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The Occult & Secret Societies

The crest of the Vatican featuring a dragon/serpent.
The word Vatican literally means "divining serpent".
Continuing the series entitled, "Know Your Enemy" by Mark Fairley of The Fuel Project, this selection of videos addresses the occult and secret societies as extensions of the Babylonian mystery religion.

The "enemy" is not a person or even a group of people for we wrestle not against flesh & blood.  The "enemy" is Satan who exerts himself as a spiritual force against that which is of God.

While I am posting a number of videos from this series, these particular ones I happen to believe are some of the most important for Christians to watch.  I hope that you are able to take time to watch them.

There are a number of videos in this series, so feel free to use the arrows on the left and right of the video screen - or the listing of videos at the bottom of the screen - to navigate to the particular topic you wish to review, as listed below:

*Part 23 - Roman Catholicism (This one I particularly recommend)
When Christianity reached Rome, it dropped into a city completely under the spell of Babylonian worship and whose emperor was the current high priest of the mysteries as denoted by the title "Supreme Pontiff". This is why Rome was so intent on brutally persecuting and exterminating Christians. Never underestimate just how much Satan hates God's people nor to what lengths he would go to harm us if he had the power to do so. Because persecution had only made Christianity more formidable, Satan - through Rome - switched to a tactic of manipulation.

In 312 AD, Emperor Constantine signed an edict of Milan which allowed tolerance of Christianity. However, Constantine only did this for political gain and even engineered a false conversion to allow him to use Christianity in furthering his objectives. He appointed leaders in the church as his political advisers and worldliness and corruption began to seep into the church in Rome. Eventually, the title "Supreme Pontiff" which had been reserved for Ceasars in denoting them as the high priest of the mysteries was bestowed upon Damascus, the Bishop of Rome.  This remains a title of the pope of the Roman Catholic church until this day. He is still called the "Supreme Pontiff" as the head of the pagan religion of Babylon, the mystery religion, the fount of satanic worship.

To increase the spread of its mystery religion, the RCC continued to compromise Christian principles in order to attract pagan converts. The RCC simply became a mystery Babylon religion with a Christian facade.

* Part 24 - Catholic Symbols I (This one I particularly recommend)
A review of the Baal, Asherah, and ritual phallic symbolology used by the RCC. It also discusses how Mary is really Asherah or Semiramis renamed. For a detailed review of the Biblical mother of Jesus compared to the Catholic Mary, click here.

* Part 25 - Catholic Symbols II (This one I particularly recommend)
A review of how the RCC openly incorporates satanic and Anti-christ symbolology. The word "Vatican" itself literally means "the divining serpent"; it comes from the Latin word vatis which means diviner or soothsayer.

* Part 26 - Islam & Muhammad (This one I particularly recommend)
Islam's roots are also in the Babylon mystery religion. Muhammad's inspiration for the Qur'an came from what he initially admitted was a demon. Muhammad's wife Khadija then sought direction from her Catholic cousin to explain the spiritual encounter and was told that it must have been a message from God. After that, Muhammad started to think of himself as a prophet who had been visited by an angel of God.  However, as a result of this experience, Muhammad became suicidal and attempted to kill himself multiple times.

Muhammad was thought to be demonically possessed even as a child, and this possession is echoed even in the Islamic holy books (Sura 81:22-25, Sura 69:41-42, Surah 53:21, Hadith of Bukhari Volume 7 #660). There is also overwhelming evidence (including in Islamic holy books) that Muhammad was a pedophile, marrying his wife Aisha when she was 6 years old and consummating this relationship when she was 9 years old. The sexual perversion from which Islam springs is also why Muslim men are promised constant fornication with virgins as a depiction of their paradise after death.

* Part 27 - Allah (This one I particularly recommend)
Muhammad was born into a culture of moon worship who referred to this god as "Al-Ilah", denoting him as supreme over all their other gods.  This name later became shortened to "Allah". Muhammad tried to convince the Christians and Jews that his "Allah" was the same as Yahweh, but they knew such was not the case and rejected his appeals as heresy. As a result, Satan - through Muhammad - switched from Plan "A" (manipulation) to Plan "B" (intimidation) and began to seek the annihilation of both.

This dichotomy is reflected in Muhammad's writings, where the earlier ones (from Mecca) were peaceful to the Jews and the later writings (from Medina) were antagonistic towards them. To explain the many contradictions in the Qur'an, Islam operates on a principle of Abrogation which means that the later writings cancel out the earlier ones.

When appealing to the masses as a "religion of peace", Muslims will often point to the earlier writings of Muhammad in full knowledge that these verses have been effectively nullified by Muhammad's later writings calling for the slaughter of all infidels (unbelievers). The word "Islam" literally means submission and refers to the fact that its goal is to have the whole world in submission to its moon god, Allah.

* Part 28 - The Kabah (This one I particularly recommend)
The Black stone is contained in the Kabah in Mecca, which is another example of Babylonian worship which permeates Islam. Images in tribute to the Kabah can be seen all across the world for its use in worship predates Islam back to the days of moon worship. *For info about the kissing of the Black Stone in the Kabah predating Islam, click here.  Please excuse the frank nature of the discussion, however considering the sexual rituals associated with Babylonian mysticism which we have reviewed already, this should be no surprise.

*Part 29 - The Islamic Catholic Connection (This one I particularly recommend)
The connections and commonalities between Catholicism and Islam reveal the truth of their shared roots in Babylon. This root will become more clear as the ecumenical movement gains more ground in uncovering the fact that they are both offshoots of the original mystery religion.

* Part 30 - The Dark Ages (This one I particularly recommend)
Occult philosophies coming out of the Babylonian mysteries began to flourish. For a list of many of these occult practices which continue today, see the Fuel Project's Occult Checklist.

The RCC became the most powerful spiritual and political entity in the world. Legal authority over the setting up of kings in Europe was in the hands of the Catholic church. The previous Roman Empire became the Holy Roman Empire as the RCC conquered lands and pillaged the people to grow its own wealth, privilege, and power. They extorted money from the people by selling indulgences (offering forgiveness of sins for money) and allowing salvation to be purchased by tieing it to the invention of purgatory. By discouraging individual study of Scripture as well as preventing it being made available in the common tongue, the RCC kept the people in ignorance and dependant upon itself for "revelations" from its god.

Part 31 - The Information War I
The Reformation (where men started to openly challenge the heresies & corruption of the RCC) combined with the invention of the printing press allowed people to hear the truths of the word of God and break away from RCC tyrany. The Bible then began to be printed in common languages. Although the RCC attempted to burn any copy it found as well as execute those involved in providing the translations, the RCC's control over its empire began to slip. The history of early Bible translations is discussed.

Part 32 - The Information War II 
The discussion on the development of Bible versions continues to be outlined here. Henry the VIII broke from the RCC and founded the Church of England or the Anglican Church - including its own English Bible - and the monarchs of England became head of this church. However, when Queen "Bloody" Mary came to power, she attempted to bring England back under Roman authority, burning at the stake anyone thought to be a Protestant. The Reformers were allowed to return to England after the reign of "Bloody" Mary ended.

In 1582, the RCC surrendered their fight against a Latin-only Bible and created its own English version, but based singularly on the already proven corrupt Latin vulgate translation. In many ways, the Church of England is a sister to the RCC in origin, doctrine, and practice, even to the point of persecuting protestants against the church as had the RCC. Although Satan - through the RCC - attempted to establish a heirarchy of knowledge to limit people's knowlede of God and keep them dependant upon that organization, he failed yet again. The Reformers were killed, but because of their moral courage, the RCC stronghold was broken.

Yet Satan never changes. He still wants to control the information flow about God in order to limit people's knowledge of God. The most effective way to control the flow of information today is to control the media. Will we be courageous enough to stand up for the Gospel, even at the expense of our lives?

Part 33 - The Jesuits
As the reformation threatened to take away the power of the RCC, they established a counter reformation to nullify it and reassert its dominence. Therefore the Council of Trent was held to "clean-up" the RCC and reaffirm it as the only true church of God. Fundamental to this movement was the establishment of new religious orders, including the Society of Jesus or as they are commonly called, the Jesuits.

The founder of the Jesuits was Ignatius Loyola. Loyola eventually dedicated his life to an Asherah in a Benedectine monestary in Monserrat and later moved to live in a cave. Like Muhammad, Loyola received demonic visitations in the cave after he spent some time in self-mutilation, claiming that a figure in the shape of a serpent gave him revelation about the secret doctrine of the Catholic church. It is said that Loyola had mystic powers after this time. Loyola and 6 companians formed the initial brotherhood of the Society of Jesus, and he became its first Superior General of the order. Their goal was to reestablish the dominence of the RCC, and eventually, that organization saw the need for such a military order to fight against the work of the Reformation and it became a recognized arm of the RCC.

Part 34 - The Spiritual Exercises
Loyola ritualized his actions in the cave which led to the demonic visions as something called the "Spiritual Exercises".  Every Jesuit was required to go through this initiation. By the end of this process, the Jesuit's mind would be broken and brought into complete subjection to his superiors and the order. According to their constitution, the Jesuit superiors could even command a Jesuit to sin to further their goalds for the Supreme General was to be seen as the vicar of Christ just as the pope is to the RCC laity. Even today, the Spiritual Exercises are promoted within "Emergent Christianity" by individuals such as Tony Campolo.

Part 35 - The Jesuit Oath
The Jesuit Oath commits each member to do any and all of the following in furthering the goals of the pope:
  • Become a "dissembler" or "fifth column" in order to obtain the confidence of and deceive the masses in information gathering; 
  • Incite wars and bloodshed in order to disrupt the peace of nations not under RCC control; 
  • Obtain leadership positions in religion, government, financial and education sectors in order to render them in service to the pope; 
  • Consecrate his labors in blood by executing and exterminating heretics.
The full Jesuit oath may be read here.

Part 36 - Jesuit Deception
The Jesuit is assured that he will never have to be accountable, and is absolved of all personal responsibility - even before God - for any act committed in obeying the commands of those higher up in the heirarchy.

Part 37 - The Rise & Fall of the Jesuits
The Jesuits figured out that controlling education went a long ways to controlling information among the masses and therefore set-up various institutions of education worldwide to mold the "minds and souls of men". However, as a number of European governments grew to resent the Jesuit influence, they began to loose favor. Under pressure from European monarchs, the RCC abolished the Jesuit order in 1773.

Part 38 - The Enlightenment
The wickedness of the Jesuits and the RCC in general ignited a dramatic rejection of Christianity by many in Europe via a movement called "The Enlightenment." Even today many do not understand that neither the Crusades nor the Inquisition were Christian endeavors, but were the workings of the satanically-inspired RCC originization whose primary victims were the true Christians. In an effort to be rid of the type of religious control & corruption wielded by the RCC, people began to desire a type of godless society which would be free of such religious influences.

Instead of looking to God's ways (which they falsely believed were exemplified by the Catholic church), man would look to science and reason for all answers. Like Eve in the Garden, they believed the lie that God was a vengeful, wrathful God who hated man and desired to keep him in ignorance. Also like Eve, they did not know that in turning from the Tree of Life (God) to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil (man), they had been deceived by the "divining serpent" (Vatican). Needing some answer for the very existence of man and even the world in general, but not wanting to acknowledge the Christian God, the school of thought called Deism began to emerge.

Part 39 - Deism
Deism puts forth that there is a Creator, but this Creator is not personally involved with his/her creation. Since there is no direct interaction with this Creator, there is no direct revelation from him/her. In this way, all religions contain some validity and it is up to each person to pick and choose which truths are most relevant for themselves. According to this mindset, there is no such thing as an absolute truth of God. Everyone is right in their understanding of God because everyone has just a small portion of the truth.

Deism was a forerunner to Pantheism which says that not only is God observable in nature, but God is nature itself. In pantheism, God typically becomes female and is referred to as "Mother Nature", "Mother Earth", or "Gaia". Deism is also the roots of Universalism, which falsely teaches that everyone will get to Heaven, such as Carlton Pearson teaches. In its affinity to science, Deism began referring to God in scientific terms and referred to Him as the "Grand Architect of the Universe". The master plan of the Architect would then be accomplished by men as they increased in knowledge. It is around this time that Freemasonry became as a sort of church of Deism, exercising the purist form of Bablylonian mysteries in existence.

Part 40 - Freemasons
The history of lodges and the Freemason brotherhood in using the prinicples of Babylonian mystery religion in architecting a new society and new breed of man, free from religious tyranny.

Part 41 - The Illuminati
Information on the life and teachings of Adam Weishaupt who formed the "Ordo Illuminati Bavarensis" in 1776 as an exclusive sect within Freemasonry. Educated by the Jesuits, Weishaupt adopted many Jesuit principles in his Illuminati organization.

Part 42 - Illuminati Themes
One of the mottoes of the Illuminati is "Order out of Chaos". They create disorder and the bring about the solution to that disorder, whereby they gain control/influence over the minds of the people.

Part 43 - Masonic Symbols I
Occultists believe that once a symbol is created, it generates a power all its own; and the more secret the true meaning of the symbol, the more powerful it is. ALL occult symbols have double meanings to help with concealment.

Part 44 - Masonic Symbols II
A continuing review of the Freemasonry occult symbols.


  1. Just like the previous article in this series the video says : by Ainesis3.

    But thats not really how it is, because as soon as I watch it on youtube its by the fuelproject. How can this be ? I know its probably just some technical thing ofc, but do you have any insight too this ?

    I like to dl certain videos you see, and I try to contribute them all to their maker\and or poster.

  2. Hi Dan,

    The creator of the video series is noted in the article as Mark Fairley. If you click on his name, you will also be taken to his page on Facebook, which is where he is directing everyone to go. This information is also in the videos.

    What you are seeing in terms of my Youtube name is simply a function of Youtube since I created several playlists with these videos. Don't worry about that, simply refer to the credits in the article and the video themselves.


  3. These videos are really excellent. They explain so many things I did not understand about the Old Testament and ties it to the New Testament. I really appreciate the opportunity to view them.

  4. Hi Kim,

    I do too! I learned a lot by listening to them as well. It was an ambitious undertaking that Mark Fairley has done, but I can clearly see God's hand in it. I pray that God really bless him for this work, and for doing it as unto the Lord.

    I hope that you are well!

  5. This study is amazing. Thanks for posting it. I love how it ties everything together and shows the "evolution" of Satans plan. It also helps us understand where we are in prophecy and where we need to be in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Just awesome. BTW...Brian Williams is giving the "scarey" new of a "Government Shutdown". Oooohhhh...I'm shuttering. Whatever keeps us in fear.

  6. Just finished the series. Hard to believe all that stemmed from Nimrod and only just a few generations after the flood. Makes me wonder who was Semiramis' father.

  7. Hi Mugi,

    One could actually say that it all stemmed from Satan. What we in Nimrod and Semiramis is merely the growth from what happened with Adam & Eve. Satan's tricks are the same in terms of how he tries to deceive man into thinking he can save himself or become a god himself.

    Praise God though we know how the story ends. :-) The only question is what part will we play and on whose side will we be found?

    Thanks for sharing your comments.

  8. Mugi,
    Also hard to believe that they are so bold and open about what they want. The symbols and intentions aren't even hidden. They are in plain sight.

    It shows just how brainwashed and manipulated the peoples of the world are...including "Christians"

  9. I wonder if the catholic priests even know they are perpetuating idolatry?

  10. Hi Tiffany,

    While it would be silly for me to attempt to speak for every single priest, I would have to say that most have to know.

    No one (but the willingly blind) can read the Scriptures and not see the start contrast between Catholic doctrine and biblical truth. I can remember the great shock I went through the first time I set my mind to actually study the Scriptures for support of what I believed as a Catholic (at the time).

    There have also been priests who have publicly spoken of the fraud, perversion, and deception in the church from seminary...including outright satanism.

    So yes, I do think most priests are acutely aware that what they teach and stand for is not the least bit biblical.

    Thanks for commenting!

  11. Sorry, above should read "stark contrast".

  12. Hi, I've been browsing through your blog for a while and I just want to say THANK YOU for being a channel of blessing through your posts. Just finished a good portion of the Know Your Enemy series and it's been really enlightening - it's helped me tie up a lot of questions I had from studying the Bible and world history and reinforced that God is who He says He is. So many times we in the church have tried to add or subtract from His person because of negative experiences we've gone through - but how can we even do that when we have been interacting with a tainted, highly modified version of Him? Truth is GOOD! Once again, thanks.

  13. The Catholic church has blended paganism with the bible and produced a hybrid religion that is not authorized by the bible.


  14. I found your videos while doing research on the origins of Jehovah's Witnesses. Although your presentation was consise I found it to be true. I began to watch from the beginning of the series since then. Thanks for putting it together. My question is do you provide an appendix so that I can research specific topics?

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Just to be clear, I have not compiled this video series. They are the work of Mark Fairley in a ministry he calls "The Fuel Project". You may reach him via one of the methods below:

      Mark Fairley Website

      Mark Fairley - Facebook

      Mark Fairley - Youtube


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