Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beware of Christian Music

This morning, I awoke with a particular song on my heart, so I wanted to post it here.  When this song is sung in our church, there is such reverence for the Lord.  There is not a lot of loud musical accompaniment, but an almost hushed tone occurs and the song becomes like a prayer.  It is truly a cry from the heart as the sincerity of it ushers in God's presence.

However, I have scoured Youtube and can find nothing like it.  Yes, there are many versions of the song there, but none really reflected the worship that I have seen when sung in our services.  What I have posted below is the closest I could fine.

Yet, that search leads to the title of this post.  There was one version of this song by Michael W. Smith that I almost posted.  It seemed to have a quietness about it that I wasn't seeing in a lot of the other versions.  Although I am not a Michael W. Smith fan, I thought it was harmless enough.

However, after I embedded that video in this post, the Lord would not let me hit the "Publish" button.  Every time I started to post it, I had a very strong resistance in my spirit about it.  I didn't understand why.

I must have replayed that video about 4 times trying to understand what was wrong with it, but I couldn't see anything.  Then I thought, "Well, maybe I should not be posting this song."  Yet the Lord replied, "I didn't say that."  So I asked, "Then Lord, what is the issue?"  That is when God led me to the following page: Michael W Smith: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing.

UPDATE:  Bro. HannielOnline has shared that the above linked article is apparently a snippet of a larger piece that may be found here for those wanting to look into this further:  Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Now, I know nothing about this site and have not researched it, so don't consider this an endorsement.  However, this particular article I thought was very important to share.  It is evidence of just how badly the condition of the church has become.  To quote the author of this article, "It may be a sign of the times, that Christian ‘discernment’ is so utterly lacking."  I link to the article not to talk about Michael W. Smith, but to ask each of us to consider the spirit behind the music to which we listen...even if it is called "Christian".  This is of particular importance as many of the leaders of music in the "Christian" church are homosexual (whether openly or not).

It is this mindset which perverts music.
God says that "all things" were created
by Him and for His pleasure (Rev. 4:11).
"Good" music is not a matter of our
personal preferences.  It is a matter
of what is pleasing to God.
We have spoken before about how Satan uses music to receive worship and fill people with his spirit.  We have also shared how most "Christian music" is in actuality anything but.  We have spoken about how Satan is a master of music.  We have spoken about how there is music inspired by God and music which is not.

So it should come as no surprise that Satan has incorporated much of the occult inside of the church.  The music from Michael W. Smith represents the tenor & tone of most of what is played as Christian music today...and it is filled with occult mysticism.  Much of this music is not just "un-Christian", it is outright Satanic!

We know about secular music.  We know about the deceptions of so-called holy hip hop and Christian rock.  But what about music considered praise and worship?  It is not enough for the lyrics of the song to be ok, but what is the spirit behind the ones singing the words?  Even the words of God spoken in the wrong spirit are nothing but the conjurings of a smooth-tongued devil.  When Satan used Scripture to tempt Jesus in the wilderness, he was not inspired by righteousness (Matthew 4:6).  We must remember that even Satan can be transformed into a minister of righteousness (II Corinthians 11:15).

In our home, each of our children play praise & worship in their rooms throughout the night.  While we started this when they were babes by continuously playing Scripture Memory Songs in their rooms, they have chosen to continue this tradition.  Even now, although they are out of town visiting grandparents, they take their music with them to continue playing at night.  The problem is that there are now sites like Pandora whose idea of what is Christian is certainly not the same as mine.  Sure, you can pick and choose which artists are in your play list, but they also play other artists whom they consider similar to those.  For example, I have awoken at night to hear Toby Mac playing in my son's room (God forbid).  We have had to teach them that something is not "Christian" just because it is labeled as such.  Not understanding this may be the equivalent of ingesting cyanide.

As parents, and even just as servants of the Lord, we must take care about the "Christian" music to which we listen.  It is not just that some singers don't represent the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.  In many ways these artists are the same as the secular ones...except they are more devious.  They are not just singing about a watered-down Gospel, they are attempting to entice people into the occult or at the least, use witchcraft in the music to bind them.

What is the difference about the song below when it is sung in my church (and I am sure others as well) compared to much of what I heard on Youtube?  Even though the song's lyrics are the same, it is the spirit behind the worship which makes the difference.  May we exercise Godly discernment.

Beware of "Christian" music.


  1. The web URL you posted the link too I am not familiar with but I ccame across this blog back around 2009 but it was a much more lengthy piece that I didn't actually finish but I found it to be enlightening at the time. The web address you provided possibly pasted or somehow placed the information from there to theirs or perhaps it belongs to someone else altogether but the entirety can be found here:

    I do believe it's worth a read even though I didn't finish it all but it dealt with some other topics as well besides music.

    God bless and hope all is well

    1. Hi HannielOnline,

      Thank you so much for sharing as I had no idea that article was a snippet of a larger piece. I will update the article.

      Please give my love to the family!

  2. mia honestly I did not sensed in my spirit anything wrong with the song and I am supposed to be a fellow believer, the song sounds so real and true from this performer
    wouldn't God grant me spiritual discernment

    be bless mia you and yours

    1. Hi Christhinker,

      Just to be clear, I never posted the version from Michael W. Smith which I discuss in the article. However, maybe you found it on your own?

      If so, remember, I didn't sense anything wrong with the song either. I had embedded it into the blog to be posted. It was only the Lord stopping me from posting it which got my attention.

      I don't believe God's purpose in leading me to the additional info on Michael W. Smith was to rebuke me for not having known that there was something wrong him. He would have flat out told me if this was the case. The purpose was to reinforce how important it is to consider the source, so to speak. How not everything labeled Christian is Christian.

      Now I can tell you this. A lot of times I will try to research any ministry/minister before I post anything from them here, but sometimes I don't. When I don't I tend to make it known that I have not (as I did above). However, I was going to post that version without looking up info on the artist. Considering what this artist is doing in the name of Jesus, my posting could have seemed like an endorsement of him and his music. I would never want to lead someone astray, so I am very thankful that God gave me that reminder.

      So no, I don't think this was a type of "spiritual discernment test" from the Lord, and neither is that why I posted it. In the past, I have considered some of this music to be just watered down, but we need to consider that the same satanic intent and witchcraft found in much of the secular music has made its way into the church as well.

      So sorry if this caused you distress. I am sure you are fine. In terms of discernment, I am not talking about listening to a beautiful song with unquestionable lyrics and trying hard to perceive the spirit of the artist. I am speaking of understanding that someone who sings "Christian" songs but at the same time is admittedly on drugs and promoting the occult and things that are openly Satanic is not a Christian.

      Even praise & worship is a ministry and you can't drink from toilet water and then come bring others into the presence of the Lord. The vessels through which God pours His Spirit must be prepared by Him as a reflection of who He is. It is not just the music, nor just the lyrics, but whether the vessel ministering has indeed been made fit for the Master's use.

      God Bless!

  3. I have always felt very unsettled with Michael W. Smith - This confirms why. I also remember hearing a quote from him regarding how much he truly enjoyed a book called THE SHACK. Although I never read the book nor plan to ever read it due to some very disturbing blasphemy that exists within it, Michael W. Smith's praise of the book was one that made me realize a few years ago how deceived he is and wants others to be for that matter.

    1. Hi Joy,

      I don't think even think I know Michael W. Smith songs, but I have had the same feelings about others. For example, I have a lot of Hillsong records, albeit they are rather old. Yet, at one point in time, I considered them a "safe" ministry. However, over the years, I would see and hear things that raised little red flags. But you know what? I would dismiss it. "Well", I would think, "That was a little off, but oh well."

      The leader, Darlene Zschech, expresses an affinity for secular artists? I looked over it. The Hillsong album cover art looked a little dark/occultic? Hmmm... There is even a video for one of their albums where in one song, a demon clearly takes over one of the band performers. He starts jumping around on the stage, throwing himself around like they do in these rock concerts where they bump into each other. As my children and I watched, I said out loud, "That is a demon in that boy. Why is no one helping him?" They have performed in conjunction with the Catholic Church (which is truly a dragon) and now I believe Darlene is co-pastor of a church (or at least was recently)? And I don't mean to pick on them, as there are many other artists who are openly referred to as Christian yet are anything but.

      My point is that perhaps we ought not be so quick to dismiss these things. No, none of us are perfect, but when we start seeing signs of fellowship with darkness in those who minister to us, we should not take it lightly. Whatever spirit is inspiring you, you minister that spirit to others who receive your ministry. That is a serious responsibility, both for the minister as well as for those who receive from that minister.

      More and more of the churchworld is defiled by Babylon, and as the deceptions in these last days increase, we had better pray and ask God for eyes to see and a renewed focus on Jesus alone.

      God Bless Sis!

  4. Absolutely! Only those who are open to the Lord's teaching can be taught. I think of many of the churches in Revelation. Many of them are told what they do correctly, but we must never forget that with some of those same churches Jesus follows up with, "but nevertheless, I have somewhat against thee..." or a phrase similar to this.

    May we pray that our hearts are open to and accepting of His truth and revelations. I don't want to be blinded by what I assume is acceptable. I don't want to hear from Him in so many ways, but then close my ears in other areas where He is attempting to speak.

    1. AMEN Sister!!!! That is my heart as well. What good is it to know the truth, but not live it, and wind up eternally separated from our Father? Hell is not really a concern for me, and I don't say that lightly. What I mean is the punishment which would be most terrifying to me is not going to Hell, but being separated from the Father. It would break my heart to break His. i want to please Him. I don't want to come up short in any area He has ordained for me because I know that if He has ordained it, then He has also equipped me to walk it out. Lord, please keep our eyes and ears open and receptive to you in all things. Wash us continually and guide us in all things as we keep guard over our hearts. May your word be fulfilled in us and all who sincerely seek your face for your praise and glory.

  5. Wow sis this is so mind blowing! The Lord used this issue about music to open my eyes and come back to my first love almost three months ago. He really made me see and understand how the devil has his hands in it a lot of the goings on that we think are so innocent. I always heard and rolled my eyes about the Christian artists that I listened to like Kirk, Stacie Orrico, Toby Mac, DC Talk, GRITS, etc. being to cozy to the world in their musical styles. I rolled my eyes at minister Lewis and others that the Lord was using to warn us about some of these artists. I really shut the Lord out of the music choices I made in my life. Even after getting saved I never gave music or any entertainment I took part in a second thought most of the time. We cannot serve two masters. I actually read the info you had about Michael W. Smith and other CCM on a site
    This person had a TON of sources to show actual quotes from the artists themselves about the music they make. The occult issue with Michael W. Smith was just mind blowing. I believe the site authour said that he contacted Michael's team about the occult letters and they denied it but yet they didn't deny it either. I was blown away. I am blown away at these award show performances, album covers, music videos, magazine photos, etc. FLAMING with occult symbols. Jay-Z's new album is called Magna Carta Holy Grail. It's just crazy how they have this in plain site. I thank the Lord so much for having mercy on me and allowing me this chance to get right and get in line, and to lay down my life to Him everyday. I tremble at the thought of how blind I was and how I played all kinds of music around my girls. I do the same thing you do playing Christian music throughout the night but now I am screening Christian music and making sure the artist is singing about Christ, repentance, salvation, etc. CLEARLY. All of the CCM artists I had I listened to them and the site author had a point, a lot of the artist don't even say Jesus ONCE. I keep my selections with acappella, traditional hymns, and most recently searching for artists that sing scripture like the artist video you posted a few weeks ago. Bekah Shae is one that I do like right now. However she has pop/r&b styles on the majority of her albums. Her most recent album is more toned down and it's good for my praise and worship time. I am still screening her songs and seeing what she is about. You are right on, just because it says Christian music doesn't mean that we just take their word for it.

    1. Hi GIJane,

      I have found - with others and myself - that we often want to hold on to our personal preferences and give everything but those to God. It can be music, entertainment, clothes, food, etc. One person even commented on the post about Greek life to say something like, "Everyone knows we need to keep our secular life and our religious life separate." That is the craziness of a religious mindset. Instead of giving our whole lives as a living sacrifice, we cut out portions of our life that we are willing to give to God keep the rest to ourselves. Unless we are willing to give all to Christ, we will never experience true deliverance.

      May God continue to give you wisdom in discerning the times we are in and keep your family in His loving arms.

    2. Exactly my sister. I didn't want to make the previous post too long, but I had the same things in mind. EVERYTHING hiding in those corners in our minds and hearts needs to be exposed and cast away. After I recieved what God was showing me and chose obedience, it wasn't like a kid going "awwww daaad!" it was YES Lord here, here, here take it away! It wasn't hard because I got the message this time and I tremble. I tremble at the thought of letting that back in and then standing before the judgement and giving an account WHY I went back into the mud. I just think of that and I tell my flesh NO WAY! One example, I loved Zumba Fitness so much I became a Zumba Fitness instructor I LOVED Zumba! I played the music non-stop, bought the clothes, shoes. That had to go because it's still the MUSIC and the SPIRIT behind it. None of this secular entertainment keeps our mind and hearts stayed on the Lord. I sent all of my training DVD/CD's back and threw away my Z-life magazine as soon as I got it out of the mailbox. I didn't even open it. Anyone reading this that is on the fence about what we allow ourselves to be entertained by PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, bring it before the Lord and get it out. I recommend Minister Lewis The Truth Behind Hip-Hop videos, I have only seen parts 5,6 and 8, but part 6 is very very disturbing and sobering. If anyone reading what Latter Days has posted thinks it's not a big deal, I don't know what else to tell you.

  6. I could not have written it better. MWS is definitely a wolf in sheep clothing, but there are many many more just like him. I pray for these "artists" who know the Lord at a surface level, but seemingly don't know Him at all. 2 Cor. 7:1 - I truly had to repent and ask for God to clean out my spirit after ingesting music inspired by satan himself and disguised as gospel/Christian/inspirational. Many are deceived in the same manner, but God is waking His people from deep slumber with blogs such as yours LDM! Keep teaching the truth, and God bless you.


    1. Hi IAmPastorsWife,

      Yes, there are many like him. I honestly am starting to doubt that most of these compromising artists even want to know the Lord. You really have to work hard to pervert God's word and step over a lot of truth. Yes, God is waking those who desire eyes to see. By the Body of Christ coming together, with a mind focused on God's mission in these evil days, I believe many more will have their eyes opened. I pray we are all ready to be laborers bringing in the harvest.

      Love You Sis!

  7. Music is maybe the most controversial subject in the Church ( after tithes) but it sure reveals the state of the Church nowadays.
    You already underlined many things about music in your articles; So i just want to add more about the scarcity of genuine christian songs. I wondered why we always sing the same song in churches, today they do remixes... I mean is God lacking of creativity or is not able to inspire anymore at the point that so-called christian singers copy the secular instrumentals then add christian words? I came to the conclusion, music shows the dark age we are living for God is no more the source for many; it takes discipleship and commitment to be used by God in music for there is power behind (example David & Saul) and do it in God´s way requires humility. Those attributes disappeared in churches, today we just make noise. We say we worship him whereas our life shows no adoration or reverence to Him.

    We must learn to worship with simplicity, psalms and all the Bible are enough, we dont need all songs filled with the "me, myself, I" and a bit of heavenly words. Instruments are not mandatory, silence is even better to hear Him;

    Concerning Smith, I saw him in 2005 signing autographes after his concert and during the show people were more concern by his body than worship the Lord. Well I knew something was wrong, then I heard about his awards. People must realize that having an award means to be friend of this world and then to be an enemy of God. There is no way to get the glory which only belongs to God and be His servant.

    Well Mia, I praise the Lord again for your obedience. In this dark season may we walk closely with His spirit not to promote the work(er)s of darkness.

    Sorry for the long text that´s why I do not often comment.
    Blessings :-)

    1. Hi Laetitia!

      Considering how long-winded I can be, please don't fear that you are too wordy. You are always welcome to share what God has put on your heart.

      I think it all boils down to what you said, " takes discipleship and commitment to be used by God in music for there is power behind (example David & Saul) and do it in God´s way requires humility. Those attributes disappeared in churches, today we just make noise. We say we worship him whereas our life shows no adoration or reverence to Him." Even the use of instruments, lyrics, etc. can be non-issues. If we have dedicated ourselves to the Lord (which necessitates discipline), then His Spirit will inspire and guide what we do. It will be a reflection of Him. If we truly live for Him, He will take care of everything in our lives. It is only when there are aspects of our lives that we hold back from Him that His gifts can be perverted.

      Many blessings to you as well Sister! May His praises always be in your mouth.

  8. I personally haven't listened to much music at all lately. I am not saying that others shouldn't or should. I'm just saying what I have/haven't done. Honestly it's been a good thing for me at this point in time. I work in a lab with one other person. He is unsaved but when he isn't there I either have sermons playing while I'm working or it's completely quiet. Of course many of the other people at my job are mormon or unchurched completely but they all ask the same thing when there's nothing playing and the place is quiet "Doesn't it bother you that there is no music playing". My response is "Quite the contrary".

    It's amazes me how to the unsaved Quitness is loud. Not sure if that makes sense to anyone. However they listen to blairing music in their cars and the first thing they do when they get lost or make a wrong turn is TURN THE MUSIC DOWN. :D I find that interesting. I can't be the only one that noticed that. I actually used to be one of those that did that so I know from experience.

    At any rate I don't know about anyone else but it seems to me that in these last of the last days delusion and deception are coming in so many forms that it's really more like a demonic blitz and if your eyes aren't attentive to what's going on and your ears aren't focused on God's Word it's easy to get bamboozled. I am doing my best to get armed up to take the growing unpopular stand on the Word and to get oil in my lamp before the Lord comes back.

    1. HI KGore,

      Yes, I have noticed that as well. I think it is spiritual. When you have a lot of noise in the background, you don't have to think about your life...worse, a lot of noise can drown out the voice of God. It can be an escape mechanism. The loud sound of silence is always a blessing. :-)

      Amen! I have been thinking a lot about the 10 virgins lately. I do believe these are the times, as we prepare for the return of our Bridegroom. Stay strong in the faith brother!

  9. Hi,

    Over the last couple of years I've been "connecting more of the dots" about the times in which we are living. One person that is of interest (at least I think so) is John Todd. He was a satanist who got saved. He went to churches and spoke, confessing the things that he did as a high-warlock in a coven. He said he delivered music to huge denominational churches and paid the ministers big $$ (we are talking millions) to play these things. He named names, and then got arrested for rape, which he denied doing. His wife maintained that he was innocent. John Todd had written about the occult dangers for Chic tracks. I contacted Chic tracks to find out whether they thought John Todd was guilty, because they had direct dealings with him. They said that Jack Chic always felt that John Todd was deliberately set up. John Todd "quietly disappeared" and it is thought that he got killed while in prison.

    1. HI Susan,

      I remember reading about John Todd. Based upon what you have said, it is no surprise that the world has tried to discredit him. Satan flourishes best when the people are blind and anyone who sheds light on his works becomes a threat to him. may we continue to be salt and light for the sake of those who are lost as we all once were.

      God Bless!

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  11. Hi Sis Miasha,

    I can attest to this post and it is confirmation that we should try spirits of certain music. It's funny to me how,after being in the world, having already listened to some of the most filthy and degrading music that music was still the place where the Satan would like for us to fall into his snares again.

    When I first started to seek after the Lord, one of the first things I did was to start listening to the local christian radio station.

    For some reason, I didn't go for the 102.5 which played Kirk Franklin and other black gospel artist. Instead, I went for the more contemporary ones on another station with artist like CHris Tomilin, Michael W. Smith, and Kim Walker. After listening to that local station I had desire to go to Youtube and find other music similar to those. I can say I came across some originals that I still can listen to now. But, for the most part I had to stop listening to them after feeling like I was singing elementary superficial songs to my Lord about love, salvation, sin and other aspects of Christianity that I believe have been watered down by most Churches today. I just felt like is this all they've got to sing about??- even worldly people listen to these types of songs when they're going through tough times. Personally I knew this wasn't in line with what I reaad about when I opened my Bible in fact they hardly ever mentioned things that were 100% scriptural. Through my struggle with music, time after time when I would hear something that didn't line up with what I was being taught I would remember that "A Little Leaven Leavens The Whole Lump". I continued to listen to pure praise and worship that I received from others in the ministry, but when I felt like like hearing something that made me feel soulish- I knew what to go to (just telling the truth)......

    I specifically felt as if I was receiving another spirit from this one artist named Kim Walker. I had downloaded a few of her songs and I started to like it because I thought (Wow) these people sing about the truth- prophesying and endtimes loving Jesus. But, after hearing this one song I think she wrote called How He Loves Me I kept getting stuck on this one part where she sings: "Now Heaven Meets Earth Like A Sloppy Wet Kiss" just didn't sit well with me. To me this just sounded so perverse and worldly. I did not like to imagine the Kingdom of God furtively kissing the Earth like a sloppy wet kiss.
    Misty Edward was another artist who I believe was also under the influence of another Spirit and another Jesus. I literally listened to her songs until it just totally upset-ted my spirit enough to do some research and I found revealing things about their ministry and what it taught. That was enough to show me that I couldn't let their ministering through music not contaminate me by them possibly being a product of what they believed (doctrines of demons) in which was very cultish.

    Thank you for your posts. They are helping me and my expanding understanding about a lot of things. Thank God for you and May God bless and keep you.

    1. Hey Latia,

      Your post gave me such a chuckle at some point. My husband's roommate in college would always play Gospel music whenever he got in trouble. He said that whenever he came to the room, if he heard Christian music playing, then he knew something was wrong. Any other time, he lived like a Hellion.

      Isn't that just what folks do though? They don't want a Lord, but the will surely reach out for a Savior. Live like Hell, but them come begging the Lord to get them out of a jam...only to return right back to the vomit after being delivered in that situation.

      You know, all of this just shows how God is faithful to lead us in all areas.

      I love you Sis! When I see young women such as yourself on fire for the Lord, it is just encouraging. :-)

    2. "But, for the most part I had to stop listening to them after feeling like I was singing elementary superficial songs to my Lord about love, salvation, sin and other aspects of Christianity that I believe have been watered down by most Churches today"

      I feel the same way! Many come across as nice sounding but superficial. please check out Paul Wilbur who has some great WORSHIP and PRAISE songs that are original compositions but he takes many lyrics straight from the bible. He is a Messianic Jewish singer.

      Also check out KHCB 105.7 radio. it's a local Christian station in Houston and most of the songs are hymns (sometimes old school and some sung by church choirs) and comforting original songs that put the focus on The LORD and our Christian walk. They stream online and have an app. They also play solid preachers like Adrian Rogers, Alistair Begg, John McArthur, David Jeremiah, J. Vernon McGee and others. They do not play gospel though which I don't really mind as long as what they play glorifies God alone. I highly encourage anyone starved for an alternative from christian related music that does not agree with their spirit to check it out. God bless!

    3. regarding Kim walker: I actually wrote about her and her church in a comment below.

      Check out this video on youtube about demonic kundalini practices invading the church. It is eye opening and extremely sobering. Jesus Culture/Kim's church in Redding, CA is profiled in it.

      There's also a testimony she gave about seeing Christ in a vision that set off red flags:

    4. For the record I don't know much about the different artist/ministers backgrounds. Having in the past spent hours checking out websites like I came to a conclusion that it was best that I just pray for God's wisdom and discernment when it comes to choosing which music/artists/ and ministers I am going to, or not going to, allow in my life and home. I also decide I was going to be equally as cautious when it came to researching artists and ministers. If Satin could use so called Christian artists and ministers to deceive people couldn't he just as easily use wicked people to tear down and discredit real Christian ministers/artists? Of course he could, I would guess that this is one of his favorite deceptions. I also think that it is important to consider say, King David whom God called a man after his own heart. A deceiving, murdering, adulterous. Yes someone could dig up a lot of garbage at times, even on a man after God's own heart. In conclusion I think it best that Gods word and our own prayerful discernment be our primary focus when making decisions or judgment calls. Also I had not heard the "sloppy wet kiss" version" of How He loves Us. I always feel God's presence very strongly when I sing David Crowder Band's version which uses the words "unforeseen kiss" instead of "sloppy wet kiss" with permission from the original author who explains his original intent here
      I think both versions are wonderful. If I were too hear/interpret it the wrong way I wouldn't like it either. As I mentioned before in the past I spent hours digging up trash, not really intentionally, on all sorts of people and organizations claiming to be Christian. I came to the conclusion that this was not to my benefit spiritually or emotionally and that prayer and God's word were my best options. Hope this helps someone. God Bless.

  12. Sometimes I wonder are these people pushing an antiGod agenda or are they woefully ignorant. With Christian artist I like to think the latter.

  13. I used to be heavily exposed CCM while growing up in youth group and it never really grabbed me spiritually or aesthetically. I did enjoy Hillsong (Shout to The Lord era), Don Moen and Ron Kenoly which were all my mom and dad's tapes. Go figure.

    When I got saved, I went from listening to hardcore, underground rock to listening to old hymns and Christian songs by much older and by many others' standards, unhip and non current singers. Many of the songs focus solely on The LORD or are straight from scripture. Their voices or looks aren't part of the enticing package, it's just worship. Alot of worship today is all about the sound. I had to stop listening to Jesus Culture in particular because I realized I was more enticed by their sound than actually worshipping God. I had to force myself to focus on worship. I once went to a coference and discovered that one of their main worship leaders (she pretty much had the best voice and showcases it) would be singing and I got SO excited like i was seeing a celebrity. I immediately got such a strong conviction from The Holy Spirit like never before. Was I there for The Lord or for a performance? I then later found out that their church in Redding, CA are similar to Mike Bickle/IHOP ministries and I stayed far away since.

    I'm really blessed to have a local Christian station that plays this sort if music (in addition to solid preaching) 24/7. The station is 105.7 KHCB. They have an app and broadcast over the radio. On the othet hanf, the CCM station here on the other hand plays secular carols during Christmas. How surprising.

    Also not surprised about Michael w. Smith. He always came across as the play it safe at all costs, dont offend anyone type. I am also very wary about Toby Mac also but my brother who is a youth pastor loves him. He told me he likes to be able to recommend Christian artists like Toby that sound/look like what secular music his youth are into so they can transition away from it. Toby Mac is one of those that has overdone mimicking the world to attract people away from the world and it's manners.

  14. I came out the charismatic movement and for a while was enthralled with Misty Edwards' music. At the very beginning of my journey in listening to her music, one red flag (that I dismissed due to my then lack of discernment) was the song "I will waste my life" in which the lyrics are romanticized: I am in love with You There is no cost
    I am in love with You There is no loss
    I am in love with You I want to take Your name
    I am in love with You I want to cling to You
    Just let me cling to You Jesus

    Of course that is just one song out of many "boyfriend Jesus"type songs she sings and the rest of IHOP as well. It's not only that though, Latter Days you wrote an entry on Justin Beaver a while back and referenced Patrica King in it, you mention some very key things in that entry you wrote. And yes, primarily in this movement (the charismatic movement) they are using music as platform to engage in an altered state of consciousness. Here is an example via Misty Edwards and Mike Bickle himself "prophesying" during the song. Watch very closely at the very very beginning of the boy in the white shirt and glasses manifesting kundalini:

    Me personally? I don't listen to christian music AT ALL anymore. The Getty's don't seem bad or either does Selah, but their music is more slower paced type, and while I DO realize that it's the spirit behind the music not the beat, I don't particularity care for slow type music. In the 70's Keith Green seemed to be a man of God, but again, his music, at least for MY taste is a little toooo retro for me, LOL. I will say though, sadly, that his wife has succumbed to the IHOP spell according to sources and even relocated to Kansas City to be more active in that ministry, well, at least her late husband Keith Green is with the Lord, and not part of all that.

    Anyway, thank you for your post Latter Days, God bless you!

  15. HI Sarah,

    I had never heard of Misty Edwards before the mentions of her here, so I am not familiar with her music. The song you posted it very eery. All the flash of lights, the repeated mantra to "feel the rhythm", it very much like the Patricia King mess. Yet, even her voice in the song and the song itself didn't sit right with me from the beginning. It is unbelievable what is being done in the name of Jesus Christ these days. This is why we must be wise and be empowered to stand as true witnesses for Jesus in these days.

    I was recently reading about Moses and how the Lord demonstrated His power on Mt. Sinai in thunderings, lightnings, smoke, and the trumpet sounding as Moses read God's law to the people. When the power of God is not present, you have to do a lot of gymnastics, as was done in this video. Yet we must accept no substitute. Anything short of the actual presence of God within and among us will not prepare us for the times in which we live.

    May God help us and may He lead His people out of Babylon into life in Him.

    Thank you for sharing Sarah!

  16. Wow..what an eye opening article...that confirms the convictions of not aimlessly listening to whatever is on christan radio...question lyrics..and motives..M Smith never appealed to my spirit of always struck me as a powerless pop music..non confrontational in a call to holiness and radical obediance..and intimate communion..But M Edwards and K Walker have a heart after God! Ive never experienced "the sound" Ive always immediately been taken into sincere adoration of the beautiful..perfect love..of our savior! With out of this world experiences... joy..peace.. hope..healing .. the tangible grace of God beyond human reason!..Im sure if the flesh is not under subjection to Christ..Any worship could have carnal and legalistic implications for the listener. just like the scriptures without the spirit of truth to guide...

    1. Sharon I make no judgements on these woman's hearts, but being the fruit of the ministries that they are in, and have been in for years at that. 2 Corinthians 11 speaks of "another Jesus and another spirit". The Jesus they sing and speak of are contrary to scripture, it's another "Christ" they love. Are they bad people? No, if anything I PRAY that they get out of these movements they are in, but fact remains, they have succumbed to another Christ. This goes beyond carnality, it is whole other spirit.

      Here is Kim Walker's account of "another Christ" FOR SURE, and notice the whole thing is contrary to scripture: And too, IF you can make time, watch this telling expose on Jesus Culture, it blatantly shows the "Christ" they worship:

      THIS is the stuff that goes on at ALL these ministries: This is from Misty's ministry (IHOP) these manifestations are NOT Biblical, and yes they all speak on loving "Jesus", but it's another "Jesus". There is hardly ever any talk of repentance, Godly sorrow, brokenness, no depth whatsoever, it's all about "feeling good", and they go to sing that in their songs.

      Anyway, I came out of this stuff, I know all to well, and my heart is not to judge the hearts, but to expose the doctrine, what we are commanded to do, and to pray that these people come out from the unclean thing. Take care and God bless you!

  17. I dont know if anyone here has caught JCTV but its a " Christian " music video channel which is part of TBN and 75% of the stuff Ive seen on there is very blasphemous to say the least and the rest of it is worldly @ best.
    They have myriads of these very DARK GOTHIC Heavy Metal bands which call themselves Christian shreiking & ranting like wild banchees with deep dark evil voices and their guitars screeching, grunting & groaning like the devil about to give birth to a child.
    And maybe thats exactly whats happening ???
    And I hate to say it but this stuff goes all the way back to the 80s with the first Christian heavy metal bands like STRYPER and now the fruits of darkness have blossomed fully. I also hate to say but Calvary Chapel is responsible in a big way for this phenomenon because they have been @ the fore front of promoting this type of " ALTERNATIVE " Christian music since the 80s. In fact some of the acts @ Greg Lauries Harvest Crusades are nothing less than quite worldly from my perspective. ....God help us all

  18. I Used to go to sleep listening to gospel music hillsongs and kirk franklin and others i would sense evil presence when certain songs were playing especially kirk franklin and i became scared and never played some of those songs again. this article has opened my eyes to how serious things are. Pray for me because i believe God is trying to prepare me because i am catching on to a lot of today's deception also i feel alone because i have not come across any one else who sees the scriptures how it should be seen. i have only came across people online but i wish i had a group of brothers and sisters who think a like. also i am struggling with knowing if i am filled with the holy spirit. i sometimes speak in tongues but i feel like burdened down because i fall into the same sin.and i have heard of counterfeit tongues. also i am attending a church that i know is being led by false doctrines. but i believe i am placed there for a reason because i was not going to church for a year and was invited by a friend. and now i am teaching there. pray for me for strenght and courage. i feel better because i got things of my chest by writing to you

    1. Hi. I am praying for you. If you'd like for me to recommend some books or scriptures please let me know and I'll send my email. I used to feel the same way. God bless. I know it is a year later but hopefully you will get this message.

  19. I use Paul's advice 1 Thessolonians 5.21 Test everything hold on to what is good and reject what it is evil. Not all CCM is bad however I gave up other things because it was tired of trying to filter them So I agree with your stance. Toby Mac has even done some good song with good Biblical messages like his recent Speak Life, but I agree with other songs he has done There is no Biblical content whatsoever . I like Cast Crowns because they do challenge with some of their songs I have been trying to apply what you have said to Christian Music. The problem the depection can be subtle that it hard to catch.

  20. Instead of spreading the Gospel to people who need to hear it, you are wasting time trying to figure out if the Christian singers behind Christian music are Christian enough? Give me a break. There is a whole world of people out there being escorted to hell by non-believers and instead of railing against them, you're railing against people in the church who are spending their LIVES worshipping God?

    The Bible says in Luke 9:49-50: "John said to Jesus, 'Master, we saw someone using your name to cast out demons, but we told him to stop because he isn’t in our group'. But Jesus said, 'Don’t stop him! Anyone who is not against you is for you.'"

    I know you're writing to a particular audience here (one who agrees with you apparently), but what about the new believer who find this page via Google while looking up more information on Misty Edwards, Kirk Franklin, Jesus Culture and other artists you've mentioned in the article and in the comments? This is irresponsible, wrong and - frankly - unGodly. You are batting for the wrong team here.

    1. As the article states, "It may be a sign of the times, that Christian ‘discernment’ is so utterly lacking." No one is here to "rail" against anyone, let alone the lost who often know no better. (1 Peter 4:17-19; 1 Corinthians 5:12-13)

      I pray that those seeking the Lord do indeed find this site, and even this article so that they may be given eyes to see and wisdom to know the difference between the Spirit of God and the spirit of the world so that they are not deceived. A desire to honor the Lord by distinguishing between the holy and the profane is surely missing within much of what calls itself Christianity today.

      Ezekiel 44:23 KJV
      [23] And they shall teach my people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.

      Philippians 3:15-21 KJV
      [15] Let us therefore, as many as be perfect, be thus minded: and if in any thing ye be otherwise minded, God shall reveal even this unto you. [16] Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing. [17] Brethren, be followers together of me, and mark them which walk so as ye have us for an ensample. [18] (For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: [19] Whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things.) [20] For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: [21] Who shall change our vile body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious body, according to the working whereby he is able even to subdue all things unto himself. …

  21. Wait, you claim that God actully spoke audible words to your ears? I will not say you are lying but I doubt this is true. I hear or read this constantly, someone claiming God spoke directly to them. They usually do not say they were moved in the spirit rather that it was an audible message. Or they simply say God 'told' them which certainly insinuates an audible transmission. This is a telling sign of deception especially when the individual says it as if nothing earth shattering happened. Another telling sign is when the individual does this often. This is ludicrous. No one would act that way if God really spoke to them. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

    1. "For he is our God; and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheep of his hand. To day if ye will hear his voice..." Psalm 95:7

      "To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice." John 10:3-4

      "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd." John 10:16

      "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:" John 10:27

  22. Praise and Glory be to Father God and Jesus Christ of Nazareth for awakening us in these latter days. I somehow ended up doubting the contemporary Christian music and started googling and that's how I visited your page. Thanks to God for granting me the wisdom. Now I understand what should I consider harmful however am also perplexed as to which music I should give my ears. Please suggest me some good Godly music. I have some old classical music from Maranatha singers 'Greatest Praise and Worship songs of the Church'. Music from Hill Song, Natalie Grant and micheal.w.smith are also on my playlist. I decided to discard after reading eye opening articles on 'Contemporary Music' from various blogs. My sister listens to a lot of contemporary music all the time and I see she is in danger now. So please suggest me some good music so that I can ask her to call off her music interests and follow what is right and Godly indeed. Thanks much. God bless the ministries and may His grace guide you. Amen.!!

    1. Hi Monica,

      My guidance would be to seek God to be continually filled by His Spirit. The more we are transformed to be like God as He completes His work in us, the more we will like what He likes and know that which is pleasing to Him. He will give us the desire for what pleases Him as we seek His face (Psalm 37:4).

      God is not looking primarily at the outward works that we do, but the heart with which it is done. As long as you seek seek Him with a sincere heart, He will answer all of your prayers and guide you to keep you from deception.

      In terms of suggestions, I have a selection of oldies, but goodies such as Scripture Memory Songs, Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, Maranatha Singers, Paul Wilbur, etc. which might be some good music to have in your arsenol.

      God Bless


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