Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Compromising Gospel of a Lukewarm Church

I Am A Christian!

So many times professing "Christians" send comments or messages that are in direct opposition to the Word of God. More than ever it seems that this wishy-washy, powerless gospel of compromise and confusion continues to be promoted as authentic Christianity. If we say the slightest thing about it, then we get the "Who are YOU to say I am not a Christian."

Instead of spending so much time continuing to correct these delusions, I thought one quick video and a referral would help. We must seek to really know God and not just know "about' Him.

God is not a cartoon character that we can define as we choose. If we truly desire to serve Him, then we need to know Him...for REAL.


  1. Hey guess what, I'm a muslim and strangely WE discovered the evil nature of Hollywood, why? Because we just have more knowledge about demon slaying than you do.
    Heard about Abdull Hasheem?
    Jesus never was a God but a Prophet, and neither was this his real name, Jesus was born in the middle-east, why would you believe he had a latin name?

    You've fallen in the very same cult you are denoucing "The Cult of The Sun".
    Who come church day was moves SUNDAY?
    Who come Christmas falls the exact same day as Sun-worshipper holiday?

    Look in the mirror buddy.

  2. Hello Mamoru-Sama,

    Yes, I suppose Islam would be much more familiar with demons and the discovery of evil considering how that religion originated.

    There are posts on this blog that address the points you raise:

    * Jesus "real" name (The Evil Letter J)

    * Sunday Worship (Is Sunday Worship the Mark of the Beast)

    * The Roots of Islam (I Kill You in the Name of Allah)

    * The pagan roots of holidays such as Christmas (Happy Ishtar)

    It is not my job to convince you that islam is a deception, as we must each choose our own paths. However, those who seek the Truth will find it.

    There is such beauty and freedom in Jesus Christ because those who follow Him don't have to beat people up with "law" in order to make them converts through fear.

    True evil is what lies in the heart of fallen man and only faith in Jesus Christ can remove that and offer instead peace and love through the Spirit of God.


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