Monday, February 8, 2010

The ROOT of the Problem in the 'Church'

This Was Ordained By God?

There is a secular actress and comedienne by the name of Mo'Nique who has a talkshow on BET. One of her recent guests was "gospel" recording artist Kirk Franklin who is credited with bringing such spiritual hymns into the church as Parliament- Funkadelic's "One Nation Under a Groove".

When first entering the stage, Kirk kneels down in deference to Mo'Nique, bowing his head and raising his hands together as if in prayer. This is far more than a simple sign of respect. It is a position of homage and of worship.

His stance bears remarkable resemblance to the picture of male domination featured in a Lil Kim video reviewed in the Worship of Baal Peor article.

This is because it is the same spirit in operation, the spirit of a sodomite. Kirk Franklin presents himself to Mo'Nique as a dominated, emasculated male in the presence of a female 'goddess'.

After bowing down, Kirk proceeds to climb unto Mo'Nique's lap like a little boy coming to see his Mommy. Beyond being extremely perverse for a grown married man to take such liberties with a woman who is not his wife, it continues to reinforce the image of Kirk as a powerless, castrated man dependent upon the strong, worldly woman.

As the audience reacts in shock, Mo'Nique cries out, "This how we do it at the Mo'Nique show....Ain't nobody mad about nothin'...This is ordained by God, baby." and Kirk raises his hands to testify to the truth of her comments.

THIS is ordained by God? God has ordained for this man to debase himself, disrespect this woman, and mock God in this manner? Kirk then asks her "You can't even feel me, can you?"

Mo'Nique then begins a tirade of profanity before saying, "Yeah I can feel your grown *** on my legs. Get your grown *** up off me."

What is Kirk's response to being cursed out? He kisses her on the cheek before getting down off of her lap and taking a seat on the couch to proceed with the interview.

Yet, what has just happened here? Is this just entertainment? Is it all fun and games? How is it possible for this man who claims to be a Christian to not only hold God up to shame and ridicule by his behavior, but to claim that God approves us such?

What transpired here is a reenactment of the root of the problem which holds much of the church world in a vice. In fact, it has become so commonplace now, that many now fail to even recognize it for what it is. That is largely because the "church" has turned to the world for direction on what is Godly.

The root of the problem is that Adam & Eve's rebellion in the Garden of Eden gave birth to a sodomite creation. And the more the world merges into the fabric of the churchworld, the more this spirit will be reflected in the harlot church.

Take the time and listen to the following video series as the Book of Malachi is examined to give insight into the root problem in what claims to be the church...and how it must be overcome. This is a multi-part series and the remaining videos will be added as they are completed.

"And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse." Malachi 4:6


  1. I liked the truth in the (youtube) sermon...
    but all of the opinions are garbage.

    I wish someone would open up a bible (not an opinion) and show me where God Word's is invalidated because it's spoken with music called "hip hop" in the background. The issue is the MESSAGE not the music style or language.

    Also, his ignorant comments about Kenneth Hagin were incorrect.

    He had a good message going when he was reading & explaining the Bible... then he got arrogant, sarcastic, and authoritative with his opinion. His bitterness poisoned the whole sermon.

    I just wish preachers would be married to the truth and stop bashing people with their opinions.

    That was concerning the video:

    As far as the blog, I do appreciate it overall. The spirit of compromise with the world is really horrible, and there should be correction for that foolishness.

  2. Shaking my head! This is a crying shame. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Hi Esosa,

    Thanks for your feedback. Clearly there is nothing in the Scriptures about hip hop or even the Blues, Country, Jazz, or Rock. However, the Scriptures do show that the issue is not just the message, but the Spirit behind the message. Even satan uses the Word to bind. So yes, there are things which can attach to the Gospel and defile it. This is why God tells us to test the spirits, not just receive the message.

    We can also look at the fruit produced as evidence to what spirit is being promoted in any endeavor. The Scripture says:

    "When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, your lives will produce these evil results: sexual immorality, impure thoughts, eagerness for lustful pleasure, idolatry, participation in demonic activities, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, divisions, the feeling that everyone is wrong except those in your own little group, envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other kinds of sin. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God. But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law." Galatians 5:19-23

    Also, I didn't hear anything about Hagin that was not true. Hagin was a proponent of the Word of Faith movement, which is a delusion. Hagin also caused a riff in his relationship with Frederick K.C. Price over his views on mixing the races. Here is an article on that situation:

    An excerpt from that article is listed below:

    "Price had long regarded the senior Hagin as a seminal influence in showing him the power of faith teachings. He had opened his home and heart to the family and had, by his own estimates, contributed nearly $1 million to the Oklahoma-based Hagin ministry.

    But the younger Hagin--a nationally known minister, a man of God, a presumed believer in the one body of Christ--had been caught on tape telling his congregation that he did not believe in race-mixing and had taught his daughter from her kindergarten years that she was not to date blacks.

    Price was dumbstruck. Devastated."

    I have no problem with anyone being authoritative as long as what is being represented is the authority of God. Perhaps what you viewed as arrogant and bitter was just your personal reaction to the content being addressed? Again, I didn't come away with any of the impressions you shared.

    The areas you have raised as erroneous opinions are actually accurate and Biblical. I agree that we all need to stick to the truth, but this also includes when the truth hits home in areas we may not like.

  4. Hello everyone: I would like to addresss those watching this video feed to let you know that we are in a serious spiritual warfare and Satan has launched an all out attack upon the Body of Christ. The sinister brainwashing of the devil has caused many of us to resist the authority of the true Aposltes, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers given as gifts to the Body of Christ. Soft spoken homosexual spirits housed in "ministers" of the gospel and worldly stars such as the effeminate rappers and hip-hoppers have made many individuals unable to receive the authoritative truth of the Word of God. The words of God are not all found in the scripture. Ministers of the Word are called upon to look at society at large and address the issues of society. Of course, this will cause conflict in those that are not totally separated from the world and still have parts of their souls engaged there. The scripture indicates that we are fighting with demons, fallen angels and Satan himself. Don't be deceived, and understand that this is not a discussion based on opinions. The evil entities we fight are now incarnate, Satan is wearing someone's pants or someone's dress. He is not a spook running around with no body. I percieve esosa to be relatively young and not understanding the totality of the battle we face, hopefully by listening to the entire messages presented here the Holy Spirit will reveal that we don't just read the Bible, we deal with real world issues and we are authoritative as the Body of Christ. It's time for men to step up and not be moma's boys afraid of their shadows, I know many of the women out there are waiting for that!! Be careful before you call someone ignorant. misinformed, arrogant or sarcastic because you never know the experiences that shape what is being said. Personal experience formats a lot of ministry and almost thirty years our here fighting these forces contributes to knowledge and information and not theories. Remember the Lord "calls the young, because they are strong, he calls the old because they know the way. Be careful that you don't shoot the messenger that tells you the truth. God bless you all...Focus your minds on Jesus Christ alone.

    Pastor Price

  5. Once again, I will say I agree with the blog, but not with some of the opinionated and incorrect points in the sermon.

    Jesus said "My Words are spirit, and they are life." Also in 1 John 4 John told us you can try the spirits by what they "confess." So spirits are evidenced by words. They don't hide.

    So if you claim to see spirits in "hip hop", then call out those spirits. If you claim to see bad fruits, then simply call out those bad fruits.

    A simple viewing of Galatians 5 which you quoted can do that.

    There is nothing in Galatians 5 that says the fruit of the flesh is hip hop. So crusading against a musical style is ERROR because you could be way more accurate by pointing out the sin, "bad spirit" or "bad fruit" that you claim to see in it. "This rapper has pride, as evidence by..." "This rapper is effeminate, as evidenced by..." "This song is about envy... because the lyrics say"

    Laziness causes you to just demonize what you don't understand, which leads to error.

    Here's the main reason the Hagin statement was incorrect: Kenneth Hagin Jr. is a different person than Kenneth Hagin senior. Can you correct yourself for this erratic statement? How can you condemn all of someone's life work for an ignorant opinionated statement that his son made? That's lazy and incorrect. That's like taking the Psalms out of the Bible because Solomon had too many wives.

    Opinion bashing is a waste of time and life, I only choose the Truth of the Word of God, because Jesus Christ is the King of All, and He knows all.

    Most of the articles that come from this site are very diligent to the Word and the Truth, which is why I frequent this blog and share with others. I would recommend being careful what you link to, because it can poison a good blog like a fly in the ointment.

  6. Hi Esosa,

    Casting dispersions with no collaborating Scriptural support simply comes off as defensive. Clearly, something in that sermon has affected you personally, but what offends you is not the standard for truth.

    It is nonsensical to claim that hip hop must be okay because Scripture doesn't specifically say it is not. Such comments show that you are either not yet prepared to examine the topic honestly or are not familiar with spiritual things.

    We must pray for spiritual understanding because it is a spiritual war in which we are involved. Those who assume that someone who says the right words has the right spirit (as you suggest) will be deceived.

    You demand apologies, but your contention is of your own making. The only error is the one in your own mind. The word of faith doctrine of both Kenneth Hagin Sr. AND Jr. is an abomination...ALL of it. If one's "whole life's work" is against God, then the whole work needs to be condemned, and rightfully so. This is why that doctrine was noted as false and harmful in that sermon.

    The pastor didn't say that Hagin "Sr." made the racist comments. That again is what you are assuming. Perhaps you don't know, but Fred Price was friends with both Hagin Sr. & Jr. and ended his relationship with both over their handling of this issue.

    Yet even that is inconsequential. In your zeal to find something to criticze, you are swallowing a camel and straining at a gnat. WHO CARES about Fred Price or Kenneth Hagin (either of them), like that?? You started off saying that you like the "truth" in the sermon, but you spend the entire time trying to defend incidental comments about Hagin and hip hop...which is not the topic of the video.

    You say "opinion bashing is a waste of time", but that is truly the gist of your comment. Can you not see that? Can you not see that you have spent the majority of your time doing exactly what you claim is beneath you?

    I don't know why you are so attached to Hagin and hip hop that you would go on an emotional attack against those who will expose those things. Neither is it my job to try and figure that out.

    I make no apologies for the comments in that video sermon. While I didn't make the sermon, I find it Biblically sound and accurate. Please also know that while I welcome comments on this blog - even from those who disagree with what is posted - they must be Scriptural and not simply ad hominem attacks. If you would like to discuss the soundness of a statement or ask a question, then fine. But I will not approve comments that lack substance and only serve to discredit those with whom you disagree.

    Let it be known that I stand against the Word of Faith movement and all who promote it. I also stand against any attempts to take worldly things and make them sacred, such as with Hip Hop.

    Also, it should be clear that I am not doing this blog with the intent of winning friends, establishing a following, or being popular. I take very seriously the content associated with this work. While that does not make me impervious to error, I am not about to start determining content based on what people do or don't like. May God continue to have His way, in this endeavor and in all things.

  7. Ok,

    My only point is that scriptures should have final authority. You didn't address anything I said or any Scriptures that I referenced from the Word of God, but okay, have your way... after all its your blog, and its a pretty good one.
    God Bless you.

  8. Hi Esosa,

    By way of update, I just completed the 9th part of the video series featured in this article. It is of course available above, but I feel led to also post a direct link here for those who may want to go directly to that part of the message Hopefully, all of the videos in this series can be made available over the next couple of days.

    Regarding your comments, we agree that Scripture should always be the authority on what is truth. No one is proposing that we believe extra-biblical doctrine. We are talking about the reality of fact that God speaks through His people to address real life situations at any time.

    If God were to say anything about hip hop at all, clearly there would not be a reference for hip hop in Scripture. That does not mean that God is silent on the subject.

    My failure to address some of your comments was not a slight, but my intent not to sweat the small stuff. I honestly don't care enough about hip hop or Hagin to argue with someone whether these things are Godly.

    However, since you ask, I'll share some thoughts.

    I, of course agree that Jesus' words are spirit. Yet, I would go further and say that all words are spiritual. Godly words give life and edify. UnGodly words tear down and destroy. This sort of goes into what I was saying about the spirit of a message being more than just the words. When Satan tempted Christ, He used some good words in citing Scripture. But they were spoken with the wrong spirit.

    It is not about the style or the message of the music. It is about the spirit behind it.

    Not all things are neutral; somehow only good or bad based on how it is used. Some things are just inherently evil and demonic. Take porn, for example. Is there any "good" porn? No. It is all evil because of the lustful spirit it glorifies.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here. I hope when you get a moment, that you consider listening to the entire sermon. I say this not to change your mind about anything, but only because I believe this sermon holds some vital truths which are largely ignored in the churchworld.

    May God bless you as well.

  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

    Like I said, my true intent was not to defend hip hop or Hagin, but to exalt scripture over opinion.

    I agree that the message had some very good points in it, of course it did, especially that which was based on scripture. I only did not agree with some of the opinions.

    Satan misquoted scripture and twisted it to fit his purposes (which you also pointed out in your "we are the world" blog) but a man of God has the spirit of God and knows how to rightly divide the Word of truth. This can be done whether he is young/old, apostle/regular Christian. This can also be done in any music style or any denomination or any message.

    Also, the bible continuously connect Words to Spirits... Besides the scriptures in John and 1 John that I already referenced, there is 1 Cor 12:3. No man can say that Jesus is the Lord, except by the Holy Ghost"
    Of course, its not that simple (as we can see by what Paul had to do to the soothsayer in Acts). Fruit and intent must be checked according to Galatians 5.

    A porn star saying "Jesus is Lord" on her videos is definitely not of God... why? First, because she would be a lying actor. She is not respecting Jesus as Lord, because porn can be shown scripturally to be wrong because; it is the lust of the flesh outside of marriage.

    Thank you

  10. Hi everyone we would like for you all to become partners on our weekly ministry teaching series at (the church without walls). Our latest message is "Preparation for Incarnation", please listen because these messages are to prepare the Bride of Christ for the endtime manifestation of His saints. Don't be distracted by sideshows and endless discussions. We are preparing for the most intense spiritual war ever conducted in the history of the world. Prepare yourselves and sanctify for the upcoming upheaval as economic systems collapse, weather phenomenon become more intense, the world becomes a cashless society and individuals turn to the "beast system" for help. Stay focused on Jesus Christ alone, don't be distracted away from Him. We are here to proclaim the Kingdom of God has come. Be blessed...stay encouraged, the Lord will be here soon!!

    Pastor Price

  11. Hello Everyone,

    To God be All Glory for His Truth.

    I have a question from something that I was able to observe recently (this touches on the point of blemished sacrifices) but raise a question within me:

    Recently I had the opportunity to observe a particular ministry; this ministry is relatively young, but the leader mentioned God gave her the vision (several years ago) to produce short movies based on biblical stories. The video that I observed (and the discussion later) was the story of the Woman with the Alabaster box. After watching the movie (which in itself accurately portrayed biblical points) the discussion went towards the actors, one in particular was a lady who played the woman with the Alabaster box. To cut the details of what was said, the leader of this ministry mentioned to all in the small theatre that we should continue to pray for this lady/actor as she was not saved.

    I didn't give the chance to ask this Ministry leader, but I had questions:

    (1) One of the things the ministry leader was saying is that God has blessed and is blessing the ministry - but I wondered if having sinners play active or key roles in any Ministry, would this somehow be 'blemishing the sacrifice'?

    (2) Will God bless a ministry that is not sanctified (set apart) holy for Him?

    (3) Do the NT scriptures give us an idea that we can use ministry this way?

    Now I know that Jesus came for the lost, sinners, burdened, bondaged but also when Jesus met with sinners - they were changed, healed, received life, free of demon posession.

    (4) When we minister like this, are we really ministering as Jesus commanded us to? (as we read and see that the Apostles were straight up to the point).

    (5) Does God show us how to handle gifts/ministries that he assigns us to? (if he gives us a vision for a ministry, then should we also consult him as to the: How/When/Who's?)

    What are your thoughts?

  12. Hi WClarke: How can anybody "minister" Jesus without being saved? That makes no sense whatsoever. Also God has chosen the foolishness of preaching to save the lost, not theatre which is only soulish entertainment. Tyler Perry claims to be a Christian and he is running around producing plays dressed as a transvestite and poor, deceived church folks sit there laughing at this abomination and noone says a word. To much time is wasted on silly sideshows and entertainment. This is why an unsaved woman can be used in a play about a bible character and not be convicted. It's time for God's kingdom to come with a demonstration of power. The scripture states that Jesus worked with His disciples with supernatural signs following their spoken words. That's what we need and that's what we pray for. A lot of women are going off on tangents and starting soulish ministries that are not producing fruit that will last. Just like T.D. Jakes, they just entertain you for a season. Remember the word entertain means "to detain someone to be entered". In these cases folks are being detained to allow demons to enter them and cloud the gospel. You cannot get fresh water and salt water from the same fountain the Bible states in the book of James. The unsaved have nothing to offer Christians because they don't possess the Spirit of Christ. Let's wake up out of this spiritual stupor and get on with saving souls. We waste so much time on nothing!!!!

  13. I am so impressed with this blog. Please continue preaching Jesus Christ!!
    Other thing, Wordliness is eating away the church and today many so called ministries are preaching all inclusiveness!! This is eucumenism and its evil of the highest order. Men are saying i'd like to be involved but do not touch who i am, whether a sinner, a rebellious christian, muslim, Jew and all are screaming...... leave me as i am, and do not try to change me!!!!
    Try this, have you noticed people do not clearly confess Jesus as Lord even when they are standing to address a congregation of believers? Que?? Why is it people view this as unnecesary? Thats why people who reject Jesus will continue to stand on the Altar raised for Christ and they are busy on their way to hell. Using correct words and nice words that are christlike does not qualify us to be born again. That is why my friend the sinners will continue acting in dramas and shows and continue being your backup in your praise and worship team!! These last days are terrible aand we must guard our salvation jelously.


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