Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ohhhhh! It was not RAPE rape!

Whoopi Wisdom 101

There are certain things in life that just make you wonder. One of those things is The View television show. Are these the individuals whose experiences and wisdom are to be shining examples for us all? Who even watches this show? (probably the same folks watching Oprah).

Nonetheless in the true style that only she can, Whoopi Goldberg proceeds to explain why Roman Polanski's molestation of a 13 year old girl 30 years ago wasn't "RAPE rape". You know, it was only "rape"...maybe....but not "RAPE rape".

Don't know the difference? Listen to Whoopi explain:

So, let us consider Whoopi's logic. Oops, I am sorry. There is none! Okay, well let's at least look her comments. Afterall, she IS a child advocate, right? I mean, that is why she was selected to appear on the cover of Toys R Us' 2009 Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids.

So, if the "child advocate" supports the pedophile, then maybe we are just missing something?

The Rules of RAPE Rape According to Whoopi

It wasn't "RAPE rape" Reason #1
1. We have to distinguish between what he was charged with and what he actually did.

By his own admission, he gave alcohol & drugs to a minor, and had sex with and sodomized her against her will. He refused to let her go, even though she asked to be taken home repeatedly. Isn't that also kidnapping? Or maybe Whoppi would say that is not "KIDNAPPING Kidnapping"?

It wasn't "RAPE rape" Reason #2
2. Polanski and the 13 year old minor had sex prior to him drugging her up and getting her drunk.

So apparently, if you rape a child prior to plying them full of wine and drugs, the sex should be considered consensual (or at least not RAPE rape).

It wasn't "RAPE rape" Reason #3
3. He only pled guilty to having sex with a minor.

In order to get a reduced sentence from the six charges against him (which could have added up to life in prison), Polanski cut a plea to forcing a minor to have sex. I guess that doesn't meet Whoopi's "RAPE rape" standard. Since he didn't plead guilty to the other charges, we should just pretend those things never happened.

It wasn't "RAPE rape" Reason #4
4. We are in a different type of society and we see things differently.

Americans apparently aren't as worldly as other people (like Whoopi) who understand that children aged 13 years and up are really not minors. But the problem is Polanski was in the "unworldly" United States when he committed these acts. Maybe he should have traveled to one of these "worldly" places where forcing sex on minors is seen as acceptable?

It wasn't "RAPE rape" Reason #5
5. The mother was negligent in not being present and should be charged too.

Here Whoopi is presenting the latest and greatest in legal defenses. It is no longer "blame the victim"; that is so blasé. It is "blame the victim's mother".

Calling All Child Molesters

As for the plethora of sex offenders out there, you may want to take a lesson from the Whoppi Playbook on Sex Crimes. Before proceeding with the rape of your next victim, you had better give Mz. Whoopi a call to make sure your pedophile rule book is up to date. You wouldn't want to do something that would cross the line and send you from being guilty of "rape" to being guilty of "RAPE rape".

And if - by chance - you go a little too far and cross that line, you have a friend in Whoppi! Perhaps she will start a legal defense fund for all of the misunderstood sex offenders who have been so maligned and unfairly treated by our justice system in allowing them to go unpunished for their crimes. That's right, send your pleas into the Whoopi Offenders Fund and let her take to the air to plead your cause. She promises to pull out all of the stops, after all, advocacy is her middle name.

So What?

Some may ask why I even took time to write this post. Honestly, I am just fed up. I tired of hearing insanity and seeing it featured and promoted in the media. I am tired of the devil spouting perversion all day long and the mouths which speak of the Lord being hushed. More importantly, I am praying that people begin to understand the degradation that has become so normalized in this world.

The mind of man - especially those whom the world esteems - is becoming more and more reprobate; and such is as it should be according to the Scriptures.

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." II Timothy 3:1-5

We actually have four adult women debating whether a convicted child rapist should do time. Showing their true moral underpinnings (or the lack thereof), many celebrities are petitioning for Polanksi's release. Why? Based on the merits of his contributions to the film industry. Apparently, being a child rapist is not as important as making films.

We posted an article some time ago about how there is a move afoot to normalize pedophilia. Now people are going one further and are championing the pedophile as a model of true humanity. Next it will be "Polanski for President"...although he is not technically a U.S. citizen...but when has that stopped anyone?


  1. As far as I am concerned, Roman Polanski is a criminal. He is a paedophile and should have been a registered sex offender long ago.

    I can't believe that Society has decayed so much morally that a man is allowed to rape, molest, drug and sodomise a young child and then strut around as though he has done something good.

    This man also looks hideous, to me he actually looks like a monster. How this 13 year old girl's mother allowed her daughter to go off with this scary looking sexual predator, driving a big car is beyond me. Perhaps he slipped the mother a few dollars or something. I can't see any good mother/parents letting their daughter go off with any man, leaving her innocence to chance.

    This whole story is just scandalous from start to finish.

    Tha man needs to be locked up in jail, full stop. How do we know he has not molested more innocent victims?

    The people who are defending him are morally corrupt and disgusting, just like he is.

  2. I am glad that this is happening. A few sane people that hadn't noticed Hollywood's disgusting underbelly are so shocked by the people supporting Roman Polanski that they are turning away (finally). It is important to know the facts yes, but lets not call things that they are not. He RAPED a child.He ADMITTED to RAPING A CHILD. I am sure this isn't his first. Mr. Polanski has been avoiding prosecution for years. The justice system didn't just drop the case and decide to reopen it. He had been careful with his movements and travels to avoid arrest. Whats even more sickening is that many of the famous feel that his talents somehow absolve him of guilt. Also the argument that the victim "Doesn't want to press charges" is really silly. Anyone with half a brain should understand that she doesn't want to be dragged through the mud for the millionth time and has nothing to do with his innocence or guilt. The second argument on Polanskis behalf is that the judge was going to give him a too harsh punishment. The judge reneged on a plea agreement to give Polanski a lesser sentence on reduced charges(unusual but he acted within his power). Roman Polanski put himself in this situation by RAPING A CHILD. I have no sympathy for the Devil.

  3. AMEN on your post and the comments. It is sickening how some are trying to justify this. If this had been a minority (i know i know) then they'd BEEN convicted and drug his name through the mud.

    I know you all have heard of the Mackenzie Phillips case with her sleeping with her father (John P from the Mamas and Papas) and was on Larry King last night. Its really sad but I am glad these charges are out in the open.

    Back to Polanski; I have a feeling that he's gonna get off since his friends in Hollywood are doing a petition and plus they can pay these judges off and that is a shame. He may not get justice NOW but he will pay when he has to face the Lord regardless.


  4. In watching the local news in my area, I couldn't believe how many in the media supports this Roman Polanski guy.

    Whoopi is certainly not one to dictate any moral values to anyone given her past.

  5. Matthew 5:13 13Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

    The Church of Christ salts the earth. Since we are ambassadors for Christ, we set the standard of living for humans beings based on the Word of God. Once the Church is removed from the earth, things on earth will get much worse. And it will become evil everywhere and no one will be able to escape it. There will be no more salt to flavor the earth. No morality, no one being a watchman, no one standing on the wall.

    It has become more and more apparent that this world is becoming deceived by an unclean spirit. I do not understand how sane adults can support a child rapist. But, these things must come to pass before our Savior can appear. These are just signs that Christ's return is nigh.

    Hold steadfast Church because we will not be here much longer!


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