Thursday, April 14, 2011

Babylon as Christian Cults

Continuing the series entitled, "Know Your Enemy" by Mark Fairley of the Fuel Project, this selection of videos addresses the various Babylonian religions which masquerade as being "Christian".

While Mark discusses a few of these in the videos below, he does an in-depth study on Catholicism, which may be found here.  I am also linking to another resource, a book by Pastor Gary Price entitled "The Jesus Cult" which goes into this in more detail.

The "enemy" is not a person or even a group of people for we wrestle not against flesh & blood.  The "enemy" is Satan who exerts himself as a spiritual force against that which is of God.

There are a number of videos in this series, so feel free to use the arrows on the left and right of the video screen - or the listing of videos at the bottom of the screen - to navigate to the particular topic you wish to review, as listed below:

Part 72 - Mormonism
Founded by Joseph Smith Jr. who was born into and raised by a high practicing masonic family.  He was also a freemason himself and plagiarized much of freemasonry in the forming of his own religion: Mormonism.  As a true indicator of its roots, Mormonism teaches its members that they can "become" or evolve into Godhood themselves since God Himself was once just a man.  Therefore, they believe in multiple gods.

Part 73 - Jehovah's Witnesses
Founded by Charles Taze Russell, found his "truths" in the pagan religions and incorporated the same into his own ideas of faith.  He was a self-proclaimed "free mason" and saw Freemasonry as in complete alignment with his faith.  The Jehovah's Witnesses believe that Jesus is not God, but a created being, namely Michael the archangel.  While they do not believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead, they practice necromancy by stating that Charles Russell continues to communicate with, and guide them, after his death.

Part 74 - The Emerging Church
The best way to sum up the "emerging church" is that they teach that Christianity must change - even in unbiblical ways - in order to remain "relevant" to this present age.  It advocates a paradigm shift in the Church in order to embrace post-modernism.

Part 75 - The Emerging Church, A Road to Rome
Leaders in the emergent church openly admit that their philosophies are designed to merge Christianity with other world religions by reviving pagan rituals under the terms "vintage Christianity", "ancient future worship", or "new monasticism".  To this mindset, truth becomes secondary to the spiritual experience; it is the spiritual experience then which defines that which is true.

Mark Fairley has indicated that the remaining videos in this series must be reworked and it may take some time for them to be completed.  Therefore, I will simply add those as they become available.  Please remember to keep him in your prayers - as with all the church of God - as the Body of Christ wages war against the enemy so that the captives may be set free!

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