Saturday, July 12, 2014

Operating in the Spirit Realm

The following is a series from Pastor John S. Torell and is entitled "Operating in the Spirit Realm". 
"The purpose of this series is to mentally prepare you to face the antichrist régime and damage it with the spiritual weapons that have been provided by God.
If you live during the reign of the Antichrist, it is because God has selected you to live during this time period and be a soldier for Him. If you understand this truth and start to think in the supernatural, you will be a shining light in a dark world!"
I believe this is a message which needs to be heard.  When you have some quiet time, take time to listen to each video, which includes the following titles:
  1. Supernatural Intervention
  2. Satan's Final Shots
  3. The Modern Church vs. Jesus
  4. Despair to Victory
  5. Fire From Above
  6. Holy Ghost Power
  7. The Story of Pentecost
  8. What is Holy Ghost Power?
  9. The Mystery of Iniquity
  10. The Dawn of the Antichrist
  11. Manna in the End Times
  12. Protection from the Antichrist
  13. Thinking Supernaturally
  14. Keeping the Faith
Key Points in the Series
  • We are living in the physical world, but the time has come where we need to break into the spiritual world.  Not by the power of Satan, but through access to the power of God via the Holy Spirit.
  • Demons cannot be cast out unless you enter the spirit world and attack them by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Holy Spirit wants you to move in and out in the spirit world doing damage to the kingdom of Satan.
  • The decision to be led and filled with the Holy Spirit may mean you have to make a choice between Jesus and your family & friends.
  • The Kingdom of God is within you and you establish a small part of the Kingdom of God wherever you are.
  • We need to expand our minds and recognize who we are in Christ.
  • Do not settle for unbelief! You can do all things through Christ.
  • Americans are the hardest to believe the power of God because they have been educated in unbelief via the school system.
  • Most people believe that God can do anything, but they struggle with their own personal connection to Him in whether He would do it through them. 
  • Oftentimes, we erroneously project the perceived failures of our earthly parents on to God.  We must get to the point of believing that if God has said something to us, then He is faithful to perform it and He will not let us down.
  • The birth of Jesus Christ was a supernatural intervention of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit into the physical world.
  • You must fight the devil every day because he does not give up.
  • Satan and his demons needs bodies to do their evil work.
  • Unbelievers are possessed by demons and citizens of Satan's kingdom. When you are dealing with someone demon possessed, you are not necessarily looking at the characteristics of the person, but the personality of the demon.
  • A demon cannot touch you unless you have fear.
  • Many church people are afraid of demons, but if you have learned the power of Jesus' name then demons will flee.  Unbelievers and many church people are also afraid of Spirit-filled people.
  • God is tired of religion and people playing church.
  • Every single person is called into the ministry, whether your mission field is where you live, work, or if you are in full-time ministry.  
  • Do not be part of a church which does not preach the baptism of the Holy Ghost or does not cast out demons.
  • We need the baptism of the Holy Spirit because it is how we access the power of God.  To be baptized by the Holy Spirit means to be possessed by the Holy Spirit.
  • When you receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you will not be able to contain the Gospel, but you must share it.
  • The primary purpose of the Church is to destroy the works of the devil, but instead of fighting, most churches are focused on recreation and entertainment.
  • In the last days, we must preach the hard truths of the Gospel in power in order to impact lost souls.
  • The moment you come closer to Christ, you become a target of Satan.  The way he treated, taunted and killed Jesus he will attempt to do to you and me.  Yet, we do not have to be defeated in battle with him; it is your choice to be defeated.
  • Unbelievers despise Christians mostly because the Christians do not have the power of Jesus Christ available in their lives.
  • We are to confront Satan in order to move him down.  You must learn to fight.
  • There is power in fasting.  A lot of Christians want the power, but don't want to pay the price.
  • Fasting is denying yourself as a sacrifice of sincerity to God for our desire to receive an answer to prayer.  Some demons only come out by prayer and fasting.
  • The power of God is available anywhere on this earth.  The question is, "How do you harness it?"
  • God knows in advance the plans of the enemy.
  • We must recognize that we cannot fight spiritual enemies with physical weapons.
  • God will fight the battles on our behalf and even send confusion into the camp of our enemies so that they be destroyed.
  • God is looking for people who will be strong and do exploits.
  • Instead of lamenting that the end times are bearing down upon us, praise God that He is wrapping up the earth and we can be part of the last harvest.


  1. Just reading the points you shared from the series has me looking forward to watching.

    1. Hey Tika!

      These messages were a true blessing to me. I don't necessarily share his understanding in some minor areas, but there is MUCH truth in this series. It s an end times message and will hopefully prepare those who listen to living in the times we are in. Much love in Christ!


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