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Pornographic Mind Control

The following message is from The Last Trump blog.

"I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside; it shall not cleave to me." Psalm 101:3

"While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal." 2 Corinthians 4:18

Pornography is one of the most common vices of Satan known to man in the 21st century.  You will be hard pressed to come across a person (especially in the western world) that has not been exposed to pornography in one form or another. From internet pornography to the Disney channel, the entire society is being inundated with an unending wave of sexual immorality and perversion.  From rich to poor, young to old, male to female, pornography has become a common denominator in man's bondage to Satan. The tragedy is that only a few in this world realize the extent of the damage that ANY exposure to pornography does to the human soul (housed in the bloodstream).

If by God’s grace a person does come to know the truth about what has been downloaded into their souls through the exposure to pornography, the fight to walk in that truth and free (re-program) the mind of such images and trauma is brutal because Satan is an unrepentant pursuer of man’s soul (Exodus 14:5-8). Repentance from sin, a life of prayer, fasting, regeneration of the mind through God’s word, and the application of the blood of Jesus can bring victory over this form of satanic mind control (Mark 9:29/ Ephesians 4:22-24/ Hebrews 9:14).

Many share the same story of being exposed to pornography at a very young age, with the exposure usually coming through a family member, guardian, or a close friend, etc. Satan is executing a key war tactic in the strategy of separating man from God by etching and programming images of perversion deep into the minds and souls of the entire society. This exposure to graphic images of sexual perversion can traumatize the human soul for life. Satan usually initiates this attack while the human is at a young age, long before they have a chance to realize what is being downloaded into their souls. This is a tactical move to ensure Satan that he will have a society full of perverted, tormented, demon possessed pornographic mind control victims that will not only be alienated from God in their minds (Ephesians 4:18/ Colossians 1:21), but will openly reject Jesus Christ at His return, while openly accepting Satan’s alternative; the anti-Christ. If man is separated and alienated from God through the strongholds of perversion that abide in his mind, how can God come down and move through man?

Satan usually begins his programming of pornographic mind control at a young age (Mark 9:21). When better to start programming a computer than when it’s fresh out of the box and the memory is blank and ready to receive whatsoever you choose to put into it? Only the programs that are stored in the CPU (the mind) of that computer will dictate and determine which specific functions that computer will perform. Whenever the programmer desires to retrieve what they have stored unto the CPU to carry out the desired function, the programmer simply clicks a button and presto!  The computer has to give you what you want because that is what you programmed it to do (barring any technical difficulties).  Satan attacks the mind while it is still in its formative years in order to mold and shape it into what he wants it to do, when he wants it done. When the computer begins to malfunction and ceases to be able to carry out the programmed functions, the programmer will simply throw out the old computer and get a fresh one out the box and proceed to download the same programs unto the brand new computer. (Please click links: (

The core essence of mind control is traumatic exposure plus repetition that results in the desired fixation of the victim by the programmer.  The programmer produces a vessel that will carry out the exact dictates of the programmer whenever the programmer initiates the triggering mechanism.  Early exposure to pornography and subsequent repetition of masturbation while viewing pornography will create a pornographic mind control victim who is fixated on the activity of sex and sexual organs.  The initial excitement of viewing pornography at a young age serves as the exposure – there is a thrill factor of seeing and hearing something new to the developing brain.  The combination of visual and auditory stimulation through the graphic images and sounds of pornography, along with the physical excitement through masturbation in response to the visual and auditory inputs results in the release of brain chemicals which produce a feeling of euphoria that becomes addictive, leading to repetition of the activity.  When pornography repetitively serves as the trigger for the release of certain brain chemicals (oxytocin/ vasopressin/ dopamine), the brain literally establishes brain patterns, causing certain synapses (connections between neurons through which "information" flows from one neuron to another/ establishes communication lines between a neurotransmitter and neuroreceptor) in the brain to become sealed and solidified so to speak – establishing life long patterns of thinking known as strongholds ( The body undergoes specific physical reactions that are customized to the specific inputs that the brain repetitively processed to establish that particular pattern of thinking.

When repetition sets in as a pattern, you get an addiction; at the point addiction is established the mind control programming is complete. The programmer Satan can now summons up the captivated soul of that victim to do his bidding whenever he chooses to.  This is the same thing that happens to a drug addict, the very first high hooks the bait, causing the victim to come back again and again, until finally and addiction is established and solidified.  The release of dopamine while viewing pornography and masturbating serves as a narcotic that provides a high, putting the brain in an altered state of consciousness. Sex is perverted into a medium of Satan's sorcery to drive man out of his senses. The brain chemical dopamine serves as the hypnotic drug that induces the viewer into this altered state of consciousness. (

One of the major problems with perverting the act of sex into a narcotic is that an insatiable tolerance becomes established.  One might start out smoking marijuana at the age of 15, but by the age of 25 they have moved on to crystal meth and crack cocaine because the appetite of the demon has grown out of control due to the level of dopamine that is now required to satiate the ever growing demonic appetite.  When sex becomes a drug that controls the dictates of the mind, the mind of that human operates pornographically twenty four seven, whether awake or sleeping.  The pornographic mind now filters nearly everything they come in contact with through the programming they have undergone through pornographic mind control. Every human (and sometimes animals) is now objectified and downgraded to body parts, no longer seen as a human being. The tragedy is the pornographic mind control victim will see every human including their significant other as just another porno-clip.  Once that porno-clip has been processed through the CPU of their pornographic mind, it loses its luster and appeal, and the CPU now seeks to move on to the next porno-clip. The chances of establishing sincere intimacy and sexual satisfaction in marriage are null and void.

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  1. Was exposed to porn at age 9/10 and became an addict for almost 30 years. Saved 3 years ago and destroyed it all but i still get flashes of those sick images from time to time especially late at night or early in the morning. It is very difficult to be intimate with my wife because these things attack my mind. Do these images EVER go away?

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    While I haven't had that particular issue, I don't think it is much different from anything else we experience in the world. Satan desires to paint unGodly images in our souls so that they can pervert our minds. Since a man's union with his wife is similar to Christ's relationship with the church, preventing Godly interactions in marriages is often a target of his.

    One thing I am sure you know is that we must try to cast down any unGodly image when it comes to mind (II Cor. 10:4-5). This is part of the spiritual warfare we are to fight. We must also be on guard against "porn in disguise", where even commercials and TV shows promote indecency. In other words, take care not to feed those spirits.

    Also, have you shared this issue with your wife? Secrecy is a weapon Satan uses to bring discord between a husband and wife. Plus, this is something she can stand with you in prayer against. Try joining with your wife in prayer before you seek to spend time together, to get on one accord and bind any unclean spirits which might try to interfere.

    Lastly, listen to this sermon from Pastor Gary Price entitled Daniel's Little Horn. In this message, specifically part 2, he breaks down how these images get into man's soul and what we must do to be free of them:

    "The problem with man is in his soul. Man's soul is able to carry images or stains from the world and these images are the holding ground for unclean spirits. Our souls must be cleansed from the image of idols so that we can transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, which will then be empowered by His Spirit."

    I pray that message brings you more understanding about God's will and purposes in your life in this area. No, you do not have to remain tormented because Jesus came to set us free. As you learn how Satan has attempted to work in your soul, you will be given the knowledge of how to overcome.

    God Bless!

  3. Hi Anonymous

    Bless God that you came out of that sick and debase world. I was exposed to it from the age of 12 and even after I got saved I struggled with it for a long time, however when I made up my mind that I no longer needed to destroy my mind and I just could not bare the thought of God and the Angels looking at me watching porn and masturbating I asked the Lord to help me get out of it once and for all. It was a real struggle ( a lot of humiliating momements) because the devil kept bringing back old thoughts or people would send me e-mails with nude pics or suggestive images. I had to tell people to no longer send me such stuff and stopped watching movies that in anyway had nudity or sexual exposure. I also stopped buying magazines that advertised "how to have your best sex life now" etc. I'm a woman and this was just too much for me to bear. So I'm absolutely happy do say Christ has delivered me from that curse and as much as the war is still going on, I win the battles everyday through submitting to the Holy Spirit. It's not easy but it get's easier the stronger you get. Also go through messages in the bible that deal with sexual perversion and bind the strong man. God is Faithful, and remember that "those that are born of God are victorious".

    Be strong in the Lord and in the Power of His might. Just know that we win after all.

    God Keep you. 2 Corinthians 4 should encourage you.

  4. oh, also look through 2Corithians 10 vs 1-7.

    In His Love


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