Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Sacred Name of YHVH?

I have found Chris White to be solid in his exposition of basic Bible truths, and this video series is no different.

The Sacred Name Movement is causing much havoc in the church world while dragging folks into what is often a legalistic and elitist mentality instead of a true understanding of the nature of God. It does not take long in evaluating the "evidence" of such doctrines to see how they are based largely on perversions of Scripture, linguistic history, and basic etymology.

I have addressed this before, but Chris goes into this much more methodically and in-depth.

This video series addresses:
  • Is the word Lord a reference to Baal?
  • What is THE Name or Shem of God?
  • The Tetragrameton
  • Is Jesus connected to Zeus?
  • Is deus or dios connect to Zeus?
  • How did we get the name Jesus?
  • What is the true pronunciation of Jesus?
  • Are we calling on pagan gods when we call on modern names of God and Jesus?
  • Does Krishna = Christ?
  • Where did the word Jehovah come from ?
  • What does the bible say about saying the original hebrew names?

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