Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Birth of False Religion

The next few posts on the blog will highlight a video series entitled, "Know Your Enemy" by Mark Fairley of The Fuel ProjectKnow Your Enemy attempts to look at the world (events, countries, media, policies, religions, prominent figures, etc.) through a Biblical view.  The "enemy" is not a person or even a group of people for we wrestle not against flesh & blood.  The "enemy" is Satan who exerts himself as a spiritual force against that which is of God.

This first section of videos highlights the roots of false religion and the satanic lies which make up the secret knowledge of mystery religions.

There are a number of videos in this series, so feel free to use the arrows on the left and right of the video screen - or the listing of videos at the bottom of the screen - to navigate to the particular topic you wish to review, as listed below:

Part 2 - Lucifer 
Who does Scripture say he is? Where is he now?  How does he operate?  He disguises his appearance. He is a created being and therefore not equal to God.  Satan deceived by claiming you could attain godhood by obtaining knowledge. Satan wants to be worshiped.

Part 3 - From Adam to Nimrod
How the nephilim is evidence of the demonic invasion of humanity. Who is Nimrod?

Part 4 - Babylon
God utterly despises Babylon and is symbolic of Satan's city. It was established by Nimrod's empire.  Babylon occurs frequently in Revelation, even though the physical city would havebeen long gone by that time.

Part 5 - Semiramis
Nimrod's wife who in some respects may be a more important figure than Nimrod.

Part 6 - Tower of Babel "The Mountain" (This one I particularly recommend)
The goal of the constructors of the Tower of Babel was the same as Satan's goal to sit in the mount of the assembly in Isaiah 14:13-14. The idea to use religious authority to secure temporal authority seems to have come from Semiramis.

*Part 7 - Tower of Babel "Heaven" (This one I particularly recommend)
The temple at the top of the Tower of Babel was likely adorned with the zodiac and was the basis of the mystery religions. It also introduced the concept of the "all-seeing eye" imagery. The move to build Babel was an effort for the people to bring about their own salvation via unity under one religious system.

*Part 8 - The Mysteries (This one I particularly recommend)
Created by Nimrod & Semiramis, it is called the Mysteries, because its foundation is "secret knowledge" which makes one attain godhood. Based on a corruption of primeval astrology which depicted Satan as the righteous ruler of the universe who would one day regain control of the world. This is the basis of modern-day astrology and horoscopes.   The idea of occultism is that there are a powerful, enlightened few at the top who see things the way they really are, while the masses are ignorant sub-humans who must be kept in the dark. It creates a "knowledge heirarchy" replicated in all occult societies today filled with symbolism which the masses are unaware. This way, the Mysteries are hidden in plain site.

The Mystery religions are obsessed with sex or what Aleister Crowley called "sexual magick" which is the use of sexual activities to obtain spiritual power. The rites of Babylonian Mysteries included phallic worship, Sacred prostitution, sodomy with both males & females, child sacrifice, etc.

Explains how the "dog star" also known as "Sirius" and the "Morning Star" relates to Satan. How Harry Potter contains the ideas of the mysteries as an integral part of the storyline.

Part 9 - The Birth of Tammuz & Polytheism
It is reported that Semiramis had Nimrod killed by her priests to cover the fact that she was pregnant with an illegitmate child. To maintain control over the people, Semiramis claimed that this child "Tammuz" was an immaculately conceived child from Nimrod.

Part 10 - The Scattering
"Babel" literally means confusion. God scattered the people to and confused their languages in order to thwart their plans in establishing the mystery religion, largely connected to mother-goddess worship.

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