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A Bisexual Playground... UPDATED

The following article is written by a blogger who has given her life to, and is truly on fire for, the Lord.  I am posting her article here because she describes a phenomenon that I am just honestly not too familiar with, as this was not done in my day.  However, it seems to be very prevalent in these last days.

She describes how commonplace it has become for young girls to"joke" about being married to their girl friends, which they even call their "wives".  She tells the truth of how these activities are inspired by a lesbian spirit which attempts to normalize these behaviors in the minds of young people.

Recently, God enabled my family to see the reality of what this blogger describes through ministry to a young woman with similar experiences.  She had engaged in similar jesting in high school, which ultimately culminated in full-fledged lesbianism in college.  Yet this spirit is very deceptive.  Although the woman was participating in same-sex activities, she did not consider herself to be a lesbian.  Even when we prayed to cast out that spirit, she would cry out, "I am not a lesbian."  When Satan can mold you into his image and yet still blind your mind to the reality of what you have become, that is true deception

Yet the "Bisexual Playground" - as this blogger describes it - is not something relegated to the schoolyard; it is also alive and well in the "church".  There is perhaps nothing more deceptive than the sodomite spirit which hides behind "getting saved".  By that I mean, it stops the acts of homosexuality, but the spirit remains; simply finding another outlet.  That outlet can be other sexual sin such as masturbation, which is the same expression of self-love as homosexuality.  Or maybe it is an inordinate attachment to, and dependance upon, same-sex "friendships".  There is nothing wrong of course with Godly fellowship between women or between men.  However, when that spirit is present you will find that you are only comfortable with those of the same sex...or with members of the opposite sex who have the same sodomite spirit.

UPDATE: God has led me to update this article to explain further by what I mean about a homosexual spirit seeking to manifest in ways that are not sexual.  The key here is that the person with that spirit does not really want to be set free from it yet.  Rather, they want to pull you into the perversion with them because they still like or enjoy that spirit. They are still in covenant with it.

One way in which this can be identified in married women is that they constantly degrade or speak negatively about their husbands to other women.  This can be a slippery slope, because they can come to you under the guise of seeking counseling or prayer (Titus 2:3-5), but in reality that spirit is trying to be fed via a inordinate relationship with you.  No matter the advise or biblical direction you offer, instead of pursuing that in earnest, they just continue to tear down their husband's reputation to you and portray themselves as his victim in need of your support & understanding. The same thing can be seen in single women, yet the man who is the object of their derision may be a father, friend, or just a brother in the church (particularly church leadership).  It becomes you and me against him (whoever the 'him' is).  Although I am speaking from a woman's perspective, such is likewise true of men with that spirit.

God has particularly equipped women for intercession.  This is not to say that men cannot intercede, but as a life giver in the earth (correlating to the ministry of the Holy Spirit), women are designed to bring forth and nurture life.  This is why one of the first things a woman should do in such situations is go to prayer because God gives women a special intuition or sensitivity for spiritual things.  When a woman is taking such concerns to prayer, she will no longer speak against that for which she prays.  What I mean is, if she is earnestly praying for her husband (or some other) to the Lord, then she will not at the same time continue to prattle on about what he isn't doing right.  She trusts the Lord to work it out and it is that hope which brings her to her knees before God on his behalf.  There may be times when people need to vent, but someone who is constantly maligning others is not at the same time lifting them up in prayer.  For more on the role of women as life givers, please see the following: Life Givers Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

Another way in which that spirit tries to feed is by engaging in conversations with others about topics which should remain private.  They seek to share intimate details of their lives which you have no business hearing.  A prime way in which this is done is under the pretense of "confessing" sin, which is just a way of relaying all the sordid activities they are involved in.  What that spirit is really trying to do is paint images in your mind by planting seeds of perversion to contaminate you. This is why Lot's soul was vexed in Sodom, seeing and hearing constantly the perversions in which the people were involved (II Peter 2:7-8).  It is good to confess sin, but such involves repenting and turning away from it.  Someone who is continuing in sin - and wants to continue "confessing" it to you - only seeks to pervert you and vex your soul.

Still another way this manifests is that you and the other person share something exclusive or secret.  Maybe it is a gift which has been given or information that has been shared which marks your relationship as different or special from others.  Not only that, but this relationship precludes you from having healthy/Godly relationships with others because that spirit wants to claim you as its own.  There is then often jealously when that spirit feels threatened by others in your life.  Remember, I am not speaking about sexual expressions here.  Such can even be in operation with your own mother/father.  If you and your parent have a relationship that takes precedence over your relationship with your spouse - or if they attempt to pull your allegiance to them instead of your spouse - then that spirit can be in operation behind it.

The commonality with each of these behaviors above is that the lesbian/homosexual spirit is trying to cull you off into some unique, exclusive, and perverted relationship with themselves.  That spirit is seeking to be fed, and will even use ministry in the church as a means to do that.  END OF UPDATE

A young minister on Youtube once contested my statement that there is a demon "spirit" of homosexuality.  Having been delivered from performing homosexual acts, he believed that he was now completely free.  However, what he could not see was that the spirit was still well and alive via a very effeminate disposition (his mannerisms, affectations, emotionalism, etc). He is now "ministering" to other young men seeking deliverance from homosexuality, all the while denying that there is such a spirit behind it.  It is a trick of the devil to have you believe you have been set free, only to be bound in other areas.  When Jesus sets you free, He sets you free indeed and you will truly be a new creature in Him. 

"Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators [pornos - one indulging in unlawful sexual intercourse], nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate [malakos - soft, a catamite], nor abusers of themselves with mankind [arsenokoitēs - a homosexual or sodomite], nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God." I Corinthians 6:9-10

Sin is not about what we "do"; it is about what spirit we are of, what nature we possess.  Don't be fooled by Satan into joking about that which is not pleasing to God.  Sin is no joke to Him, and taking it lightly merely sears our conscience so that we are no longer as responsive to God's Holy Spirit as we should be.

Above all, one thing is clear.  The media is pushing a strong homosexual agenda.  My daughter and I were just discussing last week how prevalent homosexual imagery is, even during the daytime.  There is a satanic drive to make people believe that such is just as normal (and American) as apple pie.

Let's hold on to the truths of God's words and let it wash us from the inside out so that we can be purged from every form of iniquity.

A Bisexual Playground
by Never Too Young for Jesus Christ

Today I was thinking about how many times I saw girls, "play around" in school suggesting they were boyfriend and girlfriend. Since I was in Kindergarten, girls acted like they were married at recess on the playground. It was mostly the girls that were best friends or really close that played that game in elementary school. I believed It became the devil's plan to get us to step into perversion while we were young. By the time I got into high school, things changed. It had nothing to do with just pretending to be best friends or being really close. Girls saw other girls as sex objects and sexually attractive to each other.

Bisexual- Sexually attracted to both men and women

I remembered seeing girls at lunch time playing around and holding hands, acting as if they were a couple. Most of the girls had boyfriends and were beautiful girls, but for some reason they were attracted to one another instead of their own boyfriends. At the time, I couldn't put my finger on the situation and questioned, why was it A Bisexual Playground?

I've also notice girls putting on their Facebook "relationship status" that they were married to other girls. I even seen my own family members put on their status that they were married to one another. The meaning of that status is basically saying, "you are my wife".

I know the Word of God states, He made man to be with a woman and they should become one flesh.

Genesis 2: 22-24 " Then the LORD God made a women from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman, for she was taken out of man." For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh".

It is NOT funny to me nor to be taking lightly that girls would play around suggesting being married to one another.

Ephesians 5:4" Nor should there be obscenity, foolish talk or course joking, which are out of place, but rather thanksgiving".

Playing around suggesting you are married to another female or behaving like you're a couple, only opens up the door way for the devil perversion in your life. It's a lesbian spirit ready to take control over your mind. Being Bi, Gay, and lesbian is not a trend or life style to be proud of. It is written in the Word of God, as an abomination to our lord Jesus Christ.

I've seen girls get hurt by boys and ended up turning to other girls in school for comfort and love. By the end of the week they were a couple.

To read the rest of the article, please click here: A Bisexual Playground


  1. WOW!! Your update on this is soooooo true!! What many do not realize is that when we are involved in fornication(sexual sin) we open the door for a host of spirits to invade us/operate in us. I have been there and experienced exactly what you reference here!!

    Thank the Lord that these things are being exposed for what they are and I believe that the church must deal with this more because this spirit is wreaking havoc in the church world. I have seen it in so many young people and it is devastating to see. These young woman are going up for prayer week after week and crying out at the altar and the pastors/teachers have no idea what spirit is standing in front of them. They don't know these young girls are laden with sexual sin and spirits have come on them and they don't know what to do about it. My heart goes out to them because I know exactly what they are experiencing!! May God open the eyes of the elders, the saints,etc... so that we may know what we are dealing with and intercede on behalf of this generation!! When you have come from this then you know the BONDAGE that these people are in and as you said the key to being free is to "WANT TO BE FREE" I am a living witness that when we WANT FREEDOM, FREEDOM IS WHAT WE WILL SHALL HAVE through our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

    Much Love,


    1. Hi Stephanie,

      The funny part is that I felt yesterday like I should have included more about what I meant regarding homosexual spirits manifesting in nonsexual ways (as I too think this is an area of blindness for the church), but I didn't know what to say. Yet this morning, God woke me up and said, "This is what you say." So I did. LOL

      Yes, the same is true for all sexual sin as you state because it opens us up to the demonic.

      I also want to reiterate what you have said. This by no means is written to address those who earnestly seek to come out of sexual sin, including homosexuality/lesbianism. God is more than able to deliver us completely if we want to be free. This is specifically addressing those who are not interested in being completely free. There may be certain things they want to stop, but other aspects they still rather enjoy. If we are not serious about being fully purged and cleansed, then those unclean spirits will hide out and morph in ways to keep us in bondage in other areas.

      May we desire to be free from all iniquity in Jesus' name.

      And for those who know that they still do enjoy that which is unclean yet they want to be free, pray for God to change your heart so that you will desire His will for you. He is able to give us the desire of our hearts (Psalm 37:4). Acknowledge to Him that there is something still in your flesh that craves what is against Him and ask Him to take those desires from you and help you to crucify the flesh in order to overcome in that area.

      God is offering us such sweet freedom. We would be fools to choose Satan's lies & bondage over righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

      Much love to you as well Stephanie!

  2. Hi Latter Days

    Would you by any chance have a link for the YouTube minister who got delivered? I'd be interested to hear of his messages.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I do, but I don't want to make a spectacle of him in that way. It is still my hope that this young man would be completely delivered. Exposing him publicly as someone who I believe is still bound might do more harm than good at this time.

      However, suffice it to say that this spirit is plainly visible on him to any who would see. Further, his doctrine is not altogether sound, so those studying the word will be able to pick out the flaws in what he teaches.

      I think that is another big issue for the church these days. People are getting saved and then - perhaps too soon - they turn around to proclaim themselves teachers of the word. There is a reason why God said that such is a snare (I Tim. 3:6). Satan will often try to get one to "minister" in an area where one is not completely free in the hopes that it will lead back into further bondage.

      If you want to hear the testimony of one who claims deliverance from this lifestyle, I would suggest visiting DL Foster's site: Gay Christian Movement Watch

  3. Thank-you for this post Mia. It has helped. Me. Pray for my deliverance..... Charm

    1. Hey Charm,

      I have been praying for you and the family in general. I am so sorry that I haven't been able to connect with you this summer; it has been a very challenging few months in a number of ways.

      Charm, it is not too late; don't give up. God is more than able to cleanse us from all iniquity. It is not about any man, woman, or child, but our relationship with the Father. He desires us for His own; and He in His love for us He is jealous for us - to be wholly set apart for Him. God can even heal our hearts to let go of the hurts from the past (or even present) so that we can be whole. He also will change our hearts to purge from us those things we desire which are not like Him - if we let Him.

      Time is so short, it is really our eternal destiny at stake. Nothing else matters at this point. Just trust Him. Trust the Lord to make the paths straight...cut off everything which tries to feed the flesh...and find rest in Jesus our Savior. He is our Deliverer!

      It ain't over yet. :-) Keep pressing in to the Lord and leave everything else behind, for all else is truly dung.

      Praise God that He is not only able, but it is also His great pleasure to deliver us!

      Much love in Christ for you!!


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