pretty awesome so far and much needed info.

    1. Hi Fab Kat,

      I truly thank the Lord for this book. It is surely nothing I can take credit; I was learning too as the Lord put it all together for me,

      The section on the trees in the Garden was one of the areas I was referencing in this blog post about things God showed me that I had never seen or heard before. I ha several moments like that in writing this book where I had to actually just go to prayer in gratitude for what the Lord was showing me.

      I had been frustrated a month or so ago because I deeply believed that I had to answer the questions around what happened in the Garden in order for this to all pull together, but I didn't have the answers. My husband said, "Don't you believe that God will give you the answers if it is suppose to be in the book?" All I could do was agree, but I started thinking that there was just no answer. It must just be a mystery.

      Then the Lord began to open my eyes and I could see things right in the text that I had never seen before, and it all made sense. It tied everything together in terms of where homosexuality comes from and why it is such an affront to God. God pulled this book together as only He can.

      Thanks again for sharing your feedback and I pray that it is a blessing to you!

  2. Hey sister.....is your book in paperback form yet? We'd like to buy one if its available.

    Thank you & God bless!!

    1. Hi Steve,

      My husband and I talked about this, and I do believe that I am supposed to eventually put it in print, however, this has not been done yet. Right now it is just eBook format. I am hopeful we can do so sometime next year.

      God bless you brother and I pray you are all doing well!

      Much love in Christ!

    2. Hey Mia,

      We'll look forward to that, but in the meantime we'll go ahead and get the eBook!

      Much love in Christ to you too sis!! God bless! : )


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