Monday, February 17, 2014

Spiritually Dwarfed Women

There is a particular trap Satan has for women in the last days, and a woman's susceptibility to it is dependent upon not being made whole in Christ.  Make sure you take time while we have it to let the Lord purge you from every ounce of rebellion to His will and His way. 

The following message from Omega Ministries is entitled "Women and the Last of the Last Days".
  • Selfishness and self-love is the catalyst for the perilous times which Scriptures tells us will come in the last days (II Timothy 3:1-2).
  • For recent years, we have been seeing the visitation of the nephilim, the fallen angels.
  • The Devil is a parasitical spirit which must live off of someone else, sucking the life from them.  It is a predatory spirit and uses others to fulfill its own appetites.
  • The Holy Ghost is a dynamo who is self-generating and life-giving.
  • Yielding to the temptation of the Devil is what gives unclean spirits access to you.
  • There are positive and negative promises in the Bible according to where you are in Christ.
  • The separator between those who really know Christ and those who just talk about Him is manifestation of the life of Christ from within in power.
  • Spiritually undeveloped women (referred to in Scripture as "silly women" or spiritual dwarfs) are particularly susceptible to these type of false teachers who have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof (II Timothy 3:6).  They are "ever learning" but not able to come to the knowledge of the truth because they are full of diverse lusts.
  • Satan's forte is to use the woman as a conduit to pervert the environment just as he used Eve against Adam.  Eve means life, but after corruption by Satan, she became death to Adam.  Everything in Satan's kingdom operates in opposites of that which is in the Kingdom of God. 
  • This is how religious people can jump, shout, and be happy listening to a dead sermon while a born again person gets nothing from it.  Those who possess the life of Christ cannot sit around that which is dead, outside of the Holy Spirit, and full of decay. 
  • There is a difference between ministry & interacting with the lost for the purpose of leading them to Christ vs. walking in covenant with the lost.  If you can fellowship with the lost with no disparity, then you need to be born again.
  • We must stop seeing people according to the flesh.  You must know what spirit a person is of.  No where in the Bible does God say you "try the spirit by the spirit".  You discern a spirit by the obedience of that spirit to the word of God.
  • By the Devil's nature, we can know how he approached Eve.  The doorway which allowed Eve to give ear to Satan was in questioning her submission to Adam.  Why does she have to be the help meet?  Why does Adam get to be the head? Why are you being subjected to this bondage?
  • How do we know this was Satan's approach?  Because it was the exact attitude Lucifer had in Heaven (Isaiah 14:12-15).   In his rebellion, Satan set up his own parallel kingdom to God's Kingdom; just like a mirror image, it is a perverted, backwards representation of God's Kingdom.  Satan sets up an upside down kingdom.
  • The first thing Satan will do to use a woman is to break her down and remove her discretion (Proverbs 11:22).  He uses a spirit of rejection to chain her to himself.
  • The old man doesn't want to be crucified and will fight for life.
  • If you preach against a perverse spirit, then that spirit is going to come see you; to either tempt or torment you.
  • You cannot downgrade your life trying to accommodate someone who wants the Devil.
  • Women are designed by God to be reflectors (I Corinthians 11:7).  You can look at the women in a certain environment and learn all about that particular environment. 
  • Women in the Body of Christ are being systematically transformed to reflect the nature of the Church.  God is a family and the members of the family on Earth are designed to reflect the members of the Godhead (Ephesians 5:32).  The woman, therefore, reflects the role of the Holy Spirit as life giver.
  • A woman is to be sanctified unto her husband.  Likewise, the Church is faithful and sanctified to Jesus Christ.  Just as a woman bares children for her husband in the natural, spiritually the Church will produce children for Christ.
  • In society, a woman will either reflect the harlot church or the Bride of Christ.
  • To hate and seek to destroy Godly authority (patriarchy) is to hate and seek to destroy Christ.
  • The problem with the world is that women are largely dead.  A woman is to be a tabernacle of life, but in rebellion becomes a chamber of death.

SERMON: Women and the Last of the Last Days


  1. "We must stop seeing people according to the flesh. You must know what spirit a person is of. No where in the Bible does God say you "try the spirit by the spirit". You discern a spirit by the obedience of that spirit to the word of God."

    Wow and wow! This is more than true, and I have truly struggled in areas here. I say that honestly. I allow the devil to confuse me with one particular person in my life. When that individual contends something to be biblically true, even when I know it doesn't add up with the Word of God, I fall apart mentally -- battles ensue --- I spend time in the valley of despair - terribly self-condemning thoughts frolic in my mind. Even last night, I drifted off to sleep only to awaken moments later stricken with fear -- thoughts of "Do you really think anyone wants to read what you type about God on Facebook? People think you have lost your mind... You are out of touch with reality. You don't 'know more' than others when it comes to God. --- Give it up." This happened to me last night - a few times in throughout the night and has happened to me a few times over the last month -- these middle of the night "terrors". I literally wept last night as these thoughts poured through my mind. This morning as I was waking, one phrase was being repeated in my mind over and over again -- "The gates of hell shall not prevail. The gates of hell shall not prevail." Well, I went to work and later in the day checked my email. I decided to click on a recent daily devotion that I had subscribed to (this is something that I have done only two times in my life). Part of the devotion included a testimony from a preacher. I will paste that portion below:
    "Occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night with a free-floating anxiety.
    It’s as if I have done something wrong but I don’t know what. That feeling
    comes from the accuser. He whispers, “You’re no good, worthless, a burden
    to others."

    Now, who other than God could have orchestrated this preacher sharing the very same experience I had the night before and have had a few times over the last month.... Only the Lord. The preacher went on to say that the condemning voice belongs to Satan. Of course, I know such things - but in the middle of the battles, Satan truly attempts to strip me of my memory. That is one reason why I keep notebooks filled with the times the Lord has spoken to me and confirmed His word.

    This is a revealing post, but if it helps someone else in his or her struggles - glory! Dying to self brings life to others!

    Blessings to you-as always!!!

    Now, I will finish reading the remainder of this blog post...

    1. Hello Sister,

      I think that is what Pastor Price means above when he said in the sermon that when you contend against a certain spirit, it will come see you to try and tempt or torment you. Babylon literally means confusion, so when you are fighting against Babylon down in people's souls, the devil will try to bring confusion to you to stop you. Last fall, I was ministering to a young later who was depressed and the very next day I had to fight against a spirit of heaviness which was the strongest I had ever dealt with in my life. It lasted about a full week. The devil is not going to just sit and take our blows; he will try to fight us back to stop us from saving souls. However, as you state, the gates of Hell will not prevail. God has already taken the victory, we just have to walk it out in the here and now. Further, these types of blows from the enemy only help to make us stronger in the fight.

      I thank God that He knows and He cares all about out struggles, and that He is our Deliverer. In times of need, we can always run to Him and He will have the answers. I thank God that He continues to confirm His word and lead us, even if at times in baby steps. :-)

      May God continue to strengthen you!

    2. I will most definitely listen to this! Thank you both for sharing your testimonies in this area. It just helps me to be more prepared for the battle as I seek to draw closer to God and rid myself of fleshly things. God bless you!


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