Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Train Up A Child - Full Series

A Review of Education in America

A few years ago, I did a series entitled "Train Up A Child" which examined the historical and present condition of education in America...and beyond.  These videos have now been consolidated into one and updated slightly.

Part 1 - What Has Happened?
Why has education in America continued to decline in global rankings? What U.S. trends/policies (like declining graduation rates, giving children mind-altering drugs, and paying for performance) are contributing to this crisis in education? What is the objective of the education system in America? How has "rat psychology" or Behaviorism being used to reform public education?

The purpose of education is no longer about intellectual development, but changing behavior. The U.S. educator training initiative "Behavioral Science Teacher Education Progam" (BTESP) trains teachers to become Behavioral Scientists in the classrooms.  What we have historically known as education has become mind control.

Part 2 - Education Reform
Initially, education in the U.S. was largely private, but this started to change as reformers determined to use education to mold man for a new Socialist utopia. They championed a universal, equal government-run education system to eradicate from man: traditional or religious perspectives, parental influences, and a sense of individuality. The result, they believed, was the creation of a socialist village construct.

Part 3 - Universal & Equal Government-run Education
The education reform "buzzword" that we have continued to see since the 19th century is a call for "universal" and "equal" education.   However, what does universal and equal really mean?  This section examines how programs like "Universal Pre-K" and "Baby College" factor into this "global village" vision. The government is seeking to start "educating" children "in the womb" so as to have a better opportunity to apply "transformative principles" to their lives...from the beginning.

Part 4 - Education as the Means to Creating a Global Village
What is the United Nations' global vision for education reform and how receptive is the U.S. to adopting these policies?  Is the climate in USA today conducive to the type of socialist reforms mandated by the U.N.?

Part 5 - Redefining Traditional Values
How are schools being used to eradicate traditional values from the minds of children?  Teachers are informed that changing a student's "fixed beliefs" is part of their job in providing a "quality" education.

Part 6 - Redefining Education Essentials
Since the three R's of reading, writing, and arithmetic are no longer the education standards, new criteria is being used to define a "quality" education.  These new standards judge students, not primarily on academic achievement, but on their value systems. A strong belief in God is increasingly categorized as an intellectual deficiency which needs to be "fixed".

Part 7 - Indoctrination of a New World Order
World leaders are becoming much more vocal in outlining our need for a "new world order".  Yet, what are the implications this poses for education?  How does the United Nations believe that they can use education to "change the world" and why does Christianity pose such a threat to these efforts?

Conclusion - One Mind to Wonder After the Beast
The U.N. believes that its education goals in unifying the world under "one mind" is mankind's "sacred duty".  However, these reforms documented in the World Core Curriculum are rooted in the teachings of Theosophist and Occultist Alice A. Bailey who believes that man must "evolve" into godhood by following the Ascended Master, Lucifer.  What does the Scripture say about these goals to unite the world for peace and what should we do in response to these things?

Train Up A Child from thelatterdays on GodTube.


  1. I just finished watching this entire video. It has been eye-opening! My daughter is a 5th grader, attending a Title I school (i.e. economically disadvantaged) in Texas. This year they have "specially trained" teachers working as behavior specialists (a position "created" by the school district) and my child has been harassed ALL school year by these people. I have been in constant spiritual warfare because these people are constantly trying to label my child. They can pull any child out of the classroom for any reason and question them without another adult present. Ever since I confronted them about these bizarre actions, my child has been retaliated against for every little thing. After watching this video, it all makes sense now.

    God bless you for exposing this sick agenda.

  2. Amen my sister...this is one of the main reasons I am homeschooling now!

  3. Peace unto you Mia of LDM,

    I interested in homeschooling my child with godly values. Do you know of anyone who can refer me on how to accomplish this task?

    Thank you and to God be the Glory!

  4. Hi Sandrea,

    That is a tall order. I had the blessing of being able to homeschool our children for a year, but could not continue due to other circumstances. If I had the chance to do it again, I gladly would.

    It takes a lot of time to determine textbooks, plan curriculum, yet keep it interesting and fun for the kids. So, regardless of how you approach it, count on it being work...but a truly rewarding work that is a great joy!

    I wound up using a variety of homeschool programs in trying to meet my needs. There have also been various virtual public schools which have popped up nationwide which may help. So, I'll post some resources below.

    K12 is not Christian-based, but has an online curriculum that is very rigorous. I recall that they also allow a level of customization from parents to determine class scheduling and content.

    Bob Jones Homeschool
    A Christin-based curriculum. I pulled from this (among others) when I homeschooled.

    Christian-based curriculum. My kids use this at their school.

    I know others who have used this and recommended it to me.

    Crosswalk Homeschool Resources

    I am not sure which pieces you need specific help with (curriculum planning, making sure it is Godly, engaging the child, planning the schedule...), but there are a number of resources on the Internet. Depending on where you live, there may also be Christian schools who can partner with you to help, allowing your kids to come to school once a week or so while you do the rest at home.

    So, there are many options. The best way to get started is to speak with homeschool Moms in your area.

    May God guide you in this process!


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